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Reports Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

SCIENTIST, conservationists and environmentalists have sounded a stern warning and the alarm over wanton poisoning of rare migratory birds species along the shorelines of the Lake Victoria by illegal hunters.

The experts say the move is threatening tourism in the region and increasing gains made in controlling common diseases in the area.

Illegal hunters are said to have taken the advantage of the fact that thousands of immigrant and wetland birds species appear on rice plantation every year, some having flown from far away as Northern Europe and Asia to spend the winter months in the Southern hemisphere.

During the rain season, especially when it is also the time for planting water foods in the fields and attract a variety of wetland birds.

Another issue of urgent and great concern around Lake Victoria is the reported increase in cases of excessive chemical fishing, which is posing threat to have the fish from Lake Victoria boycotted by importers in foreign countries, and at the same which could endanger the lives of the local consumers of the fish commodity.

The department concern, which is part of the \ministry of Fisheries and Natural Resources seemed to be sleeping on the job and very little is being done to protect the fishing industry around the lake, paving the way for the unscrupulous fishermen to engaged on illegal and crude method of fishing by using chemicals which kills the fish in their thousands including fingerlings, immature and destroying the breeding grounds.

IN Luanda Kotieno beaches in Uyoma West Location within Rarieda District in Siaya county fishermen recently cornered one unscrupulous fisherman who was caught red handed while using unorthodox method by way of spraying substance of poisonous insecticide in the lake at night. The fishermen beat up the suspect to death.

It was after this incident when the police moved in and arrested score of youths suspected to have lynched the illegal fishermen. The youth and members of the fishing fraternity in the region have complained bitterly that the have been reporting to the higher authorities the presence of chemical fishing along the lake, but their reports have always been ignored by

The incident resulted in scores of people living around Luanda Kotieno being rounded up by the police and taken into custody. Dozens of them have appeared before a Kisumu court on suspicion of illegal killing of the fisherman, who was reported to have travelled into the area along way from Seme in Kisumu West district.

Once highly poisonous chemical is sprayed in the surface of lake waters it kills fish in their thousands and the fishermen business is only to collect the dead fish and thereafter sell them to unsuspecting consumers.

Fear persist that bad publicity about chemical fishing in Lake Victoria could jeopardize the fish export, which is fetching Kenya millions of shillings in foreign exchange from European Union countries, Japan, Middle East and the United States.

Poachers interested in catching and selling the birds meat as food. The poachers then wait till the birds have consumed the baits move very quickly and clobbered the birds before killing and taking the poisoned birds for selling in the villages.

Up to 50 per cent of large flock of wetland birds are killed in single session which amount to some 6,000 being killed per one month.

“Bush meat is more often associated with the mammals said one expert Mr Martin Odino who is himself a conservationist in the area.

Birds, he added that the birds too do attract more visitors to the region, particularly the lover and bird watchers.

Other crude methods are used by poachers is killing the birds including rainy snails with caboturan on the ground another highly poisonous.Insecticides. The bait is then left in the field for the yellow billed stocks. After eating poisoned snails the large birds are clubbed to death and the meat of the . . .



From: Ouko joachim omolo
The News Dispatch with Omolo Beste in images

If Kenyans were to take the advice of Eagle Coalition presidential aspirant Peter Kenneth seriously that they should not vote in the wrong leaders who have been imposed to them by party leaders, then they will not regret later.

Against the background that even though voters were crying foul that wrong leaders were imposed on them against the their wish, speculations spread across the country that certificates have already being issued to party preferred candidates.

That is why cases of violence and chaos were witnessed during nominations carried out by the, particularly Amani, CORD (Coalition for Reforms and Democracy) and Jubilee coalitions and other smaller parties. That is also why angry voters took to the street to protest against leaders who were imposed on them by top party leaders.

The ugly head of violence surfaced in several polling centres mostly in Eastlands in Nairobi, Kendu Bay, Siaya and Kisumu because these were the regions where voters complained bitterly they leaders were imposed on them.

In Kisumu for example, a returning officer was escorted by heavily armed security detail to Tom Mboya Labour College where he announced the Kisumu County nomination results against the wishes of voters.

He declined to identify himself but went ahead to read a list of results that he referred to as provisional, starting by declaring Shakeel Shabbir as the Kisumu East parliamentary nominee, and in Nyando, Kisumu West and Muhoroni, where voting was still going on at the time of announcement, former MPs Fred Outa, Olago Aluoch and Ayiecho Olweny were declared winners respectively.

Kisumu turned small hell when he announced that Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s sister, Ruth Odinga won the ODM governor nominee. Against background that ODM supporters began protesting. Earlier announcement and the preference of Kisumu voters had it that Jack Ranguma had clinched the governor ticket.

Similar sentiments were experienced in Homa Bay where Otieno Kajwang was announced to have won the senate seat, Eng. Philip Okundi as governor and in Siaya Raila’s elder brother Dr Oburu Odinga as governor, contrary to the wishes of voters.

Chaos began in Homa Bay shortly after returning officer Mr John Mulehi who was in the company of a fellow returning officer had just given the results to The Standard on the telephone when armed men walked into the hotel he was in.

Sources said the two officers were accosted by unknown men and forced into a waiting car before driving away. As the kidnappers in a convoy of seven cars left the premises as the police arrived, a few minutes later, Mulehi called saying he wanted to change the results he had given on phone, saying the ODM headquarters had asked him to do so.

“Please, help me. Change the results that had been given on consensus to the following: Cyprian Awiti 52,294 and Philip Okundi 15,370 for the governor seat, Gladys Wanga 61,793 and Roselyne Onyuka 12,545 women representative seat. For Kasipul Kabondo, change to Oyugi Magwanga 7,620 and Tom Okoko 2, 640,” he told the press.
Mulehi had earlier on indicated they agreed to have former Mbita MP Otieno Kajwang’ as the winner of the senate seat, Okundi (governor) and Onyuka (Women Representative), totally against the wish of voters.

In Kisumu County where Ayiecho Olweny Muhoroni MP (ODM), Fred Outa Nyando MP (ODM), and Olago Oluoch Kisumu West (ODM) were earlier announced that they were defeated, only to change later that they won, is why chaos erupted, especially in Nyando where voters say they are totally tired with their former MP Outa.

Similar chaos were experienced in Gem, Siaya County where Raila’s cousin Jakoyo Midiwo was announced defeated, only to learn later that he was in the ballot for March 4 general elections.

Other earlier results indicated that in Kisumu County Ochola Ogola (ODM) won for senator while Riala’s sister Ruth Odinga (ODM) won the seat for governor and Rose Nyamunga (ODM) for women rep. It means that these are the people who will be issued with party certificates if we are to go by speculation that these are the types of leaders ODM top organ wanted.

In Rift Valley, especially in Baringo County, tallying was halted for over four hours after URP aspirant for governor Simon Chelugui complained that votes from polling stations had been tampered with. While for voters Chelegui was the preferred candidate, for the party they had one in mind.

