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Expanding Africa’s Digital Frontier:

From: NAI Forum
by Aparajita Goyal


Agricultural transformation is a priority for Africa. Harnessing the rapid growth of digital technologies holds hope for transformative agricultural development.

We are now witnessing steady growth in rigorous and quantitative evidence from around the globe on the impact of ICT innovations on people’s lives.

This evidence is still limited to certain countries and contexts. Whether these effects are going to be a general trend or translate forward into larger aggregate gains still remains to be seen.

ICT is no panacea; it needs to be backed by complementary investments in rural roads, electricity, literacy etc. IT policy and the broader regulatory environment have to be discussed jointly.

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‘No Such Agency’ funds support for development of Quantum Computing, with eyes upon decryption prospects

from: pwbmspac

Computers have previously, and will continue, to substantially transform many levels of activities in our society. Personally I can say that as of mid 1980’s to date such equipment greatly facilitated my ability to convey my written thoughts promptly, in easy to read form, to other individuals and audiences. For me, this been a sizable gain from personal computing.

Privacy, though, is becoming scarcer, as one of the less desirable other associated effects. That is so on personal, business-commercial, governmental, and foreign relations levels.

In 2013, events transpired so that a large majority among members of the USA public have now heard about this country’s NSA. That is, the National Security Agency. Mr Snowden’s disclosures about NSA massive monitoring made a big splash within news reports. (Previously it was jokingly called the “No Such Agency” by some of those persons who looked for and read published articles about its situation in earlier years.) NSA is charged with monitoring telecommunications covertly as part of this nation’s security intelligence community.

Governments, businesses, individual people, seek assurances that at least some portion of their electronically transmitted messages, would be kept from being readable, clearly understandable, by 3rd parties not authorized by the messages senders. Example questions at issue may include things such as: Who is doing which financial transition, for which purpose, with which monetary amount, and when; banking transactions. These are among the most obvious matters in which the direct participants want confidentiality against disclosure to outside parties. Hence computer software features to encrypt some communications are in-demand and are routinely (automatically) employed.

Currently, data privacy is usually founded upon mathematical methods of data encoding, then keys to decoding later involve specifying numbers containing many digits. Such individual numeric keys formed by specifying a selection of a string of prime numbers, which when multiplied together yield the decoding key number.

The inverse process, faced by outsiders who intercept encrypted messages, who want to learn the content, is difficult. Their computers will currently need to work for impractically long periods of time seeking to discover what had been the particular set of prime numbers needed to factor the code key number, in order to decode the message again into readable form, without being told what it is by the message sender.

Quantum computing is a newly emerging methodology in computers technology. It is being explored due to offering vast increases in data computation speed and data storage densities. Hence, motives why the NSA would want to make it available to support their mission is obvious. Therefore, read below an article in New Scientist magazine (online version) which addresses this topic.

signed -pbs-

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Entangled spies: Why the NSA wants a quantum computer
18:10 03 January 2014 by Jacob Aron
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The US National Security Agency wants a quantum computer – and has dedicated $79.7 million to the technology, according to the latest top secret government documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden to the Washington Post.

. . .

Quantum computers promise to vastly outperform even the best ordinary computers at specific tasks by exploiting the weird properties of quantum mechanics. While a regular PC computes with bits that are either 0s or 1s, quantum machines use quantum bits, or qubits, which can be both simultaneously, and offer a computational speed-up.

Cracking the internet
One area quantum computers should excel in is factoring numbers into their prime building blocks. That could make them capable of breaking the internet’s most commonly used encryption methods, which depend on the fact that ordinary computers can’t find prime factors quickly. So in principle, the NSA could use a quantum computer to read secret data – without the need to collude with tech firms, which they have done in the past.

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From: Judy Miriga

Good People,

The law demands justice for the people. That the peoples right must be respected and honored. That no Party’s Secretariat have authority over Rights of the People to elect those they wish to lead them. That no Party organ should suppress or oppress the will of the people. That election must be made free and fair and without intimidation or manipulation.

Let the will of the people prevail !!!

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

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From: mohamed warsama
Sent: Monday, September 2, 2013 11:28 AM

YESTERDAY, there was a news report that “Siaya leaders” have called for ODM direct nomination to Cornell Rasanga whose election as Governor of Siaya was nullified by the High Court last week for offences against the tenets of democracy.

We, as Kenyans, must condemn and oppose any unilateral move by ODM Secretariat at Orange House to give direct nomination to a man who is vastly unpopular with the Siaya electorate.

We are closely monitoring the situation, Nabii Nabwera. This time, you must allow the will of the electorate to prevail and not Raila Odinga’s personal wishes.

Mohamed Warsama

Kenya: Ex-Mwakenya detainee join the race for Kisumu Central parliamentary seat

Writes Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City.

The newly created Kisumu Central parliamentary constituency has yet attracted another high profile aspirant with very unique historical and political backgrounds, which the local political pundits were quick in predicting his impending election victory as being inevitable.

Kisumu Central electoral area was created by the IEBC as one of the additional 80 constituencies country-wide. It was curved out of the old Kisumu Town West, which has under gone extensive realignment

It will cover the old Peri-Urban areas of Nyalnda slums, Pand-Pieri, Milimani, Kaloleni Slums,Kibuye,Obunga, and the entire Central Business District {CBD} The old Kisumu Town West will now start from the Kisumu Airport and extend into the rural Kisumo Locations.

George Kwanya Odidi, 62 old water engineer by profession is a man of unique character. He was born a revolutionary man with political radicalism entrenched in his blood from childhood.


HERE Is Mr Odidi’s photograph.

May be this is one of the reasons which landed him to a political detention camp for nine good months at the Naivasha Maximum Security Prison.

Born in 1950 at Kanjira in West Karachuonyo, Odidi received his early education at Ngeta Primary School and later joined Homa-Bay High school for both his “O” and “A’ levels.

He joined the Kenya for only two year between 1969 and 1970, but was later fired on suspicion that he was among those sympathetic to the 1972 abortive military coup that saw the former CGS Lt Gen Ndolo removed from the armed force and the first Kenyan African Chief Justice the late Kitili Mwendwa being sacked and scores of other given long prison sentences with hard labor.

During the government crackdown on suspicious soldiers and political dissidents Odidi, lost this army job. But he was lucky and after termacking for a few months he landed a new job with the Ministry of Water Development from where the lady-luck came calling on him. The Ministry offered him a three years scholarship to study water engineering course at the Warwick University in the UK

At the completion of his course Odidi returned home and was posted to work in Nyanza on promote as the Provincial Water Engineer in-charge of Nyanza Province.

An during his tenure in Kisumu, Odidi found himself in the catch-22 when the KANU regime under the retired President Daniel Arap Moi launched a full-scale crack-down on the members of the “Mwakenya dissidents countrywide.

He was among scores of those unlucky men and women ho got entangled in the Mwakenya underground activities and got netted in the crack-down by the dreaded Special branch security intelligence police unit.

He was among those who were charged in courts in connection with Mwakenya clandestine movement. He pleaded not guilty and the charges were withdrawn by the prosecution due to luck of sufficient evidence.

Instead of earning his freedom after the court case, Odidi was placed under security detention camp at the Naivasha Maximum Security Prison where he languished for the next nine months.

He was released from detention and fired from the government services without his terminal benefits. Odidi later got involved in football administration and won several position within the KFF in Nyanza region. At the same time he ventured into private business using his engineering training background and established his own enterprising construction firm.

During the first multiparty election of 192 Odidi surprised everyone when he trounced the then incumbent Karachuonyo MP Mrs Phoebe Muga Asiyo during the ford Kenya primary nominations prompting the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga’s intervention by prevailing upon him to stand down in favor of Mrs Asiyo.Jaramogi was the Ford Kenya national chairman.

