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Kenya: JSC petitions President to suspend Baraza, appoint tribunal- A victory to impunity?

From: Tebiti Oisaboke

Fellow Kenyans

Finally we seem to be getting somewhere at least judicially. Its about time we should start seeing the judicial reforms in our new constitution take effect among all Kenyans regardless or tribe or status quo in society. This is very encouraging news that will send a clear cut message to all big public gurus who have hitherto been thinking that they are “legally” untouchable and above the law. Staying the suspension in this case sends a message to the Kenya’s public gurus and should be welcome by Kenyans from all walks of life especially the poor and defenseless masses. Sure, Baraza is entitled to her day in court as any other ordinary citizen. The JSC has ordered suspension of DCJ Nancy Baraza who might be facing illegal gun charges and physically assaulting a security officer at the Village Market on new year’s eve. This is a milestone breakthrough to the culture of impunity in Kenya. Judge Baraza has been in the eye of the “storm” in Kenya’s public media and the judiciary has been placed under a tight microscope observation to see what action it will take to discipline her. Well the JSC has recommended her suspension after the conclusion of the preliminary investigations by a committee which was appointed by CJ Dr. Willy Mutunga.

Her track record is in question even though some people have been sympathetic to her saying she was otherwise a good person who fought for our reform changes when she was in the civil society movement. That is well and good enough but this should not pardon her from her alleged public misconduct. DCJ Baraza should know better about the constitutional law she fought so hard to uphold than someone like Sonko Mbuvi. The ball is now in the principals’ court to lead us forward from here. May the Holy Father bestore wisdom upon them and make a wise decision to Kenyans. We need them to prove to us that they are out to fight this culture of impunity and discrimination by top public guru personalities.

have a good weekend and May God bless Kenya



From: Judy Miriga

Yes Oduya,

It is without doubt, and going by the same vain of Memory lane, the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environmental and wild life (Government Employees there are full of Nabongo Clan) it is the same group which negotiated deals to sell off Migingo to Uganda including the Control of Lake Victoria on the side of Kenya and sharing the loot with Museveni of Uganda, with the James Shikwatis connections. They are moving towards taking complete control of Osienala away from the Luo Community. Uriri is in their hands, the whole of South Nyanza is targeted and the Luos are being pushed to Concentration camps. It is speculated that these are the reasons why the deal maker faked reason of the serious weed conflict in Lake Victoria and Kasim Owango had to pave way for the UNTOUCHABLES ………shortly after, very sad indeed Kassim Owango met his mysterious death with no investigations done…….It was let go so easily. Yes, because Luos are under siege and will say nothing, Raila will elbow you to get off out of their way, if you dont, you are dead meat…… is because of the same corruption of “Barrr wa Barrr” ………which if they are left to continue, we will be no more…….with all these smokescreen we cannot sit prety, we will fight harder than ever before……Raila dug a hole for us, a hole he will fall in it himself……… he planned and authored the precidence conflict of interest over our interest and cultural values, he supervised our destruction and the stealing of Luos wealth, but very unfortunately, it is against God’s wishes………and he will not succeed in his mission, he will pay back all that he has stolen with interest on top of it…….I am a victim of circumstances, but this behavior must be put to an end……..

Their is a huge surprise that after election Raila & Uhuru will rig election and will form a Coalition Government just like they are enjoying it with Kibaki now………….The Deal Agreement is “Barrr wa Barrr”……So why bother with Raila and the corrupt………Let us turn a new page, let us elect fresh, non-corrupt, new people on the block………It will be easier for us to make the New Constitution a reality in a New set-up system, so that in Mutual Business Agreement and Partnership undertaking, all stakeholders will benefit fairly without discrimination or favour, and Public Revenue distributed and spread out fairly for Welfare Development in a Devolved system of Governance. We must give corruption a final blow people…….

Can you not see how suddenly Baraza became very Bossy, see how she has decided to stay put, like the untouchables, she stays adamant and will not step down came rain come sunshine……..Yet she knows too well, her stay in office jeopadizes her investigation, and that the New Constitution for which she was hired states clearly terms she should respect…….more so, after she made public utterances of the situation being unfortunate, was she not sane enough to excercise restraint. She took laws in her owns hands, the thing, if power did not get into her head, she could have easily avoided. This is an act of BULLY……Raila style……Let us not be cowed people…….. This is why Nancy Baraza too must step down for proper investigation and justice to be done fairly without conflict of interest suppressing justice.

People, God left Raila a long time ago, we must wake up and save lives, call a spade a spade, Reject Raila with his corrupt deals and we must start a fresh before we are all consumed………

We dont want memories of the white car being brought back, it is a slap on the face with too much “Rao type of kanyaga” ……..”ngato toyo kwesu meru to iling a linga”……meaning that somebody is breaking your mothers smoke-pot and you are just siting prety………..these are terrible mis-givings we must not continue to accommodate……….for which case, Justice must prevail and the New Constitutional order must go according to public mandate……

It is the way to go people………

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

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From: Ericson Oduya

Judy Nyathiwaa,

Did you forget that it is the same Nabongo family that benefited from the Cementry Land Scandal and they were untouchable? Does it bother you that it is the same Nabongo family that is being paraded for Governorship in all the major cities in Kenya? Just the other day, RAO sent a delegation to Dr. Evans Kidero to prevail upon him to step down for Kisia; reason? Kidero comes from a heathen family while Kisia comes from the Royal Nabongo family.

Kenyans are watching this One Dangerous Man………………


Miguna Miguna’s Latest Interview

Video 1

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Kenya: Banned HIV Test Kit Still Used in Nyanza
Samuel Otieno

2 January 2012

HEALTH officials in Nyanza province have approved the use of the standard diagnostic Bioline kits for HIV testing despite a state and World Health Organisation ban on the gadgets over inaccuracy.

The Ministry of Public Health recalled over one million of the South Korea made HIV testing kits after a global alert by WHO.

However yesterday the kits were still in use at major health and testing facilities in Nyanza province despite a circular from the ministry to replace them with Unigold, which was previously used as a first line test kit.

Nyanza provincial director of public health and sanitation Jackson Kioko defended the use of the banned test kits in the province saying the faulty gadgets were never dispatched to the province. “We are aware of the recall but in the case of Nyanza there is no need to fear since the batch that had the faulty gadgets were not dispatched here,” said Kioko.

