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Reports Leo Odera Omolo

The government efforts to stamp out thuggery in Uriri sub – county in Migori is being derailed by politicians who preening themselves and requesting the arresting authorities and courts to have the suspects released from the lawful custody before suspected criminals are punished for their crimes .

Uriri sub – county commissioner George Kibet Lagat has expressed concern saying that each time the Aps working the in area nabbed a suspect criminal and handed them to the police to prosecuted the politicians intervene by pleading with the arresting authority to released the suspect .This has made the work of the police in the area difficult and thwarted his concerted efforts to get rid of rampant waves of crime in the sub – county .

The politician, said Lagat include the unnamed MPS and MCAS. These Leaders Should allow the police to do their job. We are here to serve citizens of the area and ensure they live in peace and their lives and properties protected , we therefore need the co-operation of all the local politicians and community leaders .

The suspect criminals who earned their freedom after the intervention of t he politicians usually come back home and continue with their criminal activities while bragging of being untouchable because o f their god fathers .This must stop .The police and courts must be free to discharge their lawful duties.

Lagat cited the example of a hard-core criminal who is a suspect in several cases of burglaries,house breaking assault, robberies and other serious crimes who was recently nabbed by he APS AT Rapogi center and handed over to the police ,but ws quickly released after unnamed senior politician phoned to th arresting authority before the man could be taken to the court in Migori to answer numerous criminal charges.

The commissioner says the politician have their role to play in the society while the local administration and the police plays pivotal role in protecting citizens and their properties and as such should be left alone to carry out their work.



By our reporter

ODM politics in Nyanza the home turf of Its leader Raila Odinga over the weekend revealed a party in deep internal crisis .

Raila held a delegates conference at Oyugis community centre , which is located at the Sikri School of the Blind. while the Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Kidero conducted a very successful fund drive at the Homa – Bay High School in Homa – Bay Town.

The two functions were only separated by 40 Kilometers apart .

A good number of elected ODM MPS from both Homa Bay and Migori counties skipped Raila’s meeting .This was after the rumours had gone round that those elected party MPS who are perceived as rebellious would be roughed, heckled and perhaps beaten up by the political goons who were ferried into the area from as far as Kibira , Langata ,Nyakach ,Busia and Kisumu would be deployed to deal with the rebels .

And the rumours turned out to be credible in a way because when the Kadondo – Kasipul MP Silvance Osele turned up at Sikri he was roughed up by the goons .

Raila , however intervened and restrained the youth mating more punishment to the youthful MP.

Usele later defended himself saying he was late for the meeting because he was left by the morning by Kisumu – Nairobi flight .He reaffirmed the unshaken loyalty to CORD and ODM.

About a dozen Luo ODM MPS are said to have been identified and classified as rebels .Their only sin is independently speaking their minds and advocacy for constructive engagement between the CORD opposition and the jubilee government headed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Those regarded as rebellious included Silvance Osele (Kabondo -Kasipul ) Agustine Neto (Ndhiwa ) Miillie Odhiambo (Mbita )James Rege (Karachuonyo ),Dalmas Otieno (Rongo)David Ochieng (Ugenya )Ken Obura (Kisumu Centra l )Jared Kopiyo (Awendo )George Omer (Rangwe ) and Oyugis Magwanga (Kasipul )

Those in attendance at Railas’s Sikri meeting included Sen Otieno Kajwang (Homa – Bay )Senator James Orengo (Siaya )Millie Odhiambo (Mbita )jjohn Mbadi (Suba ) Oburu Odinga (nominated )Fred Outa (Nyando)Junet Mohamed (Suna East ) Governor C. Awiti (Homa – Bay ) Jack Ranguma (Kisumu ) Cornel Rasanga (Siaya)

However there was a brief stand of between the battery of journalist at Raila’s function political goons known as

‘The men in Black ” made spirited Attempt to block the reporters and threatened to eject them out despite the plea by Raila’s communication man Dennis Onyango. The goons shounted at the pressmen “Hatutaki mabo yenu Hapa .”This came after some politicians in thier addresss accused the media of fueling trouble in ODM .The youth made an attempt to block jounalists from Focusing their cameras at the main dais

MPS who attended Dr. Kidero’s fundraising meeting include Peter Kaluma….(Homabay Town )George Oner (Rangwe )former Rangwe MP Martin Ogindo)James Rege (Karachuonyo ) who later hosted the internal security cabinet secretary at an SDA Church Harambes in Kanyaluo in Karachuony o where over Ksh 2 million was rasied .The MP also hosted Ole lenku at another meeting held also Rachuonyo near KendU bay .;

Dr. Kidero fundraising meetign raise Ksh 7 million for construction of the burnt 3 dormitories Raila Sent Ksh 200,000 through Mp Kaluma Kidero only that he was a member of ODM .But emphasized the need of politics instead of Rhetorics and empty slogans stressing that his fundraiser activities have since raised Ksgh 200 million in aid of socio economic project in Nyanza in the last year



Kenya: Cotu wars



Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli has dismissed his immediate former Deputy George Muchai as a worst betrayer he has ever met in the trade union circles.

He also took on the registrar of trade unions Elizabeth Gicheha for turning down the executive board resolve to suspend the besieged deputy.

“Gichehas move is a clear confirmation of our initial fears that he has been a spy and a project of outsiders out to divide cotu”,Atwoli said.

Any serious government should embrace trade union movement for faster economic growth Atwoli said.

He praised President Uhuru Kenyattas Government for good working ties with trade unions but castigated a few clique of his cronies for sabotaging his efforts by condoning corruption and creating confusion in the unions to make a kill.