Chelugui lost in the nomination to former Higher Education and Loans Board Secretary Ben Cheboi. It was announced that Cheboi won the party’s ticket for governorship; Grace Kiptui won the women representative while Bishop Jackson Kosgey was nominated to fly the party’s senatorship flag.

In Parliamentary seat, Kanu nominated Leah Manyarkiy for Baringo Central, Gideon Moi for senator and Stanley Kiptis for governorship. In Kericho, there was fracas at the ODM offices when a member of county assembly aspirant stormed the building and tore the results, which were being compiled.

The same thing was also experienced in Nairobi where an aspirant for the Makongeni Ward was Sunday admitted to hospital after being hurt in a scuffle as he struggled to get his nomination certificate in vain.

Peter Imwatok who is aspiring to be the County representative for the Makongeni Ward on ODM ticket was injured in a scuffle outside the residence of outgoing Nairobi mayor George Aladwa where he was waiting to be awarded his nomination certificate.

Some of the preferred aspirants by top party organs issued certificates even after the IEBC issued a statement notifing members of the political parties that party nominations ended midnight (Jan 18) and any nominations ongoing were illegal and against the Elections Act as per the Kenya Gazette Notice Vol. CXIV- No. 132 of 28th December 2012.

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
Tel +254 7350 14559/+254 722 623 578
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Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.
-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ UN Disarmament Conference, 2002

Kenya: A Message To Peace Loving Kenyans And Others Sitting On The Fence Looking To Join Us

From: Samuel Omwenga

In A Message To All Peace Loving Kenyans And Those On The Fence Looking In To Join, I once again share my hopes and wishes for our beloved country as we approach a period that has historically not been the most peaceful, and that’s the general elections.

Given this history, what must be done we at least don’t see anything even remotely close to a repeat of 2007?

To begin with, how about taking this pledge previously published in the Standard:

I promise to put my interests and those of my family first in all decisions I make and see to it that those interests are met through the labor of my hard work supplemented by others only to the extent they are a means to meet my objectives and this includes decisions I make about who to vote for in the upcoming general elections.

I promise to only vote for and elect leaders who put the country first, and their interests of those of their cronies second or last.

I promise not to vote for anyone solely on the basis they come from my tribe or ethnic group and, conversely, I promise not to withhold my vote from anyone solely because they are from any particular community.

I promise not to vote for any politician who seeks to divide our country or gain office by divisive and tribal tactics but, conversely, I promise to vote only for those candidates who seek to unite our country and have a proven record for doing so.

I promise to be fair and open minded in evaluating candidates to vote for and base my decision not on the basis of misinformation, lies and distortions but on the basis of known facts, leadership ability, integrity and their stated positions on the issues that I care about.

I promise to constantly remind myself that I don’t know better than the next person who knows best and in the event I don’t, I pray that God gives me the wisdom and/or ability to know better.

I promise to be considerate of the interests of my fellow Kenyans even as I pursue mine to the maximum extent possible.

I promise not to be a hypocrite and if I am, may God make it possible for all to see through my words and deeds, including those appearing in print or on computer screens as a result of my fingers typing at the direction of my wicked mind.

I promise not to hate anyone or wish them ill just for who they are and even if they have wronged me, I promise to find ways to forgive them as God instructs us all to do and that is, to love one another.

I promise to do my part in bringing about change in our country, including keeping these promises, or even running for public office myself, which should be a good start.

If all or most Kenyans keep all of these promises, and remain faithful to the end, then it wouldn’t matter who emerges at the top as the winner and is sworn as our next president for that person would be governing a country united and ready to match forward as never before–more than even the euphoria of 2002.

That’s the Kenya we should all desire.

That’s the Kenya we must have in short order.

The only one stopping us, is us.

Very soon there will be a lot of heated discussions, especially in the social media.

Here are a few things to keep in mind and the bit we each do, we shall have taken great steps in ensuring a peaceful election unlike any before, other than, perhaps 2002, if not better:

Avoid any references to tribes that in the view of any person with ordinary sensibilities from that community will be offended by such reference

Be on a look-out and reject enemies of peace who may want to exploit tribalism for their selfish benefit or at the behest of others with same selfish intentions neither both of which are harmful to our country, especially the latter who can create great havoc by being paid a few hundred shillings.

Engage in robust debate but stay away from hate speech as defined by the National Cohesion and Integration Commision

Avoid use of language that tends to excite people into hostilities, including the use of foul, insulting and other unacceptable language to people of ordinary sensibilities

Remember, in the end we each have a responsibility about what happens to our beloved country and what her future shall be; do your best and always do the right thing, viewed from the perspective of what does it benefit the country as a whole, not your individual selfish or misguided needs.

That’s my hope and prayer.



From: Ouko joachim omolo
The News Dispatch with Omolo Beste in images

If we go by what Standard has just reported few minutes ago that ODM risks massive petitions over the controversial party primaries in its Nyanza strongholds, particularly in Kisumu and Homa Bay counties, where it emerged that consensus was used in some areas to pick candidates then this is very absurd indeed.

In some areas, especially in Kisumu, Migori, and Homa Bay counties where former MP Shakeel Shabbir who claimed to have won the Kisumu East ODM ticket, the returning officer could not be reached to announce the results.

In Homa Bay County the story is even shocking. Returning Officer John Mulehi was forced to agree to have former Mbita MP Otieno Kajwang’ as the Senate ODM flag bearer, Philip Okundi (Governor), and Roselyne Onyuka (Women Representative).

“We agreed on consensus and the party head office allowed us to file the results,” Mulehi told The Standard on Sunday. The closed-door consensus meeting was allegedly attended by former MPs Augustino Neto, Millie Odhiambo, John Mbadi, candidates who won the ODM ticket for various seats, Ongondo Were, Silvan Osele, Everest Okambo, and Judith Omogi.

Mulehi who had been roughed up by voters on Thursday afternoon released the results in Migori constituency instead of Homa Bay.

This is similar story where in 2007 ODM nominations that were defeated were issued with party certificate of clearance. Prof Patrick Ayiecho Olweny despite having deployed violent tactics on the polling day was defeated by a large margin of over 1000 votes, yet he was issued with certificate. Olweny had polled 7840 votes against the winner Mr. Joseph Omulo Okal’s 8494 votes.

When Okal the winner visited the party head office in Nairobi on Monday morning to collect his victory certificate, he was shocked when he was told that the former MP Prof Ayiecho Olweny had already been issued with one in a mysterious circumstance.

Winners of the nomination were short-changed in Gem, Ugenya, Nyakach, Kasipul- Kabondo, Kisumu Town East, Kitutu Masaba, Kitutu Chache, Konoin, Kipkellion and Ainamoi.

In Kisumu Rural, where Prof. Anyang Nyong’o faced imminent defeat, he was given “direct nomination” in a move which ignited violent protests and riots. The situation was even (more) grave in Mbita where a prospective candidate and the people’s choice, Sam Wakiaga, was coerced and forced out of the manipulated and fraudulent primaries in order to give way to Otieno Kajwang.