Odidi reluctantly succumbed to Jaramogi’s and as a sign of respect to the doyen of oppositionist politics and highly respected freedom fighter he stood down but no sooner the news of his popularity in Karachuonyo reached the ears of the KANU Big-Wigs who immediately sent emissaries to persuade him to contest the election on a KANU ticket. KANU had offered to finance his election campaign with millions, but Odidi stood his ground and turned down.their offer.

Making the announcement for his candidature in Kisumu Central,Odidi said he will strive to initiate the revival of all of the stalled economic projects including manufacturing firms like Kenya Breweries plant in Kisumu are revived to alleviate unemployment of youths in the region.

He plan to ensure the manual removal o the dreaded water hyacinth which has of late became a real menace to the fishing industry, and also to empower youth and women to get involved in small and large scale enterprises, and also to encourage horticultural small scale farming by youths using water of Lake Victoria along its shorelines. The farm products could be exported


In Applying Tech to Education, We Can’t Mistake a Clear View for a Short Distance

From: Yona Maro

“Digital textbooks, online lectures, innovative software, learning games, laptops, tablets, and smartphones have all made it possible to customize content, enhance instruction, and improve assessment in the educational arena. This convergence of possibilities could really revolutionize the way students learn. But the landscape is decentralized and complicated, and leveraging what’s possible to really move the field of education forward will not be easy.

“To explore these challenges and opportunities, the Center for Social Innovation, Stanford’s School of Education, and the LEAD Commission recently cohosted a symposium on technology in education here on campus. The presenters were as diverse as the field. Four, however, stood out to make a significant difference. Each represents a different approach and set of priorities, and highlights key questions as we work to bridge the huge gap between technology’s potential and today’s reality.”

The blog post specifically mentions:

Education Superhighway
Learn Zillion
Apple’s education initiative centers on iTunes U and iBooks

Karibu Jukwaa la
Pata nafasi mpya za Kazi
Blogu ya Habari na Picha


News Analysis by Leo Odera Omolo In Kericho Town.

THERE is a strong feeling and beliefs that members of the Kalenjin community could be locked out of the next government unless their political leadership take a bold step and stop the bad habit of hopping from parties.

The inconsistency on the part of some MPS has made the Kalenjin region the cheapest vote hunting ground for deceitful politicians from other region.

These political tourists have made the Kalenjin region their easiest target of political manipulation and found the Kalenjin MPs the easies group for flirting with and luring out of their party into other parties, making the most vulnerable party hoppers in this country.

Fears persist among the level minded Kalenjin politicians that lack of exposure to political intrigues, which could easily make the community lose out to at the next general election and find it locked out of the next government.

Owing to these manipulations and maneuvers, the Kalenjin leaders have lost out to wealthy politicians from other regions who have been spending millions in confusing the Kalenjin MPs into hopping from one party to the other weakening their status and stand in the national politics. The community has not yet to build one strong party which they can call their own, and use as a popular vehicle to propel one of their own to the presidency.

The manipulation and maneuvers have hurt members of the Kipsigis sub-tribe more than any other Kalenjin sub-tribes. This particular community, which is arguably, the most populous and votes rich, has failed to produce one of their own sons with the national political outlook for possible for future leadership at the national level, thereby reducing the otherwise strongest community to playing only the third fiddles and supportive role for others.

The Kipsigis is so divided to an extent the community cannot rally behind one of their own sons and propel him to become a national political leader with the national appeal.

During the rein of the retired President Daniel Arap Moi,the former head of state was being blamed for having perfected in the art of using individual politicians within the Kipsigis community and dump them.

The practice is still the same ten years down the line ever since Moi was voted out of power in 2002. This community with the highest number of intellectuals and whose members are relatively much wealthier in comparison with the Kalenjins people from other regions are still vulnerable to political manipulation and easy prey for politics of deceits by outsiders have penetrated deep into Kipsigis land.

In 2007 members of the Kipsigis community voted for ODM leader Raila Odinga on man-to-man, but within only three months, especially soon after the formation of the coalition government of PNU/ODM, some MPs from the ODM side who failed to secure cabinet posts jumped the party bandwagons, shouting the loudest about the unfair distribution of ministerial slots by Raila Odinga, who they claimed to have favored their cousins from the Nandi community of the North Rift.

At the material time, the coalition government collectively arrived at a decision to eject the legal squatters out of the Mau Forest, one o the most important water towers in the country. The ODM Raila Odinga was assigned with the task of implementing this import government policy in carrying out the eviction for the thousands of illegal squatters and the rehabilitation of the Mau Forest and to ensure its fresh reforestation.

Some of the MPs, especially those from the Kipsigis community were later discovered to give benefited in the illegal settlement in The Mau Forest, and as such were fighting hard to maintain status quo. On of the most outspoken MP, it was later established had bought some of the illegal squatter’s ancestral land back in the Kipsigis reserve land with the promise to reward those whose land he had bought and converted to his own land plot were among the squatters ordered by the government out of the forest land.

This particular MP knew the eviction would expose his tricks, started to mobilize his colleagues inside and out of parliament into well orchestrated political campaign based on heap of lies against the Prime Minister whom they unfairly blamed for the problems facing their people. They used Raila Odinga as scapegoat for the simple purpose of gaining political cheap mileage.

And this how anti-Raila elements within the coalition gained free entry into ODM hierarchy and started buying out MPs whose lust for money made them easy prey to politicians outside Kipsigis region.

Back at home the residents of the two counties whose inhabitants re mainly the Kipsigis, it has been established beyond any reasonable doubt that the carrying with them the tug of “MPs for Sale”.This tug has come about owing to their inconsistency and hoping from one political party to the other and shifting allegiances through the formation of numerous amorphous tribal political alliances with no direct benefit to the electorate.

The recent mass exodus of Kalenjin MPs is clear testimony to the alleged politics of buyout.It does not come on free will, but as the result of lust for money, and general fears among the Kipsigis people is that the Kalenjin people in genera and the Kipsigis community in particular might find themselves locked out of the next government and perhaps consigned alliances after the other with consequences of failing to identify the political party with the better prospect of winning the next general election and forming the next government.

The Kalenjin community ha always been part of the government of the day ever since the country attained its political independence in 1963.

As the situation stands today, the Kalenjin people have no party of their own nor any political party they can claim to represent the community interests at heart and which is capable of successfully appealing to the neighboring communities cannot trust them as reliable political partners due to their temperamental nature of hopping from party to party one after the other. And because of inconsistencies of their leaders from other communities don’t trust them.

The strong willed Kalenjin nationalists of the struggle for political liberation of Kenya like the late Taitta Arap Toweett, William Murgor, Daniel T.Moi, John Majorie Seroney had stood steadfastly firm alongside their colleagues from other communities and joined hands in giving the colonialist the sleepless nights eventually forced them out of the country in 1963.

They turned down the temptation by the white supremacists and racists who made vain attempt; to have them bribed cheaply, though the white settlers had millions readily for bribery purposes so that independence could be delayed for longer period time.

This is in big contrast to the current crops of Kenyan MPs who are said to be readily corruptible with as little money as Kshs 20,000 as per the recent claims made publicly by the Ikolomani MP Dr Bonny Khalwale against accusing his colleagues.

Several political parties are on the ground in the Kalenjin region hunting for the community votes. Prominent among them is the URP, which is led by the Eldoret Mp William Ruto, KANU LED BY Gideon Moi, TNA led by Uhuru Kenyatta,UDF led by Musalkia Mudavadi, Wipper Orange Demoratic led by Nicholas Kiprono Biwott,UDM led by Lt. Gen {rtd} John Arap Koech, and the ODM led by the Prime Minster Raila Odinga.

In the South Rift region o the expansive Rift Valley Province, the Kipsigis sub-tribes is well spread in several Counties apart from their home region of Kericho and Bomet. Members of this community lives in part of Narok, Nakuru and Baringo Counties.

There has been kind of cut-throat competition between the URP, ODM, UDM and KANU in the South Rift. And the concepts and misconception that William Ruto’s URP is the party of choice in this region bears a false impression.