Atwoli was speaking in Tom Mboya Labour College Kisumu during a workshop dubbed Trade Union unity and principles of freedom of association in Eastern Africa -Sub regional in collaboration with I T U C and O A T U U. It was a follow up meeting after a major one which was held in Nairobi early in the year.Vice President of O A T U U Alex Bony from Ghana ,Wellington Chibebwe from Zimbabwe and Kweshi Amakwah were in attendance.

Muchai was replaced by Ben Okwaro and another second board meeting is slated on monday 27th to further ratify the same.

The registrar had argued that muchai wasnt served or given time by the board to defend himself as required which is repugnant to justice,

the board has however maintained he was served.A powerful clique within Jubilee is said to be behind Muchai and it will be interesting to see who will blink first between the once best friends turn foes.During the last polls The entire Cotu brigade rallied behind Muchai and ensured he captured Kabete parliamentary seat.

He was suspended by 28 out of 29 board members and one wonders why he couldnt use his financial muscle to divide the board deep in the middle.

His sudden wealth and mean ness seems to have played a part in his ouster and isolation.

Three executive board members confided to this writer that the now rags to riches unionists is building multi million apartments and a state of the art mall around Jkia Airport a move which seems to have made them to be jittery and suspicious with him.



From: Juma Mzuri

Recently, the President of the Republic Of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, has been seen adorned in military attire at least twice this year. This has created a lot of frenzy from several quarters with some supporting this move with others opposing it. The first time he was seen wearing the military attire was in early September this year when he proceeded for a military function at Archer’s Post in Samburu. The second time was in mid-October 2014 when he officiated the Kenya Defense Forces Day at the Nakuru Military Academy in Lanet, Nakuru. Unlike the former Presidents’ Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel Arap Moi who adorned ceremonial military attires, Uhuru Kenyatta wore jungle-green military attire during the military function in Samburu and also appeared in navy fatigues during the KDF Day in Nakuru.

Those who support the president’s ‘new’ look argue that (among other reasons) there is nothing wrong with the president wearing the military attires. They label it as ‘military swag’ and applaud how ‘cool’ and ‘fresh’ he looks in the attire. However, those who oppose the move argue that (among other reasons) the president is trying to roll back the country into military dictatorship; and they further argue that it represents a failed or (soon to be) militarized nation, a dictator, or even an attempt by the president to camouflage the numerous failures and challenges that his government is facing when implementing government and public policy. However, both camps (those opposing and supporting the president in military attire) agree that it is a propagandist move or a move intended to appraise Uhuru’s status through public relations resulting from the buzz the whole scenario generates.

For others, they just saw the president ‘dressed in military uniform’. It was no big fete…

Nevertheless, should the decision by President Uhuru Kenyatta to adorn authentic military fatigues be a reason to worry or to make us to have sleepless nights? Is it true that he is trying to turn Kenya into a militarized nation with the recent two public stunts that he pulled by adorning military attire?

First, let us revisit the Supreme Law and what it says about the relationship between the president’s office and that of the military. According to article 131(1) (c) of the Kenyan Constitution, the president is the Commander-In-Chief of the Kenya Defense Forces. His roles as the Commander In Chief are outlined in Section 9 of the Kenya Defense Forces Act, and which are to appoint the Chief of the Defense Forces, Vice Chief of the Defense Forces and the three Service Commanders; and to be responsible for the organization and command of the Defense Forces.

Therefore, the president is not part of the military personnel. He or she is the civilian head responsible for the Defense Forces in terms of organization (structuring and management) and command (giving official authoritative orders). In terms of organization, he acts as the chair of the National Security Council that exercises supervisory control over the national security organs (Article 240). Nevertheless, the law is obscure on whether the president should dress in military attire as part of his duty as Commander-in-Chief.

In my view, the decision by President Uhuru Kenyatta to adorn military fatigues is just a PR move. It is no secret that the Jubilee government is a poorly performing government and it has tried all means, some dubious and foolhardy, in order to regain, retain and maintain public confidence and to also appear ahead as popular in opinion polls. The jubilee government is led by words without action. Thus, the means of persuasion like propaganda, public relations, social media, mainstream media and photo shopping come in handy to propel the exact image they want to feed to the citizens. The buzz created on social media and mainstream media after when the president adorns the jungle-green military attire is sure proof of the how desperate this government is at attention-seeking. It should not alarm us all.

Before, we have seen laws in parliament by the Executive that tried to politicize the military by having internal deployment of KDF done by the Executive without parliamentary approval. Fortunately, parliament rejected this proposal. Therefore, in view of such moves, let’s stay alert to prevent the president from negating the rule of law and the constitution in attempts to plunge this country into retrogression (dictatorship, militarization, etc). Otherwise, his decision to adorn military attire is just pure PR.

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To: Jaluo Karjaluo <>

By Dickens Wasonga.

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of science and Technology has signed and MOU with Jam ii Bora bank to construct 2000 student hostel to ease congestion currently facing the university.

The bank has set a side 2 billion shillings to finance the project that will be implemented in two phases through a lone arrangement which will see those who own land near the main campus in Bondo benefit.

Speaking during the ceremony the university’s VC Prof Stephen Agong said currently only 2000 students are able to be accommodated at the main campus while about 3000 others are accommodated outside the university.

He said the move will improve the safety of the students if they are within the hostels near the facility and whose management the university is involved in.

He said the financing of the project will not only be a boost to the institution but also to the locals whom he encouraged to take advantage of the offer.

The VC said they were talking with the bank to also consider mortgage financing of additional hostels in its expanded campuses of Miyandhe in Central Sakwa, Kapiyo in Maranda, and Achego.

Those who have land neighboring the Bondo campus will be expected to raise ten per cent of the low cost but modern hostels through the loan whose recovery will take 12 years.

