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Uganda clarifies on homosexual law

By Vision reporter

The government of Uganda has clarified its position on the anti-homosexuality Act.
In a statement released this afternoon the Government said the Act was misrepresented.

“…its enactment has been misinterpreted as a piece of legislation intended to punish and discriminate against people of a “homosexual orientation”, especially by our development partners.” The statement read in part

Here is the full statement

Statement by Uganda Govt on Anti Homosexuality Act


From: joachim omolo ouko
News Dispatch with Father Omolo Beste

John writes via my Facebook timeline: “Fr.Beste, President Museveni claims that practice of homosexuality has never existed in African culture. I was told Mwanga practiced homosexuality in Uganda and those who resisted were killed, hence Uganda martyrs. What is your say on this?”

John you are quite right. President Museveni claims that some homosexuals may take up the behaviour as an open choice, for others it may be due to indoctrination. He further claims that the present fad of sexual exhibitionism, both heterosexual and homosexual is alien and repugnant to most African cultures.

Kabaka Daniel Mwanga (1884 -1897) was widely believed in most historical circles as having been a gay man. Mwanga is the grandfather of the current Kabaka of Buganda, one of the most influential regions in Uganda, both political and economically.

Mwanga is widely known for having killed 22 early converts to Christianity in Buganda in 1886 because they refused to have homosexual practices with them. He accused them of usurping his power by refusing to have homosexual sex with them. The executed Christians have since come to be known as Uganda Martyrs.

It is also to be noted that the current Kabaka, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II commands high esteem among his subjects and anti-gay forces have in the past pressured the Kingdom to condemn the Anti Homosexuality Bill 2009 with no success.

The man behind the push for Anti Homosexuality Bill 2009 is not Museveni himself. He is Rev Fr Simon Lokodo, the minister of Ethics and Integrity who has been dragged to court for raiding and forcing a gay rights conference in Entebbe close last year was also at the meeting.

He defended his actions by claiming that the meeting was aimed at promoting and luring young people into the practice of homosexuality.

Rev Fr Simon Lokodo is a Roman Catholic priest from Kotido Diocese who quit priesthood to join politics. He is the current State Minister for Ethics and Integrity in the Office of the President who also pushed for Pornography Bill barring women from wearing miniskirts.

He was appointed to that position on 27 May 2011. He replaced Nsaba Butoro, who was dropped from the Cabinet. Prior to that, he served as the Sate Minister for Industry from February 2009 at the time Anti Homosexuality Bill 2009 until May 2011.

He is elected Member of Parliament, representing “Dodoth County”, Kaabong District. He was first elected to that position on June 29, 2006. He was born in Kaabong District on October 28, 1957. He holds the degree of BA in Theology from Pontifical Urbaniana University and MA in Theology from the University of Rome.

He also holds a Certificate in the German Language obtained from an institution in Austria and a Certificate in the French Language, obtained from an institution in Paris, France.

Before entering politics in June 2006, at the age of 49 years, he was the Parish Priest for Kaabong Parish in the Diocese of Kotido. He was ex- communicated from the Catholic Church by the former Pope Benedict XVI when he joined politics.

He is well known for his unequivocal position to fight homosexuality in all forms and recently even raided with the Police, a gay activist workshop where participants were arrested. He immediately blamed foreigners saying “they should go home” and that “He does not support bestiality and lesbianism”. Amnesty International condemned the raid.

U.S. President Barack Obama warned that enacting the bill would affect relations between the two nations. He described the proposal as an “affront and a danger to the gay community” in Uganda. The U.S. is among the nation’s largest donors.

The Uganda Joint Christian Council, which includes Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox bishops, had called on parliament to move the notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill forward. Click here The Daily Monitor to read more.

Speaking after their annual conference organised by the Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC), an ecumenical body which brings together the Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox churches, the bishops resolved that the parliamentary committee on Gender should be tasked to engage the House on the Bill.

The clerics also appealed to all the churches in the country “to remain steadfast in opposing the phenomena of homosexuality, lesbianism and same-sex union.

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill, known by many as the “kill-the-gays bill,” is one of the most notorious pieces of legislation in the world.

Pope Francis’ representative to Uganda seems to differ. He expressed his shock at lawmakers passing a bill that would see people imprisoned for life for having gay sex.

Papal Nuncio to Uganda Archbishop Michael Blume was written to by Divine Word Missionaries Brother Brian McLauchlin on 21 December 2009, asking him to speak to Catholic bishops in the country about the law’s potential to abuse people’s human rights.

Archbishop Blume wrote back to McLauchlin the same day, saying he was indeed concerned by the bill and reiterating the Catholic Church’s opposition to it. ‘It was only this morning that I found out about the action of the Parliament,’ Blume wrote.

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
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Who are we to judge?

From: Yona Maro

Ndorwa West Member of Parliament David Bahati, mover of the private member’s bill, finally got his wish after President Museveni declared last week that he would sign into law the controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

The president had earlier refused to sign the bill passed by parliament in December 2013, arguing in a lengthy letter to the Speaker of Parliament that homosexuals and lesbians are simply abnormal people who need help rather than punitive legislation.

That the President’s latest stand is popular with many Ugandans is without doubt. However, not everything popular is necessarily right. Not everything on the law books is necessarily right either.

It’s important to separate what is wrong from what we don’t like. Abusing children, whether homosexually or heterosexually, is wrong and must not go unpunished. Likewise, initiating children into homosexuality as has been alleged is wrong and should be punished too.

However, a blanket condemnation, victimisation and stigmatisation of all people deemed to be homosexual just because we don’t like their ways is also wrong.

As far as consenting adults are concerned, we believe the state has little business legislating as to how they should relate sexually. Not only is it unnecessary and intrusive, it is almost impossible to implement.

Like President Museveni wrote in his letter before the u-turn at Kyankwanzi, a tough new law against the practice won’t eliminate homosexuality, just like other laws have not eliminated vices such as prostitution.

And Uganda doesn’t have to listen to Western voices trying to dictate how the country should exercise its sovereignty. The approach by some of these countries is in fact another form of intolerance that doesn’t help.

Ugandans only need to listen to their consciences and make up their minds on whether it’s proper to imprison people just because their sexual preference is different.

Strangely, many religious leaders whose cardinal duty is understood to be preaching the virtues of love, tolerance, repentance and forgiveness are instead pushing the state to institutionalise vengeance against some in their flock.

The words of Pope Francis, head of the Roman Catholic Church, should be instructive to such leaders: who am I to judge. Indeed, we should all ask ourselves, who are we to judge?

Yona Fares Maro

Institut d’études de sécurité – SA


From: Ouko joachim omolo
The News Dispatch with Omolo Beste
MONDAY, JULY 30, 2013

One of our News Dispatch readers writes: “Father Beste homosexuality is a very sensitive and controversial issue. I read your homily on seventeenth Sunday in ordinary time you gave at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Siaya Township. Pope Francis also commented on it saying that homosexuals can and should be accepted into the Catholic Church, what is your take on this”?

Pope Francis had been asked by journalists on Monday as he returned from a triumphant weeklong visit to Brazil whether homosexuals should be discriminated against. He did not only say they should not be discriminated but also that he had no power to judge or condemn them.

He was quoted to have said: “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” The pope’s comments were made during an 80-minute press conference with reporters on his flight back to Rome, his first meeting with press since he was named pontiff in March.

This was from the first reading on seventeenth Sunday in ordinary time Year C taken from Gn 18:20-32 .The reading talks of the outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah as so great and grave. Verses 22-33 record Abraham pleading with the Lord to have mercy on Sodom and Gomorrah because Abraham’s nephew, Lot, and his family lived in Sodom. But God is so angry with the sin that He must destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.

In Kenya the Daily Nation on Monday on its cartoon captured the reading portraying that sleeping with cows, chicken, or dogs is worse than homosexuality. It was referring to incidences in Kenya where some people have been caught having sex with cows, chicken and dogs.

My understanding is that pope Francis wants to pass a message that homosexuals should not be discriminated. The second message here is that all of us are sinners so it would be a big mistake to condemn the gay communities.

As Emeritus Pope Benedict in his General Audience, 19 October 2005 said in Psalm 130[129] during his evening prayer – Sunday of week fourth, “Lord if you were to mark our guilt who would survive”?-it means that all of us are sinners and we must work towards getting away from it and not to condemn.

This text is used over and over at funerals, the text is first and foremost a hymn to divine mercy and to the reconciliation between the sinner and the Lord, a God who is just but always prepared to show himself “a merciful and gracious God, slow to anger and rich in kindness and fidelity, continuing his kindness for a thousand generations, and forgiving wickedness and crime and sin” (Ex 34: 6-7).

In John 8: 7 when the Pharisees kept on questioning Jesus, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone. This they said, tempting him that they might have to accuse him.

But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not. So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said to them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. And again he stooped down, and wrote on the ground.

Christ neither found fault with the law, nor excused the prisoner’s guilt; nor did he countenance the pretended zeal of the Pharisees. Those are self-condemned who judge others, and yet do the same thing.

Against the background that Pope Francis defended gays from discrimination. “The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains this very well. It says they should not be marginalized because of this [orientation] but that they must be integrated into society,” he said.

“The problem is not having this orientation,” he added. “We must be brothers. The problem is lobbying by this orientation, or lobbies of greedy people, political lobbies, Masonic lobbies, so many lobbies. This is the worse problem.”

Francis had spent the previous week in Brazil participating in activities marking World Youth Day. His final mass Sunday — an open-air event on Copacabana Beach — was estimated to have drawn as many as 3 million people, The Times reported.

Pope Francis, in some of the most compassionate words from any pontiff on gays, said they should not be judged or marginalized and should be integrated into society, but he reaffirmed Church teaching that homosexual acts are a sin.