This region is still widely open for all the political parties mentioned above. though URP had briefly enjoyed the euphoria that came bout with its formation. But this support has since been fizzled out following its recently flawed and poorly organized grass root elections, which saw it practices the old and outmoded KANU system and tactics of prearranged hand-picking of leaders a the Counties, district and constituencies levels. Instead of putting the party’s structures, the URP leadership is reportedly spending millions funding the defection of MPs and their followers from ODM into its rank and file, some of the defectors known to be dong so for the simple purpose of having access to the party’s coffers for financial gains and political expediency.

Indications are that of the Kipsigis MP who have ditched ODM And jumped into URP bandwagon might not see the inside of the next Parliament gain after the March 4, 2013.

They will be beaten by aspirants from UDM, ODM, KANU AND NVP.But TNA will come empty handed in the South Rift region because the Kipsigis people have no love lost for the Kenya that as whom they blamed for their tribulation and biased distribution o land in the Rift Valley, which has cause the community a lot of strains fighting numerous skirmishes and land clashes ever since 1990s.

The electorate in the South Rift have detected the URP leadership as lacking the political agenda for implementing reforms and improving the standard of living among Kenyans, part from William Ruto’s declared ,but now notorious policy of fighting and preventing the Prime Minister Raila Odinga from becoming the next president of Kenya.



From: Nyambok, Thomas

When you see a green snake in a green grass, what do you do first, you set back and think about what you have seen, then use your common sense and look for an object to throw towards the snake to test if it is dead or a live. If it moves, focus on its behavior and its direction to gauge its intentions.

Governor Romney told American people all he was coached to say. The President never talked too much because it was an opportunity to know more about Governor Romney’s real characters and undocumented plan and fuzzy mathematics. The President did need to be aggressive to the new distorted remarks that Governor Romney left on the table.

This was the best wisdom displayed by the President Obama to let Governor Romney play around with distorted politics before the American people. Governor Romney displayed his character and his belief without control. It must have felt like Governor Romney had the liberty to play soccer and score in both goals including his own.

Governor Romney kept repeating president Obama’s plans as his own without shame like taking care of the middle class, keeping kids on their parents’ medical insurance plans, including insuring people with precondition, student loans, five point plan and others. The Governor totally abandoned his own prior plans and positions. The moderator was out of the context, he fuelled Governor Romney’s behavior by not being able to control the process. President Obama and the Vice President Biden now have enough ammunition to dissect Governor Romney and his counter part Ryan’s positions going forward.

Americans need to know about the huge amount of money Governor Romney is keeping overseas. Why would he be keeping his money overseas? We have the best world class banks here in America. Who knows what the Governor’s money could be supporting overseas. Can you imagine the damage that Governor Romney’s radical governing plan would do to America should he become president? We know he talked about the possibility of starting another war overseas. Imagine the destruction would be left with. Well, Romney and family have their Passport ready and money overseas once America torn apart they will fly to unknown place.

Governor Romney’s money could be paying some urgent overseas, remember last month when Our Ambassador was killed he come up with a wrong comments about the Obamas administration very first and attacked American Government concerning the killing, he Romney never supported the siting President, can some one try to connect the money’s that can’t be controlled by our Government and what is the use of the money’s deposited overseas under Romney’s character , how would he be have once he become the President?

Governor Romney lie during the debate earned him praised and honor temporarily. Surprisingly, he started running away from his debate statements the day after the debate during the interviews he gave to the press.

President Obama and Vice President Biden will win the debates. Know this from me. I, Tom Nyambok the Democrat party will make another fourth round in presidency then we shall leave it to Mrs. R. Clinton to take over from 2017.Republicans are wasting their money and time.

Do you know why the President left the stage after short while; the stage was for Governor Romney for the opening day with his family to be on the stage.

Do you know why President Obama’s daughters were not there? Because the stage was for Romney’s family and the daughters were in school learning.

Remember Romney, Ryan and Republicans miss understood the meaning of, that middle class were buried. The Vice President meant that Republicans doesn’t care about the middle class. Republicans treat Americans as not Americans this is what the Vice President meant.

I know some press officers, analysis and the entire world were confused about Obama’s actions towards the first debate, no one expect what they sow, this is Obama’s politics, he was reading the minds of his opponent and the mediator who never present the questions to them as it should have been, he is the worst mediator we have never seen he shouldn’t be appointed again in future, he didn’t made it he failed America .Bravo to Democrats and America, Vote for Husain and Biden.

Yours faithfully Tom Nyambok Running for the Virginia Governorship in 2013 November5th


USA: Damaging information

From: Justin Ruben, Political Action

Dear MoveOn Member,

Last week, even prominent Republicans were calling on Mitt Romney to release his tax returns—but Romney still refuses. Just days ago, his wife told ABC, “we’ve given all you people need to know.”1

But that’s just not true.

The American people deserve to know the truth about Romney’s tax-evading schemes. We deserve to know just how much he’s profited from the loss of America’s middle class jobs. Frankly put, we deserve to know what Mitt’s hiding.

A recent poll shows that a whopping 44% of Americans believe that Romney’s hidden tax returns would “include damaging information.” 2 When an election can turn on just a few percentage points, that’s a pretty astounding number. But there hasn’t been enough pressure yet for Romney to release his returns.

And that’s where we all come in. As serious as this issue is, the sheer secrecy of Romney’s campaign is almost comical. So, to get the word out, we’re creating a shareable list with the funniest things Mitt Romney could be hiding (think David Letterman Top 10 list—except we’ll do it in five).

The funnier it is, the better it will share, so we need your clever, absurd or outlandish theory about what Mitt’s hiding to make it happen.

Submit your best answer, or see and rate others.

Ratings by MoveOn members will determine the five best theories to make a graphic we can all share with our social networks. There’s been enough news to know we’re dealing with a really tricky Mitt—and polls show that a growing number of Americans are on to his games.

If we can keep spreading the word about Romney’s secrecy now and press him to release those potentially damaging returns, we’ll have an even better chance to stop him from reaching the White House.

A funny graphic is just one way to keep this relevant online and there’s no better way to find the funny than by tapping into the wit and humor of MoveOn’s 7 million engaged members. Submit your answer today and vote for
the funniest things Mitt Romney could be hiding:

Thanks for all you do.
–Justin, Stefanie, Amy, Wes, and the rest of the team

1. “Ann Romney: We’ve ‘given all you people need,'” Politico, July 19, 2012
2. “Poll: Most say Romney should release additional returns,” USA Today, July 19, 2012
Want to support our work? We’re entirely funded by our 7 million members—no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.
Presented BY MOVEON.ORG POLITICAL ACTION, Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

– – – – –

Mitt Romney refuses to release more than two years of tax returns and everyone’s asking—what’s he hiding? It’s time to answer the question. Submit your clever or outlandish answer today and we’ll share the best ones nationally.

Because Beef-a-Romney has given “you people” all your going to get. Period !
. . .

Kenya: IIEC caught up in vested interests needs help


From frying pan to fire. That is IIEC for you as we speak.

Earlier rigging of voting was carried out by by stuffing ballot boxes. Now this time around the enemy is not stuffed boxes but technologically savvy techs stuffing digital votes for non existent voters using a laptop or a smart phone.

The drama at IIEC is sad to say the least. And i am really questioning the ability to provide free and fair elections to the Kenyans population?

What “electronic observers” has IIEC put in place to ensure the integrity of the system cannot be compromised. What guarantee is there that the providers of smart voting systems, the ones quarreling over tenders, have no political interests and cannot be bought with the billions of shillings that our lords of politics command.

IIEC continued sidelining of Kenyan programmers and computer experts to audit their systems has not only ensured the most expensive voting expense in the history of Kenya but a very serious possibility of a bungled election exercise as the powers that be would definitely want to be in control of voting machinery.