Prof Agong asked Siaya county government to ensure the roads were improved as well as provision of water supply within the area.

” Bondo is set to be to be a university town whose growth will be guided by the growth of the university. staff accommodation is also a challenge to the university.There is no descent houses for them.”he added

Area MP Gideon Ochanda urged the community not to fear borrowing loans to invest adding that long time planning would help them grow academically.

” There is no way you can invest and expand your business without borrowing.That is how most businesses have grown” said Ochanda.


From: joachim omolo ouko

Rentia from Netherlands writes: “Joachim, just now I read on in County Kisumu: People complain about high bill electricity”. Thank you Rentia for raising this issue- Yes, Kisumu is nightmare when it comes to irregularly hiking electricity bills. Obambo Primary School account number 2768333-01 was just reconnected about 5:34 hours Kenyan time.

We are not even sure whether this connection will last a month before they disconnect us again. This is despite the fact that between August to September we have been forced to pay over Ksh 17, 869. This is real nightmare.

Apart from Daily Nation you have quoted, residents in Kisumu are up in arms against high electricity charges which, they say, have doubled since July. Click here for more reading Residents complain of high power bills – Daily Nation Mobile. No one can explain exactly why Kisumu County had to hike power in such a ruthless manner.

According to the link, Mrs Loice Ogana, who pays a bill of between Sh3, 000 to Sh5,000, has been slapped with charges amounting to Sh16,658. And Ms Martha Mukulu, who has been paying Sh900, now has a bill of Sh6,000. Leave alone Ksh 40, 000 bill that was sent to a widow in Guest House in Awasi.

Consumers Federation of Kenya Secretary General Stephen Mutoro has confirmed receiving the complaints even as KP’s commercial boss Sellah Mdeda defended the rates and asked affected customers to report to their office for a review. To review is completely a waste of time.


Writes Leo Odera Omolo.

Sleuths from the Kenya Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission {KEACC} have been dispatched  to Migori County government to investigate the alleged corruption. They have  detected and queried various loopholes in procurement, unsupported claims estimated to be  slightly in excess of colossal amount of taxpayers’ money to the tune of Kshs 400 million.

Sources both in Nairobi  and Migori quoted an official of the anti graft commission George Nyabuga as having confirmed the deployment of the sleuths at the MIGORI county offices to investigate extravagant withdrawal of money, and some payments made to phantom people and organizations.

The reports painted the County government as having gone with recklessness and extravagant spending spree.  Among the organizations considered as undeserving is the Nairobi-based Gor Mahia Football Club, which is said in the reported to have received KSHS 168,000 for unexplained reasons..

A management reports which is already in the public domain shows how a clerical officer working as Personal assistant {PA} to the governor called Caspal Obiero extravagantly claimed a total of  Kshs 16 million for traveling and accommodation allowances. The officer mentioned is reported to have at one time drawn three huge claims on one day from the cashier.

The report shows that the county staff extravagantly drew unsupported impress amounting  to KSHS 32  millions. Queries have also been raised about the air-tickets bought for the governor Zachary Okoth Obado and a delegation  for travels for local and international destinations travels.

“Payment voucher number 1842 issued on 24th December 2013 and paid for in cash money to Elsuco Tours  and Travels through Invoice  number218 dated 23 December 2013 indicates that the tickets were bought for the governor’s wife Mrs Hellen Odie Obado and 12 other persons to travel to Mombasa for the colossal amount of Kshs 616,200.”

The audit report is questioning the identities of the 12 people who had traveled  with the governor to Mombasa on the eve of Christmas their titles, role and assignment to county government.

The report further revealed that the delegation were booked at the posh hotel called Amani Tiwi Resort and the Migori County government footed the accommodation bill of Kshs 1.7 million for their accommodation and meals.

Other questionable payments which the auditor gave queried include the KSHS 147.9 million for the unauthorized purchase of motor vehicles..Abuse of Kshs 1.8for the preparation of tender documents. Kshs 15.3 million for the undelivered vehicles Such other payments include Kshs 24.4 million traveling and accommodation.  Another KSHS 10 million was spent for for the alleged hire of equipment for unspecified work. And another sums of Kshs 10 million for the purchase of plastic water tanks.

There was another trip by Governor Obado to the US WITH aNOTHER MAN Called Moses Chamwada US where the air-tickets were bought for him and another person called Moses Chamwada for KSHS 947,588.the deal has also been questioned by the auditors after the passports of the two were not provided or produced to justify and confirm the claims whether the trip actually took place.

Governor Obado on his part has rubbished and dismissed the report as witch hunting.

“The county may be buying air-tickets for people people who are not its employees,” observed the report.



From: joachim omolo ouko
News Dispatch with Father Omolo Beste

Denis from Nairobi has raised very important issue about all that happened in Migori. This was not about Kenyan youths it is about Kenyan leaders. Much as the youth are at times paid to cause chaos they are also bought to attend rallies and make them appear well attended.

All in all, whether Uhuru stole the votes or not, he is the president of Kenya and he deserves all the respect. It is indeed and the president points out it is shameful for politicians to hire youth to cause violence and to heckle other leaders for some little money instead of helping them to aspire to achieve something meaningful in life.

Politicians should instead help resolve youth unemployment in Kenya which is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Today, unemployment in Kenya stands at 40 percent. This can be translated to mean that close to 16 million Kenyan youths have no formal employment. This is a very alarming trend, which can be disastrous if left to continue growing.

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
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Reports Leo Odera Omolo

RESIDENTS of several villages within Nyatike constituency are still in big shock following a series of incidents in which lightning struck four places and killed two pupils within two days and within a radius of eight kilometers apart.