In a broad-ranging 80-minute conversation with journalists on the plane bringing him back from a week-long visit to Brazil, Francis also said the Roman Catholic Church’s ban on women priests was definitive, although he would like them to have more leadership roles in administration and pastoral activities.

The Church teaches that it cannot ordain women because Jesus willingly chose only men as his apostles. Advocates of a female priesthood say he was acting according to the customs of his times.

On the question whether homosexuals should be denied the holy Eucharist, it brings us yet to another questions as to under what circumstances can a Catholic priest deny someone the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist?

It can be denied under the following circumstances: 1. The Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist cannot be administered to members of other religions, and 2. The Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist cannot be administered to those who voluntarily continue to live in grave sin. The church considers homosexuals to be living in grave sin therefore should not receive communion.

This reference is found in Canon Law # 844 §§1 to 5: Canon 844 §1 Catholic ministers may lawfully administer the sacraments only to catholic members of Christ’s faithful, who equally may lawfully receive them only from catholic ministers, except as provided in §§2, 3 and 4 of this canon and in canon 861 §2.

Canon 844 §2 Whenever necessity requires or a genuine spiritual advantage commends it, and provided the danger of error or indifferentism is avoided, Christ’s faithful for whom it is physically or morally impossible to approach a catholic minister, may lawfully receive the sacraments of penance, the Eucharist and anointing of the sick from non-catholic ministers in whose Churches these sacraments are valid.

Canon 844 §3 Catholic ministers may lawfully administer the sacraments of penance, the Eucharist and anointing of the sick to members of the eastern Churches not in full communion with the catholic Church, if they spontaneously ask for them and are properly disposed.

The same applies to members of other Churches which the Apostolic See judges to be in the same position as the aforesaid eastern Churches so far as the sacraments are concerned.

Canon 844 §4 If there is a danger of death or if, in the judgment of the diocesan Bishop or of the Episcopal Conference, there is some other grave and pressing need, catholic ministers may lawfully administer these same sacraments to other Christians not in full communion with the catholic Church, who cannot approach a minister of their own community and who spontaneously ask for them, provided that they demonstrate the catholic faith in respect of these sacraments and are properly disposed.

Canon 844 §5 In respect of the cases dealt with in §§2, 3 and 4, the diocesan Bishop or the Episcopal Conference is not to issue general norms except after consultation with the competent authority, at least at the local level, of the non-catholic Church or community concerned.

This reference is found in Canon Law # Canon Law # 915. Canon 915 Those upon whom the penalty of excommunication or interdict has been imposed or declared, and others who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin, are not to be admitted to holy communion.

In the First Letter to the Corinthians, it states: “Whoever, therefore, eats the bread and drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworhty manner will be answerable for the body and blood of the Lord.

Examine yourselves, and only then eat of the bread and drink of the cup. For all who eat and drink without discerning the body, eat and drink judgment against themselves.” [1 Cor. 11:27-9]

Catholics who live in grave sin, such as in common-law relationship, practicing homosexuals, those who have not been to Church, nor received the Sacraments for over a year, etc… are unworthy of receiving the Body and Blood of Christ because they are not in a state of grace.

But this does not mean they should be discriminated simply because they are homosexuals. They are still in image and likeness of God and through His mercy they can be saved.

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
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Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.

-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ UN Disarmament Conference, 2002

Gn 18:20-32

General Audience, 19 October 2005


From: Ouko joachim omolo
The News Dispatch with Omolo Beste

Some of our News Dispatch News readers are wondering whether remarks by Cardinal John Njue that America is a “ruined” society can be categorized under hate speech. I do not know exactly what the cardinal meant but if he was referring to American people as ruined because a society does not exist in vacuum, then this is hate speech and it demands an apology from the cardinal to American people.

Furthermore president Obama did not categorically asserted that he supported the gay communities. What the president said on Thursday during his African tour is that gay people should not be discriminated against simply because they are gays. President Obama said the gay should be treated like other people under the law in Africa.

If gay communities are the ones making society labeled ‘ruined’ then Kenya is not spared either. Many Kenyans are not even aware that homosexual lobby groups in our country are not only well organized, but also well funded. Notable among these funders is the Open Society Foundations of American Billionaire and liberal radical George Soros, and the Urgent Action Fund.

Kenyan people may be surprised that they gays in Kenya have the support of some high-ranking government officials, including politicians. It was behind this kind of support, Kenyan homosexual lobbies were behind plans to sneak in clauses repealing or seriously weakening the penal code section 162-165 (that criminalizes their homosexual behaviour). This was during the law review that culminated in a new constitution in August 2010.

Established in May 2006, GALCK is a coalition of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (GLBTI) organisations based in Kenya. The website, expressly states their core mission to be the deletion of sections 162-165 of the penal code that criminalizes their lifestyles in Kenya. The coalition is comprised of Minority Women in Action (MWA), Gay Kenya, Ishtar, GALEBITRA, TOMIK, Diverse Outing, Changing Attitudes and Equality Now!

The GALCK General Manager has over the last few years been one, ex-seminarian Mr David Kuria from Kiambu County in Central Province. In late 2010, he commenced issuing press statements challenging former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s position that homosexual behaviour in Kenya remains illegal under the new constitution.

While some media houses have also been accused of being pro-gay, in may this year an Australian citizen accused of having sexual intercourse with other males wants the court to outlaw some sections of the sexual offences Act and declare homosexuality legal in Kenya.

Mr Ian Castleman who is facing criminal charges for having sex with two other male has filed a petition at the High Court challenging the Sexual Offences Act. He says the criminal charges amounts to discrimination because he has been charged because of his sexual orientation.

The two males he is accused of having sexual intercourse with, were residing at an orphanage operated by the petitioner and he offered them financial assistance.

The petitioner wants the High Court to make a decision on the rights of gay people in Kenya.

Through his lawyer, Mr Pravin Bowry, he is asking the High Court to declare that the Sexual offences act is discriminatory towards people who are homosexual. Mr Castleman wants the court to quash the charges against him which he says were preferred contrary to public policy and international law.

Mr Castleman is a Director of Ian Castleman Orphanage Kenya based in Elburgon within Nakuru County. His case was referred to the High Court by a magistrate for constitutional interpretation.

This is taking place when in Texas State some Catholic bloggers and pro-life activists are pointing out that a senior official at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) played an official role in getting a pro-abortionist Davis elected senator.

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
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Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.

-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ UN Disarmament Conference, 2002


From: Ouko joachim omolo
The News Dispatch with Omolo Beste
FRIDAY, JUNE 28, 2013

The Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi Cardinal John Njue has criticised US President Obama on his remarks on gay rights, Daily Nation reports Friday. Njue said God did not make a mistake when he created Adam and Eve and told them what to do.

Obama said in his African tour that while homosexuality is illegal in most countries on the continent, this should not be the reason to mistreat them. On Thursday, President Obama said the gay should be treated like other people under the law in Africa.

Obama’s concern gays and lesbians should still be respected just like any other human beings. “My basic view is that regardless of race, regardless of religion, regardless of gender, regardless of sexual orientation, when it comes to the law, people should be treated equally,” Mr Obama said in Senegal Thursday.

Njue was quoted to have said that Kenya does not need lessons from a “ruined” society.

“We must be proud of who we are. Those who have already ruined their society cannot come here to teach us what we should do.”

Njue’s attack comes at the time there is fear that homosexuality is taking root in our schools. Just recently about seven students from the coast admitted they are lesbians. Former Education Permanent Secretary Prof James ole Kiyiapi also admitted that homosexuality is rampant in secondary schools.

He said just like the drug menace, homosexuality was real and a great threat to the future of the children. Kiyiapi said the blame should be attributed to the leaders, parents and stakeholders in the education sector.

The PS, who was addressing journalists moments before presiding over a function at Ebenezer College in Kutus town in 2011, said children were victims of what the leaders say, and what they watch on television.

“Some of our leaders do not actually care what they say publicly while some parents just leave their children alone without providing them with the necessary parental guidance,” he said.

Kiyiapi also attributed the moral decay to globalisation, which had reduced the world into a tiny village where every gossip found its way to the ears of everyone.

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
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Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.

-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ UN Disarmament Conference, 2002


from: Ouko joachim omolo
*The News Dispatch with Omolo Beste in images*
FRIDAY, MAY 31, 2013

The month of May is ending with lots of shocking news. First it was the news that show the head of the Italian Bishops’ Conference filmed this weekend>giving
Holy Communion to a notorious “transsexual” and homosexualist political activist who goes by the name Vladimir Luxuria, at the funeral Mass of a controversial Genoan priest.

The deceased priest, Fr. Andrea Gallo (hereafter referred to as Don Gallo), strongly opposed Catholic teaching on sexuality. In the video clip, published by the national newspaper Corriere della Sera, Angelo Bagnasco, the Cardinal Archbishop of Genoa is seen giving Communion to Luxuria, and another transsexual at the funeral of Fr. Andrea Gallo.

Three thousand flocked from all over Italy for the funeral of Don Gallo, the priest they called the “pretaccio communista” (an ironic use of “lousy communist priest”) and the “angelic anarchist”. Some participants wore t-shirts with the slogan, “Tell me who to exclude and I’ll tell you who you are”.

Standing in front of a group of priests wearing rainbow stoles and addressing the gathered thousands, Vladimir Luxuria gave a eulogy in which he thanked Don Gallo for “letting us open the doors of your church and your heart.”

“Thank you for having us transgender creatures feel willed by God and loved by God. We hope that many will follow your example and someone will apologize.”

Born Wladimiro Guadagno, actor and former prostitute Vladimir Luxuria (“Lust” in Latin) was a member of the Italian parliament and a founding member of the Communist Refoundation Party.

Although he remains physically a male, he claims “female identity” and is famous in European politics as the first openly “transgender” member of any European national legislature. In 1994 he helped organise Italy’s first Gay Pride festival in Rome.