He said those who were tested using Bioline have no reason to fear since the kits in the province have not shown any discrepancies. While withdrawing the gadgtes, director in the ministry of Public Health and Sanitation Shanaz Sharif argued that the Standard Diagnostic Bioline, one of the three kits used for HIV testing in the country, had diagnosed patients as HIV negative when they were positive.

However, the provincial director said cases of discrepancies have never been detected by the use of the Bioline kits delivered in the province for the last two years hence the need to continue using them. “What we did we withdraw were some ARVs and that was long time ago, our kits are not among the faulty one, so we will continue using them unless advised otherwise by the Ministry”, added Kioko. The ministry had earlier directed provincial directors and Aids and sexually transmitted diseases sector stakeholders to withdraw the kits estimated to be over 10 million from the facilities and replace them with Unigold as a first line test.

However, health experts said the faulty of the Bioline kits has less impact since it is only used in confirming positive results which is less than 5 percent of the total test carried in health facilities. Bioline is among the three test kits used to check the presence of the HIV.The first test is done by the Determine kit, and confirmed with Bio line in case of positive results and subsequently Unigold in case of contradicting result in the two first steps. With withdrawal, Unigold will be used as confirmatory test kit and the Elisa method as a tie breaker in case of discrepancies.

MPs Query Wetangula’s Re-appointment

Uploaded by kenyacitizentv on Nov 9, 2011

The decision by the two Principals to recall Sirisia MP Moses Wetangula to the Cabinet after Wetangula had stepped aside from Government to pave way for investigations into a multi-billion – shilling scam involving the alleged disposal of Kenyan assets abroad was the subject of heated debate in Parliament Wednesday afternoon. MPs had sought to know from Prime Minister Raila Odinga under what circumstances Wetangula was re-instated to the Foreign Affairs docket, yet other ministers who had stepped aside under similar circumstances never made it back to the Cabinet. But, Odinga told the August House that no domestic inquiry into the scandal surrounding the purchase and disposal of embassies abroad ever implicated the Sirisia MP. MP’s however put the Government on the spot, accusing it of applying double standards, with Ikolomani MP Dr. Bonny Khalwale accusing Odinga of securing Wetangula’s reinstatement to serve his own interests. Hussein Mohammed with that report.

Wetangula’s re-appointment opposed

Uploaded by NTVKenya on Aug 25, 2011

A section of Members of Parliament have objected to the reinstatement of Moses Wetang’ula and Thuita Mwangi to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as minister and permanent secretary respectively. The MPs also want Transport minister Amos Kimunya sacked since the House passed a censure motion against him three years ago.

Wetangula Reinstated As Minister

Uploaded by kenyacitizentv on Aug 24, 2011

Moses Wetangula has been reinstated as Minister for Foreign Affairs. Thuita Mwangi who had also stepped aside as PS was also reinstated in the reshuffle announced by President Kibaki in consultation with PM Raila Odinga. The two had been adversely mentioned in connection with the Japan Embassy house scam. The question after their reinstatement is what happened to the scam? were they cleared?

Watch This …..???

Mega land corruption hits Kisumu Town!

Report By Ndira Uradi In Kisumu City

Mega land scandals in the Kisumu Municipality has reached its climax following the disclosure early this week by the Town Clerk that his life was in danger following threats issued by fellow senior chief officers of the Council and other stakeholder.

The Town Clerk Christopher Odhiambo Rosana, a man who is well known for his tough administrative prowess and management expressed fears that his life was in danger and alleged that he had threatened by some senior Council officials.

At the same time two senior officials of the Council were summoned to the district CID offices in Kisumu where they were reported to have recorded statements with the police. There has been some disquiet and complaints to the effect that senior council officials and some unscrupulous civic leaders in the lakeside City were involve in rampant corruption in regards to illegal sells and allocation of land plots.

As the result of this illegal transactions involving public utility land, Council houses and all available land pace in Kisumu, some of the officials and their accomplices have become millionaires overnight.

At first it was thought that the civil leaders and the chief officers wanted to deplete the town of its prime land for the future development and expansion a head of the arrival of the County governance. The have so far left the Lakeside City with no land space for future development, especially industrial expansion and housing development schemes. Almost e every single piece of land in Kisumu has been sold to either individuals or to the rich individuals. And those suspected to be involved in the scam are said to have minted millions of shillings.

The issue has been in the public domain for a couple of years. Insiders now say that Kisumu is a City with no land for both business and industrial expansion. All the land available including the one belonging to Kisumu Municipal Council as well as its house has been sold.

When he arrived in town about three months ago and took over as the new Town Clerk, Mr Odhiambo Rosana had introduced stringent administrative rules that requires all members of the staff to account for their activities and to disassociate them from any kind of land transaction. This has seen many senior official getting cautioning letters while either have been reprimanded to mend their ways, other faces suspension pending investigation to establish their involvement in the “Mega Land Scandal”.

These stringent measures have earned the Town Clerk many enemies within the same institution. And on Monday this week, Mr Rosana reported to the Kisumu CID that he had received several calls threatening his life.

The Town Clerk is reported to have rubbed his working colleagues the wrong way by having revoked some land sales and allocations, which he felt were irregular in terms o hr law governing such allocations and transaction and had instituted investigation or revoked them altogether.

Instead of the wronged plot owners seeking legal redress through the established courts of law, they have resorted to using oblique techniques of issuing threats to the Town’s Chief Administrator. What has so far not been divulged to the public is the stance of the Mayor Coun.Sam Okello whose administration has witnessed one of the worse land scandals in Kisumu ever since independence in 1963.

Mayor Okello is said to be enjoying the patronage of the Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga and he is a an ODM nominated Councilor who had contested the election in Muhoroni on a KANU ticket, but after he was beaten hand down by the current Muhoroni MP Prof Patrick Ayiecho Olueny, was later imposed on the elected civic leaders in Kisumu against the amid vehement opposition by the elected civic leaders under the pretext that he was an industrialist and businessman magnate in the Coastal City of Mombasa and would import his experience to to create business opportunities and good investors environment in the City.

Raila had to intervene personally in order to have Mayor Okello’s re-elected for the second term last year when civic leader were coerced to vote for him or the second term.

Rosana said that his concerted effort to fight corruption and restore sanity in the Council could be the reason why he he is being threatened.