The residents say they have never experienced similar incidents before and called upon the government to send geological experts to go and examine the ground if there are some hidden minerals on the ground that attract the thunder ball in the area.

The areas involved are those close to the closed down former Macalder and Masara gold mines. The mines which had been closed way back in 1962 had a lot o deposits gold, nickels and cooper. They were closed way back in 1962 before Kenya attained its political independence from Great Britain in 1963 and the former owners and managers packed and went away.

Small scale mining of the precious stones are still going on by small time local miners, though of late some prospectors and mining companies from Europe and South African have invaded the area and formed several mining companies.

The first incident took place early last week at Namba Kodero, Kanyarwanda sub-clan where two pupils aged 9 and 13 were struck dead. The incident came soon on the heels of the victim’s father’s funeral.

The second incident took place at Kongili village in Masara village not far from the defunct Masara gold mine. A woman and her small child were hurt as she was drawing the rains waters during the heavy downpour.

Another serious lightning incident was reported at OSIRI gold mine, which is very close to the defunct, Macalder Goldmine and the other one was near airport at a place called God Kwach. Two men who were taking shelter in a house were hurt. The survived but sustained serious bodily burns which required medical treatment.

THE AREA mp Edick Omondi Anyanga has joined the residents in requesting the government to send geological experts to go and examine the grounds in the area.

One scared resident told this writer Migori that the residents were now living in fear at all the rains which come to them. He said many have deserted their homes and moved to other villages faraway from these areas close to the abandoned gold shafts. They are just figuring it out as to whether it’s a pattern.

Many parts of West Kenya are prone to lightning attack during the short rains which begin early in August and end in December. So far the thunder ball has killed more than 12 people in various places including Nandi, Bungoma, Busia and Ksii,and Bomet regions since the beginning of last month.



Reports Leo Odera Omolo in Homa-Bay Town

Recently an ambitious power development project, in Homa-Bay County, estimated to cost Kshs 80 million, which was launched by governor Cyprian Otieno Awiti. Members of parliament representing all the eight constituencies have resolve to supplement the effort of the County government by ensuring that urban centers, market places and public institutions, including schools are connected to power either by the installation of solar light or through the main KPLC lines.

The county has five major towns, which are all by now connected to the main power lines. These urban centers included Oyugis, Kendu-Bay, Ndhiwa Mbit and Homa-Bay town which is the County’s administrative headquarters.

The region has close to ten major market places, which the eight MPS have vowed to ensure that they would receive lights. To supplement the county government’s concerted effort to ensure the trading centers and market paces received lights, the MPS are reportedly working round the clock by making use of the CDF revolving funds for the purpose of installations of solar light in all public institutions, health centers and dispensaries.

The late Joshua Orwa Ojode, formerly of Ndhiwa, had set the ball rolling when he pioneered in solar installation which is now lighting Gandhi market. The major market places included Ladonna, Riga, Moselle, Paley, Oriana’, Madel Krieger, Midi Company, Adora bondholder, Handiwork, Sin do, Haberman Awkward, Range,Indira and Ouch-Shenyang.

And while launching the ambitious power initiative programme GOV ERNOR awiti disclosed that the initiative is being undertaken by the KPLC. Once fully implemented by the governor, the project is expected to end the frequent power shortage in the region. The project is dubbed as “Boresha Umeme Homa-Bay. The project is expected to increase the electricity supply in the region six times over the current volumes. In attendance was the KPLC managing director Ben Chumo who told the gathering that the move was part of the countrywide exercise to upgrade the power supply system in the area.

The launching ceremony was held at Homa-Bay power station and the MD Chumo said that the work involved conducting master repair at existing service stations and upgrading power lines. Chumo said that in an initiative that is expected to create alternative source of power. The power utility has increased threshold is in high demand in the region by the traders who want to enhance their businesses.

Most market places located in Karachuonyo, Kasipul, Kabondo- Kasipul constituencies are on electricity connections.

The MPs representing the eight constituencies included JOHN mbadi [Gwassi}, Oyugi Magwang {Kasipul}, Augustine Netto {Ndhiwa}, Millie Odhiambo {Mbita},George Oner{Rangwe}, Opondo Kalum {Homa-BAY Town}. James Rege reg {Karachuonyo} and Silvance Oselle of Kabondo-kasipul.



From: Fakhi Karume

In the world of aviation, Kenya Airways (KQ) has announced a first – that Captain Irene Koki Mutungi was promoted to be the first African Captain on the world’s latest plane, the Boeing B787 Dreamliner.

Captain Mutungi was the first ever and only female pilot at Kenya Airways for about six years – more ladies have since joined the airline in the cockpits of their various planes – and has risen steadily through the ranks.

Irene was flying as a First Officer on the 767-300ER, the second largest aircraft in the Kenya Airways fleet after the Boeing B777-300ER, and then became the first female Kenya Airways Captain of a Boeing 767-300ER until she finished her course for type conversion successfully and was elevated to fly in the left hand seat of KQ’s latest acquisition.

Following the first delivery of the new bird on April 5 are another 5 such aircraft expected this year before in 2015 a further three of these aircraft will be delivered by Boeing to “The Pride of Africa.”

Captain Irene Mutungi’s latest professional accomplishment is a first is indeed for the world of aviation and as such a cause for celebration, as she becomes the first African female Boeing 787 Captain in the world.

Congratulations to Captain Irene and let this be an encouragement for all other ladies who have set their minds on flying and making a career with Kenya’s national airline.


Reports  By Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu CITY

The hired political goons who disrupted an important consultative meeting  between the Kisumu Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o and a group of MPS IN Kisumu on Tuesday this week were not strangers, but common  characters who are well known to the MPS.