Gallo, whose casket was decorated with a scarlet scarf, was known for his promotion of Marxist ideologies, and was popular with the more radical end of the homosexualist movement having participated in June 2009 in the Genoa Pride demonstration, complaining to the press about the “uncertainties” of Catholic teaching on homosexuality.

Gallo was called Gay Character of the Year by homosexualist activists. In March this year Don Gallo told media that the Catholic Church needs an openly gay pope
and said that homosexual priests should be allowed to “express” their sexuality. “Because repression leads to pedophilia,” Gallo told ANSA news agency, adding that he had been sexually abused as a young priest.

No formal canonical sanction was ever laid against him during his priestly career. An obituary in Avvenire, the Italian bishops’ official paper, called Gallo “Priest of the road for the weak,” and said he gave “a witness of Christ and of the Church.”

Under the governance of Cardinal Bagnasco, who had been named a “front runner” for the last Conclave, Genoa is a haven for priests who openly oppose Catholic teaching and discipline.

When this was taking place, 29 years old male Andrew Mbugua Ithibu goes to court to have his name changed from Andrew Mbugua Ithibu to Audrey Mbugua Ithibu. He went to court after he was unable to win Government recognition of her new status as a woman.

She accuses the national examinations body of preventing her from being employed by refusing to change her academic certificates to reflect her current gender status. The case is seeking orders to compel the Kenya National Examination Council (Knec) to change her names in the examination certificate.

Audrey says she was born male and diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder seven years after completing High School and scoring a grade of A-minus. After completing High School in 2001, Andrew decided she wanted to be a female and chose the name Audrey.

Another shocking story making the headline this month was that of a Form Three Audrey Janet Radul who was abducted on her way to barber shop to have her hair cut on May 9. Her teacher at Nyamonye Girls’ High School in Bondo, Siaya County, had sent her to have her hair cut because it had chemical, which was against school rules.

She went missing since May 9 but resurfaced 21 days later on Wednesday, the day the *Daily Nation* published a story about how she went missing without trace
. She was in Bondo at the shopping centre heading to the barber shop to cut her hair when a saloon car approached her.

The man asked her for directions to a place she did not know. Although she told him she had no idea, he insisted on shaking her hand. She later found herself in a dark room. The man had told her to mind her on business and keep quiet if she wanted to live long.

Janet described the room where she was taken hostage as very dark and she could not distinguish day from night. The room had no ventilation and the door was always closed from the outside.

As days went by, two other girls were brought in; one a Form Two student and the other a Standard Seven pupil. They were called Marion and Victoria respectively; Marion was in a grey skirt, white shirt and grey windbreaker while Victoria was in a blue uniform with a white collar.

Later, some two men — an Indian and an African — came for the two and she remained alone again. The men appeared to be dealing in sex trade because she heard one say: ‘I like this little one, she looks so young. He was referring to Marion the class seven girl,”

Another shocking news making headline was that of a 20-year-old man from USA confessed to smothering a 14-year-old girl, keeping her body in a suitcase, and trying to set her remains on fire because she would not have an abortion.

In another story, 26-year-old pregnant mother Zhang Yinping was dragged to the local Family Planning Office in Yuyue, Hubei, for a forced abortion. Despite being 6-months pregnant, the Family Planning Officials reportedly went ahead with the forced surgery. After the surgery, Ms. Zhang suffered a massive hemorrhage and died the following morning on May 24th.

China’s one-child policy is routinely enforced through brutal measures including forced abortions and sterilizations, and crippling fines that can amount to several times a family’s annual income.

It is at the time statistics from the Nepalese Health Ministry indicate that more than 95,000 abortions were performed between April 2010 and April 2011, up from 89,000 the year before and 51,000 the year before that.

In 2002, Nepal legalized abortion until the 12th week of pregnancy, a deadline that is extended until the 18th week in cases of rape, incest, fetal disabilities, or if the woman’s health is in danger.

It is quite shocking that at Barcelona’s Sant Pau Hospital, which is co-administered by the Catholic Archdiocese of Barcelona, killed an unborn child earlier this month in a pre-scheduled abortion based on the “suspicion” of deformities that normally do not pose a medical danger to the mother, according to internal hospital documents obtained by

The documents contradict repeated and vehement denials by Barcelona’s Cardinal Archbishop Lluis Martinez Sistach, who has dismissed numerous reports published in the Spanish media and abroad regarding the killing of the unborn at the facility since they first began to be published in 2010.

The documents, written in Catalonian and Spanish, include copied text in Word format apparently taken from hospital computer records, as well as two screen shots of hospital computers. They indicate that a woman entered the hospital on May 13 at 10 a.m. “for a medical interruption of pregnancy because of a suspicion of fetal osteochondrodysplasia with thoracic hypoplasia.”

According to standard medical references, osteochondrodysplasia is a disorder that causes stunted bone growth and is often associated with dwarfism. Thoracic hypoplasia is a lack of complete growth in the chest area.

The archbishop of Barcelona, Cardinal Lluis Martinez Sistach, has stonewalled pro-life groups for years regarding numerous reports of abortions at the hospital, which began appearing in the media in 2010, when the Spanish newspaper *ABC *revealed government records indicating that several Church-affiliated hospitals in the Catalonia region had been performing abortions for years.

In 2011, the Cardinal began to publicly deny the reports, claiming that abortions do not occur at Sant Pau, adding that an order had been given not to perform abortions.

However, the evidence of the killing of unborn children at Sant Pau has continued to pile up.

The sad news is that after your abortion, you may go through a number of different emotions. Some women feel relieved; some feel sadness and grief, whereas others may have mixed feelings.

You may also develop an infection after your abortion, heavy vaginal bleeding with large clots, severe lower abdominal pain, high temperature and generally feeling unwell, unusual or unpleasant smelling vaginal discharge.

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Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.*

-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ UN Disarmament Conference, 2002
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USA & Kenya: President Obama, “G” and “L” are not the only letters in the alphabet, and

from: Jeremy Kinyanjui

President Obama, “G” and “L” are not the only letters in the alphabet, and neither are they the most important…

President Obama, you have lately gone on a particularly aggressive charm offensive on behalf of Homosexuals and Lesbians and it’s difficult to understand where you are drawing your inspiration from. It seems to have escaped your attention that two ancient cities called Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed through Divine Retribution, because of decadence and homosexuality. The word “Sodomy” has it’s origins in the said ancient city of Sodom. President Obama

The Human Immuno Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), first came to light in the year 1983, via an article then in Newsweek Magazine. Medical Science then and now, holds that HIV/AIDS originated from homosexuality, the same homosexuality you are glorifying. HIV/AIDS ravaged and dissipated entire villages here in the entire East & Central African in the 1980s and 1990s, including villages in Kenya’s Nyanza Province, where your iconic ancestral Nyang’oma-Kogelo roots are. We do not like remembering those time, President Obama.

There were no treatments for HIV/AIDs back then, and the only available remedy in those days i.e. AZTs, were way too expensive, and in any case, had terrible side effects even for those who could afford them. Where were you at the time, President Obama? We wish you had been as forceful in your assistance of the entire East & Central African Region in the 1980s and 1990s, as you are now in putting the rights of Homosexuals and Lesbians at the forefront.

Same-sex marriages have just been legalised in France, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Same-sex marriages have been legal for sometime now in South Africa, Malawi is pushing for legalization of same-sex marriages, and it is indeed clearly just a matter of time before same-sex marriages are legalised all across Africa, including here in Kenya. You see President Obama, Africa’s agenda is tailored for us by the contemporary Trans-Atlantic Anglo-Saxon Empire of the United States of America and Europe, which you are the current “de facto” monarch of, and which Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, is the current “de facto” vice-monarch of, and what the Anglo-Saxon Empire directs we do in Africa, we must do. One of the most unfortunate things is that our beloved Africa suffers from rather acute material & intellectual impoverishment, on top of the fact that we have lost the will to fight for a better day, so it is not lost on us that wedding bells for Adam & Steve, and for Carole & Eve, are just about to begin ringing resoundingly across the entire length & breadth of the African continent.

The fact still however remains that Homosexuality and Lesbianism are a curse, an abomination, sacrilege, an attempt to re-write the story of creation, and an open courtship of & for Divine Retribution e.g. HIV/AIDS type of ailments, and calamities such as the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The fact of the matter President Obama, is that if Heaven intentions were for same-sex unions on this planet, then you for instance, would have had two fathers, instead of a father and a mother, and life as we know it today, would have comprised a six-day week instead of a seven day week, because Eve’s creation and existence would have been on another planet exclusively inhabited by females, a female planet that would also have had a six-day week like the male-exclusive inhabited planet. This is God’s planet President Obama, not yours, so you have no business propagating the violation of Divine Laws

President Obama, at the start of the 1990s when HIV/AIDS was ravaging East and Central Africa as mentioned, a seer here in Kenya prophesised that HIV/AIDS would gradually mellow and become a regular “common cold” type of ailment, but in it’s place would instead emerge a terrifying ailment that would make HIV/AIDS look like “child’s play”. Maybe those times are with us President Obama, because HIV/AIDs is no longer the terriying “death sentence” that it once was, maybe Heaven is losing patience with us, and maybe terrifying intermittent recurring epidemics such as Severe Acquired Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), the Maburg Virus, Ebola, Rift Valley Fever, Mad Cow Disease, Swine Flu and Bird Flu, are veiled warnings from Heaven that much worse is on the way, if we do not change our ways

President Obama, Homosexuality and Lesbianism continue to be a pet project of yours even in the midst of the collapse of Capitalism and the continued crumbling of the Anglo-Saxon Empire owing to fall of Capitalism. President Obama, one of your predecessors, Ronald Reagan, is a hero and a legend in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa. Reagan and recently deceased Lady Margaret Thatcher, pumped in huge sums of money into sub-Saharan Africa in the 1980s, money that helped bring up at least one generation of sub-Saharan Africans. Ronnie Reagan and Maggie Thatcher did not tell men to get married to men, and neither did they tell women to get married to women.