I pray our politicians, who are easily spotted when their interests are crossed, will arise to the occasion and seriously assist out the IIEC.

Peter Kamakia
Mitambo ICT Company
P.O.Box 25365-00100

Tel: 0720219320


By Our Reporter,

Fresh details is emerging how Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga cousin who is ODM Party Chief Whip and Gem Member of Parliament Jakoyo Midiwo duped ODM delegates drawn from Kisumu Town and Kisumu East Constituencis that they were to be paid which was never to be.

According to the delegates who attended the arrival ceremony which culminated with a brief briefing at the Jommo Kenya Sports Grounds, Jakoyo had through the ever drunkard and senile Dave Okwatch sent word to the delegates that they accompany him upon his arrival to Kisumu where he was to give a press briefing from Kisumu Airport with a promise that the delegates would paid one thousand and Civic leaders two thousand.

The entire delegation turned up plus other angry ones from adjacent constituencies accompanied by their councillors flocked the KIsumu Airport up to Kisumu town with expectations that they would be paid.

“Some of us even left our shambas with a view of being given something little which was never to be”lamented one civic leader.

The delegates says that upon Jakoyo’s ceremony being over the organisers started taking them in circles and when they confronted Jakoyo he told them that anyone who was bringing the monetary issue should be ready to be punished by the party as his/her name would be expunged from the delegates list’

“He told us that we were helping the party and there was going to be no payment and anyone who wanted payment should be ready to be disciplined by the party’s organs” a civic leader who approached him for a fuel reimbursement confided to us.

It was evident that all was not well as the delegates who never had fare trooped back to their homes hungrily and empty handed.

Attempts to get any comment from Jakoyo were fruitless as he never answered any

Kenya: Some the vernacular FM Radio Stations are broadcasting programs which could be a recipe to chaos and so must be stopped before the general elections

Commentary By Arrum Tidi Ogonglo.

The time is ripe when the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting through the Communications Council of Kenya {CCK} which is regulating media houses and broadcasting station to monitor all the programs aired for public consumption by the numerous vernacular radio stations.

This is the easiest way of avoiding those stations whose programs could be recipe to chaos similar to those of 2007-2008 post election violence.

Kenyans do not want to see a situation in which some of our broadcasters would fall prey to the ICC.

Eng Philip Okundi, the chairman of the CCK and his team must pull his sacks up and ensure that the vernacular FM Radio Station are not m98used by way of airing provocative programs.

It has been established without any doubt that some of the FM< Radio stations broadcasting in their programs in Dho-Luo vernacular are being used as political platform in Luo-Nyanza in veiled vilification of their perceived competitors or rivals.

So they say, ”prevention if better the cure ”Kenyans should not wait an see the air in this country being polluted and polarized by individuals seeking political offices through short-cut and the expenses of their opponents.

Listening to some of the vernacular FM Radio Stations especially those broadcasting in Dho-Luo, one could easily get convinced that some of the politicians are believed to be bribing their way to these FM Stations via unscrupulous and corruptible staff who allegedly being paid handsomely to facilitate the talk shows or interviews.

Radio Ramogi, which is arguably one the most powerful with the largest listeners country-wide is leading the pack among the stations currently being misused by politicians. The station programmes is particularly allocating more times for and air-waves as a political Radio station.

Some of those regularly interviewed have been heard airing their views through this station even as many times as five times within a week.

The practices has made their views look rather monotonous and so notorious that some people have resorted to switching off their radio sets, once such persons come into the air.They talks about nothing else, but applied politics in Luo-Nyanza making some of us to believed that the station is up for something sinister.

It is imperative that the owners and senior management o this station be reminded of what has since befallen Kass FM Station whose head of programmes Joshua Sang is currently facing criminal charges at the ICC on suspicion that he had committed the offence related to crimes against humanity.

The Kass FM station predicament should serve as deterrent warning against the erratic and corruptive operators of the various vernacular stations. They must not use such station for personal egos and vilification of innocent people either directly or indirectly. The operators of these stations must be made to understand that such excesses could be subjected to curtailment because the freedom of the press which is enshrined within our constitutions is not immune. If deemed to be not furthering mutual cohesion and peaceful co-existence of Kenyans such freedom could be curtailed.

The CCK, which is the regulator of all sort of communications and broadcasting, appeared to be sleeping on its job. This institution must work in consultation with the proprietor of the FM Radio Station broadcasting tribal languages and give them some direction on how to go about their work and ensure that programmes aired are good enough for the promotion of cohesion of all Kenyans.

Candidates aspiring for elective positions in various arts of Nyanza are using the radio stations for not constructive engagement, but destructive engagement vilifying their opponent indirectly.

One woman aspirant is always in the air commenting on various political issues in the region, and yet this particular lady has no elective position, but using the station for insulting or discrediting other leaders. It is time this is stop forthwith.

Alternatively all the programmes containing political views on contentious issues must be sufficiently translated to a language, which is understood by all including top managers and proprietors of these FM Radio Stations before such programs are put to the air for the public consumption.

The proprietors of these FM Stations must strictly adhere to the doctrines and principle of journalism that is to inform educate and entertain. What the people of Nyanza region and those understand Dho-Luo language contain nothing, but malice.

Those Kenyan entrepreneurs who have sacrificed their pockets and invested millions of shillings into the FM Radio Station must insist they are put into the picture of what kind of programs their junior employees are involved. They at the same time must employ qualified workers and not ”Jua Kali”

The liberalization of the airwaves is not the certificate for mischievous. Programs coming out of some of the vernacular station broadcasting in ho-Luo are not even anything worth being put into the air for public consumption. Those sponsoring the talk shows whoever they are in most cases are semi-illiterates and engaged in discussion of some of the issues they are not conversant with. Some of the issues are so trivial and fall sort of intellectual debates over the air.



By Our Reporter

Former Maseno University Vice Chancellor Prof.Fredrick Onyango recently wept during elections at Nyanza Club when a group he was backing for the club’s leadership were trounced by agroup which had a backing of Asian businessmen within the town.

Onyango could not believe his ears and eyes when his blue eyed boy Tobias See was trounced by the popular Ochieng Ajulu in elections the Asians had vowed to teach the former VC a lesson after he had allegedly threatened them with evictions if they could not elect persons associated with them.

After the elections the former VC headed to the club’s washrooms which is near the swimming pool where he cried with mucus oozing from his nose lamenting what he will do as his men had lost the elections.

“Pesa ga te mag pension odhi e yieroni ma oyombe joga kara ne gin mana conmen” (all my pension money has gone to elections supporting this men so they were just conmen?”) He wept .

Attempts by the man who was defeated by Ajulu to cool him failed miserably as Onyango told him that he should prepare a rope for both of them to hang themselves on as the Kenya Revenue Authority would be shortly after them.

“This former VC was a very arrogant man, we just wanted to teach him a lesson he will never forget, he should respect people and cease having such a contemptuous attitude” the businessmen celebrated.

After the elections and his weeping stopped, Onyango is said to have driven at a top speed in is jalopy pick he grabbed from Maseno University heading to his Milimani home.


Writes Arrum Tidi Ogonglo in Kisumu City

The incumbent Kisumu Town East constituency MP Shakeel Ahmed Shabbir will survival in the next general election now hangs in balance following the entry into the race for the same electoral area by the son of the late Jaramogi aide and confidant.

Councilor Robert Oruko Otuge who is currently representing Kolwa East Ward in the Kisumu Municipality has announced that he is switching from civic leadership in order to plunge into parliamentary politics in the impending general elections.

Con Otuge aged 45 years was born in a political house. His father the late Alderman K.C.Otuge for many years was a close political associate of the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. He had served as the overall chairman of KANU Young in the old and larger Central Nyanza district ever since the party’s inception in 1960.

The late Alderman Otuge ws among the first bunch of African to be elected to the Kisumu Municipal Council on KANU ticket in 1963 and later rose to become one of the three Town’s Aldermen before this particular rank was abolished because it carries colonial relics with it.

