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The Bronx Africa Nations Soccer Tournament ended with sparkles. Just as expected, the final match between Guinea and Gambia was such a spectacular show of athleticism. May 21, started as a bright sunshine day, and there couldn’t have been a more perfect weather for a soccer match. Gambia was the underdog. The Guinean team has demolished everything along their path to qualify for the finals. Gambia, on the other hand has struggled throughout their matches.

The first half ended with guinea leading 3 goals to nothing against the Gambia. All the spectators were entertained by the Gambian demise, except the Gambian coach who continued to encourage the team. Suddenly the sky opened and it poured and poured as if he had called to send down the rain. The spectators ran for cover while the game continued. By the time it finished raining, Gambia had scored 2 goals. They finally equalized the in about 3 minutes to the end of game. This type of incident is called injury time African in soccer.

The audience was animated and we all couldn’t have asked for a better match to close the game. At the end, Guinea was the better team, as they outscored the Gambians in penalty kicks.

Once again we learned that soccer is a team sport and only the most disciplined team will triumph. Guinea is our champion this year. The team will be collecting their trophy and gold medals on May 25 at the Africa Day celebration which begins at 5pm in 2006 Westchester Avenue in the Bronx.

We are inviting everyone with great enthusiasm to please join us as we present medals to these fantastic young men who have made your countries proud. We are honoring them with Gold Medals, Silver Medals, Bronze medals and certificate of participation from the Borough President as a symbolic gesture of their performance at the event.

Please see additional pictures on the AV’s Facebook page:

Here is the detail of events

First Rounds


2nd rounds


3rd Round


Final Round



Here is a quick background of the event. Traditionally, May of each year the Borough President along with the Bronx Borough community celebrates the Bronx Week festival. African immigrant communities have not been a part of the Bronx Week Event, yet we are considered the second largest immigrant community in the borough. On January 13, 2010, the Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. announced the creation of an African Advisory Council. The mission of the council is make recommendations on strategies that will improve the quality of life for the African community in the Bronx. According to the most recent census estimates 61,487 residents are immigrants of Sub-Saharan African. Considering the inclusion of the North African population, and direct generations, we believe that the total population is well over 100000.

On Wednesday May 25th, at the Al Iman Community Center, 2006 Westchester Ave, Bronx, New York 100462, at a special conference to Celebrate Africa Day, the Borough President’s office will be presenting the winning teams (Guinea, Gambia, and Cote d’ Ivoire) with a trophy medals, and recognition certificate to the participants.


Africa & USA, NY: Africa Nations Soccer Tournament in the Bronx

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Dear friends we love and colleagues we admire,

Please find the attached information in regards to African nations’s Soccer tournament. The African Advisory Council of the Bronx Borough PresidentRuben Diaz Jr. Cordially invites all African nation’s communities and leaders in Diaspora to participate in its Bronx Week Celebration.

The African Advisory Council of the Bronx Borough President, announces the 2nd Annual African Nations Cup Soccer Tournament scheduled to take place at the Macomb Dams Park on 161st and Riverside Avenue (opposite the old Yankees stadium) in the Bronx. The event begins with a kickoff by the Borough President Hon. Ruben Diaz Jr. On Saturday May 14, at 1pm and continues on Sunday May 15 with soccer matches and other events. The finale is on Saturday May 21st.

We are inviting all African Nation representatives in Diaspora both in private, public and academia sectors to help organize and register a team that best represent their country in this tournament. The deadline for registration was initiallyApril 25th, but are still accommodating new registration. The first three runners up will be awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals authenticated by the Bronx Borough President. The winning team will also be awarded a trophy and invited by the African Advisory Council to participate in the famous Bronx Week parade on May 22nd which includes Music, Food and Arts Festival and Celebrity induction to The Bronx Walk of Fame.

See flyer for detail:

Detail about the event is also available on facebookpage/African Advisory Council Page. For any questions contact:

General question: Gerald Koala: 1401-6631717

Marketing and Sponsorship: Wale Idris 1646-226-0262

Team registration: Ambrose Ngande: 1917-370-3196


On January 13, 2010, the Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. Announced the creation of an African Advisory Council. The mission of the council is to work with the Bronx African community to resolve emerging issues and make recommendations on strategies that will improve the quality of life of this growing population. According to recent reports, the African population in the Bronx has grown considerably in recent years, the census reported 12,063 sub-Saharan Africans in 1990, while the most recent census estimates 61,487 African residents. The Council’s objective is to encourage continental Africans, including people of the African Diaspora to actively participate in the economic, social, and cultural developments of the borough.

We need you to please help get this information to all member states so that they can be informed and make sure that their country is properly represented. See enclosure for details.

Please feel free to contact us.



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Leadership perspectives Visa-vis South Africa

The entire world was glued on television watching the world cup for the first time from the African Continent. Our two leaders in the coalition government President Kibaki and PM Raila Odinga travelled to Johannesburg for the tournaments’ opening ceremony. I wonder if they learnt any lesson while in a country which has enjoyed majority rule for only 15 years but has comfortably positioned itself in the global stage surpassing the Continent’s power houses like Nigeria and Egypt.