If you want to help us President Obama, at least give us fish as we teach ourselves to fish, which we still unfortunately have still not taught ourselves to do even at this late stage, in other words President Obama, do what Ronnie Reagan and Maggie Thatcher did to Africa in the 1980s, if nothing more…

President Obama, there are 26 letters in the alphabet, not just “G” and “L”…


From: Ouko joachim omolo
The News Dispatch with Omolo Beste in images

If we are to go by Andrew Sullivan’s comment on Sunday’s The Chris Matthews Show that among Catholic cardinal voters are gays then automatically it means Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson may not stand a chance to be elected first black pope.

This is because of his recent comment that African priests are not homosexuals because African traditions and cultures do not allow homosexuality.

Cardinal Peter may not stand a better chance because most homosexuals need affirmation for their sexually-active ‘lifestyle’ and they need affirmation from everyone in order for them to keep their disordered life ‘normal’, a fact that Peter has denied them.

As if Sullivan’s comments are not enough, as Cardinals gather to select the next Pope, the Vatican has been found to have made a €23 million investment in an apartment block that contains “Europe’s biggest gay sauna,” Europa Multiclub according to reports in Rome and the UK Independent newspaper.

Even though the College of Cardinals must not have been pleased late Tuesday when reports circulated that the Vatican shared a block with Italy’s top gay sauna, the fact remains that it is indeed it shares the block.

The Holy See purchased a $30 million stake in the apartment block that houses the Europa Multiclub. It was also Benedict XVI’s former right hand, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone that picked the spot in 2008.

On the Vatican’s side are 18 apartments, most of which are occupied by priests, and the home of Cardinal Ivan Dias, the head of the Congregation for Evangelisation of Peoples.

On the Europa Multiclub side is fun palace “create by males for males only.” Italy’s hottest gay sauna has everything: a king turkish bath, a Finnish sauna, a waterfall whirlpool and “surprises,” to name a few amenities listed on its website.

It explains why it didn’t take long at all after Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation in late February before folks started speculating that his holiness was brought down by “a cross-dressing priest sex ring” that was detailed in a 300-page report given to Benedict on December 17, the day he reportedly decided to retire.

Reports also said that the priests implicated in the report were being blackmailed. The Vatican spokesman said at the time the report was released, “Neither the cardinals’ commission nor I will make comments to confirm or deny the things that are said about this matter.” He added that they would also not be commenting further on the report either.

Although much of what has eroded the church’s authority cannot be addressed due to its addiction to secrecy and rejection of transparency, public attention to the final chapter of Pope Benedict XVI’s reign dominated by talk of leaks and liaisons and wiretaps and dossiers has sent a signal that Roman Curia must be cleansed by all means.

The 76-year-old Cardinal Ivan Dias does not only enjoy a 12-room apartment on the first-floor of the imposing palazzo, at 2 Via Carducci, just yards from the ground floor entrance to the steamy flesh pot, he is among the cardinals electing the new pope.

According to the report there are 18 other Vatican apartments in the block, many of which house priests-an embarrassment to the Roman Catholic Church indeed.

According to the sauna’s website which promotes one of its special “bear nights”, with a video in which a rotund, hairy man strips down before changing into a priest’s outfit, “a hairy, overweight pastor of souls, is free to the music of his clergyman, remaining in a thong, because he wants to expose body and soul”.

“The primary objective is to make you appreciate the beauty and satisfaction of meeting other men in a unique and special place,” the sauna’s website says.

Ivan Dias is not only one of the cardinals to elect the pope, in fact he is one of the major papal candidate from the Indian sub-continent. He is fluent in several languages and the fact that he comes from a third world nation would speak in his favor, though.

On May, 2011, the pope, Benedict XVI accepted his resignation as the Prefect, Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, per Canon Law 354 which requires curial cardinals to resign upon reaching 75 — it being up to the pope as to when he accepts such retirements.

Cardinal Dias who had held this post since May 2006 just turned 75 on April 14, 2011. Typically it is not the norm for a retirement, especially of a curial head, to happen so quickly after the 75th birthday — most staying on till they are 77 or 78.

It was rumored that Cardinal Dias, who was created in February 2001, is experiencing health issues. He is the seventh cardinal to retire in 2011 per the 75 year Canon Law retirement age.

His retirement does not change the composition of the College since at 75 Cardinal Dias continues to be an elector. The number of cardinal electors has been reduced from 117 to 115, among them Cardinal Dias who believes that homosexuality can be cured of their “unnatural tendancies” through the Sacrement of Pennance.

Pope Benedict XVI is believed to have resigned, the first Papal resignation since 1415, after receiving the report of an investigation into events surrounding the leaking of documents by the Pope’s butler. The lengthy report is said to contain detailed evidence of factional infighting.

According to La Repubblica the cardinals were said to have uncovered an underground gay network, whose members organise sexual meetings in several venues in Rome and Vatican City, leaving them prone to blackmail.

They included a villa outside the Italian capital, a sauna in a Rome suburb, a beauty parlour in the centre, and a former university residence that was in use by a provincial Italian archbishop.”

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Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.

-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ UN Disarmament Conference, 2002


From: Ouko joachim omolo
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Following my article of yesterday about Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, head of the Pontifical Council for the Family’s remarks that gay couples should be given legal rights, many of our readers have responded back wondering whether the Vatican will spare or fire him.

Some of the readers went as far as connecting the issue with that of Dr Willy Mutinga where some churches attempted to block him from becoming Chief Justice because of his stand in defending the rights of homosexuals.

In my own opinion I don’t think Vatican will fire Monsignor Vincenzo Paglia because he only suggested that they should be given legal rights, but remained farm that marriage should remain between a man and a woman. It explains why, even though the Catholic Church considers homosexuality sinful, it is opposed to any discrimination against gays.

Against the background that the church will continue “to uphold the values of marriage and family life” while defending “the basic human dignity and human rights of all” and condemning “violence, hatred and bigotry directed against any person.”

Back to Dr Willy Mutunga, the churches concern was that, even though he is not gay, churches attempt to block him from becoming Chief Justice was based on the fact he has been associated with the gay community in Kenya a view sociologists, psychologists, and religious leaders point out as not suitable for the young people. Kenyan Chief Justice Willy Mutunga: ‘Gay Rights are Human Rights.

Arguably, according to some churches that were opposed to his appointment as Chief justice Willy Mutunga should be a role model rather than a vice for the society, despite the fact that the stand of the Vatican is that gay rights are human rights.

Some of our readers also went as far as wondering why the Vatican has criticised sharply a 2005 book by a US theologian and nun on sexual ethics, where she defends gay rights and equal marriage.

This is a bit complicated and tricky question for me to answer. The only thing I may say is that the Vatican might have reacted on Sister Margaret Farley’s book, Just Love, because it posed ‘grave harm’ to the faithful, and that her ideas on masturbation, homosexuality, equal marriage and remarriage were in ‘direct contradiction’ to traditional Catholic teaching on sexual morality.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith declared that her writings betrayed a ‘defective understanding of the objective nature of natural moral law,’ that is why the Vatican banned the use of the book by Catholic teachers, in a notification signed by the department head Cardinal William Levanda and approved by Pope Benedict XVI.

Sister Farley has defended her work, however, saying that the ideas they contain were entirely coherent with theological tradition. In her book, she writes that ‘same-sex oriented persons as well as their activities can and should be respected.’

Her book also argues for equal marriage as a means for reducing hatred against and stigmatisation of gay people. The Vatican however reaffirmed its position that homosexual acts are ‘intrinsically disordered’ and ‘contrary to natural law.’ Marriage, it says, can only be the union between a man and a woman.

In a statement, Sister Farley, who has eleven honorary degrees to her credit, and is an emeritus professor at Yale, said that she used a ‘criteria (sic) of justice’ in evaluating sexual morality.

”The fact that Christians (and others) have achieved new knowledge and deeper understanding of human embodiment and sexuality seems to require that we at least examine the possibility of development in sexual ethics,” she said.

Like the church, even in some cultures there are some norms that are set to guide the society. For example, while in some cultures, body piercing and tattooing are considered to be immoral, as they are considered to be acts that defile the human body, in other cultures, body piercing and tattooing are religious expressions. It all depends partly on geography.

Many cultures are opposed to same sex-marriage because their norms put great value in the traditional family unit that is why they sanction programs that promote moral behavior. It explains why, for example, some cultures view human sexuality principally as a sacred reality.

Even in religions, in a number of moral theologies, God designed human sexuality for the purpose of procreation, and commanded all human beings, from Adam and Eve onward, to be fruitful and multiply, engaging in sex strictly in accordance with the order of the divine plan.

St. Thomas Aquinas argued this philosophically, concluding that every emission of semen, ordered in such a way that generation cannot follow, is contrary to the good and nature of man, and if done deliberately, a sin.

Every sexual act must, in principle, follow a form that is open to life, whether or not the couple’s union is fertile, infertile, or sterile. To engage in sex in any way contrary to the good, human nature, and God’s design makes the person or persons involved arbiters of God’s plan, manipulators of something holy, grave sinners.

They believe that the giver of the gift of sex makes the rules, and they must follow these norms. That is why they consider sexual intercourse outside marriage and masturbation sinful.

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
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Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.

-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ UN Disarmament Conference, 2002


From: Ouko joachim omolo
The News Dispatch with Omolo Beste in images

As a high-ranking Vatican official on Monday (Feb. 4) voiced support for giving unmarried couples some kind of legal protection even as he reaffirmed the Catholic Church’s opposition to same-sex marriage, British Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to see off a rebellion within his ruling Conservative party on Tuesday over his government’s plans to legalise gay marriage.