He added, “It is true I have been getting threats and some of them have gone as telling me to go slow over several issues. I suspect they are unhappy with my management and want to scare me out of the Council, “ said Rosana.

Land Minister James Orengo is being accused of presiding over the most corrupt ridden Ministry. In some outpost’s districts such as Migori, Homa-Bay, Kisumu and Siaya corruption is still thriving. Some of the land officers and district surveyors are acting as if they were magistrates and judges, at time even conspiring with the interested parties in blocking court’s directives.

The End


from odhiambo okecth

I do agree.

Time to concentrate on Nation Building.

One funny thing, bloggers will fall themselves head over heels discussing this now. Yet, it is a sure way through which they are kept busy as serious staff is cooked somewhere else.


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From: Henry M. Mwereria


I believe Kenyans can now concentrate with nation building knowing clearly that elections will be held in March 2013. This comes from my believe that the two principals will never agree to terminate the National Accord till its sale by date. High court has given two scenarios today. That of terminating the National accord so as to hold election in 2012 or wait till it expires next year. Of course you must agree with Prof. Okot P’Bitek that ” All african leaders are self seeking scoudrous, they think from their stomach rather than from their heads”. What do you think?


Kenya: Security Forces Abusing Civilians Near Somalia Border

from Yona Maro

(Garissa) – The Kenyan security forces are beating and arbitrarily detaining citizens and Somali refugees in Kenya’s North Eastern province [], which borders on Somalia [], despite repeated pledges to stop such abuses, Human Rights Watch said today.

On January 11, 2012, in the latest of a series of incidents documented by Human Rights Watch since October 2011, security forces rounded up and beat residents of Garissa, the provincial capital, in an open field within the enclosure of the local military camp. A Human Rights Watch researcher witnessed the incident.

“When military officers can beat civilians in broad daylight without fearing repercussions, it’s clear that impunity has become the norm,” said Daniel Bekele, [] Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “Repeated promises by both the police and the military to stop these abuses and investigate have amounted to nothing.”

The Kenyan police and military have been responsible for a growing number of serious abuses against civilians since the Kenya Defence Forces entered southern Somalia in October, with the stated aim of eliminating al-Shabaab, an Islamist militia. The same month, suspected al-Shabaab sympathizers initiated a series of attacks against police, military, and civilian targets in Kenya.

In response, members of the security forces have been responsible for rape, beatings, looting, and arbitrary arrests of civilians. The crackdown has largely targeted Somali refugees and Kenyan ethnic Somalis, but residents of other ethnic backgrounds in North Eastern province have also been victimized.

The incident in Garissa on January 11 involved Kenyan citizens who told Human Rights Watch that they had been arbitrarily detained by the military. One of them, Ali Ibrahim Hilole, was at a shop across from the military camp buying items for a hospitalized relative when a military officer said to him: “Why are you standing here? So you’re al-Shabaab.” Soldiers forced him to accompany them to the camp, where they kicked him and told him to roll around on the ground.

Yusuf Khalif Mohamed, a long distance truck driver, stopped in Garissa for a soft drink on his way from Mombasa to Dadaab, where he was to make a food delivery for UNICEF. He parked his truck near the military camp, not knowing that parking was prohibited there. A military officer forced him to come to the camp, where soldiers threw a 20-liter container of water on him, forced him to roll on the ground, kicked him on the side, and hit him on the head with the butt of a gun. Mohamed told Human Rights Watch that one of them said, “I think you are al-Shabaab. You are bothering us in Somalia, and now you’ve come to bother us here.”

Both men, along with at least five to seven others who were similarly detained and mistreated – most of them truck drivers, and all of them Kenyan citizens – were released after 30 minutes. They were not interrogated or charged with any crime.

A Human Rights Watch researcher who attempted to visit the military camp to speak to the officer in charge witnessed soldiers forcing several men to lie down in the dirt and forcing another man to frog-jump across the field and to assume various gymnastic positions. Military personnel refused entry to Human Rights Watch, one of them stating, “There are no human rights here.”

The military spokesperson, Maj. Emmanuel Chirchir, said by phone from Nairobi that the people held at the military camp were being questioned because they had tried to build an illegal structure to sell things outside the camp. Chirchir said he did not have knowledge of any abuses, but assured Human Rights Watch that the military would investigate the allegations.

The events in Garissa follow a series of human rights violations by security forces against ethnic Somalis and others. On November 11, soldiers in Garissa rounded up ethnic Somalis arbitrarily on the basis of their appearance, beat them, and forced them to sit in dirty water while interrogating them.

On November 24, following two grenade attacks on civilian targets in Garissa and an improvised explosive device (IED) attack on a military convoy in Mandera, police and soldiers rounded up hundreds of suspects in both towns. Some were beaten so severely that they suffered broken limbs. In the days following the attacks, suspects were arrested at random. Human Rights Watch interviewed some who were taken to Garissa military camp and forced to do humiliating exercises, such as standing on their heads, and were beaten if they could not comply.

Explosions in the town of Wajir in early December were also followed by arbitrary arrests and beatings. A local activist in Wajir told Human Rights Watch that after an IED went off on December 12, injuring an intelligence officer and several others, police and soldiers rounded up and beat ethnic Somalis over the next three days.

“They criminalize all Somali people,” he said. “Whenever a crime is committed, detaining and torturing people doesn’t seem like a good security strategy. It is creating a barrier between the people and the security forces.”

The worst abuses took place at Dadaab, home to over 460,000 mostly Somali refugees. A police officer was killed by an IED at Dadaab on December 5, leading to arbitrary arrests of those in the vicinity. After further explosions targeting police vehicles on December 19 and 20, one of them killing a police officer, police reacted angrily, beating refugees, and, in several cases, raping women. The chair of the Supreme Council of Muslims of Kenya, which conducted investigations in the camps, said that Kenyan police raped at least seven women following the explosions. Other victims suffered broken limbs.

A Garissa-based organization, Citizen Rights Watch, found that on the same occasion police looted dozens of shops, stealing over 27 million Kenyan shillings (US$310,000) worth of property and money that refugee traders stored in their shops.

Garissa residents interviewed by Human Rights Watch complained that police have not conducted thorough investigations to identify the actual perpetrators of either the initial attacks or the subsequent abuses by the security forces.