And when Central Nyanza district was sub-divided into two Coun Otuge remained the KANU leader in Kisumu district and later joined the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga when he ditched KANU and with the help of other formed the defunct opposition Kenya Peoples Union “KPU}.

Asked why he wanted to challenge the incumbent MP Shakeel Shabbir, Coun Otuge said he was just simply responding to the request from the residents of all the five Wards within Kisumu Municipality who felt the MP is a total “let down.”

The MP is being accused of helping the residents only by way of buying coffins for the burial of the dead constituents, but as far as development activities are concerned he has done nothing worth mentioned. He had sacked all the elected CDF and local leaders mandated to serve in the various development committees within the constituency. And instead he hand-picked his own men.

He scathingly criticized the MP for using his hand-picked sycophants to serve in the CDF. In turn his men have been dishing out construction contracts to unqualified contractors on “Kick-Back” who in turn have done shoddy work.

The disbursement of school bursary fund leaves a lot to be desired. People tasked for such task are outside who do not understand the people’s wish and not conversant with the goings on within the constituency.

MP Shabbir was elected in an electoral area where the electorates are 100 per cent of the voters. But he has adamantly refused to learn and understand the culture of the locals leave alone their language. He is working as an occupation force of foreign mercenaries and this is “Big Shame” to the local community to be represented in August House by someone who has no respect to their culture and tradition norms.

Infrastructure such as roads and communication, medical facilities re are all dead. The MP is married to a woman from Bukhusu sub-tribe of the larger Luhyia ethnic group after divorcing his Indian wife with several children.

Otuge accused MP Shabbir is being an instrument of confusion and pursuing the policy of “divide and rule”.

The affair of the constituency are poorly being managed and no meaningful progress has been recorded ever sine 2007when Shabbir was voted in to be the MP for the area at the insistence of the ODM leader Raila Odinga. The poverty index in the constituency is the highest in comparison of the same with those of other constituencies inside Luo-Nyanza, said Coun. Otuge.

He is allegedly extorting funds from the few Asian voters within the constituency and used their money n purchasing coffins for the dead. Our people did not vote for someone who is only interested I the welfare of the “dead” and ignoring the welfare and social amenities of the living human beings.

Otuge called on MP Shabbir not to defend his parliament seat. He should pack up and go, and the voters would like to have a dynamic MP who can understand their interests an can genuinely serving them with the objective of raising their living standards.

Coun Otuge called upon the relevant investigative authorities and auditing firms from external source to come to the area and carry our forensic auditing of how the CDF funds have been disbursed within Kisumu Town East constituency. The hand-picked CDF committee members have been spotted driving brand new sleek cars. “Some of them were people who only a few months ago could not even raise money for the purchase of bicycles”.


Kenya: Power brokers are ruining the ODM chances of winning elections in Southern Nanza region

Writes Bob Ndira-Uradi In Homa-Bay Town

The emergence of too many political power brokers gravitating around aspirants who have declared their candidature for the various elective positions within the County governance could seriously hurt the ODM gains and popularity within the greater Southern Nyanzaregion.

Residents say that there is an alarming upsurge and increase in the number of what one local MP described as “political banditry and mercenaries”

These political mercenaries have penetrated into the activities of many aspirants vying for the various elective seats such as Senate, Parliamentary, County governors and County civic wards representatives.

“These are the people responsible for chaos at public gatherings including funeral places. They have perfected in the art of minting money through peddling pack of lies with sole aims of earning free money or attracting cheap handouts from unsuspecting aspirants.

They are said to be on the running traveling all he time between Nyanza and Nairobi in search of cheap handout from the would be candidates and by doing so in the region.

These power-brokers are making the lives of the would be candidates mes arable .because this is not only extortion, but at me demanding money with menaces.

The residents have pointed out four administrative districts where the political mercenaries are said to be in full control as Migori, ndhwa, Awendo, Rongo and Kasipul Kabondo.

The brokers would be seen this week traveling in the some vehicle accompanying one aspirant to a public function, but within a week or they could be spotted boarding jumping onto the vehicle of the aspirants, depending on whose pockets are well lined up with currency notes.

And once a candidate run short of cash for handout, the mercenaries could be heard branding him as either PNU sympathizer or an agent of Uhuru Kenyatta, William to and Raphael Tuju, and what is strange that someone who has been so close to an aspirant, but only ate the company the other day after cash handout had dried up shouting at a public gathering.

Our investigations have revealed the startling and most intriguing activities of the so-called ODM power brokers. During week days, the group members are always found at the various public joins in Nairobi discussing politics the whole day while waiting for their favorable aspirants to come out of he work places and join them for the evening. At the weekend, the groups began teaming back to Nyanza were they do accompanying their favorable candidates as cheer up teams during public functions and funeral gatherings.

The next Monday the power brokers boarded country buses heading for Nairobi and only returning to Nyanza at the weekend, an yet none of them has any business or engaged on a gainful employment or business in the city.

A wealthy professional man from Nyanza who is working in Nairobi and who had made an early announcement that he would be vying for an elective position is said to have given up his original plan to contest the election after his pockets got dried up. The man’s pockets were milked to the ground forcing out of the prematurely. The would be a candidate is now said to have gone underground and even hanged all his mobile phone numbers or not answering any phone call at all from any person he suspected to be one of the power brokers an political mercenaries.

Another professional and had declared his intention to contest an elective position in Southern Nyanza is said to have lost everything including his firms offices which were closed down by troop of auctioneers. The would be a candidate for political office is also said to have lost his mortgaged house in Nairobi and he is now a tenant in one of the filthy City housing residential estates.

The ODM must also move with speed to install discipline on its officials at the branches. The same could be applied on its civic leaders at the various County Council, Town Councils and Municipalities A case in point is the deadly rumors to have been manufactured by a civic leader in Awendo town where Councilors are said to be sponsoring political goons. The hired goons go full throttle singing derogatory songs while driving through the town in a van while making slanderous remarks on a market day, when in office by the ODM if the party is serious about maintaining highly respect political movement with its disciplinary intact.

An incident which occurred last year at Kitere area of Kamagambo South in Rongo constituency where a rival leader working in cohort with other ODM sub-branch officials had hired political goons and dispatched them aboard several hired vehicles to go and physically disrupt and forcefully disperse. The incident resulted in the death of six youths who were hacked to death by the enraged villagers.

So far the hires of the close to six vehicles which ferried the deceased to their death trap have yet to be brought to book to answer the criminal charges. Nor have the drivers of the said motor vehicles been arraigned in court.

He ODM as one of the parties with the largest following in the country need to put in ace a stringent disciplinary measures aimed at deterring the money hungry political opportunists and mercenaries like party officials.


Kenyan politicians should learn from the past lessons and learn how to approach the coming general election in a sober manner

Commentary By Leo Odera Omolo
Our beloved country is surrounded by several failed states, ungovernable nation and struggling economies due to man-made mistakes. Seeing these entire phenomenon’s in our immediate neighbors should serve us as the best lessons.

Although God has been with us ever since our nation attained its political independence 49 years ago, however, there is no guarantee that the same could be with us in the next decade. But I we are strong enough to discard negative ethnicity and parochial thinking; I am sure for certain that we can weather the storm.

As at for now, our country appear to be heading to a cross-road, judging by the chest thumping utterances by leading politicians from our parties.

The worse of it all, however, is the latest development whereby some people have started mixing politics with religion.

And with the election days now ticking on very fast, this is the time when w should all including religious leader hard pray hard for the Divine intervention so that our Almighty God could find an alternative escaping route for us, which is devoid of the previous experiences of the 2007/2008.

Instead of religious leaders giving Kenyan spiritual nourishment trough prayers in the churches and mosques, they have gone solo agitating for cabinet appointment that is based on religion and not on political ability and reputation.