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, head of the Pontifical Council for the Family, was quoted to say the church should do more to protect gays and lesbians from discrimination in countries where homosexuality is illegal.

This was his first Vatican press conference since his appointment as the Catholic Church’s “minister” for family. He conceded that there are several kinds of “cohabitation forms that do not constitute a family,” and that their number is growing.

Against background that Paglia suggested that nations could find “private law solutions” to help individuals who live in non-matrimonial relations, “to prevent injustice and make their life easier.

Although Paglia was adamant in reaffirming society’s duty to preserve the unique value of marriage, he said the church must defend the truth, and the truth is that a marriage is only between a man and a woman.

Responding to journalists’ questions, Paglia also strongly condemned discrimination against gay people, who he said “have the same dignity as all of God’s children.”

“In the world there are 20 or 25 countries where homosexuality is a crime,” he said. “I would like the church to fight against all this.”

In Britain, even though parliament is likely to vote to give the draft law its initial approval, more than 100 of Cameron’s 303 Conservative lawmakers are expected to vote against it on what they say are moral grounds.

Behind in the polls, Cameron is trying to perform a tricky, and some analysts believe, impossible balancing act: to reconcile his desire to show his party is progressive with the views of many of those inside it uncomfortable with such reform, amid growing talk of a possible leadership challenge against him.

Many Conservative lawmakers say they feel Cameron is not a real conservative and is sacrificing what were once core party values on the altar of populism. Such talk is rife among some Conservative lawmakers and follows a spate of articles in the British press in which a handful of MPs raised the possibility of replacing Cameron with someone else, a prospect most commentators regard as far-fetched before the next election in 2015.

The new law proposes legalising same-sex marriage in England and Wales in 2014. It would also allow civil partners to convert their partnerships into marriages. Faced with strong opposition from the Anglican and Catholic churches, the new law would not force them to conduct gay marriages, but critics say gay people may launch legal challenges.

In France while the process of legalizing same-sex marriage despite fierce opposition from the Catholic Church, a similar fight is brewing in Britain with the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches sharply opposed to the move.

The Conference of the Bishops of France (CEF) issued a nine-page paper outlining the main debating points for and against the reform planned for next year and detailed several legal and anthropological objections to same-sex marriage, avoiding religious reasoning.

The paper stresses that the Church respects homosexuals and rejects discrimination, but argues that the demand for gay marriage reduces a complex social institution to a question of equal rights for individuals based on “amorous sentiment, which is by definition ephemeral”.

It claimed those calling for it do not take seriously enough issues of procreation, paternity and the duties of spouses to each other and parents to children.

France’s Catholic bishops are backing plans for a national demonstration against same-sex marriage legislation, which is expected to be approved by lawmakers later in January.

A coalition of 30 French family groups, “Manif Pour Tous” (Demo For All), plans a Jan. 13 Paris rally against a bill allowing same-sex marriage, introduced Nov. 7 by the Socialist government of President Francois Hollande under the slogan, “Marriage for All.”

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Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.

-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ UN Disarmament Conference, 2002


from: Ouko joachim omolo
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A tongue-in-cheek advertisement depicting Pope Benedict XVI blessing the marriage of two gay men in New Zealand is an insult, not only to the Pope but the entire Roman Catholic faithful and Christians who oppose same sex marriage. Click here to view the advert- New Zealand Gay Wedding Ad ‘Featuring’ Pope Benedict XVI Sparks Controversy.

Gay communities have always been against the Pope for his stand against same-sex marriage. The point here is that entering into same- sex marriage is against nature in such a fundamental way that it could spell the end of humankind.

Pope Benedict XVI cited Rabbi Bernheim in a Christmas address opposing gay marriage, saying that it was wrong for people “to deny their nature and decide it is not something previously given to them, but that they make themselves.”

The Pope drew a parallel between those who deplore “the manipulation of nature” where “our environment is concerned,” but sanction it as “man’s fundamental choice where he himself is concerned.”

The chief rabbi of France, Gilles Bernheim, has cautioned about toying with the idea that gender has become “a social role that we choose for ourselves,” instead of “a given element of nature that man has to accept,” a move that has been fully supported by religious leaders in France who have become deeply involved, arguing that the government should be cautious before redefining the institution of marriage and legal “parenthood.”

The intervention of religious leaders in opposition, including Muslims, has caused something of an uproar, especially among supporters of the Socialist government. The minister in charge of education, Vincent Peillon, has even warned parochial schools against having debates in classrooms about the merits of gay marriage and adoption, citing a threat to French secularism, bringing charges of Catholic-bashing.

“To make a child, you need a man and a woman,” Ms. Barjot was quoted to have said. For a gay couple to become the legal parents of a child “is totally contrary to reality,” she said. “The problem is not homosexuality, but human filiation,” she argues — a child’s need to have legal affiliation and access to its biological parents.

In his annual “state of the Church” address at the Vatican the pope said gay marriage denies God and devalues human dignity. Speaking to the Curia, the bureaucrats who run the global church of 1.2 billion Catholics, the pope said opposition to gay marriage is a way of defending humanity: “Whoever defends God is defending man.”

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
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Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.
-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ UN Disarmament Conference, 2002


From: Ouko joachim omolo
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While Victor Tonye Bakot, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Yaounde, Cameroon argues that marriage of persons of the same sex is a serious crime against humanity, retired Kenyan Anglican Archbishop David Gitari says churches should have a dialogue with gays, arguing that if the reasons for criminalization (homosexuality) are moral, then by criminalizing gays, an opportunity of freedom to choose ‘good from evil,’ a God given gift is denied of them.” Click here to view Touching Photos Of Gay Couples Finally Getting Hitched.

The bishop who was speaking during the meeting in his home when Reverends Michael Kimindu and Collin Coward and former Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya general Manager, David Kuria, visited him last year says he would support any move to cater for the spirituality of gay and lesbian Kenyans.

On Saturday bishop Gitari was quoted to say that the church in Africa is conservative that is why they are opposed to homosexuals.

Although bishop Gitari says he does not support ordination of gay bishop, he does not have any problem with ordination of gay priests. He is opposed to the decision by a small group of Anglican bishops in the UK to allow gay priests to become bishops.

Unlike Bishop Victor Tonye Bakot, Gitari argues that there is no way marriage of persons of the same sex can become a serious crime against humanity. As defined by the Roman Statute of the International Criminal Court crime against humanity are particularly odious offenses in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of one or more human beings.

Murder; extermination; torture; rape; political, racial, or religious persecution and other inhumane acts reach the threshold of crimes against humanity only if they are part of a widespread or systematic practice.

Although as in most African nations, homosexuality is illegal in Cameroon, for most Cameroonians, homosexuals are members of some evil sects where sodomy is a part of mystical rituals.

Article 347 of the Cameroonian Penal Code states: “Whoever has sexual relations with a person of the same sex shall be punished with imprisonment, ranging from six months to five years and with a fine of between 20,000 and 200,000 CFA Francs (between 24, 50 and 245 euros)”.

In some countries, the Catholic Church has already joined forces with Jews, Muslims and members of other religions to oppose the legalization of gay marriage, in some cases presenting arguments based on legal, social and anthropological analyses rather than religious teachings.

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Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.

-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ UN Disarmament Conference, 2002


From: Ouko joachim omolo
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Tomorrow is Sunday December 30, 2012, the feast of Holy Family. Even though one of the primary functions of the family is to produce and reproduce persons biologically, today the church faces challenges on gay families-click here to see The 10 Most Famous Gay Parents And Their Families.

Today the question is not whether homosexuals should adopt children or not, but rather on whether people involved in homosexual or lesbian relationships be allowed to adopt children, or whether children who grow up in single-sex parented homes advantaged or disadvantaged.

These statistics show the tragic consequences of fatherless and single parent homes in the United States: 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes, 85% of all children that exhibit behavioural disorders come from fatherless homes, 80% of rapists motivated with displaced anger come from fatherless homes, 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes, 75% of all adolescent patients in drug abuse centres come from fatherless homes, 85% of all youths sitting in prisons grew up in a fatherless home.

While this applies to children who grow up in fatherless homes, mothers are equally important in the lives of children and the results of ‘motherless’ homes are equally tragic. Children, who grow up with two mothers and no father, and those who grow up with two fathers and no mother, will be horribly handicapped in life.

According to Dr Sotirios Sarantakos from Charles Stuart University, Australia, children in normal marriages faired the best, and children in homosexual homes the worst. Children of homosexual couples scored the lowest in language ability, mathematics and sport.

They were more timid, reserved, unwilling to work in a team or talk about home lives and holidays. They felt “uncomfortable when having to work with students of a sex different from the parent they lived with” and were the least sociable.

A study in Family Planning Perspective showed that male homosexuals were at greatly increased risk for alcoholism: “Among men, by far the most important risk group consisted of homosexual and bisexual men, who were more than nine times as likely as heterosexual men to have a history of problem drinking.

The church is opposed to same sex marriages because God’s Word is clear that only a man and a woman can enter into marriage, and this is the foundation for the family. Genesis 2:24 reads, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

Malachi 2:15 says that God made a man and his wife one because “He seeks godly offspring.” For those who stray from the wisdom of God, the results are tragic. These statistics show that homosexual homes are less stable, more unfaithful and relationships are shorter, and there is more drug and alcohol abuse and domestic violence.

As Reuters report, children growing up in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families are more likely to live in poverty and may be denied legal ties to one of their parents according to report released on Tuesday.

Yet still, the gay issue in the world has become acute. In France, mass demonstrations were held against the government’s intention to legalize gay marriage. In Great Britain, the spiritual head of the Anglican Church, Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has resigned. According to local media he left his post because of his inability to cope with homosexuality among the clergy.