“Kenya’s security forces are rightly concerned about attacks by suspected al-Shabaab members, and should be doing more, not less, to identify the attackers,” Bekele said. “But beating, raping, and humiliating innocent Kenyan citizens and Somali refugees accomplishes nothing. Those in the security forces who are responsible for these abuses should be investigated and prosecuted.”

Tutumie habari +255786 806028 au

Kujiondoa Tuma Email kwenda

Kenya: Raila Leads In Latest Opinion Polls

PM Raila Odinga is the man to beat in the forthcoming General Election. This is according to the latest Insight Strategy Solutions Research opinion poll that shows the PM leading at 34.7% followed closely by Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta at 30.7%.
The third most popular candidate is Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka who got 8.2% and the fourth candidate is Eldoret North MP William Ruto who stands at 5.7%. Gichugu MP Martha Karua popularity according to the opinion poll stands at 3.7% while Internal Security Minister Prof George Saitoti got 2.6%. Another contender Peter Kenneth has 1.6% while the combination of the rest of the candidates who have announced their intention to vie for the seat will get a total of 2.7%. Another important factor in the opinion poll is that a bigger number of Kenyans are still undecided on who they will vote for. The figure of the undecided according to the opinion poll stands at 8.8%. According to the Insight Strategy Solutions Chief Executive Idy Pembere, the PM appears to be losing ground while Uhuru Kenyatta is gaining ground. Some of the reasons for Odinga to be losing ground according to the poll was the controversial Miguna Miguna sacking saga and the just concluded ODM elections that were chaotic. Pembere on the other hand said Kenyatta is gaining ground owing to sympathy due to the ICC case facing him.

Latest Opinion Polls Raila Leads the Presidential Aspirants
The latest opinion poll on presidential politics in Kenya was carried out in January 2012 by Opinion Polls and strategic solutions company known as Insight strategic solutions. The polls released on 11th January 2012 captured information about the popularity of presidential aspirants such as Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta, Kalonzo Musyoka, William Ruto among others.

The most notable was that Raila Odinga, the Prime minister has the highest popularity, followed closely by uhuru Kenyatta.

Raila Odinga was ahead by 34.7%, Uhuru kenyatta got 30.1%, Kalonzo Musyoka got 8.2% while William Ruto got 5%

ODM as a political party is the most popular at 37% PNU following at 35% whereas Kanu has 10.2% Wiper Democratic Movement led bu Kalonzo had a popularity of 6%. UDM was only popular with 1% of the respondents.


From: Tebiti Oisaboke

Dear fellow Kenyans

Police Commissioner Mathews Iteere is one of the candidates who have been shortlisted to the newly created Director of Police vetting process. However, its unbelievable to hear that Comm Iteere has been doing shoddy investigations pertaining to white collar crimes committed by the mighty and powerful individuals. All the white collar criminals’ files he has forwarded to the DPP’s office for prosecution are returned to him because of one reason or another. Mr. Keraito Ole Tobiko has returned several high profiles files to Comm Iteere with recommendations that the evidence given is inadequate. Mr. Ole Tobiko returned the file of the late second year student at the U of N Ms. Mercy C. Keino and asked Iteere with his lieutenants to redo it over and present the file back to his office in two weeks. That was last summer and to this day we haven’t heard whether Comm Iteere ever concluded his assignment and hand in Mercy’s file so that her family may get the justice they have so long yearned for. This is because the culprits who are involved with Mercy’s brutal death are untouchable powerful drug barons. The evidence adduced by the eyewitness who were present at the scene of murder said it all. Why was the host never interviewed? Why were the guards transferred to another location/cite? He conducted a hasty investigation of which was going to exonerate all the culprits. The Olympian, Mr. Samuel Kamau Wambui’s murder mystery has not been settled in court yet. How long does it take him to investigate any case marked “URGENT”? He seems to spend a tone of public time investigating one case thus waisting tax payer’s money. And when he finishes one case, its not strong enough to send the white collar criminals on vacation behind bars or in the joint for a long time.

This is exactly what he did with Baron John Mwau’s case. He did a shoddy investigative job which even the judge wondered where his detectives were trained. He threw the case out of the window and Mwau walked out to the streets a free man. Other examples are Hon Samoei arap Ruto’s Ksh 276 Million case. Lack of sufficient evident exonerated Ruto. Sonko Mbuvi is still entertaining the Nairobians with his Akamba jigs outside Tinga’s office. He has been arrested several times and he says posting bail is not a big deal to him and his solders. All he tells the judge is “Give me the figure”. He dished out live goats and cows to his solders for Christmas, I hope he remembered his judge too. A Mr. Kobia who came to the limelights when the DRC gold saga was unearthed walked out of court a free man too for lack of evidence. The man manufactured billions of Kshs out of the loot. And is resting at his home enjoying the proceeds while Kabila Jr. is still scratching his head to death. There are very many scandals involving senior civil servants which have taken place under Iteere’s watch. Take for example the FPE funds, nobody has been aligned before the court of law to face fraud charges. Jr who is Kenya’s treasury custodian passed the bill to the common tax payers to foot the bill and refund the donor’s cash back. How long are we going to do this with Iteere sleeping carelessly on his job? How about those who grabbed state land and built homes on them? Case of the 2007/08 election perpetrators who were supposed to be tried locally hasn’t taken off the ground yet. And the list goes on and on.