These were the youths who some of the MPS have used before to intimidate or harass their political opponents before. Some of the youths were the same goons who four months ago violently disrupted the ODM elections meeting at Kasarani Sports Complex in Nairobi and forced it to be postponed indefinitely.

Prof.Nyong’o was accompanied by MPS Fred Outa {Nyando}, Aduma Owuor {Nyakach}John Olago Aluoch {Kisumu WestT},MRS Rose Nyamunga {Women Rep}, Deputy KisumuI governor Ruth Odinga. Nyong’o reported that two other MPS who were not in attendance had sent their apology. They includeed James Onyango Koyoo {Muhoroni}, SHAKEEL ahmed SHABBIR {Ksumu TOWN east} and  Ken Obura {Kisumu Central]

According to sources in this lakeside city Senator Nyong’o and the four MPS who attended the disrupted meeting were treated with a dose of their own medicine, and as such should not blame som one else for the shameful act carried out on them.  It was further alleged that some of the MPS were the same people who had contributed immensely in facilitating the traveling logistics for the goons to attend the Nairobi meeting. It only occurred that while ejecting Nyong’o and the MPS out of the meeting, this time around the goons were dressed in their normal attired and not their dreaded “black suits”.

The group was led by the ODM activist Austine Oduor, alias Makamu who is always a frequent visitor at the home of the ODM supremo Raila Odinga’s Kisumu Milimani house. The same man was positively identified as one of the men in  “Black Suits”  at the Kasarani venue of the aborted ODM elections..

THE kisumu debacle has however, caused a lot of embarrassment to the County governor Jack Ranguma who has since came out in full force and distanced himself from the shameful act. The governor maintained that he had no prior knowledge to the shameful action of the goon s  and tendered his sincere apology to Senator Nyong’o. Ranguma, however, insisted that he had already tendered his sincere apology to Senator Nyong’o, But to apology to make to the ODM as a party because he is also a member of the same.  But he insisted that he had no apology to make to the ODM as party because he was also a member of the same party. .

From the look of things it appeared as if a group of Kisumu MCAS who are not comfortable with the new law that has made the Senators to become the chairmen of their County Development Boards respectively, which was recently constituted after President Kenyatta had assented to the County Government Amendment Act{2014} and were not happy that their MPS never put up spirited opposition to the Bill when it was introduced in parliament for debate before being passed into the new law.

The goons had hurled unprintable insults to Sen Nyong’o and the MPS before the police were summoned by Ranguma to come and disperse them. The goons cited some MPS as being jubilee moles in ODM and accused them of conspiring with the national government with intention of scuttling the devolution.

The controversial CDB has prompted the governors through their association to move to court challenging the legality ofth nre law arguing that  it is intended to deprive them the executive powers in their respective COUNTIES.



By Our Reporter

Some members of Kisumu County Assembly are calling upon the area Medical Director Dr.Ojwang’ Lusi to invoke the Public Health Act and arrest one of their colleagues who has a sexually transmitted disease which he infected a female colleague with during their recent retreat in Kwale within Coast Region.

The agitated MCAs are saying that if their colleague is not treated then he will paint the county red with his venereal disease as witnessed recently.

“The female MCA who comes from Nyakach Constituency no longer stays with the husband as she infected the husband with that “thunder” and she was sent away, I am really surprised that in this era some people still have sexual intercourse without protection “lamented one of his colleagues.

Another MCA added that if the said people’s representative is not forcefully taken for treatment then they will introduce a bill to compel the Medical Director to treat him or obtain a court order.

They wonder how many of the leaders’ female voters have faced what their female colleague underwent.

“Seems he has infected many with that STI as he has a very itchy loins and he is always randy” added another female MCA.

The always shabby haired, thick, squawky walking and illiterate MCA who is behind the damage was once the late Kisumu Town MP Job Omino’s house boy and later became  a pimp for most luo leaders which has twice earned him nomination on Raila Odinga led party for two terms as he has never won any of the party’s primaries.

He is said to have had the STI disease since he entered the assembly and has been spreading it like bush fire.

Contacted for comment, the legislature said that its his closeness to Raila that is making his fellow MCAs to say those things against him.

“That my fellow MCA wanted to blackmail me with the said issue but I told her off regardless of anything which happened, we were all given allowances for the meeting why did she want my money” he added saying he was going to make an official  report to the police about the incident


From: joachim omolo ouko
News Dispatch with Father Omolo Beste

The report of the Ndungu Commission on illegal and irregular allocation of public land gives one of the major reasons why Kenyan people opted for the new constitution. Under the old law, it was only the President, who had the right to allocate unalienated government lands, with the new constitution, even though Jubilee government wants to return it back as it were, with the national land commission in place it is going to make this attempt difficult, especially after referendum.

With the new constitution the President cannot exercise his powers without paying regard to the public interest. In any process of allocation, a formal offer of sale is made to an approved purchaser by the Commissioner for Lands and not the president.

The issue of land has been an emotive and sometimes volatile issue in Kenya since independence in 1963, and has dominated political campaigns. The new constitution backs radical land reforms, as well as allowing women to inherit land.

Against the background the 2005 constitution was rejected by Kenyan people. It watered down clauses hammered out at the National Constitutional Conference of 2003-2004. The conference called for a strong prime ministerial role but the revised draft retains a strong presidency.

Those campaigning for a “No” vote argued that power needed to be shared out, so that one person could no longer dominate the country as in the past. This, they said, would help fight corruption – a big problem in Kenya.

President Mwai Kibaki led the “Yes” campaign under the symbol of a banana. The “No” camp claim the orange as their symbol. It brought together seven cabinet ministers and the official opposition party, Kanu.