Justice was only seen where voters violently resisted imposed nominees. This include Rangwe where an attempt to return Eng. Philip Okundi was resisted and in Alego Usonga where voters firmly rejected Jackline Oduol.

Philip Okundi who was rejected by the people of Rangwe is now being awarded governor seat. Areas like Ugenya, Mbita, Bondo and Kisumu Rural where voters never resisted ODM succeeded to impose their hirelings on the electorate.

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
Tel +254 7350 14559/+254 722 623 578
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Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.
-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ UN Disarmament Conference, 2002

Protests in Kisumu city over announcement that Ruth Odinga is the successful candidate

From: odhiambo okecth

Looks like The Rt Hon Raila Amolo Odinga does not want to be the President of Kenya.

Let us all hold forte and defend Democracy.


— On Sun, 1/20/13, Mark wrote:

From: Mark Juma
Subject: Protests in Kisumu city over announcement that Ruth Odinga is the successful candidate
Date: Sunday, January 20, 2013, 2:33 AM

Reports coming in on NTV say there are serious protests in Kisumu town after word went round that Ruth Odinga has been given the ODM nomination certificate to contest as Governor for Kisumu County

The protestors insist it was Jack Ranguma who was earlier announced as the winner by the electoral officers on the ground.

It seems the change has been made at Orange House in Nairobi….

Orange house election officials are nowhere to be seen and there is also a huge crowd of various aspirants camped there since yestrday night just not to take chances so that succesful ones are not outmaneuvered.

Of course some unsuccessful one’s are also there lobbying to turn around things!!!!!!!

Democracy the ODM way…I fear for Kenya if these are the leader’s we plan to elect!!!!!

Pathetic to say the least!!!

TNA ….not any better!!! TNA nominations far-from complete despite the so called DIGITAL generation


News Analysis By Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City.

MASSIVE bribery of voters, political manipulation, nepotism and undercutting were the order of the day during the two days of the much flawed ODM primaries conducted inside Luo-Nyanza.

The outcome of the poorly conducted nomination primaries could spell doom to the presidential ambition of the ODM leader Raila Odinga, and perhaps ruins his chances of clinching the presidency come March 2013.

Failure to conduct credible and fair nomination primaries in many parts of the region has left many wounds in the hearts of the electorate who are left nursing the feeling that the Orange Democratic Movement {ODM} and its enlarged CORD alliance lacked disciplinary of making credible nomination in its own.

According to the chairman of the ODM election board, Mr Franklin Kipng’etich Arap Bett, who is also the Roads Minister all the nomination exercise should have come to an end by |Midnight on Friday. However, by Saturday morning, the voting was still going on in some places, like Homa-Bay, Ndhiwa, Mbita Awendo, Nyando and Muhoroni in total defiance of the IEBC rules.

What is most interesting is that one of the newly created parliamentary constituency in Migori, Awendo never received even one single election materials include ballot papers and voting boxes.

Awendo had ten aspirants, each of the paid a nomination fees of Kshs 100,000 bringing it to a total of Kshs One Million. But the aspirants had waited from Day one, Day two, up to Day three, in vain without receiving any election materials.

In places where the voting took places, the polling stations were marred with acts of lawlessness such as stone throwing and destruction of the election papers. In some places the coordinators and returning and presiding officers were forced to flee the polling station as drunken bands of hired goon emerged from the nearby “Chang’aa drinking dens, settled on the election materials with kicks and destroyed even ballot boxes.

A number of Raila’s loyalists were floored and forced into exit. Other who survived did so narrowly, but with flurry of complaints from their rivals claiming they were shameless rigged in.

Raila’s own older brother Dr Oburu Oginga suffered heaviest defeat in his ambition to become the first governor of Siaya County, forcing the election coordinator a Ms Monica Amolo, a perennial parliamentary election loser in Ndhiwa to use mobile tallyng centers, which the voters in Siaya violently disputed as not “ very credible’.

Citing insecurity and safety of her team, Ms Amolo shifted from Siaya Town where she was supposed to announce the outcome of the governorship contest between Dr Oburu Oginga and the populist Paul Oduol and moved to Bondo,.The voters were, however, not amused and saw the move as one way of rigging Mr Oduoo votes. It actually happened, when the figures were turned upside down with new figures reading that Dr.Oburu Ogingsa had [polled 62,000 votes against Oduol’s 35,000 sparking off the strongest protest.

Fears now persist that with thousands of voters in the region dissenting the outcome of the ODM primary nomination, the likelihood massive fallout cannot be ruled out. Those voters who feel offended after being denied the right to choose their own representative could turn into a major rebellion and cast their voters to Raila Odinga’s rivals in the presidential race.

In Homa-Bay County, things were so bad that marauding political goons destroyed or burnt most of the election materials meant for the various constituencies in the region. These included ballot boxes and voting materials meant for Kabodo-Kasipul, Kasipul, Homa-Bay Town, Ndhiwa and Mbita.

In some places the goons beat up election officials and party leaders sensilessly. In Muhoroni within Kisumu County one man suffered serious knife stab and had to be rushed to Ombei Dispensary in Nyando district.

In Kisumu Town East, the outgoing Shakeel Ahmed Shabir had won his primary, But the rumor went round that the party bosses were in the process of issuing Shabbir’s rival a Mr. Micholas Oricho with the nomination certificate. This deadly rumor immediately raised political temperature in the violence prone Kisumu City.

In the contest for the lucrative and powerful position of the Kisumu County governor, the excessively arrogant Raila Odinga’s sister Ruth Adhiambo Odinga became another casualities within the Odinga family She lost the governorship to the former senior accountant with the KRA Jack Ranguma who beat close to six other aspirant.

Ruth Odinga is the managing director of the Kisumu based Odinga family business flagship The Spectre International, which is managing the Kisumu Molasses.

This particular position was contested by among other aspirants Mrs Rhoda Ahonnobadha, former AFC regional manager for Nyanza and Western Provinces, the former cabinet Minister Ojwang’ K’Ombudo, Prof.Menya Kariaga, a senior lecturer in one of the US universities Dr. Barrack Abonyo, a Nairobi based business woman –cum-lawyer Atieno Otieno.

The outspoken Raila ‘s sister Ruth Adhiambo Odinga had been advised to abandon her ambition for the governorship by close friends and relatives, but she defiantly went on and contested the position fairing badly.

Other Raila casualties included the abrasive Nyatike MP Edick Omodi Anyanga, Uriri MP Cyprian Ojwang’ Omolo who lost to a former Principal of the Kenya Railways Training School Eng. Kobado. Nyakach Mp Ochieng;’ Daima,Eng Philip Okundi, who contested Homa-Bay County governor, Raila’s cousing Jakoyo Midiwo, the gem MP

Other whose position remain unclear by late last night included Muhuroni Mp Patrick Ayiecho Olueny, Nyando MP Fred Outa who is married to Raila Oding’a cousin.