Yesterday, the DPP Mr. Ole Tobiko returned the DCJ Baraza’s file to his office citing lack of congruent evidence to prosecute her. Comm Iteere had hurriedly conducted his police investigation and convinced that they had solid evidence to charge Justice Baraza with an illegal fire arms possession, forwarded the file to Tobiko’s office for action. However when the DPP perused through the file he found out a tone full of errors and returned it back to Iteere with instruction to correct the errors and send it back in two weeks. I hope this time the two weeks will not turn out to be two years just as it has taken that long to arrest and produce those behind her murder. Comm Iteere had strong vowed to resign if DCJ Baraza will not be prosecuted, now since the file has been taken back for further investigation, is he still debating on when he is gonna step down in protest? We are anxiously waiting to see that happen and he will be the first top ranking security official to do that since independence. Or did he utter these words to please the police vetting commissioners so that he can earn leverage credits to pocket the D of P designation? If that is the case, its unfair for him to bay for Justice Baraza’s blood and the expense of his own selfish benefits. He should equally apply justice to ALL citizens including Ms. Keino, Wambui, the millions of Kenyan children who have been robbed of their right to education by these knuckleheads he is trying to defend. Our poor tax payers should not be made to pay for crimes committed by the already extremely rich and stable folks. By the way, WHY is he rushing to prosecute Justice Nance and trying to make sure that she indeed faces the music, is it because she is a woman and the other white collar criminals are men? Iteere has been scoring “F” grades ever since he was tapped for the office of C of P. He has been unable to successfully push for the police reforms. His lieutenants are the most corrupt civil servants and undisciplined forces in Kenya.Insecurity is rampant in the country and police harassment is an all time high these days. If he really wants Baraza to be prosecuted and I also wish she is if there is credible evidence that she committed the gun wielding crime at the VM, then let him prosecute the other pending white collar crimes and reopen those which were erroneously concluded and bring them back to court. We all know without any doubt that Samoie arap Ruto bought his freedom by hiring and monetarily compromising the key prosecution witness. A bunch of police detectives have lost their lives in the line of duty while investigating drug trafficking in Kenya. Have their killers been arrested and charged with their killings?

In conclusion, I would like to see Comm Iteere stepping down from his office if judge Baraza is not prosecuted. AND SHE MIGHTY NOT!! MARK MY WORDS. Kenya is a funny country where the powerful and elite class commits crimes and NOTHING or no action is taken against them. Comm Iteere knows that game very well and was I think he was not very serious with his words, he was just tying to show us that he is really serious with his job so that he may be confirmed as the first D of Police. In Kenya, we say that “Waswahili Hujuan Kwa Vilemba”. They will always cover up their traits and defend themselves at any cost. But on the other hand, things are supposed to have changed for the better with the dispensation of the new constitution. This is not during Mzee Sr’s time when people like Dr. Z.T. Onyonka could make an impromptu visit to any health care facility, spank nurses and walk out without anything happening. This is a new Kenya where NOBODY is above the law including the chief legal custodians’ servants. So, Comm Iteere please get your resignation letter ready because we are on count down time now, hoping that you were serious with your words. We are grown ups and we don’t like games any more and anything you say may be held against you and you career.

Let JUSTICE reign to ALL people in corners of Kenya

Good luck in your fantasies


The following article has been recommended:

Baraza gun probe is shoddy, says Tobiko

Kenya: Banning of political speeches at funeral gathering in Luo-Nyanza is most welcome by residents

Writes Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

The stern security measure of banning political speeches in funeral gatherings inside Luo-Nynza is most welcomed as a security precaution by the government to pre-empting in possible disaster in waiting.

Issue the ban, the Internal Security Assistant Minister Joshua Orwa Ojode warned that leaders who take politics to funeral places now risk being arrested on the sport.

The chairman of the Luo Council of Elders Ker Meshack Riaga Ogalo is among the community leaders who readily welcomed the government decision citing insecurity, especially during this year of the impending general elections. It is also in line with the Luo culture and traditional norm that the departed souls are given peaceful and solemn sending off.

The Assistant Minister was reaction came about following last Sunday incident in Oyugis in Rachuonyo South district where Immigration and Registration of Persons Minister Gerald Otieno Kajwang, Kasipul-Kabondo MPOyugi Maguwanga, the chairman of the ODM election board Eng.Phillip Okoth Okundi’, civic and ODM party leaders, Senate, Parliamentary and County Governorship aspirants were forced to scamper for their dear lives when they were caught in chaos and fighting melee that had erupted at a funeral.

The ugly incident which saw scores of youth sustaining serious injuries occurred during the burial of the immediate former Mayor of Oyugis Town, the late Coun Ogweno Ong’ondo.

The chaos erupted following the heated argument and disagreement over protocol between the area MP and ODM party boss prompting the youths allied to both side of the local political divide to swung into action during chairs and stones flew over the main dais causing bodily injuries to many mourners.

The residents and observers alike blamed the incident on the abrasive MP and also cited the arrival of many professional mourners who are to be roaming all over the villages appearing in almost every one single funeral after being hired to deliver slanderous speeches against the targeted victims, mainly aspirants for the various elective positions under the new constitutional dispensations. Others comes in their hundreds and thousands hoping to get handout cash from potential aspirants and for the purpose of feasting on free food provided to guests by the bereaved families.

“Let politicians be warned that we will arrest them and disrupt their speeches at funerals. Let them hold political rallies instead of using funerals to preach politics,” said the Minister, adding that Churches have been asked to take a leading role to ensure that politicians hijack funerals.”

The Anglican Church of Kenya Maseno West Bishop Joseph Wasonga welcomed the move, saying it was wise to respect the dead n the bereaved families.”We as a diocese had long banned politics at funerals, and we are happy that the government has followed the suit,” the Bishop said.

A near bloody confrontation occurred last Saturday following disagreement between the Luo Nomiya Church clergymen who had turned to perform the Christian burial rituals of the ODM politician Zachariah Omolo at Kokuro village, Sakwa Central, Awendo district within Migori County where one the local leaders who Is a suspect in another recent incident in Rongo where hired youths had been sent to disrupt a gathering of another group leading to the hacking to death more than five youths, is said to have issued instruction for the youths to be beat up the priest for refusing to allow political speeches.

But the churchmen stood their ground leading to a temporary disruption of the burial ceremony, which only resume several hours after the politician and their gangs of youth have cleared the funeral homestead.

The funeral gatherings are said to be attracting those aspiring for the various elective positions from far flung parts of the region, and professional mourners and hirelings.

One notorious professional mourner is said to have been seen making political speeches in funerals in far places like Mfangano, and Rusinga Islands and traversing the entire Homa-Bay region covering all the funeral homes in Karachuoyo Kasipul -Kabondo, Gwassi, Ndhiwa,Rangwe and Homa-Bay. The man is said to be an ex-civic leader who is politically bankrupt and could not even win a primary school committee in his own home turf. But he has been suffocating funeral goers everywhere with his political rhetorics.

Many residents of the region have welcomed the government statement on funerals in Nyanza which are becoming dangerous with high security risk. When fighting broke out, the sufferers are aged men and omen as ell as children and those who had lost their loved ones.