Roads Minister Raila Odinga, Environment Minister Kalonzo Musyoka and opposition leader Uhuru Kenyatta were its most prominent members. Christian churches, Islamic leaders and civil rights groups back Orange.

The 2005 Kenyan Constitutional Referendum was held on 21 November 2005. The proposed new constitution was voted down by a 58 percent majority of Kenya’s voters. The main issues of contention throughout the drafting of the constitution were over how much power should be vested in the President.

After Kibaki was defeated he dismissed his entire cabinet and deputy ministers. The result was seen as a protest against Mr Kibaki, and there was speculation that ministers opposed to the draft would not be part of the new team.

Campaigners celebrating the “No” vote asked their opponents to join them in drafting a fresh constitution, hence the 2010 constitution.

Although land is still major issue, with the new constitution Kenyans have achieved a lot. Corruption has improved from ‘highly acute’ to merely ‘rampant’. Unlike before when too many of the new ruling elite were out to get rich, rather than govern, the new constitution has prevented this.

Kenya is probably somewhat better off than it was under old constitution. Several ministers involved in corruption scandals who were going unpunished can no longer do so.

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
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WRITES Leo Odera Omolo

The Homa-BY County Senate representative Gerald Otieno Kjanwa’g might not find it easy to chair the newly created County Development Board. The County MCAS hinted last week that they would not be comfortable to allow the Senator to chair the board which was recently created by law. They have termed its creation as illegal and unconstitutional and vowed not to allow Kajwang’ to step into their Assembly under any circumstances

The newly created boards allow the Senators to be the chairmen the County Development BOARDS. Already similar reaction has been witnessed in Kisumuy County where the rowdy youths this week prevented Senator ANyang’ Nyongo’ and a group of MPS from the region from launching the board meeting. In KISUMU.

The contentious issues came Iinto the Assembly hall last week during heated debate initiated by the Kakelo / Kokwanyo ward. Omuga Oriango said the new law was a ploy by the Central government to kill the devolution . The MCAs vowed not to chair any board meeting and vowed they would boycott such a meeting not to allow their Senator

The MCA alleged that Sen ator Kajwang’ has never stepped into the County Assembly ever since he was voted in.

Kajwang’, a close confidant of the ODM leader Raila Odinga, has recently came under severest criticism as one of the party’s leader close friends whose activities are considered to be so detrimental to the party’s unity.A group of MPs and other party leaders from Western Province issued a statement earlier this week citing him and other Luo MPS – – Raila elder brother Dr Oburu Oginga, Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo, Mohamed Junet of Suna East as among other who Raila to should sideline because they are fond of branding leaders from other regions who are supporting the part as Jubilee moles.

A groip of party officials from all the eight parliamentary constituencies that makes Homa-Bay CountY and announced that they had ousted Otieno Kajwang’; and his entire executive of the branch in County branch where he had been the chairman for a couple of years. They accused the senator for having failed to c all the party meeting to iron out a certain pressing problem.

Raila, however, insisted that Kajwang’ ousting was not in line with the party’s regulations.

In Homa-Bay politics, Kajwang’ is known to be allied to the governor Cyprian Orieno Awiti, But the governor who was in attendance did not utter any word in defense of his political friend, MCAS declared that they would not allow him to chair any board meeting in their assembly, Governor Awiti was present I the meeting, but did not utter any word in defense of his political friend.

Meanwhile, there is an un confirmed report that Awiti and the MPs have resolved to bury their hatchet and agreed to work together for the sake of development.

The agreement came in the wake of claims that the working relationship between AWITI with the seven MPs representing eight constituencies had gone Sour, except for his relationship with the Suba MP John Mbadi. The relations between the governor and Karachuonyo MP worsened after the MP made some announcement that he would contest the governor’s seat comes the 2017 instead of defending his seat.

Rege seemed to have been provoked by Awiti’s remarks during the funeral of the former AREA mp DR. paul Adhu Awiti at his Kanjira Karachyuonyo MP Dr.Paul Adhu Awiti governor Awiti was quoted as having said that Rege had represented the area for two of five years terms and that all the previous MPS for the area have served for two five years terms only .



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Now that President Uhuru Kenyatta has nominated Major-General Philip Wachira Kameru to head the National Intelligence Service (NIS), it answers the question many Kenyans have been asking the president was going to replace Michael Gichngi with another Kikuyu.

Uhuru is not to blame for tribalism and nepotism in Kenya. Immediately Mzee Jomo Kenyatta became president his administration started favouring the Kikuyu people. This favoritism manifested itself in greater government expenditures for social infrastructure in Kikuyu areas, corruption benefits to fellow tribesmen, privileged access to government and parastatal jobs.

Under the Mzee Jomo Kenyatta government, it was common to have many under qualified staff from the Kikuyu community placed in positions of higher authority than the qualified ones from other tribes. This led to the final falling out with government as the vice president Oginga (a Luo), was eventually pushed out of government and detained.

Former president Mwai Kibaki followed the same. He removed Boinett as head of Kenya’s National, replacing him with Michael Gichangi. The aim of Kibaki was to bring in someone from his tribe was to enable him stay in power and he could do anything to achieve his mission.

This is exactly why Arap Moi appointed his Kalenjin man, Boinett. NIS have been link by Cord to rigging alongside the electoral commission. If this is true then Uhuru had no any option but to appoint his tribesman. Pressure is already building up on 2017 presidential election. It suggests another closely contested election.

James Kanyotu for example, oversaw a smooth transition from President Kenyatta to President Moi in 1978. He also reportedly oversaw President Moi’s Succession Strategy during the 1992 General Election after helping crush political dissenters in the 13 years he served as spy chief in the Moi administration. Moi retained him because he stayed awake during 1982 coup.