In Karachuonyo constituency also withinHoma-Bay County, the election loser ganged up hired drunken goons ws were heard singing derogatory songs saying No Adipo Okuome No Raila or Rege Must Go.

The song implying that without Adipo Okuome they voter would not votefor raila in his presidential bid on March 4, 2013.

This was so despite of the fact tat the outgoing MP Eng. James Rege had beaten his rivals hands down with a big margin.

ODM need to out its hoiu8se in order, and instill high discipline among the party youths.


Kenya: The Mathare Human Peace Caravan; a Huge Success

From: odhiambo okecth

Friends, Partners,

The Mathare Human Peace Caravan was officially flagged off by DO Mathare Mr. Omoke on behalf of the PC Nairobi who could not be with us due to some assignments that cropped up. He was flanked by the DO 1 Njiru Mr. SM Muinde, Ms. Bilhah Kiptugen- the Nairobi Region IEBC Coordinator and Ms Milliam Wanjiru- the Mathare Constituency IEBC Coordinator.

We went through Mathare to Matopeni- the hotspot of the recent skirmishes in Mathare, to Juja Road and back to the Redeemed Gospel Church with 3 stop overs where we talked with the people.

The Mathare Human Peace Caravan was organized by The Clean Kenya Campaign in partnership with the IEBC and the Provincial Administration

At Matopeni, Ms Lucy Aoko Odende- a resident of Mathare 3C talked on behalf of the residents and she invited all the people to live in peace as One Family under God. This was the Central message from all of us; Peace, Peace, Peace.

We live as One People, sharing in the same resources, going to the same schools, churches and mosques, going to the same markets and living as neighbours. It is hence very important that we each become agents of people in our midsts and this message was really well received.

We did appreciate the people of Mathare for conducting peaceful Party Nominations and in the same vein, invited them to observe the same during the up coming General Election.

Many residents came out to walk with us for Peace across Mathare and to listen to the Good News that we came with.

The Mathare Human Peace Caravan was led by the Administration Police Band who came in as Peace Actors, They did not charge us the normal fee but only requested that we provide them with Fuel, and this was promptly paid for by PeaceNet. I want to thank Mr. Stephen Kadenyo and Mr. Otieno Ombok for this support.

I also want to sincerely thank the IEBC and the Provincial Administration who have been our Partners in the Kenyans for a Clean General Election Campaign. I also want to sincerely thanks the Family TV Crew who have been with us in this Journey of Hope across Kenya and our faithful Crew at The Clean Kenya Campaign- the ever present Edgar, Denno and Kasarani. I want to also thank Alvin Juma and Jack from the KMTC who also joined with us. We are a Strong Team and we are making our contribution to the Peaceful Campaigns in Kenya the best way we know.

Marching for Peace; Edgar, Oto, Ms Kiptugen and Ms Wanjiru

The AP Band closely followed by the DOs Marching for Peace along Juja Road

We are now headed for Dagoreti North Constituency and we are inviting all Peace loving Kenyans to join with us on the 26th January 2013 when the DC Dagoreti will flag off the Dagoreti Peace Caravan. Again, we want to invite all the Peace Actors to stop converging and hosting seminars in Hotels. We need to meet and mingle with Kenyans in the trenches and we share and compare notes.

In the meantime, Kenyans for a Clean Kenya Campaign is gaining root;

. 5th January 2013; Mathare in Starehe- Hosted

· 12th January 2013; Highrise in Langata- Hosted

· 16th January 2013; Kariobangi -Kasarani- Hosted

. 16th January 2013; Voter Education Launch at Dandora Sports Groun- Hosted

. 17th January 2013; Hosted at Radio Ramogi at 8.00am- Hosted

. 18th January 2013; Hosted at Radio Waumini at 10.00am for a Programme that will air at 7.30pm today.- Hosted

· 19th January 2013; Mathare Human Peace Caravan- Hosted

. 19th January 2013; Kongowea Clean-up Campaign- Hosted

. 19th January 2013; in the US; President Barack Obama joins in the National Day of Service- Hosted

. 19th January 2013; Kibabii DTTC Red Cross joins in cleaning Bungoma District Hospital- Hosted

· 26th January 2013; Dagoreti Human Peace Caravan

· 2nd February 2013; Embakasi

· 9th February 2013; Westlands

· 13th February 2013; Makadara

· 16th February 2013; Kisumu

· 23rd February 2013; Kamukunji

· 3rd March 2013; National Prayers for a Clean and Peaceful General Elections at Uhuru Park

The Turn-out was impressive

Listening to the Peace Messages

Eager and ready to be Peace Agents

We want to invite you to be part of the Kenyans for a Clean General Election as we make this Journey of Hope across Kenya.

Let us all work for a Clean Kenya, a Clean Africa and a Clean General Election as a Transformative Deliverable as we turn 50 in Kenya.

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,

The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC

Tel; 0724 365 557

Blogspot; http://kcdnkomarockswatch.
Facebook;University Students for a Clean Kenya

Facebook; Odhiambo T Oketch
Facebook; Monthly Nationwide Clean up Campaign
Mailing Group; friendsofkcdn@

The Clean Kenya Campaign is an Initiative of KCDN Kenya


Writes Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

THE just concluded ODM primary in many parts of Luo-Nyanza was a sham reflecting a political movement in crisis with its members.

It has since sparked off discontent and complaints which the party supreme at the headquarters should move with the snake speed and have the anomalies rectified before the March 4, 2013.

The primaries were marred by acts of hooliganism and political thuggery of the highest order. The marauding goons moving in groups of between 30 or more made it sure that no credible primary nomination took place.

The outgoing MPs from the region stand lamed for the lawlessness and criminal activities meted out by their supporters to the genuine voters who had turned out in their thousands ready to caste their votes and chose leaders who would take the community to the next level of development.

The voters in several parliamentary constituencies were in actual sense de-franchised and denied their rights of voting.

In the newly created Kabondo-Kasipul constituency in Rachuonyo South district, the ballot papers and other election material arrived late close to noon hour. But some of the aspirants, particularly the populist Hebert Ojwang’ had his name missing from the ballot papers.

In the neighboring Kasipul about 50 goons raided a polling station near Agoro-Sare High School within Oyugis Town and seized all the election materials. The goons sent the presiding officer and his entire team of election clerks fleeing for their dear lives.

Another bunch of hired political goons invaded five polling station in Kachien location, destroyed ballot papers and other election materials forcing the stations to be closed prematurely, though the election material had arrived late from Nairobi. Despite of high provocation, the voters persevered and continue voting into the late hours of darkness, but only for the goons to return again , ransacking the polling station n seized ballot boxes and destroyed them.

In Homa-Bay Town a presiding officer by the name Mulei was ambushed at 4.a.m and beaten senseless and left for the dead by un known goons.AS A RESULT BALLOT BOXES AND VOTING Election materials meant for for the neighboring constituencies of Mbita, Gwassi, Ndhiwa, Homa-Bay Town, Rangwe and other places were displaced like Mbita, Ndhiwa, Gwassi .Homa-Bay Town, Rangwe and other places went missing. The region was later become awash with rumours of ballot papers being recovered mysterious at places like Kodiera, Mbita Junction .