In Russia, the Moscow Regional Duma refused to include in the agenda the bill similar to the one recently adopted in St. Petersburg about prohibition of homosexual propaganda to children and adolescents. Allegedly, the document “does not agree” with the federal law.

The primary purpose of the Church in instituting and promoting this feast is to present the Holy Family as the model and exemplar of all Christian families. That is why the Feast of the Holy Family is not just about the Holy Family, but about our own families too. The main purpose of the Feast is to present the Holy Family as the model for all Christian families, and for domestic life in general.

Above all, our family life becomes sanctified when we live the life of the Church within our homes. This is called the “domestic church” or the “church in miniature.” St. John Chrysostom urged all Christians to make each home a “family church,” and in doing so, we sanctify the family unit.

This is because marriage is too often conceived as the sacrament which unites a man and a woman to form a couple. In reality, marriage establishes a family, and its purpose is to increase the number of the elect, through the bodily and spiritual fecundity of the Christian spouses.

While every marriage intends children, the purpose of every marriage is to establish a Christian family. Yet every Christian family must live in harmony and in prayer, which are the pledges of joy and union.

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
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Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.
-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ UN Disarmament Conference, 2002


From: Ouko joachim omolo
Colleagues Home & Abroad Regional News

FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2012

Politically correct, when President Barack Obama said Wednesday he supported gay marriage, reversing his position on a controversial social issue just six months before the November election, he had widely consulted his advisors.

His advisors know that public support for same-sex marriage has grown in America since the 1990s and by endorsing same sex marriage will not bar him from re-election. In 1996, just 25 percent of Americans supported legalization. Today this figure has rapidly gone up. Public support for same-sex marriage continued to grow in 2011.

On whether Republicans which support the views of Catholics will use this trend to campaign against Obama, overall, the survey found 53 percent of Catholics supported the idea of same-sex marriage.

Further more, among Democrats, 62 percent are in favor of gay marriage while 74 percent of Republicans are opposed with 52 percent of Independents in favor. Obama counts on the strong pattern of liberalism among Catholics that stands in opposition to the church hierarchy.

Catholics make up their own minds about these moral issues irrespective – or almost in spite of – what the bishops and official church teachings say.

On Wednesday, Obama explained, “I had hesitated on gay marriage, in part because I thought civil unions would be sufficient… And I was sensitive to the fact that for a lot of people the word ‘marriage’ was something that invokes very powerful traditions, religious beliefs and so forth.”

He said his position was influenced by gay members of the military and his staff who are raising children together in monogamous relationships. President Obama is targeting military due to his new initiatives to help support military families across the country that he said is not just a moral obligation, but a matter of national security.

The initiatives focus on putting a new emphasis on the quality of life for military families, the education and development of military children, redoubling efforts to help military spouses pursue their educations and careers, and increasing child care for our military moms and dads with young children.

According to a March Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll in 2009, only 40 percent of Americans oppose gay marriage. In a recent Gallup survey, 50 percent approved of gay marriage, while 48 percent said they opposed it. But polls consistently show rising support in recent years.

In another survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, released recently, majority of U.S. Catholics now say they support same-sex marriage. The survey found 52 percent of Catholics are in favor of same-sex marriage and 37 percent against.

In 2010, Catholics were more evenly divided on the issue, with 46 percent favoring it and 42 percent opposing it. The Pew survey also found white mainline Protestants are the most supportive of same-sex marriage of any religious group, at 54 percent.

White evangelical Protestants express the greatest opposition, with 74 percent saying they oppose it. The views of these groups have not changed since 2010. That is why Obama is so confident that despite his support to same sex marriage he will still win.

Compared with evangelicals and black Protestants, white mainline Protestants are more supportive of same-sex marriage, with 54 percent saying they favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to get married.

Among Catholics as a whole, supporters of same-sex marriage now outnumber opponents (52 vs. 37 percent), including majority of Catholics who believe that employers should be required to provide health care plans that cover contraception and birth control at no cost, despite the objection of their bishops.

Nearly half of Americans (49 percent) say that religiously affiliated colleges and hospitals should be required to provide employees with free contraception coverage. Nearly as many (46 percent) say they should not.

A majority of Catholics (58 percent) support the contraception mandate generally. While Catholic Church teaching proscribes the use of artificial birth control to avoid conception, 98 percent of Catholics use contraception, according to separate surveys.

Young people and the religiously unaffiliated are much more likely to believe all institutions, religious or not, should provide free contraception coverage to their employees. Less than a third (31 percent) of white evangelicals agree.

The survey of 1,009 adults was conducted Feb. 1-5 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percent. The sample included 219 Catholics and 168 Catholic voters. The margins of error for this sample are plus or minus 6.5 and 7.5 percentage points, respectively.

Obama essentially is betting that his decision will generate enough enthusiasm among young people to offset any votes he will lose from moderate and conservative whites who disagree with him. Seventy one percent of voters- ages 18-29 is crucial group for Obama- they favored legalization of gay marriage in three Gallup polls taken over the past year.

A key part of Obama’s calculus, analysts said, also will be to hold on to the enormous majority he enjoys among black voters. Church-going blacks are divided over gay marriage but pollsters say they are unlikely to vote for Republican Mitt Romney over Obama, the nation’s first black president, in November.

Poll experts argue that from this strategic vantage point, Obama is making a good decision here because this is the direction the country is going.

Reuters/Ipsos online polling data from 2012 indicates that more than half of registered voters under age 35 think same-sex marriage should be allowed, while just 22 percent of that age group think it should be illegal.

The question was asked of 7,616 registered voters under age 35 between January 1 and May 3, and the results have an accuracy of plus or minus 1.3 percentage points.

About 90 percent of blacks who favor gay marriage would also vote for Obama, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling after Romney became the clear Republican nominee, between early April and May 3.

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International Day of Families will be celebrated on May, 15, 2012. Pope Benedict XVI has chosen May for his general prayer intention for the family. “That initiatives which defend and uphold the role of the family may be promoted within society.”

The family day was proclaimed in 1994 by the United Nations. This was a response to changing social and economic structures, which have affected and still affect the structure and stability of family units in many regions of the globe, especially in developing worlds

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Pope Benedict XVI’s general intention this month is for the World Youth Day taking place in Madrid from August 15-21, 2011. He prays that the world youth day may encourage all the young people of the world to root and found their lives in Christ.

His missionary intention is that Christians of the West, docile to the action of the Holy Spirit, may re-encounter the freshness and enthusiasm of their faith-click here to read Spanish Episcopal Conference’s WYD Invitation

The prayer is being offered at the time abortion among the youth is increasingly worrying. Abortion was fully legalized on July 5, 2010. According to new government study released in 2006 shows the rate of abortion has increased among Spanish young people.

According to the Spanish news agency EFE, the National Institute for Statistics reports that abortions among women under 19 in Spain rose to 8.8 abortions for every 1,000 women, up from 5.5 for every 1,000 women in 1995.

The government report confirms the findings of the Institute of Family Policy (IFP), which reported that in Spain approximately one in every six pregnancies ended in abortion, and one in seven abortions were carried out by women under 19. IFP also reported that the largest percentage of Spanish women aborting were under 24 in 2003.

Even though the Roman Catholic Church in Spain has denied it condones the use of condoms as a way of combating the Aids virus, the fact remains that due to abortion rates among the youth which have risen concomitantly, the government has publicly and massive lobbying for “safe sex” programs and promotion of condom use over the years.

While Spanish laws officially restrict abortion to situations involving rape, malformation of the baby, or threats to the physical or mental health of the mother, nearly 95.7 percent of all abortions are justified for concern for the mother’s health, while 2.5 percent are for fetal deformity, and just 0.1 percent for rape.

Recent surveys also show the number of practicing Catholics is dropping fast, to around 20 percent currently despite the fact that 94 percent of Spaniards are Catholic. Mass attendance has dropped from 44 percent in 1980 to only 19 percent in 2008.

Spain, of course, is not the only European nation to have largely abandoned the Faith. 2008 attendance among German Catholics was at 22 percent, among the French only 12 percent, and in the Netherlands a minuscule 7 percent of Catholics attended Mass weekly.

Apart from abortion, the Spanish parliament also approved a same-sex marriage law in 2005. Spain’s action follows similar moves by the Netherlands and Belgium, where same-sex marriage has been legal. Same-sex marriage officially became legal in Spain on Sunday, 3 July 2005.

Although the Spanish law also gives same-sex couples the right to adopt children and receive inheritances, Catholic authorities are adamantly opposed to it, fearing the weakening of the meaning of marriage. Pope Benedict XVI has condemned gay marriage as an expression of “anarchic freedom” that threatens the future of the family.

Approximately 4,500 same-sex couples have married in Spain during the first year of the law. At least one partner must be a Spanish citizen to marry, although two non-Spaniards may marry if they both have legal residence in Spain.

Jobless is yet another big problem among the youth in Spain, to the extent that tens of thousands of Spaniards angry over joblessness went to the street to protest in cities all over the country.

Although Spain has no official religion, the constitution of 1978 disestablished the Roman Catholic Church as the official state religion, while recognizing the role it plays in Spanish society. According to the National Institute of Statistics (April 2010), 73.2 percent of the population are Catholic, 2.3 percent belong to another religion, 14.6 percent are agnostic, and 7.6 percent are atheists.

Spain has maintained its special identification with Latin America. Its policy emphasizes the concept of Hispanidad, a mixture of linguistic, religious, ethnic, cultural, and historical ties binding Spanish-speaking America to Spain.

With the Third Council of Toledo in 859 Catholicism became the official religion of Spain despite the fact that article 3 of this Constitution established that Spain has no official religion. This aspect was one of the reasons that led to the coup d’état followed by a bloody civil war between 1936 and 1939.