They also work as cover ups. This was one of Kanyotu’s responsibilities during Kenyatta and Moi. During Moi he helped to cover up the body of rally driver Stephen Mbaraka Karanja who was killed and his body dumped in a forest in Eldoret. The case was never was never produced in court.

He also helped to cover up most Commissions of Enquiry into political assassinations in Kenya. Kanyotu was replaced by Wilson Boinett, who served as the first Director of the then National Security Intelligence Service. Gichangi took over from Boinett. Now Major-General Philip Wachira Kameru

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From: Charles Banda

News just coming in is that the security details and body guards at State House have started staging a sit in since 7 am this morning. The sit in is as a result of unpaid allowances and ill treatment at state house. As at 12:00 PM today, Mwapasa and Chisale from State House were at C-Company in Lilongwe recruiting replacement of the security details and body guards,soon after Mutharika was sworn in vowed never to trust Malawi police services thus why he hired 30 private bodygaurds who are currently enjoying at state house on police officers expense.Will keep you updated.

Meanwhile, there has been another terrible accident just after road block where a minibus has collided with a lorry. 5 people have died at the spot and others have been rushed to Kamuzu Central Hospital.


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News Dispatch with Father Omolo Beste

While Cord leader blames President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto for land grabbing scam, Jubilee majority leader Aden Duale blames Raila for Kisumu Molasses land grabbing.

Cord loyalists defend Raila: Raila acquired the said land legally. Former commissioner of Lands Sammy Mwaita cleared him to buy the 240 acres on which the Kisumu Molasses Plant is built to Spectre International on January 11,2001at a price of Kshs 3.6 million.

Jubilee loyalists: The land was sold at a time when Odinga started working closely with Moi. By June of the same year, Raila was appointed to the cabinet and made Energy Minister, that was when titles were prepared in favour of Spectre International on February 3,2002 for a 99-year lease backdated to September 1,2001.

Jubilee loyalists pause: How could 240 acres of land together with machinery be sold at Kshs 3.6 million when the land in question is located in prime/valuable area of Kisumu where ½ acre plots go for 2 million?

Aden Duale says: Because Cord is demoralizing Uhuru and Ruto I am now revealing that Cord Homa Bay senator Otieno Kajwang issued irregular work permits, citizenship and passports to foreigners during his tenure as immigration minister in the grand coalition government. Duale says there was documentary evidence that Kajwang benefited financially from the issuance of almost 500,000 vital national documents to illegal immigrants.

Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu says: Because Cord former Minister for Land James has accused Uhuru, Ruto and Labour Cabinet Secretary Kazungu Kambi for acquiring land illegally, I am saying that Cord leader Raila Odinga and his Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) is the one who allowed the disputes allocation of 500,000 acres of public land in Lamu to 22 companies during the tenure of the grand coalition Government.

According to Ngilu Uhuru and Ruto, not even Kazungu Kambi grabbed land in Kenya. She is challenging Orengo to provide any evidence linking Uhuru’s family and Ruto to any illegal land acquisition in Coast or any part of Kenya.

Suba MP, John Mbadi answers Ngilu: Ngilu lacks moral ground to deal with land issues in the country because the ministries she served in were hampered with illegalities in procurements. Ngilu answers: When Raila was Prime Minister and I belonged to his party affiliation he publicly defended me against corruption allegations in my ministry.

Jubilee loyalists argue further: If Cord members insist on naming Uhuru and Ruto on other scam, we shall also reveal Raila’s scandals on Triton Oil corruption saga, Afri Global Ltd, a firm belonging to Raila Odinga’s elder brother Dr. Oburu Oginga, who was the Finance Assistant Minister, and which is run by Dr. Oburu’s son, Elijah Abonyo Oburu.

They want to reveal how after this scam Elijah Oburu bought a brand new showroom Mercedes Benz limousine valued at Kshs 24 million (US$320,000 by then) which he now drives around Kisumu City.

Jubilee loyalists threaten to reveal further how another firm, African Oils Ltd, which belongs to the Prime Minister’s son Fidel Castro Odinga also profitted from the scandal. And not to be out done was the Prime Minister himself with his company Bakri Ltd, operated by one Mr. Mike Njeru who joined the list of compliant firms that allegedly benefited from the tender pool sharing and in turn selling the same to the highest bidder.

All these demonstrate how impunity in Kenya is of the high class. It explains why people who were named in Goldenberg scandal cannot be prosecuted. Among those named are, Gideon Moi, Retired President Moi’s son, who was then the Baringo Central MP, Mr Philip Moi Retired President Moi’s son, Mr Moi’s lawyer, lthe late Mr Mutula Kilonzo, Mr Moi’s former personal assistant, Mr Joshua Kulei, former Central Bank of Kenya governor Erick Kotut and former Central Bank of Kenya deputy governor Eliphas Riungu.

Other names include former Central Bank of Kenya employee Job Kilach, former Central Bank of Kenya employee Tom Werunga, former Central Bank of Kenya employee Michael Wanjira, and Philip Murgo, former director of public prosecutions. Mr Murgor’s law firm represented the Central Bank of Kenya during the two-year public inquiry headed by Mr Justice Bosire.

Others are former Treasury permanent secretary Charles Mbindyo, former Treasury permanent secretary Wilfred Karuga Koinange, former Treasury permanent secretary Joseph Magari, the late Prof George Saitoti former Special Branch chief James Kanyotu, former commissioner of Mines and Geology Collins Owayo, Mr Arthur Ndegwa, senior mining engineer in the Commissioner of Mines Nairobi office, former commissioner of Customs and Excise Francis Cheruiyot, former Kenya Commercial Bank general manager Elijah arap Bii and former president Moi.