Across section of Luo leaders said the banning was the most appropriate action taken by the government imed at safeguarding the Wananchi who attend the funerals of their departed relatives. But who are of late been polarized by professional mourner and power brokers.


Kenya: Mwau Pulls Kibaki Into Drugs Case

from Judy Miriga

Kenya: Mwau Pulls Kibaki Into Drugs Case
by Susan Muhindi
10 January 2012

FORMER Ethics and governance PS John Githongo has been ordered not to organise public demonstrations against President Kibaki, his family and Kilome MP Harun Mwau over allegations of drug trafficking.

High Court Judge Pauline Nyamweya yesterday directed that the defendants who had not filed in their response do so before February 14 when the case will be heard.

In June 2011 Mwau was formally named as a global drugs kingpin by American President Barrack Obama. The former assistant minister of Transport then resigned his Cabinet post but has since been fighting to clear his name. The case was heard ex-parte because Githongo and his fellow defendants claimed that they had not been served with a summons. They said they only discovered that the hearing was yesterday morning when a lawyer’s letter was pushed under the office door of Ndungu Wainaina of the International Centre for Policy and Conflict.

Mwau’s suit was apparently prompted by a meeting at the British High Commission on November 28, 2011. Githongo allegedly briefed about 30 activists on the need to hold demonstrations against the drugs trade in Kenya and the role of a drugs kingpin who he identified as Harun Mwau.

Yesterday a colleague of Githongo’s said he never attended any meeting at the British High Commission on November 28 and that he did not receive any funding from the UK government. The friend described the alleged plot as a “complete cook-up”. In December Mwau filed an application, that was certified as urgent by Justice George Odunga, stating that Githongo was planning demonstrations across Kenya to tarnish his name and destroy his businesses.

Mwau’s suit claimed that US$1 million (Sh90 million) would be used to orchestrate the the campaign. Yesterday Justice Nyamweya allowed four points in Mwau’s injunction against Githongo and ten other defendants, including, curiously, the Attorney General. Government is presumably also now barred from commenting on Mwau’s activities.

Firstly the court accepted that the ten defendants and their “servants/agents…. be restrained from engineering public demonstrations and chaos and/or in any way interfering with or disrupting or dismantling or by use of placard messages targeting the First Family, the plaintiff and/or any of his businesses”. The inclusion of President Kibaki and his family in Mwau’s injunction caused surprise as they have not previously been accused of involvement in the drugs trade. They were also not party to Mwau’s suit so it is not clear why the High Court granted the injunction protecting the Kibaki family.

Secondly the defendants were blocked from organising demonstrations to provoke the police.

Thirdly the defendants were ordered to hand over any documents about “narcotics drug trafficking” and the “culprits” to Mwau, the Attorney General and the court.

Fourthly, the defendants were ordered to “be restrained” from “making any allegation on drug trafficking about the Plaintiff whether directly or indirectly”. The ban appears to include “associates, co-conspirators, servants and/or agents” so it could be interpreted as blocking the media generally from writing about Mwau and the drugs trade. In another curious twist, two of the defendants filed replying affidavits denying their part in the ‘plot’

Former Mungiki leader Ndura Waruinge yesterday asked for his name struck out as he is a law abiding citizen and is not privy to any information linking Mwau to drug trafficking.

He says he attended the November meeting at the British High Commission believing it was to raise awareness about drugs but then realised it was to hatch a plan for President Obama to take action against Mwau as a drug trafficker. “I am a victim of circumstances as I was mislead to believe that I would play a useful role in drug awareness campaign by Githongo in attending the meeting only to learn that it was a strategy meeting against Mwau,” he states.

Micheal Kiragu, also a defendant, yesterday applied to have his name struck out of the suit saying that he never intended to campaign against Mwau. He said he went to the meeting believing that it was about drug awareness but Githongo then addressed them saying the police had failed to deal with the drugs problem so it was necessary to demonstrate against Mwau who was “the drugs kingpin”.

The defendants in Mwau’s suit are Githongo, Ndungu Wainaina, Twaweza Ni Sisi, Tom Mboya, Ndura Waruingi, Micheal Kiragu, Kenneth Mungai, Fred Bunde, Edwin Muturi, and the Attorney General. After Obama identified Mwau as a drugs kingpin, Mwau claimed his life was in danger. Mwau’s car was mysteriously shot at in Nairobi a week later but Police Commissioner Matthew Iteere dismissed the shooting as a fabrication. In November, assistant Internal Security minister Orwa Ojode told Parliament there was no evidence to link Mwau or Juja MP William Kabogo to drug trafficking.

Kenya: The Zimmerman Consultative Forum- 12th Jan

From: odhiambo okecth


We hosted The Zimmerman Consultative Forum today at Zimmerman at 10am in an even that was attended by 97 leaders from the area led by Cllr Kinoti, area Councilor, Mr. Romano Mikigu- area Chief, Mr. Samson Kaindi- area Assistant Chief, Ms Rose Kunga- Area Divisional Environment Officer, members of the District Peace Committee and many more.

Area Ass Chief Mr. Kaindi, Odhiambo T Oketch- in Green, Mr Peter Mbol of KCDN in white and area leaders just before the Forum

The Forum was a build up activity for our first Clean up activity this year under the auspices of A Litter Less Kenya at 50 which we will host at Zimmerman on the 21st January 2012 from 7.00am.

The Consultative Forums are a precursor to The Clean-up Campaigns and during these meetings, we mobilize and sensitize the invited leaders on 3 Thematic Areas namely;

Environmental Management- where we invited the leaders present to be our agents on the ground in helping to sensitize Kenyans that a Clean Kenya Starts with Me. We invited the people to take personal charge of how we dispose of our waste. The sentiments were also echoed by Cllr Kinoti and Chief Mikigu. Cllr Kinoti indicated that soon, we will be seeing Kenyans fighting over waste- ati- mbona ume iba taka yangu. This was in confirmation to the concept of waste is wealth, where we want to see Waste Handlers paying for our waste which we have sorted out at home.
Peace Building- where we invited Kenyans to maintain peace amongst ourselves at all times. We agreed that we can vote differently and still be One Family Under God as Kenyans. We invited Kenyans not to fight each other because of politics, resources or clannish issues. God in His magnanimity gave us Kenya and we must be proud being Kenyans.
Good Governance- We noted that next year, Kenya will be celebrating her 50th Birth day and asked ourselves to soul search and see if we have anything that makes us proud of this milestone. We have voted faithfully every 5 years and what are the achievements that we can bank. We hence decided that we will look at leaders from the prism of Chapter 6 of our Constitution and vote for only those who merit our expectations on Integrity and Ethical Values. Time has come when we must isolate leadership from the chaff. We must identify leaders from all those who will present themselves and vote for them regardless of how wealthy they are or they political loyalty. Political Parties are vehicles through which power is won, but the trodden path had proved to us that voting 3 piece has entrenched democratic dictatorship and this has ended giving us Journeymen for leaders.
They then become our Goodwill Ambassodors on the same across Kenya.