When South Africa won the votes to host the 2010 World cup, it sent a very strong message to Africa and the world that the post apartheid nation was prepared for greatness globally. It was impressive during the matches … security, infrastructure and logistics to safeguard the comfort of fans who thronged the rainbow nation was well coordinated; a reminiscent of a developed country.

South Africa’s economic grid and governance practices are phenomenal; a sharp contrast with Countries which attained self rule more than a half a century a go like Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sudan, Morocco, and Guinea. In fact, the Country’s GDP is 10 times that of Kenya despite being 3 years away to celebrate a half a century since we attained independence from Britain.

I don’t want to sound disrespectful to African leaders who took over after independence; but it appears like they were not ready for majority rule. May be things would be better today if the colonialists stayed longer the way they did in South Africa. The challenges we see in the DRC, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, or Kenya, are all homegrown as a result of poor leadership foundation laid upon by the founding fathers.

It must be remembered that if Neslson Mandela could have followed the path that most African leaders took after independence, South Africa would not have gotten the opportunity to host the World cup. Despite the horror of the apartheid regime and Mandela’s incarceration, the white minority rule laid a firm foundation that they passed to the freedom hero and this has continued to define country’s current stature.

Mandela inherited an economically viable Country from the minority predecessor, Fredrick De Klerk and ruled for one term; passing the baton to Tabo Mbeki who perpetuated the same ideals passing it to Jacob Tsuma. Mr. Tsuma recently shepherded the World cup to a successful end.

It’s paradoxical that Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Zambia, despite sharing the same colonial heritage with South Africa, cannot measure up to the rainbow nation on good governance, democratic practices, infrastructure, and respect to the Country’s constitution. I’m not implying that South Africans are free from daily challenges but their Country stands on a better platform compared with many African nations.

Shall we conclude that African nations currently bedeviled by civil strife, corruption, governance malpractices and injustices achieved liberation from the colonialists too soon, or post independence leaders were caught off guard before they could set their minds on self rule?

In Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe inherited a robust economy from the British, but today the Country is a shell. The citizens cannot even feed themselves, yet the Zimbabwean strongman keeps whining; blaming the West for his Country’s problems. Just recently, the DRC celebrated 50 years of independence from Belgium but there was nothing to celebrate when the country is riddled with poverty, illiteracy, violence, injustices and many other human rights violations.

If Nelson Mandela, suffered for over a quarter a century but after his release and ascendancy to the Presidency proved that political cronyism, tyranny, autocracy, corruption, ethnicity was not in his vocabulary, how come our own Jomo Kenyatta who equally suffered never nurtured the same ideals when he took over from the colonial leadership ?

Nobody thought Kenyatta will renege the spirit of the independence struggle. Nobody thought his reign will be compounded with land grabbing, political assassinations, detaining government dissenters especially those he fought with during the freedom struggle. The first President cynically and tragically aligned himself on ethnic identification through a cartel of tribesmen who misadvised him on key national decisions which is the genesis of Kenya’s present predicaments.

He passed on a devastating legacy to Moi, which has continued to roil our country making it hard to agree on issues that affect the nations especially getting a new constitution. How come former President Neslson Mandela was able to get a new constitution for his people in a span of two years after he became president when it has take Kenya more than 20 years to achieve the same?

My final challenge is for African leaders is to take stock of where they went wrong and devise home grown solutions if they expect to be at par with South Africa.

As we move to see our Country’s rebirth on 4th August, let us not be engulfed by utopia because our great success is dependent upon a transformative leader who will take over our nation under the new constitution. The future is bleak but very hopeful.

Joseph Lister Nyaringo-NJ-USA

My 10th Great Grandfather’s World Cup 2010 Prediction

Soccer fanatics & hooligans,

Here is my 10th great grandfather Ragem’s prediction for the World Cup 2010.

Most teams whose initial letter that begins their country name are represented in two’s or three’s. For instance Argentina & Australia, Cameroon & Chile, Germany & Ghana. All these countries will not make the semi finals!

Some counties have two or more names. i.e. South Africa, Korea DPR, Korea Republic, USA, New Zealand, & Cote de Ivoire. These countries are very blessed and stand to upset big name teams, but may not reach the finals.

Some teams which stand solo in as far as the first initial of their country name may reach the semi finals. These include: Brazil, Denmark, Honduras, Italy, Japan & Mexico.

However, some countries have a second known name. These are Britain for England, Ivory Coast for Cote de Ivoire, and Netherlander for Holland. These countries will may reach the finals, but will NOT lift the trophy.

This leaves us only with France & Japan. Yes, one of these teams is set to take home the trophy.

The question is: will it be again or for the first time in history?

My 10th great grandfather Ragem says, that big history has already been made this year, what with the earthquake in Haiti, the oil rig collapse off Louisiana Coast, Kenyans voting in the new Katiba, and SA successfully hosting the World Cup. So Japan is out of the question.

Therefore, because Marco Materazzi treated you unjustly and FIFA rewarded them, Bahaula will shine the light on Les Blues again!

Joram Ragem
wuod Ndinya, wuod Onam, wuod Amolo, wuod Owuoth, wuod Oganyo, wuod Mumbe, wuod Odongo, wuod Olwande, wuod Adhaya, wuod Ojuodhi, wuod Ragem! (Are you my relative?)