The same applies to Anglo leasing scam. The cast of officials potentially implicated in fraud or cover ups includes former minister of finance, David Mwiraria, Chris Murungaru, former minister of security; Moody Awori, vice-president; Kiraitu Murungi, minister of justice; Francis Muthaura, head of public service; and Dave Mwangi, permanent security for security among others.

By the 13th of May, 2004 conclusive reports into the Anglo Leasing matter had been received from both the KACC and the Controller and Auditor General and their conclusions were in the same vein to date.

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By our investigative reporter In Homa-BAY Town

The CORD leader Raila Odinga’s weekend trip to the Southern Nyanza region met with a mixed reception that the ODM supremo would very much like to forget quickly.

Raila’s team of his close confidants and political crones visited Homa-BAY county last weekend. They were among the thousands of mourners who attended the burial of ex-senior Chief Omolo Anditi at Wanyama village in Rusinga Island last Friday.

The team also attended the burial of the former Planning Minister Dr Paul Adhu Awiti at his pala Kanjira village in Karachuonyo within the Homa-Bay County in west Karachuonyo.

While en-route to Karachuonyo, Raila and his companions made a brief stop in Homa-BAY Town There, he made a futile attempt to endorse the ousted former County branch chairman of the ODM, Sen. Otieno Kajwang’, and met with the wrath of the rowdy youths who shouted anti-Kajwang’ slogans, forcing “Agwambo” to climb down from the makeshift dais and dash to the waiting car.

The youth shouted “Ogin, ogin”. Ogin is the name of the former Hoima-BAY mp Martin Otieno Ogindo, the man who was recently elected and crowned by delegates from all eight parliamentary constituencies that forms Homa-BAY county.

The group then drove on to Karachuonyo and made another brief stop at Kadel and Kandiege to drum up support for the ODM candidate Kennedy Ondiek who was an ODM official candidate in the KibirI Ward by-election. The shouting match had intensified in all the two stop-overs, with some of the youth being heard saying “Ok Wadwar Bado Kuna Mapambano” [we don’t want the inventor of Bado kuna Mapambano lyrics].

AS if the three incidents of heckling were not enough for Rala to learn that the Homa-BAY senator was not popular with the party supporters, Raila repeated the same calls to the residents to endorse Sen. Otieno Kajwang’ to continue as the County branch chairman as CORD was preparing to battle with its rival Jubilee in the forthcoming referendum.

While the CORD leader was witnessing the change of attitudes displayed by the party hitherto very loyal youth in HOMA-Bay town, Raila former Chief of Staff at his former Prime Minister’s office Karoli Omondi was firing his first salvos at his former boss at a well attended Harambee meeting at Magunga in Suba South constituency within the same Homa-Bay County.

Omondi once served as the top aide of Raila Odinga, when the latter was the Prime Minister in the LDP/PNU coalition government, headed by the retired President Mwai KIBAKI. Omondi proclaimed that the Cord coalition alliance will not lead Kenya unless it cleanses itself internally first. He added that Raila will not be the President of Kenya unless he drops his dictatorial tendencies to pick unpopular candidates without allowing the electorate to vote for the men and women of their own choice.

He rubbished Raila’s close political confidants, especially those who have been polluting the air with the now stale and endless lyrics of Bado Kuna Mapambano, adding that the party lost the last year’s elections to JUBILEE because those close political associates of Raila had became irrelevant to the electorate and lost touch with the Wananchi.

At the Kanjira home of the fallen former Karachuonyo MP, it was a total display of political might of the Odingas cronies that Raila brought with him, the entire Odinga family, members of the cronies and close political partners and associates from Siaya County. Among them were his elder brother, the nominated MP Dr Oburu Odinga, his wife Ida, his sister Ruth Adhiambo Oginga, who is the deputy governor of Kisumu County, his cousin the GEM MP Jakoyo Midiwo, his close friends Oduor Ong’wen, SIAYA Senator James Orengo, Homa-Bay Senator Otieno Kajwang’.

Speakers at the MP’s funeral were discriminatingly selected. They were not chosen by the bereaved family, but by Raila’s political surrogates, who seemed to have had instruction to sideline all the MPs from the Southern Nyanza region who were present. The exemptions were the area MP Eng. James Rege and one ward representative and Kabondo Kasipul MP Silivance Oselle. Those excluded from the list of speeakers included Madame Millie Odhiambo {Mbita}, Opondo Kaluma {Homa-Bay town} , George Oner {Rangwe], Rege the area MP , former MP Mrs Phoebe Asiyo.

Also ignored were Martin Otieno Ogindo, the man who had ousted Otieno Kajwang’ from the County ODM branch chairmanship. His branch team attended the funeral, but they were also ignored.

At the rowdy HOMA-bay meeting, dissenting voices of those objecting to Raila’s dictatorial leadership in ODM were heard loud and clear. Most of them also shouted that they were ready to ditch the party for another.

It will be remembered that about three months ago, after refusing to call the County ODM branch executive committee meeting, a group of politicians from all the eight parliamentary constituencies met at the HOMA-Bay Farmer’s Training School and voted Kajwang’ out. But in defense of Kajwang’, Raila put up a spirited defense of Kajwang’, arguing that the meeting that ousted him from the branch leadership was unconstitutional because it was called only by the branch secretary, ENG. Rege, whereas the party constitution is clear that it is the responsibility of the chairman to call such a meeting and not the secretary.



From: Emmanuel Muganda

I beg to differ,

Obama’s dad abandoned him. I do not think he has fond memories of him.

His mom stuck with him through thick and thin.


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On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 4:49 PM, Oksana Spice wrote:


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