But even so the Spanish system is neither a denominational model nor a separatist model in the strict sense. It can be characterised by two ideas: the idea of some recognition of religious groups by the state and secondly the idea of religious freedom.

The treatment of religious groups can be described as a pyramidal structure. At the first level there is the Catholic Church which receives maximum rights with the help of Concordats.

The second level consists of minority religious communities having signed agreements. At the third level there are registered minority religious communities and finally those having no specific legal status.

In Spain there are no Theological Faculties in the State Universities. But you can find four Universities of the Catholic Church (Salamanca, Navarre, Deusto and Comillas) having a specific status regulated by the Agreement of 5 April 1962. Other religious groups can establish universities in the same way as any other body or individual.

Every religious group has the right to set up television stations, radio or press.

The Catholic Church is in contrast to all other religious groups financed directly by the State. All religious communities having signed an agreement are treated as non-profit organisations. Due to this regulation they profit from certain tax advantages. In Spain we can find only one class of matrimony: the civil matrimony. But there are certain different forms such as the civil, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Islamic form.

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FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011

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Even though in most societies, the only known marriage is between man and woman, the gay communities do not to admit this fact, even the fact that God created Adam and Eve for the purpose of procreation and not same sex partnership.

A story appearing in one of the daily newspapers today that there has been an increase in the number of men and women claiming to be lesbians or gays is just few stories revealing that gays and lesbians live among us and will always be with us.

For many Kenyans it came as a big shock that the practice thrives in Eldoret Town, especially in Huruma estate in Uasin Gishu County. In Eldoret the gays even have their website dating and charting lines-Men seeking men, Eldoret, Kenya – GAY Adult Singles – gay dating …

The story of Mercy Wafula and Amondi Lavenda who are living together as husband and wife give the picture that same sex marriage is a reality in Kenya that cannot be denied. The story describes how the relationship between Mercy and Lavenda started while in high school when she was in form three while her partner was in form one.

This is not the first time media reported how lesbianism is taking root in most of Kenyan girls’ boarding schools. Early this year many Kenyans were treated to shocking news when it was revealed that three female students were taken to court for assaulting another female student for refusing to take part in lesbianism affairs.

There are several stories and narratives about this issue- with one schoolgirl narrating how she was involved in lesbianism when she was15 years. She got interested when she saw her friends in school teaching themselves how to kiss and how they experimented with each other before they can actually kiss a boy.

There was nothing Jane (not her real name) could do when she joined high school, but to be involved in kissing which always ended in an affair. Her partner was in form three and she describes how they loved each other to the extent that they could not do very well in class.

What they did at night was ever kissing even if that night they could not engage in sexual affairs. When she tried to come out of this habit it was not so easy for Jane. The more she tried to come out the more she found herself in the affair.

Because Jane was so beautiful other girls she said also tried to lure her into affairs but she was afraid of Rose (not her real name) her partner with whom she was in love- in case she discovered that she was moving with other girls.

Similar story appearing last year in some of our local dailies also revealed that the 19-year-old schoolgirl with five same-sex partners -one of them 15 years her senior-were in serious lesbianism affairs.

According to the story she could no longer stand her lesbian lifestyle, despite the fact that it was at odd with the norms according to which she was raised. She knew all along that the act was not proper but she just found herself, not only doing it but enjoying it as well.

The habit is not only with students, but even teachers with students like the story of Rosemary (not her real name), a form two student who media reported recently to have fallen in love with a teacher in an all-girls boarding school.

According to the story, since she was a class prefect, Ms Caroline-her biology teacher used to tell her that every evening she collects all the assignments-take to her room for corrections. It was here that the teacher slowly lured her to an affair until she finished form four.

Rosemary had lost both parents so she was an orphan. The teacher assured her that she would take care of her transport home, give her pocket money and do her some shopping when school opens. So that could be the reason she accepted to have an affair with Caroline.

Rosemary who finished her forth form last year and now looking forward to joining aviation college says she still have strong feelings for her Caroline and during December and April this year she had to pay her a visit for one week.

Like Rosemary, according to today’s story it took Mercy quite some time to express her feelings to Lavenda, as she did not know how she would react. “I could watch her daily leave for classes, since we shared the dormitory. Her beauty, body size and elegant walking style summarised her whole being.”

And the story continued: “I decided to start by being her friend -call it courtship; we could go for meals together. I would buy her “escort” (bread, ndazi, samosa, etc) during breakfast and even help her wash her clothes so that I could win her.”

It takes time to get used to the habit, but as media reports it happened when rain started and decided to stay back in the dormitory as they waited for the rain to stop so that they could proceed to the classroom for preps-and as they were lying in their beds when other girls had gone, she kissed Lavenda and that was how their long anticipate affair began.

Recently Ms Nancy Ms Baraza became under heavy attack when she said she has through her research established that the Kenya Medical Research Institute puts the gays and lesbians at 15 per cent of the Kenyan population, which the National Aids and STIs Control Programme is grappling with.

She became under attack because according to the vast majority of Kenyans it is not true that there are many gays and lesbians in Kenya- it is just the creation of the media they believe.

Parliament was specifically thrown into an uproar last week after Nominated MP Millie Odhiambo claimed that 15 per cent of her colleagues are gay. Her remarks drew sharp criticism and numerous points of order from MPs who demanded that she substantiate her claim or withdraw and apologise.

Millie, who was seconding the motion moved by the chairman of the Constitution Implementation and Oversight Committee Abdikadir Mohammed, stood her ground saying she was quoting from a report presented to the committee by lawyer Betty Murungi.

Only assistant minister Kilemi Mwiria came to her defence confirming that the report had been tabled before the committee. But still even after Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo informed the House that the report indicated that 15 per cent of all Kenyans are gay, MPs still denied there are such a big number of gay and lesbians in Kenya.

One fact for sure it is true-that the number of gays and lesbians is on the increase, not only in Kenya but a global concern. Last year groups of gays kissed publicly as Pope Benedict XVI visited Spain- Gay kiss protest against Pope | Video |

A crowd of about 200 gay men and women in Barcelona staged a massive make-out session in front of the Pope Sunday as he was driven through town in the bullet-proof Popemobile on his way to celebrate mass at one of the city’s basilicas.

While Christians maintain that man was created by God and given the power to multiply, like scientists gay people say man evolved from apes which derive from an apelike ancestor that lived on earth a few million years ago through a combination of environmental and genetic factors which emerged as a species to produce the variety of ethnicities seen today.

They rely on scientific study of evolution which began in the mid-nineteenth century, when research into the fossil record and the diversity of living organisms convinced most scientists that species evolve as it became widely accepted in the 1870s- caricatures of Charles Darwin with an ape or monkey body that symbolised evolution.

The gays also argue that since the first eleven chapters of Genesis have been relegated to the category of myths, not real history, they only contain spiritual truth, but they cannot be taken seriously as records of real people and events.

According to Genesis 1:-2:24 the creation week consists of eight divine commands executed over six days, followed by a seventh day of rest- First day: God creates light The light is divided from the darkness, and “day” and “night” are named. Second day: God command—to divide the waters above from the waters below. The firmament is named “skies”.

Third day: God commands the waters below to be gathered together in one place, and dry land to appear. God commands the earth to bring forth grass, plants, and fruit-bearing trees. Fourth day: God creates lights in the firmament-to separate light from darkness and to mark days, seasons and years.

Fifth day: God commands the sea to “teem with living creatures”, and birds to fly across the heavens. He creates birds and sea creatures, and commands them to be fruitful and multiply. Sixth day: God commands the land to bring forth living creatures. He makes wild beasts, livestock and reptiles.

He then creates man in His “image” and “likeness”. He later gives him a wife as a helper after God realised the man was lonely. God named man Adam and woman Eve. They are told to “be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it.” The totality of creation is described by God as “very good.” Seventh day: God, having completed the heavens and the earth, rests from His work, and blesses and sanctifies the seventh day.

While the gays refute first eleven chapters of Genesis as true story, Christians maintain it is since in Genesis 5, the record of Adam ends with the expression “this is the book of the generations of Adam.”

Christians argue there is no reason to suppose that Adam and his descendants were not able to write and keep records, remembering that on the sixth day of creation Adam named all the animals, thus demonstrating his intellectual capacity.

This study of Genesis Chapter 5 is the fifth of eleven in a series of studies of the first 11 chapters of the Book of Genesis. It portrays that the book was the written account of Adam’s line. When God created man, he made him in the likeness of God. 2 He created them male and female and blessed them. And when they were created, he called them “man.”

And when Adam had lived 130 years, he had a son in his own likeness, in his own image; and he named him Seth. 4 After Seth was born, Adam lived 800 years and had other sons and daughters. Altogether, Adam lived 930 years, and then he died.

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Uganda: Museveni Sworn in Amid Worries Over Democracy Flaws…..!


Do Not Be Fooled People…! Birds of The Same Feather Stay & Work Together….!

Sad to say, Corruption, Impunity and Terrorism has gone to High Definition level in the HUB of Somali Terrorism, Pirating and Drug Trafficking at Eastleigh Nairobi.

What makes you think they do not enjoy the comfort zone of Coalition Government Protectorate in cohort with Politicians Interests…….

And why would these politicians behave in such daring and boldly……….Masters of their Art………In their free world…….

Stay Focused…….and watch the Scenarios…….!……

May God Keep us all safe and secure…..!

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

– – – – – – – – – – –

Museveni Sworn in Amid Worries Over Democracy
Mkinga Mkinga

12 May 2011

Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was yesterday sworn in for the fifth time as the Head of State, at a colourful ceremony in Kampala, amid post-election tensions with the opposition.But as his supporters cheered and ululated, top political commentators in Dar es Salaam expressed concern over the state of democracy in Uganda, where opposition politicians have in the recent past been subjected to extreme violence and brutality.