Odhiambo T Oketch, Cllr Kinoti and Ms Rose Kunga during the Forum

We must thank all those who made the meeting of today a success. We must thank Ms Irene Wasike, Dr Abraham Korir Sibg’oei, Mr. Lameck Siage- all of KCDN, Mr. Ben Nyamweya, Mr. Hezbon Omondi and Cllr Kinoti for their financial support during the mobilization period and even for the hosting of the Forum today.

We must thank the Provincial Administration, the City Council of Nairobi, the many Civic Society Organizations and the local leaders for turning out in large numbers to be with us today.

Section of the participants during the Forum

Lastly, we must thank the KCDN Team, Paul, Dorothy and Anthony for ensuring that today was a success.

Let us roll our sleevs and meet at Base Stage at Zimmerman on the 21st January 2012 at 7am and move to the trenches as a team.

The Litter Bin Programmes launch by Dr Alice Kaudia- Environment Secretary- Ministry of Environment and Mineral resources.

A Clean and Litter Less Kenya at 50 is possible. Just do your part.

Peace and blessings,

Odhiambo T Oketch,
National Coordinator- The Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign
Tel; 0724 365 557,

Kenya: Police want Baraza tried- How reliable is Comm Iteere?

From: Tebiti Oisaboke

With all due respect, I’m perturbed to hear police commissioner insisting on prosecuting the DCJ Nancy Baraza for illegal gun charges at the Village Market saga on new year’s eve. I am not in any way trying to defend altercations which transpired between Chief Baraza and the security officer Kerubo Morara. I do absolutely agree the DCJ Baraza should face the law for vindication as any other citizen because when she when shopping at the village Mkt, she she didn’t conduct herself as a DCJ in office but as a street woman. She has only been in office for just a few weeks and should expect everybody in Kenya to know who she is. She does not feature in newspapers or TV screens on a daily basis just as most of our prominent political figures do. So its not Officer Kerubo Morara’s fault for failure to recognize her.

Having said that, I would like to turn to my question, How reliable is Commissioner Iteere and his lieutenants? Prior to the JSC winding up with their emergency meeting which was convened by the CJ Dr Willy Mutunga this past Monday to discuss his deputy’s saga at the Village Mrk, Comm. Iteere addressed a news conference at his office where he announced that the police investigations on judge Baraza had been concluded and they have credible evidence to warrant prosecution on gun charges against her. We are all excited to hear that because we want the law to be applied to all citizens regardless of what status they hold in society. The elite and the mighty powerful have always been harassing the poor and defenseless multitude in Kenya. Its about time this has to come to an end. Many have agreed with the fact that if it was Officer Morara who had “harassed” the DCJ, she could have been locked up immediately. I remember, in 1079 when Pres Nyayo took the reigns of power, he went to Kiambu township in one of his meet the people trips he conducted throughout the country. An 84 year old grandfather attempted to break through his security barricade and hand him a dossier he written. He was summarily swept off and locked up without Nyayo’s knowledge. When word reach him (Nyayo) he ordered for his release and asked his note. And in 1970, when the late Dr. Thadeus Zakaria Onyonka was appointed the Minister for health for the first time, he traversed the country checking on how the healthcare personnel were handling their clients (patients). He conducted one un announced stop to Kisii district hospital where my late dad used to work as a clinical officer. He caught some nurses sleeping off their night duty without making their ward rounds. The man slapped these ladies terribly and some are said to have wetted themselves because it was their minister beating them. Sure enough, the minister was doing the right thing but things like this should not be allowed to happen in modern Kenya.

Coming back to Comm Iteere, I think the chap is pushing for the DC Justice’s prosecution so that he can score some accolades to enable him secure the post of Director of Police. The vetting for those shortlisted has been temporarily suspended. Mr. Iteere wants to look like he is indeed doing his job. If that is the case, where has he been before when their have been a tone of white collar crimes which have happened during his tenor in office and has never taken any action. To this day we are still in limbo as to who killed Olympian Samuel Wamui. The killers have not been brought to book. What about the mysterious brutal murder of UoN second year student Ms Mercy Chepkemboi Keino? Even lay folks like me who have absolutely no criminal justice training, could tell who was responsible in Ms. Keino’s death. Then why has it been so difficulty for his lieutenants to arrest and prosecute the culprits? We already know who they are, and still strolling freely in the streets of the City in the Sun. Are they so important and above the law than Sis Baraza? We have a bunch of influential drug barons of which Iteere has never dared to arrest and lock them up. WHY? Hon John Mwau was left to walk out of court Scot free. Hon Samoie arap Ruto was let go of his Ksh 276 million and is chasing the state house lease. Sonko Mbuvi an inmate escapee is still doing his Akamba dances in the streets. Wamalwa has teamed up with the Mungiki leader Maina Ngenga and pursuit for the statehouse lease too. Just last week, Mr. Kobia and company who were accused of being involved with the DRC gold scandal were exonerate by the court for lack of evidence. We also cannot the police officers and detectives who have been killed while investigating the drug menace in Kenya. Iteere has not even compensated the family of the officer who mysteriously collapsed and passed on while collecting evidence from Baron Mwau’s vehicle mid last year. What makes him think that if we give him the post of Director of Police he will deliver justice to the poor masses in Kenya?? He is not even able to control the Mungiki goons in Nairobi who are terrorizing innocent citizens every day. His own men and women in force are the leading corrupt civil servants we have in Kenya and has not done anything to stop the epidemic. The force is out of control and ill disciplined. If he is aspiring for the post of DP, he should have started doing what was required of him to do from day one when he was hand picked for the Commissioner’s office. We have a laundry full bag of dirt linens for him to wash before he even thinks of the DP’s office. Its unfair for Iteere to bay for DC Justice’s blood when he has not effectively prosecuted other powerful criminals in Kenya. Justice should be even to ALL regardless where one comes from, who they are or what they do for their living. Nobody in Kenya is more Kenyan than another Kenyan!!!