Election materials which arrived in Mbita Town were found to be inadequate. However, the aspirants jointly reached a consensus after consultation to produce duplicates of the few ballot papers that had arrived late in the evening on the first day of the nomination. All the ballot papers and election material were kept at Mbita Town offices of the ODM. But the next morning the office was found to have been broken and all the material missing either destroyed with no trace.

The same goons are said to have set a blaze dozens of ballot boxes containing ballot papers in Ndhiwa Town not far away from the local |D.C’s office and got away scot-free with this heinous crime. The song was the same in Awendo and Rongo constituencies as well as in the neighboring Uriri, In all those places no voting took place on the first day. The reason being non-arrival of the elections materials and the election official having failed to turn up in time to serve the electorate.

Thousand of the would be enthusiastic voters who turned out in their thousands went home disappointed after waiting for the whole day with no election material on sight. The situation became so pathetic and the disillusioned and frustrated voters walked home.

From the looking of things it appeared as if all the outgoing MPs in Luo-Nyanza had conspired secretly with some top officials of the ODM at the Orange house, Nairobi and hatched a secret plan so the frustrated the outgoing MPs could maintain their status quo.

These anomalies were experiences in Siaya, Migori and all other places. In Siaya a vehicle packed with crude weapons were intercepted by police and close to 32 occupants nabbed.

IN Nyakach voting did not take place in five sub-location with over 3,000 registered voters, though the returning officer a Mr Okoth defiantly announced the result in favor of one of the aspirants. Similar incidents were evidence everywhere.

In some places even police and members of the Provincial administration appeared to have been compromised. They became toothless bulldogs and made no effort to prevent crime or any act which fueled violence in the polling stations.

What emerged was that political parties are not capable of organizing successful and credible nomination exercises in this country and the sooner political parties deliberated on this issue and found a solution the better.

The abrasive Raila Odinga’s cousin Jakoyo Midiwo of Gem was one of the leading casualities and so was the Prime Minister own elder brother Dr. Oburu Ogings the Finance Assistant Minister whose bid to become the first governor of Siaya suffered the heaviest blow.



From: otieno sungu

Good people,

In April 2011, Oto sought me out to come on board KCDN and help him restructure it. Then, there were several issues especially with people, both here in Kenya and diaspora claiming impropriety in KCDN on public funds.

Although I defended Oto then, I declined to join him. I was setting up my business interests and as such could not spare time for that. In October 2011, he sought me again with Mr. Oduya Magunga to join and help create structures in KCDN. During that meeting, Oduya declined to join but accepted to consult for a re-branded outfit.

Well, I bowed and agreed to join only if a team came on board. Those I sought include Mr. Atha Achola, Emmanuel Dennis, Winfred Nyambura, Samuel Wangatia among others. Oto sough among others Madam Kate Njiri.These people have various skills in organizational management. It is sad all these people also left at the initial stages of the re-brand.

The other condition was that we re-brand KCDN to have a national outlook and register it as a trust.

While we re-branded, it is my considered opinion that creating credible structures has faced stumbling blocks whenever we have attempted the same.

Under these circumstances and given this has been largely voluntary work to which I have dedicated my time and even my personal car, I believe institutionalizing TCKC will never be achieved in as long as there is no such goodwill or at the very least, intention to have it achieve organizational status with structures to boot.

Again, all, those I sought out since left when they realized that institutionalizing has become a problem.

I will be comfortable doing my fish and poultry farming business for I find that worthwhile. Should I engage in future social and community work, I will endeavor to ensure the standards I have always stood for remain.

Institutionalizing an organization is more than organizing all sorts of ah-hoc activities for quick and short term gains.

The details for my departure have been communicated to the various individuals, organizations and institutions with which we have conducted business just to set the record straight in these times when credibility is as valuable as never before.

To all those who will tell me ‘ we told you so”, I can only say, trying sometimes is also an experience that ensures you may succeed in teaching old dogs new tricks although pundits say it has never happened.

All the same, I with Oto well in his endeavors.

Otieno Sungu


from: Ouko joachim omolo
The News Dispatch with Omolo Beste in images

As ODM nominations are carried out today, Kenyans are eagerly waiting to see whether allegations that Eng. Philip Okundi has been given direct nomination will come true.

Okundi who is also the former MP of Rangwe was quoted by some sections of media as claiming that he has already received a direct ODM nomination ticket for Homa-bay gubernatorial seat. Click here to read the claim DAILY POST: SHAME: PHILIP OKUNDI has a direct ODM ticket.

According to the report, the ex-MP said he is guaranteed that the CORD nomination will ensure he wins the Governor’s seat he is seeking, after which he will be appointed Finance Minister.

Philip Okundi is a close ally of Prime Minister Raila Odinga, and he was appointed to the board of Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK) after he lost the Rangwe parliamentary seat in year 2007 on ODM ticket.

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
Tel +254 7350 14559/+254 722 623 578
Facebook-omolo beste

Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.

-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ UN Disarmament Conference, 2002

Kenya: What Former President Moi Prophecy

From: amenya gibson

How many of us still recall this statement?

“I have refused to ALLOW MULTIPARTY DEMOCRACY in Kenya because it will divide Kenyans along TRIBAL LINES.

Vyama vingi vitaleta UKABILA Kenya.Siku moja mtakubali haya maneno yangu”

2RD MARCH 1992

Gibson Amenya
Raam Kenya Medical Agency

Tel +254-722-825417

We are calling on all the Youth to support the Youth under 35 seeking elections as Members of County Assemblies Country wide. Thanks for Supporting the National Youth Sector Alliance


From: Pharis Macharia

Medical Services Minister Prof Anyang Nyong’o and Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s sister, Ruth Odinga, might become the first casualties of the ODM nominations in Kisumu County.

Ruth, Raila’s sister, who is vying for the Governor seat in Kisumu County and Nyong’o who is eyeing the Kisumu Senate seat, were today booed in Kisumu town as they tried to oversee the nominations.

Nyong’o is facing a bruising battle with Pastor George Weda, Mr James Ochola Ogoda and Mr Maxwell Otieno Odongo who have immense support and have already taken the lakeside county by storm.

Ruth Odinga is also facing stiff competition from Peter Odoyo and she has already claimed that ODM nominations in Kisumu County were flawed.

Nyong’o and Ruth Odinga are now calling on the ODM National Elections Board chaired by Roads Minister Franklin Bett to extend or post pone the nominations.

An Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) aspirant from Kisumu was on Wednesday arrested buying pangas and machetes at a hardware store in Kisumu town.

Detectives derived from Criminal Investigations Department (CID) arrested the man who was allegedly buying the weapons to be used today, to cause mayhem in ODM nominations.

Kisumu police boss Musa Kongoli said the man was arrested on suspicion of having bought a large number of weapons comprising of 100 pangas and 50 machetes

The suspect only identified as Seth Kanga is vying for Kisumu County ward representative.Wananchi protested the arrest of the aspirant and stormed Central Police Station demanding his release.