Tanzanian scholars and political analysts said the recent events in Uganda have portrayed Mr Museveni, who waged a guerrilla war and seized power in 1986, as a new challenge to the democratisation process in the East African region that would have to be dealt with.

Speaking to The Citizen, the critics said the chaotic scenes in Uganda, where security forces had been clamping down on the opposition with excessive force, showed President Museveni, “as a person who will suppress democracy in the region”.

His failure to restore peace, especially in Karamoja, which is ravaged by cattle rustlers, was also cited as a challenge that Mr Museveni’s fellow East Africa Community (EAC) leaders should address.In Kampala, thousands of people, both the young and old, had thronged the Kololo ceremonial grounds to witness the swearing-in ceremony that was also attended by several African heads of state, including President Jakaya Kikwete, and diplomats.

But in an interview with The Citizen in Dar es Salaam, a renowned political scientist, Prof Mwesiga Baregu, said President Museveni had been more militaristic than political. “Museveni had been a warlord before he came to power. But in politics you can see him as a man against democracy, judging from the recent clamping down on his rival, Dr Besigye,” he said.Prof Baregu, who now teaches at the Dar Campus of St Augustine University of Tanzania (Saut), said: “His re-election presents a challenge to all EAC leaders to start thinking about the political future of Ugandans.”

For his part, a University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) political science lecturer, Dr Benson Bana, said Mr Museveni had initially played his part as a Ugandan patriot and one of the better leaders on the African continent.

However, he added, the Ugandan leader had overstayed, proving the assertion that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupt absolutely”.

He added: “President Museveni helped to bring harmony in his country and rebuild it from the ruins of his predecessors. He should now not leave a disintegrated Uganda.” Dr Bana urged him to think of retiring soon.

“Mr Museveni has had time to prepare a successor to continue his legacy and champion what he stands for in terms of ideology and policies. Uganda is blessed with a lot of people who qualify to serve as head of state.”

Another UDSM lecturer, Dr Azaveli Lwaitama, noted that as Mr Museveni was taking his oath, only one of the eight opposition presidential candidates was there to witness the event.

“This shows that the others are not satisfied with what has happened… it should be a challenge to him (Mr Museveni) as well,” he said.

He also criticised the inauguration speech. “He never even once used words such as socialism and kept switching from English to Luganda, and didn’t speak Kiswahili. In spite of his army’s parade being conducted in Kiswahili, he talked of his NRM as being a party that subscribes to Pan Africanism,” Dr Lwaitama said.

He recalled that when he came to power in 1986, Mr Museveni was seen as one of a new breed of African leaders, including the late Thomas Sankara in Burkina Faso, who promoted grassroots democracy and criticised those who had overstayed in power. “Today, he is one of the African leaders being criticised for overstaying in power, reneging on his promise.”

Dr Lwaitama said Mr Museveni’s dictatorial inclination risked cancelling out all the good things he had done for Uganda and Africa since when he was a member of the University of Dar es Salaam’s University Students African Revolutionary Front (USARF). Speaking after being sworn in, President Museveni extolled the achievements of his National Resistance Movement (NRM) on the economy, education, roads and delivery of social services.

Kenya’s Moi, Kibaki Jet in for Swearing-in Fete

Richard Wanambwa

12 May 2011

Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki and his predecessor, Daniel arap Moi, were by last evening among some of the dignitaries who had arrived for President Museveni’s swearing-in ceremony.

Others are Saharawian leader Mohamed Abdelaziz, South Sudan leader Salva Kiir, Somali president Sheikh Sharif Sheikh and Kenyan Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta.

However, the number of actual guests by press time was not established as top government ministers were not forthcoming with information regarding the event.

No information

Minister for Presidency Beatrice Wabudeya referred this newspaper to her Information counterpart, Kabakumba Masiko, who doubles as spokesperson of the event, but the latter told Daily Monitor that she had been attending meetings and was not aware of the facts.

She promised to verify and get back to Daily Monitor but when this paper got back to her before press time, she could not answer our repeated calls.

But sources within the security establishment who requested for anonymity because they do not speak for government, confirmed the above guests as having arrived but added that more were to jet in this morning.

Daily Monitor could not access Entebbe International Airport as is the norm to photograph arrivals of different dignitaries. Government on Tuesday limited visitors to the airport citing security reasons for guests and a threat posed by Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) supporters who were to receive their party leader as he was expected to return from Nairobi Hospital.

In both Nairobi and Harare, government websites carried statements from both State Houses indicating that Presidents Kenya’s president Mwai Kibaki and Robert Mugabe of Zimbawe and Zimbabwe, respectively, were to attend the swearing-in ceremony.

“President Mwai Kibaki will Wednesday (yesterday) travel to Kampala, Uganda to attend the swearing-in and inauguration ceremony of the President-elect of the Republic of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni … on Thursday 12th May, 2011,” the Nairobi statement reads.

Tripartite meeting

The statement further said the plane carrying the President and his entourage was expected to depart Jomo Kenyatta International Airport shortly before 4.00p.m…and during his trip President Kibaki is expected to attend a tripartite meeting of the leaders of Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda.

While the Zimbabwean statement read: “President Robert Mugabe is expected to attend the swearing-in ceremony of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni at Kololo Independence Ground in Kampala tomorrow.”

The government had invited 32 heads of state for the occasion but Foreign Affairs State Minister in-charge of International Affairs, Okello Oryem, said on Tuesday that at least seven heads of state and representatives from 19 countries had confirmed.

On Eve of Museveni Inauguration, Human Rights Situation Grave
11 May 2011

As Uganda prepares to inaugurate Yoweri Museveni, its president of twenty-five years, to yet another term tomorrow, the human rights situation in Uganda grows increasingly grave. The revival of the odious anti-homosexual bill and the recent brutal crackdown on civilians, journalists and political opposition have further eroded political rights and civil liberties in a country that already lacks genuine political competition, according to Freedom House.

At least ten people have been killed and hundreds injured in Uganda as security forces have responded to widespread protests against rising food and fuel prices with tear gas and live ammunition. Opposition leader Kizza Besigye, who has been arrested four times since the protests began, was barred from a flight to Uganda today as he attempted to return from Kenya where he had received medical treatment for injuries stemming from his April 28 arrest. According to the airline, he has been issued a ticket to return to Uganda this evening. Also yesterday, Democratic Party leader Norbert Mao and others were drenched by authorities in an unknown pink fluid and subsequently arrested while attempting to demonstrate.

“The deteriorating situation in Uganda in recent weeks is deplorable.

With the harsh crackdown on media and political opposition, violent attempts to prevent citizens from exercising their legitimate right to speak out about injustices, and the resurgence of dangerous anti-homosexual legislation, the rights of Ugandans are being squeezed from every direction,” said Paula Schriefer, Freedom House director of advocacy.”Tomorrow’s inauguration of a leader who has shown increasingly authoritarian tendencies will undoubtedly lead to more demonstrations and we call on Ugandan authorities to respect the fundamental rights of its citizens to express views peacefully without interference.”

It has been reported that President Yoweri Museveni is considering a new law to deny bail for six months to those arrested while protesting.

Journalists have been prohibited from entering hospitals and other areas where the major clashes are taking place, preventing an accurate count on those dead and injured.

Uganda was also recently criticized for prosecuting critical journalists under accusations such as treason or spreading false news, and a joint freedom of expression mission last September found that violence against journalists and impunity issues severely challenged the space for free expression.

Additionally, a bill that received global condemnation for provisions that criminalize homosexuality and mandate the death penalty may reportedly come before Uganda’s parliament for a vote on Friday.

Although recent reports suggest the death penalty clause may have been removed, the bill remains problematic.

“The passage of the anti-homosexual legislation will have devastating consequences not only for Uganda’s LGBTI community, but for the country’s reputation as a rights respecting country around the world,” continued Schriefer. “It simply shocks the conscience that such a blatantly discriminatory and vicious piece of legislation could even be considered, let alone adopted, in the 21st century.”

USA: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repealed

De : Barack Obama
Envoyé le : Sam 18 décembre 2010, 23h 07min 24s
Objet : Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Friend —

Moments ago, the Senate voted to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

When that bill reaches my desk, I will sign it, and this discriminatory law will be repealed.

Gay and lesbian service members — brave Americans who enable our freedoms — will no longer have to hide who they are.

The fight for civil rights, a struggle that continues, will no longer include this one.

This victory belongs to you. Without your commitment, the promise I made as a candidate would have remained just that.

Instead, you helped prove again that no one should underestimate this movement. Every phone call to a senator on the fence, every letter to the editor in a local paper, and every message in a congressional inbox makes it clear to those who would stand in the way of justice: We will not quit.

This victory also belongs to Senator Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and our many allies in Congress who refused to let politics get in the way of what was right.

Like you, they never gave up, and I want them to know how grateful we are for that commitment.

Will you join me in thanking them by adding your name to Organizing for America’s letter?

I will make sure these messages are delivered — you can also add a comment about what the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” means to you.

As Commander in Chief, I fought to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” because it weakens our national security and military readiness. It violates the fundamental American principles of equality and fairness.

But this victory is also personal.

I will never know what it feels like to be discriminated against because of my sexual orientation.

But I know my story would not be possible without the sacrifice and struggle of those who came before me — many I will never meet, and can never thank.

I know this repeal is a crucial step for civil rights, and that it strengthens our military and national security. I know it is the right thing to do.

But the rightness of our cause does not guarantee success, and today, celebration of this historic step forward is tempered by the defeat of another — the DREAM Act. I am incredibly disappointed that a minority of senators refused to move forward on this important, commonsense reform that most Americans understand is the right thing for our country. On this issue, our work must continue.

Today, I’m proud that we took these fights on.

Please join me in thanking those in Congress who helped make “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal possible:

Thank you,