In this context, I have in mind some of the degrading comments and utterances made this week by a certain section of Muslim leaders following the latest cabinet reshuffle effected by the two principals of the coalition government President Mwai Kibaki and the Prime Minister Raila Odinga to streamline the ministries.

Cabinet reshuffle is just the very normal re tune in every government’s normal exercise. In the neighboring Tanzania such reshuffles have occurred whereby some people who had held plum ministerial slots for decades have been at time demoted and posted to serve the nation in other capacities even as low as the regional commissioners, which is an equivalent PCs in our country.

But the seemingly more patriotic Tanzanian officials, however, have always taken their new posting with pride and serves their people diligently without any complaint.

The supremacy of political parties is also paramount in that once you appointment of election to a public body was sponsored by a particular political movement, one must toe the line and strictly adhered o the policy and programmes of the sponsoring party. One working under such circumstance must always avoid flirtation with leaders from other parties which are perceived to be not reading in the same script with the doctrines of the party which had brokered such appointment o sponsored the person in question. It could be even worse in a coalition government like the one we have in Kenya.

In this context, I have in mind the sacking of the Tourism Najib Balala who is an ODM for Mvita. This legislator was elected on an ODM ticket to serve all the resident of Mvita constituency irrespective of their ethnicity, tribes, race religion, or creed.

It is arguably that Balala was one of the most effective and efficient Minister in the coalition government, but at the same time we must not lose our sight that he his appointment was brokered by the ODM a part of it cabinet share in accordance to the national accord, and a such his loyalty to the sponsoring political party is paramount and superseded any other consideration. Balala’s sacking therefore was long over due.

I therefore strongly disagree with those accusing Raila Odinga of being a dictator. The question of dictatorship id not arise nor is the question o dishonesty on the part of the Prime Minister. In my view Raila is too tolerant person a far as the essence of party politics are concern. He has accommodated many politicians with diverse opinions under the one roof of his ODM party.

We must remember the old past, especially during the reign of power of the retired President Daniel Arap Moi’s KANU regimes when some Ministers were forced to remove their cabinet flags flying in their vehicle bonnets by the police manning the road blocks after the swift sacking announcement at lunchtime via the Voice of Kenya.

It is still fresh in our minds of an incident in which cabinet Minister from Western Kenya was caught in cross fire a s he drove from Nairobi to Nakuru on his rural home on one early afternoon after he ha been fired via one o’clock radio news footage, which he apparently was unaware of. The former Minister got a shock for his life. He was stopped at a police road block near Naivasha town, while sleeping on the left side of the back seat of his vehicle; ordered not only to remove the flag on his car, but also to surrender the official government vehicle to the next nearby police station and find his own way home. What a humiliation experience?

The impending general elections will come and go like any other previous elections and as such we should not lose our sight on the important task of building Kenya as one strong and a united nation.We must tone down our emotions and avoid venomous utterances while taking into consideration that not all of us will be sitting in the State House, but only one Kenyan with God’s blessing will be the sojourner in that House on the hills.

I am not only blaming the politicians, but also strongly abhorred the quack clergymen and priest who have been offering their services cheaply to politicians by offering them prayers by roadside, public rallies in return of financial gains or political favors.

These are some of the most ungodly actions in our country. Such religious have no moral authorities to offer prayers to the politicians outside the established churches of God. I am sure for certain that God doesn’t listen to their sycophantic and commercialized prayers and those they are praying for could face the severest punishment instead of blessings.

All in all Kenyan leaders must tone down and seek for divine intervention so that peace could prevail in our beloved motherland. The true spirit of cohesion is the answer, and not by the way of government creating so many money guzzling and ineffective commissions which are only consuming taxpayers money without achieving any tangible result that is good for the Wananchi.

Instead of offering prayers for drunken youth accompanying politician in public rallies, our religious leaders should organize one national day of prayers for the soul of those thousand of Kenyans who laid down their lives as the result of politically motivated killings during the post-election violence and those our people who wallowing in abject poverty at the numerous IDP camps.

Our leaders should brainstorm together and find the solution of how to settle the IDP so that they could resume the normal life, and have their soul and spirits genuinely reconciled with their tormentors who violently evicted them fro their legally acquired farms and property. We must not be deceiving ourselves that our leaders have reconciled themselves simply for political expediency. The genuine reconciliation must take the root in the grass roots in rural locations in places lie Narok South, Molo, Elburgon, Kuresoi, Olengruone, Londiani, Burn Forest, Turbo,Uasin Ngishu,Cheranganyi,Nandi North an Nandi South, Nandi Hills,Naivasha,Trans-Nzoia, Tans-Mara,Nakuru, Sotik-Borabu borders.

These are the place where clergymen should be accompanying politicians while preaching the gospel of serious and genuine reconciliation involving the population. Such prayers meeting are so necessary and most essential as we are approaching the next general elections. Such reconciliatory prayers must involved the elders of the communities and the down trodden citizens of this country, some who are so bitter for having lost the possession of anything they had before 2007/2008 orgies. Instead of half-hearted votes hunting reconciliation meetings like those we have witnessed in the recent past

Let us build a better Kenya for the future generation and stop placing our country in the election mood all the times. This is naive and primitive please give Kenyans a break so that they could cultivate and pant their farms now that the long rains is around.

There is nothing wrong with us holding the next general election in March 2013 as per High Court judgment, but there is still room for the two principal to agree and have this date changed to December this year owing to other logistics and technical problems such as schooling period for our children etc.


Congo: Elections, Democracy and The Diaspora Awakening

From: Judy Miriga


I forward this email for information and action.

Congo people are thirsty and are in dire need for Democratic Rulership For the People and By the People….

Foreign Special Interest is deeply rooted and is conflicting with public interest, the reason why Congolese are paraded for slaughter houses whenever they request for democratic rights. It is sad that Abuse, Violation and Crime against Humanity is toll-order in Congo. This must stop urgently……

We demand that leaders of the world pay attention to the pool of blood and livelihood of Congolese flowing down the drain because of corruption and impunity and for the Special Interests “Intellectual Property Thieving” where Diamond, Gold and other Land & Natural Resource Industries for Special Interest are making illegal, corrupt and unconstitutional profits with modern-day pathetic slavery situation in Congo. Since Lumumba time, Congolese have been turned to special animals for slaughter by Special Interest Corporate Business Community who do not care for human rights. They invade and plunder mercilessly without due care because of greed for illegal wealth…….

This endless Pain and Suffering in Congo must end now and we demand true justice with Democratic Governance leadership be given a chance where support by all Leaders of the world must step in and come handy…….

I on behalf of the voiceless and many disadvantaged, join hands with friends of Congo call for Africans and Diaspora from all parts of the world to an Awakening intervention in Congo…….We also call on all good people of the world to stand together with Congolese and loud voices to call for this endless brutality of the Special Interest.

This matter cannot be left in the hands of Special Interest who have Special Interest to resolve and protect in Congo……….drinking from the pool of blood, poor souls and lives of vulnerable Congolese……….This is the reason why Lumumba was killed. We must not allow for another repeat. It is selfish, wicked and evil………It must be condemned by all good people of the world and we must unite to save perishing lives.

I call urgently and appeal to President Obama to take a lead on world leaders to intervene and help resolve this bad standoff so order can settle in Congo over this election skirmishes which is now leading to a blast of Civil War……..

I look forward to a quick and greater response which will bring peaceful conclusive resolve.

May God Bless us all,

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

– – – – – – – – – – –

— On Thu, 12/29/11, Friends of the Congo wrote:

Congo: Elections, Democracy and The Diaspora Awakening

The November 28th Presidential and legislative elections were fraught with tremendous irregularities and widespread charges of fraud. The National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI in French) announced on December 8th that Joseph Kabila won the elections with 49 percent of the vote and long-time opposition, Etienne Tshisekedi garnered 32 percent.