One police officer was shot during the scuffle and he is recuperating at AgaKhan Hospital, Kisumu.

Kanga was later released with a cash bond of Sh 10,000.

However, Kanga’s lead campaigner Ken Akoko said they suspect a sinister motive behind the arrest.


Kenya: Nominations; Take personal responsibility

From: odhiambo okecth


I was hosted at Radio Ramogi this morning and what Mr. Ben Oluoch Okello and I were discussing are issues that touch on today’s Party Primaries and the Mathare Human Peace Caravan scheduled for the 19th January 2013.

As we invite Kenyans to having a successful and violence free Party Primaries, we also want to share with you this;

The Clean Kenya Campaign and Radio Ramogi is inviting all Kenyans who are participating in the Party Primaries to exercise extreme caution and take personal responsibility on the consequences of their choices.

The people we Nominate today are most likely going to be our next set of leaders. Those who get the Party Nominations in the Jubilee and CORD Coalition strongholds will definitely either become Members of the National Assembly, Senators, Governors, Women Representatives or County Ward Representatives.

We hence want to invite each and every eligible voter to seriously interrogate his or her choice, and live with the consequences of such choices.

Action Time in Kariobangi 16th Jan 2013 with Kariobangi Waste Management Alliance

Secondly, on Saturday the 19th January 2013, the PC Nairobi Mr. Njoroge Ndirangu, is going to lead the Mathare Human Peace Caravan across Mathare. He will flag off the Caravan at 8.00am outside the Redeemed Gospel Church and match with into Mathare. He will address the residents at several hotspot areas and ultimately address the public at Huruma Sports Grounds at about 9.30am. He will be accompanied by several Leaders who believe that peace is a must in our society.

Religious Leaders led by the Apostolic Bishop of the Redeemed Gospel Church Dr Arthur Kitonga and the SUPKEM Leaders will be present and they will also address the public as they pray for peace.

We are inviting any Partners who can take care of the Tents, Chairs, Podium and the PA and Sound System to volunteer their support.

Thirdly, Saturday the 19th Jan 2013 is going to be a real loaded day for us;

In Mombasa, Mr. Peter Nyaga- the Chairman of the Kongowea Traders Welfare Association, has just informed us that they will conduct a Clean-up cum Voter Education Campaign at Kongowea Market on Saturday the 19th January 2013 as from noon. All our Partners and Friends in and around Mombasa are invited to join with them for this noble exercise.

In the US, President Barack Obama will put politics aside on Saturday the 19th Jan and join in the National Day of Service, in solidarity with the people of Mathare.

In Bungoma, the Kibabii DTTC Red Cross Club will join with the Kenya Red Cross in Cleaning the Bungoma District Hospital and its environs and later host a Peace Rally.

Action Time

The Team

We wish all Parties a successful and violence free Party Primaries today as we invite your continued support, partnership and participation to make the Kenyans for a Clean General Election happen;

5th January 2013; Mathare in Starehe- Hosted

· 12th January 2013; Highrise in Langata- Hosted

· 16th January 2013; Kariobangi -Kasarani- Hosted

. 16th January 2013; Voter Education Launch at Dandora Sports Groun- Hosted

. 17th January 2013; Hosted at Radio Ramogi at 8.00am- Hosted

· 19th January 2013; Mathare Human Peace Caravan

. 19th January 2013; Kongowea Clean-up Campaign

. 19th January 2013; in the US; President Barack Obama joins in the National Day of Service

. 19th January 2013; Kibabii DTTC Red Cross joins in cleaning Bungoma District Hospital

· 26th January 2013; Dagoreti

· 2nd February 2013; Embakasi

· 9th February 2013; Westlands

· 13th February 2013; Makadara

· 16th February 2013; Kisumu

· 23rd February 2013; Kamukunji

· 3rd March 2013; National Prayers for a Clean and Peaceful General Elections at Uhuru Park
We have some Partners who have reached out to us and as soon as we formalize, we will announce their support and role in the Kenyans for a Clean General Election.

Let us all work for a Clean Kenya, a Clean Africa and a Clean General Election as a Transformative Deliverable as we turn 50 in Kenya.

Odhiambo T Oketch,
Executive Director,

The Clean Kenya Campaign- TCKC

Tel; 0724 365 557

Blogspot; http://kcdnkomarockswatch.
Facebook;University Students for a Clean Kenya

Facebook; Odhiambo T Oketch
Facebook; Monthly Nationwide Clean up Campaign
Mailing Group; friendsofkcdn@

The Clean Kenya Campaign is an Initiative of KCDN Kenya

Kenya: Cost Of Bribing Voters Up 500%

From: Wazi Campaign

Reading this article on Daily Nation will make you cry for our beloved county. Politicians are not the problem, bribe taking voters are the problem!



From: Ouko joachim omolo
The News Dispatch with Omolo Beste in images

Although no sign of violence in Homa Bay ODM nomination tomorrow, it is going to be a tough race between Eng. Philip Okundi and Cyprian Awiti for governor seat. Even though Okundi may get votes from his Kochia West Location in the present Rangwe constituency, non performance as former area MP may lead to his downfall.

While Cyprian Awiti may get favour following his previous developments in Homa Bay County, Okundi is to influence voters from Mbita, Gwassi, Ndhiwa, Rangwe, Karachuoyo and Kasipul-Kabondo constituencies if he were to defeat Awiti.

Although Okundi has vast training and skills in communication technology on top of his ministerial experience in public affairs, Awiti has made good reputation as Marie Stoppie Country director, even though his managerial experience is said to be rather inferior to that of Eng. Okundi.

But even so, Awiti had served as the Principal of the Railway Training School before joining the Marie Stoppie Clinics, a well known International NGO in the world. Dr. Mark Matunga had to decline his ambition for the seat because he hails from Mfangano Island in the Suba district of Mbita the same as Otieno Kajwang who is running for senator seat.

The reason being that both of them come from Suba, including Roselyn Onyuka who is running for women representative- Matunga is to face Milly Odhiambo for Mbita constituency MP.

Even though Matunga is a senior technical representative of the Microsoft Computer International serving the company in close to 15 African countries in the south, east and west, he is not well known to the constituents like Milly Odhiambo.

While Awiti is popular in Kasipul Kabondo, particularly in Oyugis area, the fact that he is said not to be in good book with the most influential woman in Karachuonyo politics, particularly Dr Mrs Phoebe Muga Asiyo, the former two ties MP for the area, and who hail from the Southern part of the constituency of Kanyaluo, the critics argue this might also lead to his downfall.

His critics argue that he is also not in good working relations with the incumbent MP for Karachuonyo Eng.James K Rege, whose influence in this most populous constituency matters a lot. Awiti campaigned for the immediate former Karachuonyo MP Dr.Paul Adhu-Awiti during the 2007 general election against Rege.