The Supreme Court validated the results published by CENI and dismissed a challenge to the results by the opposition, led by presidential candidate Vital Kamerhe. The opposition categorically rejected the results as fraudulent. Nonetheless, Joseph Kabila was sworn into office on Tuesday, December 20th, where only one head of state (Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe) attended although 12 other African heads of states were expected to attend. Ambassadors from foreign nations, including the United States, were present for Kabila’s swearing-in.

Rejecting the results, Etienne Tshisekedi announced that he would have his own swearing-in among the people at the 80,000 capacity Martyrs Stadium on Friday, December 23rd. Being under virtual house arrest, Tshisekedi was confined to his residence by the Kabila regime. The government also prevented the population from entering the stadium with a heavy show of force from the police, armed forces, and presidential guard. The regime blocked routes leading to the stadium with heavy tanks and artillery. Instead of a swearing-in at the stadium in front of a large audience, Etienne Tshisekedi had to perform the ceremony at home in his garden. In addition to domestic pressure, the government is experiencing intense international pressure; the European Union has said it will re-evaluate its cooperation with the DRC and make judgments based on how the political crisis unfolds and Mme Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund said she is following the situation in the Congo with a particular focus on the rule of law and the political climate, especially the pre and post-electoral periods.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is at a critical juncture in its tenuous march towards peace and stability. The Kabila regime suffers from a severe crisis of legitimacy and the future of the democratic project is in the balance. Stability will be fleeting without legitimacy. What is at stake in the Congo is not merely an election but respect for the will of a people and the future of democracy in the heart of Africa.

The Carter Center said the Presidential results announced by the CENI “lacked credibility,” while the Archbishop of Kinshasa, Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo, said that the results announced by the CENI reflects “neither the truth nor justice.” The European Union chimed in, noting that the process evinced a lack of transparency, with its missing polling stations and lost results totaling an estimated 1.6 million votes. South Africa noted that the elections were “generally OK,” while the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African Union (AU) found little wrong with the elections. Nonetheless, the CENI has ceased the counting of the legislative results and invited an international technical team from the United States and England to help with the counting of the legislative results, which are expected to be announced by January 13th – a constitutional deadline that will be difficult to meet.

Congolese in the diaspora have responded with universal outrage and have taken to the streets throughout the globe. Demonstrations have occurred in London, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Johannesburg, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, New York, Washington and numerous other cities around the world. The central demand of the demonstrations is that the will of the Congolese people be respected. Click here to see videos of Congolese demonstrations!

Due to greater access to information combined with the freedom to express themselves, Congolese in the Diaspora have voiced the frustrations and concerns of their countrymen and women. The Congolese population inside the country has been under a military clamp-down with tanks in the streets, omnipresent security forces, SMS shut down (a major tool of communication for Congolese), and opposition television shuttered. Moreover, the Kabila regime has already demonstrated a willingness to use its armed and security forces to fire on unarmed civilians (see Human Rights Watch Report) and round-up and disappear civilians (see Amnesty International and Voix Sans Voix Statement).

The best option to rescue the country from a descent into a deeper crisis is the activation of a national mediation mechanism supported by the international community (Southern African Development Community (SADC), African Union (AU), European Union, United Nations and United States). However, political will on the part of the political class to prioritize the people’s interests over partisan interests is a necessary prerequisite for this option to be successful.

Continue to take action and support Congo’s pursuit of democracy:

“Our offices have gotten quite a bit of input from the Congolese Community in the US for which we are grateful.” U.S. Senator Christopher Coons

1. Contact key world leaders and demand that they refrain from recognizing Joseph Kabila as President of the DRC.

2. Demand that the technical team from the United States and England assess both the legislative and presidential results.

3. Participate in teach-ins to learn about what is at stake in the Congo and the nature of Congo’s democratic movement. (Click here for comprehensive list of actions!)

On January 17, 2012, the 51st anniversary of the assassination of Patrice Lumumba, Friends of the Congo and its allies will join in solidarity with the Congolese people by organizing a rally, teach-in and Lumumba Commemoration in Washington, DC and New York City. We call on our supporters and people of goodwill throughout the globe to join in solidarity with the people of the Congo as they continue the over 125 year pursuit to control and determine their own affairs.

Stay abreast of the latest developments on the elections by visiting our elections corner or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for regular updates.

Remember to support the work of Friends of the Congo!

Kenyans Celebrate Mashujaa Day

from Dr. Barack Abonyo For Kisumu Governor 2012

20th Oct. 2011
Mashujaa Day

Today, Kenyans celebrate the first Mashujaa Day to honor the heros andheroins who made significant contriutions to our nations liberation struggle. Now is the time to move Kenyha forward with great velocity, free from oppression

~ Dr. Barak Abonyo for Ksumu Governor 2912
The People’s Candidate
Dr. Barack Abonyo

An Australian company has started mining for coal in Tanzania to help in power generation

Reports Leo Odera Omolo

REPORTS emerging from the Tanzanian capital, Dar Es Salam say an Australian firm Intra Energy Corporation {IEC} has started coal mining in Tanzanian coastline of Indian Ocean.

The work has started at Mbalawala Mine, Ngaka coalfield in Tanzania and is targeting both domestic and export thermal coal markets of Kenya, Mauritius and India.

The Tanzania government awarded the firm a mining license in August that allows it to provide domestic coal in Tanzania for power generation and coal export starting before the end of 2012.

The executive chairman of the firm Graeme Robertson was quoted last week by the local media houses as saying that starting this month they will produce between 120 and 500 kilo tones of coal per annum, going for between USD 80 and USD85 per tone on the domestic market.

The firm will also start producing 120 megawatts of coal fired electric power with target of 1,000 MW in 2013.

Robertson further stated that after 12 and 18 months, IEC plans to ramp-up coal production to as much as 3.5 metric tones per annum to support domestic power generation in addition to industrial sales of 0.5 metric tones per annum.

“The coal- fired powered stations could be constructed by IEC and a joint venture partner, or by the government. or a third parties with a specific energy-intensive project,” he said.

IEC said that until coal-fired power plants are constructed in the region, initial customers are likely to be East African industrial users such as cement manufacturers, who are currently using expensive imported coal or low-quality alternative products.

“IEC understands that at least two contracts have been signed, though the details are considered confidential,” said Robertson, adding that 1,000 tones of Seam Three bulk samples has been sent to Tanga Cement and Mbeya Cement for testing.

Tanzanian Minister for Energy and Minerals William Ngeleja disclosed that mining license was granted on August 22 after receipt of an Environmental Impact Statement and that the mine site and port infrastructure is under construction.

The Mbalawala Mine was officially opened to the community and local government on May 19 this year.

The IEC says it prefer to own and operate services that are critical to mining as opposed to out sourcing, including establishment of business units such as mining, geology and technical services, catering assaying and drilling.

The strategy, according to IEC, is to set up an “ integrated profit center” that can boost the local economy and allow internal control of costs and scheduling.

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Minerals January Makamba said investment in coal is a way to fight the persistent power deficit in the country.

“Countries like the US and the UK were dependant of coal, which drove them to development. So coal will bring significant progress to rescue Tanzania from darkness, “he added.

While Tanzania has a mineable reserve of 40-million tones of coal, about 250,000 tones of coal is imported from South Africa per year.

Meanwhile a report has revealed that East African coastline is increasingly attracting investors interests as a major natural gas hub following recent commercial discovery in Tanzania and Mozambique.

Mozambique is estimated to have over 6 trillion cubic feet {tcf} of gas while Tanzania has 7.5 trillion cubic feet of the resource.

Petroleum Development Consultants {PDC} said China, India and Japan are the potential export markets for liquefied natural gas {LNG} from Tanzania nd Mozambique once the infrastructure is in place.

“The interesting question is whether there will be a liquefaction plant in both Tanzania and Mozambique or whether a single shared location could be developed,” said PDC managing director David Aron.

He said natural gas from the Pande and Temane onshore fields in Mozambique is currently exported to South Africa while Tanzania gas, produced from offshore fields, is used primarily for power generation.