His critics argue further that the fact that he is also being accused for having sponsored the parallel ODM splinter groups led by former journalist Jack Nduri his oppnents might use this to block him.

They may use the same to Eng. Okundi whom they accuse of not doing much for his Kochia people when he was the MP. It is said that his own people in Kochia West location are not with him, leave a lone the greater Jokochia.

They also accuse him of not having network with the youth who are the majority voters. He is also accused in his own sub location (Kanam) of favouring people from his Kwoyo area at the expense of even his own brothers from Ariwa, Ngegu and Godbondo areas.

On the other hand, Awiti is not only credited as one person who has been traversing the entire Luo-Nyanza, but also making hefty cash donations for the improvement of educational facilities, health centers and dispensaries, churches, women and youth groups.

Awiti who hails from the Eastern part of Karachuonyo constituency in Kobuya sub-clan which is a member of the most populous and influential clan called Kadwet clan, whose members occupies the most part of Central and Eastern Karachuonyo constituency in Rachuonyo North district is an orator.

He is also not only a staunch member of the Roman Catholic church, which is enjoying the largest following in areas like Rangwe, Ndhiwa, Gwassi and parts of Western and Eastern Kasipul constituency in Rachuonyo South district, he has worked closely with the church by promoting its activities and church sponsored projects. Priests in these areas may use this as his campaign tool.

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
Tel +254 7350 14559/+254 722 623 578
Facebook-omolo beste

Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.

-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ UN Disarmament Conference, 2002


From: Obat Masira

Kindly see the attachment

Obat Masira

THE LATE OSCAR OMONDI AWINO.jpg (image/jpeg) 134K
THE LATE OSCAR OMONDI AWINO 1.jpg (image/jpeg) 181K
THE LATE OSCAR OMONDI AWINO 2.jpg (image/jpeg) 136K
THE LATE OSCAR OMONDI AWINO 3.jpg (image/jpeg) 92K
THE LATE OSCAR OMONDI AWINO 4.jpg (image/jpeg) 90K
THE LATE OSCAR OMONDI AWINO 5.jpg (image/jpeg) 133K
THE LATE OSCAR OMONDI AWINO 6.jpg (image/jpeg) 119K
THE LATE OSCAR OMONDI AWINO 7.jpg (image/jpeg) 105K

view the images

Kenya: Two Crucial Bills That Youth should be Taking about

From: amenya gibson

Dear Kenyans,

May I present my greetings to all and silently say Happy election year 2013.

I plead with my fellow young people that the 10th parliament passed 2 crucial bills that we can grab and use
1-Sports Bill
2-Small and Micro Enterprises Bill

These are very important piece of legislature that could see those who will move ahead and embrace them they will help this nation develop and attain good global status as a business hub and also as a sports country.

I will be happy to see Kenyans play in World Cup,Global Tennis Competitions like ongoing Australian Open Formula One racing,Dakar Rally.

Let us not wait start now asking those governors how will they incorporate you in national building.

Gibson Amenya

Kenya: A voter in Homa-Bay County wants Minister Otoeno Kajwang’ to be barred from contesting any elective position on integrity


Writes Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

A Nairobi based firm of lawyers has written to the Law Society of Kenya {LSK} raising questions about Immigration and R4gistration of Persons Minister Gerald Otieno Kajwang’s suitability to vie for public office given that he was struck off the Rolls of Advocates a couple of year ago.

The law firm is acting on behalf of a registered voter in Homa-Bay County Mr Edward Ochieng’ Otieno who raised eleven [11] point issues of complaints about the minister’s suitability to hold any elective office or the appointive one.

The law firm of Ekuru and Nyamuthwe company advocates wrote to the Chief Executive Officer of the LSK Apolo Mboya,and copied to the Attorney General the chairman of the LSK Eric Mutua, the chairman of the LSK, Mrs Gladys Shollei, Chief Registrar of the Judiciary, Franklin Bett, the chairman of the ODM Elections Board, the ODM, The party leader Raila Odinga, the ODM’s Secretary General Prof. Peter Anyang Nyongo’o, the leader of the Wiper Democratic Movement, the leader of the Ford Kenya Moses Wetangula and the chairman of the Independent Electoral Boundary Commission [IEBC].

Observers in Kisumu and its environs were quick in pointing out that barring Otieno Kajwang’ from contesting the Homa-Bay Senate seat would dealt a heavy blow to the ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Kajwang’is believed t0 be Raila Odinga’s pointman, especially in the greater Southern Nyanza. He is currently the ODM Homa-Bay county branch chairman.

The action came about after the voter in question had learnt that the ODM headquarters had already cleared Minister Otieno Kajwang’ to participate in the party’s primaries on Thursday {17th January 2013].

The contentious letter states, ’We have been retained by Mr Edward Ochieng’ Otieno, a registered voter who seeks clarification on a number of issues pertaining to the Hon.Otieno Kajwang’.

In addition, our client wishes to bring to the attention of the Law Society of Kenyaevents that requires your attention. Thus we write to you as follows.-

{1} That in exercise of his civic duty as a registered voter in Homa-Bay County, Mr Otieno is keenly monitoring the extent to which the rule of law in respect of the above person {HON. Kajwang’] under the reference is being followed. This issue arises because of what has come to the fore that Hon. Kajwang’ has been struck off the Roll of Advocates and therefore a person not fit to hold, let alone applying for public office whether elective are appointive.”

[2} That to this very date, the Hon. Kajwang’ stands struck off the roll of Advocates and as such he is a dishonored member of the legal profession reason why he was removed from the Roll of honour of advocates in accordance with the enabling law.

The letter went on, ’Our client now requests for a confirmation from your offices whether Hon. Kajwang’can be said to be a member of the LSK in good standing? How many times has been struck off the Roll of Advocates?

{3} That it has come to our client’s attention that Hon.Kajwang’ has initiated from you whether indeed Hon. Kajwqng’ has initiate this process and who are the parties or institution presiding over the proces? a process to be reinstated into the Roll of Advocates. Our client seeks to know from you whether indeed the Hon. Kajwang’ has initiated the process and who are the parties or institution presiding over the process?

{4} That further to the foregoing our client seeks further to know the process that an Advocate who has been struck off the rolls of Advocates follow? Our client further seeks to know from you whether it is indeed that Hon. Kajwang’ has indeed initiated a process seeking to clear him to stand for elective office?

[5] Our client points out to you that the Hon. Kajwang’ now seeks to be elected as a member of the Senate to represent the County of Homa-Bay. Our client contends that Hon.Kajwang’ has initiated this process with the full knowledge that he has serious integrity issues on account of having been struck off the Roll of Advocates. This is convenient cleansing on his part that is intended to defeat chapter 6 of the Constitution on leadership and integrity.

{6] Our client is aware of the good role the LSK continues to play in issuing Clearance Certificates of good conduct and standing during the recruitment of its members to various public offices, interlia, the IEBC. Could you confirm to us whether you intend to follow the same process in clearing those seeking elective posts such as Hon. Otieno Kajwang’?

[7} Our client asserts that the LSK should guard the Constitution and refuse to allow the LSk to be used conveniently by those now seeking clearance to vie for elective posts. Our client contends that the Hon. Kajwang’n is a man whose integrity to hold public office is very wanting and cannot therefore be cleared by the LSK to stand for the Senatorial seat for Homa-Bay County.

{8}Our client observes that the Hon. Kajwang’ has conveniently initiated the process seeking to be restored to the Roll of Advocates. Our client contends that the requirement for public officers to demonstrate integrity is a gain in the new Constitution and the LSK should protect that gain at all costs.

{9} Our client further seek to know if it is indeed true that hon. Kajwang’ has appeared in the recent past before the Advocates Complaints Commission and whether he indeed apologized for having misappropriated clients money; reason why he was struck off the Rolls of Advocates in the first instance?

[10}It is true that the Hon. Kajwang’ on his own admission that he had stolen client’s money, what does the LSK plan to do with this confession on the part of Minister Otieno Kajwang?’. It is our client’s firm conviction for that Hon. Kajwang’ should be prosecuted forthwith.

[11} Our client urgently requires the information herein sought to enable him make a determination whether to proceed to court or not for reasons that our client is aware that the Orange Demcratic Mvement Party{ODM] plans to include the Hon. Kajwang’ as one of the candidates for the Senatorial seat for the Homa-Bay County.

It is our client’s firm conviction that Hon. Kajwang should not be cleared by the LKSK to stand for any public office until such time that he is properly retored into the Roll of Advocates.

Hon Oteno Kajwang’; could not be reached for his immediate comment over the issue, but the matter is increasingly becoming an election issue within the Homa-Bay County.



From: Ouko joachim omolo
The News Dispatch with Omolo Beste in images

Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta’s Milele FM station through Nairobi wire reports that he is the Kenya’s next president according to renowned Venezuelan prophet Dionny Baez who claims that God has shown him that Kenyatta to be Kenya’s fourth president. Uhuru Kenyatta Is Kenya’s Next President: Venezuelan Prophet Proclaims .

He claims that in 2007, he prophesied that Kibaki would retain the presidency and he was right. This time round, he believes he is right again. In a prophetic message delivered on 2nd December 2012, and uploaded on Youtube just last week, where he tells worshipers at the World harvest International Church, Nairobi, that God has shown him that Kenya will get its next president from Mt Kenya.

The prophet further prophesied of another post election violence, with this time round more advanced weaponry including hand guns being used. He however said that the violence will be of lesser magnitude than the 2007/2008 one. Among his other prophesies delivered on 2nd December are:

1. Kenya will experience 17 years of acceleration after which it will be second to SA as an investment destination in Africa (vision 2030 comes to mind)

2.There will be an explosion in the telecommunication & tourism sector

3. Beginning April 2013, additional massive deposits of oil and gas will be discovered

4.We will have a born again president soon (not clear if it is the next)

5. The ICC cases will make the West to attack our sovereignty BIG time

6. MRC will rear its ugly head

7. There will be drastic changes in weather patterns precipitating drought

8. There will be election violence (pre & post) but of a lesser scale than 2007-2008′s yet this time the weapons used will be hand guns as opposed to machetes, stones like the previous one

9. An Asian oil company with a heavy presence in Nigeria will sign a mining contract with Kenya in 2013

10. Kenya will receive massive funding from European Development Fund to the tune of billions of dollars

11. EAC trade barriers will be removed; free trade within EA

12. China will do even more wonders especially infrastructure over the next 5 years
Embedded below is the video of the prophesy. Point your cursor to 1:20:10 for the ‘President From The Mountain’ proclamation.

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
Tel +254 7350 14559/+254 722 623 578
Facebook-omolo beste

Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.
-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ UN Disarmament Conference, 2002


from: Ouko joachim omolo
The News Dispatch with Omolo Beste in images

When Prime Minister Raila Odinga hit out at Jubilee Alliance leaders Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto saying that they should be ready to return looted property, noting that the duo should live to the responsibility that comes with the Jubilee year as stipulated in the Bible, Uhuru was quick to hit back saying he has never looted any property

Raila who was in Western Province and attended mass at Webuye Catholic Church where the parish priest allowed him to campaign in the Church despite the fact that Kenya Episcopal Conference has banned political campaigns in Churches said Uhuru family have land they acquired illegally and they should be ready to surrender it.

Although Uhuru claims his family bought the land legally, the controversy lies on the fact that his father used his power to buy them cheaply from bank loan which some critics say were not secured at all. This is because Mzee Kenyatta’s name was all the security ever needed.

Mzee Kenyatta used his powers to buy, not only at the lowest price leading to many land owners being squatters but took advantage of the ignorance of land owners, which according to the Ndungu Report, the Kenyatta family has grabbed land that cumulatively is equivalent to the size of Nyanza province, home to more than eight million people.

Ever since squatters at the Coast have threatened to boycott the forthcoming general elections if they are not resettled in their stolen land which according to statistics from the Ministry of Lands show that over 130,000 families of squatters are identified and registered in the province with Mombasa having more than 50,000, Kwale-25,000, Lamu 4000, Kilifi-26,000, Tana River-1,500 and Malindi 22,000. The statistic does not indicate those of Kwale and Taita Taveta – with a total of 80, 000 hectares of land belonging to absentee landlords in the region- click here to read more squatters threaten to boycott elections.

It is also still fresh in Kenyans minds that Uhuru Kenyatta encountered a “computer error” during the 2009/10 Fiscal Year, which may have cost the taxpayer Ksh 9.67 billion.

Although he was later cleared of any wrongdoing, Uhuru found himself in yet another big problem when over Ksh 700 billion remained unaccounted for on his watch when he was Finance Ministers.

This was revealed during a parliamentary discussion on the infamous computer error, when Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo said that: “We cannot have 16 top officials in these two departments from one community. Meaning that being from one community it was impossible to trace the money.

So far, Uhuru dodged Parliament thrice where MPs were demanding a Ministerial statement about the unaccounted for money despite the fact that the new Constitution states that the Finance Minister must submit to Parliament national budgetary estimates two months before the official Budget Day, a fact that Uhuru defied, claiming that there were teething problems in implementing the new policy.

Concurring with Jakoyo Midiwo Joe Kadhi wrote this about Uhuru’s computer error: “The only trouble is that at the Treasury all the top jobs are held by the Gema people. The Permanent Secretary, Joseph Kinyua, is from the “Big House”, so are the Director of Budget, Paul Ngugi, and the Accountant General Michael Gatimu.

The only non- Gema top official is the head of the ICT department Jerome Ochieng. All fingers will be pointing at this man now and many wonder whether he will be made the sacrificial lamb as he does not belong to the “Big House” and, worse still, has a name that sounds like that of an ODM sympathizer,” writes Kadhi.

Fr Joachim Omolo Ouko, AJ
Tel +254 7350 14559/+254 722 623 578
Facebook-omolo beste

Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.
-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ UN Disarmament Conference, 2002