Toronto-listed Orca Exploration, through its subsidiary Pan-African Energy, is operator of the offshore Songo Songo gas field, jointly with Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation {TPDC} and Bermuda’s Globleq.


Kenya: Postponement of AKR elections

From: Daniel Koech

We have noted as the outgoing committee with great sadness that some Kenyans have decided to circulate email calling for elections of AKR against the advise our high commission with false claims of refusal to be housed!

We are of the view that a leader or one aspiring to be a leader has first to respect others, We wish to request Kenyans of good will to keep off that meeting and follow the advise of postponement of AKR elections as earlier advised.

We also advise Kenyans that anyone wishing to register as a member of AKR should be patient and wait for the contentious issue of membership to be addressed

We urge all Kenyans to stick with our government representatives here in Rwanda because that is our point of unity.

Acting Chairman
John Kamwengu

Send by

Org Sec
Daniel Koech

Kenya: New Counties governors positions have attracted many professionals and high profile individuals in Luo-NyanzaN

Writes Leo Odera Omolo.

The plum job of County governors is increasingly becoming more incentive judging by the number and personalities of the new entrance into the race.

The latest entries comprise men of high integrity, technocrats and individuals considered to be men of high caliber. They included professors, engineers, accountants and Chief Executive Officers {CEO} in public companies and private sector.

The most interesting feature of the impending general elections is that those who had started their campaign as early as last year are now said to be on the losing trend.

Newcomers to the race seemed to be in the process of overturning the seasoned politicians who had launched their campaign immediately after the promulgation of the new constitution in August 2010.

In the contest for the Homa-Bay County governor, three personalities have been featuring prominently in the race. The front-runners include Eng. Philip Okoth Okundi, the immediate former Homa-Bay MP who is also the chairman of the ODM board of election. Okundi hails from Kochia west within Rangwe constituency. His other challengers were the retired former country director of the Marie Stoppie Clinics Cyprian Otieno Awiti who is from Karachuonyo constituency and Dr. Mark Matunga a senior executive with the Microsoft international Computer firm. He hails from Mfangano Island in Mbita district. Also said to be interested in the same plum job is the incumbent Rangwe MP George Otieno Ogindo, but the latter is of lately talking less about the campaign for the job of late.

The fifth person who had declared his interest the Homa-Bay governor is Opiata Ogad a businessman based in Nakuru town and a native of Rusinga Island also in Mbita district. However, Ogada seemed to have lost interest has not been heard of for some time. He appeared to have gone quiet or lost the steam in the race anymore.

A new entrant in the race whose campaign has sent shock-waves in the spine of other contestants is Prof.Joseph Akeyo who teaches in the Faculty of Physics at the Maseno University. He launched his campaign late last year at his Wagwe village home in West Karachuonyo late last year.

The launching ceremony, which had attracted thousands of people ended up tragically. Within only two days only after the launching of his campaign and while he was driving from his Karachuonyo home, his car had a terrible accident. The vehicle rolled up several time killing his first wife a young son and a brother instantly. Prof.Akeyo sustained serious injuries including a broken neck and skull.

The entry of Prof.Akeyo into the governorship race in the Homa-Bay County has drastically changed the cause of the contest drastically making matters looking gloomy and difficult for the seasoned politician Cyprian Awiti who is also a resident of Karachuonyo east within the same Karachuonyo constituency.

Prof Akeyo is also the chairperson of the Karachuonyo CDF seemed to be enjoying the blessing of the area incumbent MP Eng.James Rege and other leaders from Ndhiwa, Mbita,Rangwe and Gwassi. His popularity is spreading like bush fire and growing day by day. He appeared to have overcome his rivals in the rich voting region of Ndhiwa and god part of Karachuonyo, particularly in patches spots in Central and East Karachuonyo and in Kasipul Kabondo.

Prof. Akeyo is the rising star as far s the contest for Homa-Bay County governor is concern and a man to watch.

The other aspirant Dr. Mark Matunga appeared to have made very little progress, though he enjoyed support in some patches of the region, it will an uphill task for him to clinch the seat. Matunga is being stabbed at the back in his Suba region background with claims and allegations that he is not in good book with the Luo political kingpin Raila Odinga.

The rumor making the round within the County of Homa-bay that he is supporting a rebellion within the community by sponsoring the activities of the so-called Suba Council of Elders. The credence’s to this allegation emanating from the fact that a meeting has been called in his home backyard of Mfangano Island on August 12. In that meeting Ker of Suba Apollo Okeyo Omuga is expected to b officially installed.

The groups viewed by many people in Luo-Nyanza as a splinter and rebellion to the community cause. That of backing Raila Odinga’s presidential bid in 2012.The current set up of the Luo Council of Elders headed by Ker Willis Opiyo Otondi who was installed in a ceremony held at the Ofafa Memorial Hall in Kisumu City. The Vice chairman of the Luo Council of Elders is Ex-Senior Chief Omolo Anditi from Rusinga Island .This has caused a lot of anxiety fuelling the rumor that the group is not supporting Raila’s presidential bid.

If it is true that Dr Matunga support the Suba Council of elders as it is being alleged then his chances of winning votes from non-Suba dominated constituencies in the other regions would be rather remote. He need to come out clean and shake off the allegations and publicly disassociate himself with the activities of this group.

Homa-Bay County covered the largest parts of greater Southern Nyanza with eight parliamentary constituencies stretching from Kabondo, Kasipul, Karachuonyo, Rangwe, Homa-Bay, Ndhiwa, Gwassi and Mbita.

This are even much tougher in the neighboring Migori County.The governor lucrative position has attracted a large number of professionals, professors, engineers and the best brains in the region.

Leading the pact of aspirants is the youthful communication consultant with Airtel in Nairobi Eng Mark Nyamita, who hail from Rapogi Division of Uriri district. Nyamita’s popularity is felt in far afield like Rongo, Ranen, Uriri, Kakirao, Migori town and some parts of Nyatike constituency. However, h could not be reached to confirm or deny that he was in the race.

Also n the race is Eng.Jared Ochieng’ Baraza who is currently an adviser to the International Telecoms Union based in Geneva, Switzerland. Baraza is also the Country Director of the Engineers Without Borders, an international NGO,Ghana Telecoms University in Accra and a visiting professor at the Kenyatta University n Nairobi.

Eng Baraza is currently busy establishing water, electricity and telecommunication Institute and agriculture in Migori.A son of the Ex-Senior Chief of Suna Location the late Chief Baraza, the engineer is said to be very popular with the youth and woman folks.

Also in the race for Migori County governor position is Prof.Rachillo Luo Kobuoyo, a senior surgeon with the US Airforce based in the US. The surgeon who has attained the rank of a colonel with the US Airfore has lived in the US for many years..He hails from Karungu Central in Sori Division, Nyatike constituency and is reported to have been involved in the education of boys and girls in the region as well s financially supporting the needy economic and social projects.

Another person said to be keen in contesting the Migori governor is Christopher Odhiambo Rusana, an immigrant from Tanzania who has settled in Mikuro area of Suna west. He is the Clerk to the Kehancha County Council. He is said to be a native of Wagire a Luo sub-clan living in North Mara region in areas close to Kenya-Tanzania border. The impact of his candidature is yet to be assessed.

In Central Sakwa within the newly created Awendo district Ezra Odondi whom is a CEO in one of the largest auditing firms in Nairobi is also said to be keen in contesting the position of Migori County .governor. The other aspirant is Owiso Ngao who has been working for the oil companies in Saudi Arabia. He hails from Nyamome area of East Suna.

The seat is also expected to attracted one or two aspirants from within the two Kuria constituencies of Kuria West and Kuria East, though no one has so far come forward to declare his interest.

The contest for both Homa-Bay and Migori governors could produce fire work during the actual campaign period given the number of high profile aspirants vying for the the two sets.