Let JUSTICE reign to ALL Kenyans of all walks of life from corner to corner.

God bless Kenya and Africa at large

The following article has been recommended:

Police want Baraza tried

Kenya: Ode to the heart

from reasoning kenyan

This is for the restless heart,
for it has become hard of hearing,
or deaf it pretends.

Listen you four chambered imp,
why dont you listen!!
Am tired of you, and your pretensions..NKT!!

whatever you seek, exists no more,
those dreams you harbour are but that
that beauty deeper than skin is a mirage,
a thing of yore.

So why ,
Cant you be happy,
or even just indifferent?
Why do you look on coldly, why..
why do you always accuse of doing wrong?

The eyes have looked,
many a beauty they have beheld..
the loins have stirred, even been enveloped..
in a sweet warm wetness..
even when the game is entertaining,
with disdain you look on..

Am telling you today..
learn to make do,
and shove your ambitions to hell,
for what you seek is unattainable.
.too far removed from reality

You seek to embrace another,
an eternal embrace,that burns.with love,
but love died,
I was at her burial..
all that remains is her ghost..
ghosts are to be feared
not hunted
lest they haunt..

Evolution..evolve you ignorant prick,
Convenience is in vogue,
and am fashionable
Take it..and smile..
I am modern..infact post modern
but you..
you are still a cave man,
before even fire..was you..
how come you never grow up?

Why do you say no..
when the body is happy,
the loins up and dancing,
the brain excited..
yet sad you are
what the hell do you want?
last warning..behave…behave!.

Am tempted to disown you,
into sound proof cave lock you,
to forget your incessant nagging,
like Ruto you will never settle,
a rebel without cause..

Quiet now..
you might give me indigestion..
And money to make awaits..
And time just go with it..HUH!
I dont care what you feel or think..and you cant think..
spare me what you feel..
you can even hang yourself..
Even kids do it when they cant pass a stinking exam.
AHH wacha za ovyo!!


from Lee Makwiny

ODM Secretary General Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o has warned politicians against using foul language when campaigning for elective positions.

Prof. Nyong’o says, use of derogatory language by politicians defeats the real purpose of democracy especially at this time when Kenyans are preparing for the General Election.

Addressing a Media Conference at ODM Headquarters – Orange House today on tomorrow’s ODM Leaders Strategic Conference scheduled for KCB Leadership Centre in Karen, Nairobi, Prof. Nyong’o said ODM was in the process of ensuring ‘civic culture’ among its members to avoid flouting the relevant laws.

He said the civic culture was necessary for politicians adding that use of civilized language during campaigns was important. Prof. Nyong’o said that the theme of tomorrow’s leaders meeting is ‘A Winning Strategy for ODM’.

He said the meeting which brings together a section of elected officials from all the branches in the country namely Chairman, Secretary, Youth Leader and Women Leader will be used to put in place mechanisms that will help ODM win this year’s general election.

Oduya et al,

This is the statement by our Secretary General.

He said, being the most popular party in Kenya and with the largest following across the country, ODM will embark on a countrywide exercise of voter education particularly on the need for acquiring Identity Cards and registering as voters.He urged the Ministry of Immigration and Registration of Persons to ensure youths who are 18 years and above acquire ID’s to help them register as voters and take part in the general election.

Prof. Nyong’o said ODM stands for equality, truth and democracy adding that the Kenya of today needs a political party that can unify all Kenyans. “We would like to set an example to people that politics must have some form of civic culture to ensure that the country is not ruined” said the Medical Services Minister.

Said he “each one of us has a right and nobody is should be seen to be more equal than the other”.

On calls by some party members to have ‘repeat party elections’ in some areas, Prof. Nyong’o said the party’s activities will not be stalled by poll petitions saying that such can be handled as the party continues with its activities and programmes. He said the National Elections Board of the party will continue addressing the issues raised by party members regarding irregularities in some areas during the party grassroots elections and will soon be making a statement on the same.

Prof. Nyong’o said tomorrow’s meeting in Nairobi will be used as a bonding session for the newly elected party officials from across the country saying that as we head towards the electioneering period, there was need for party officials from all Counties to know each other for harmony.
“Soon the High Court will make a ruling on the date for the General Election and we want all our party officials from across Kenya to be familiar with each other so that we all can speak with harmony” said the Kisumu Rural Member of Parliament.

Present during the press conference were the ODM Executive Director Ms. Janet Ong’era, Dr. Joseph Misoi, the Secretary to the National Elections Board, Mrs. Judy Pareno, a Member of the National Elections Board, Mrs. Zainabu Chizugha from Kwale who recently defected to ODM from KADDU, Mr. David Sonkok from Eldoret North in Uasin Gishu County among others.

ODM Party Leader Mr. Raila Odinga and his Deputy Mr. Musalia Mudavadi will grace the occasion.



I am appealing to all Kenyan Community members in twin cities and around to come to get together as one and give this young life a well deserved send off worth the lifestyle she lived. In life she cheared up many lonely and sad lives with her warm smile, in death, we can only give her a warm send off telling her thank you on behalf of the many lives she touched. Thanks.

“I shall pass through this life but once, If there is any good I can do let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again….”

From: daniel monari

To our community,

The funeral organizing committee for the late Jeannette Kibagendi wishes to inform the community that there will be a prayer and memorial service to be held in remembrance of the late on Sunday January 15th at Progressive Baptist Church, 1505 Burns Avenue Saint Paul Minnesota 55106. This event will be hosted by Progressive Baptist Church where the late Jeanette used to fellowship. Visitation will take place as from 3:00PM-4:00PM followed by a prayer service to be conducted by Rev Dr Miller and then to refreshments in the fellowship hall in the Church Basement.

Member of the community, family, friends and well-wishers will also have an opportunity to view the body during the prayer and fundraiser on Saturday 2/14/2012 at the CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE, 501 73RD AVENUE NORTH BROOKLYN CENTER MN 55444 as from 4PM.

Contributions towards the funeral, burial and Hospital expenses are being received by the committee and for those who will not be able to attend the fundraiser or are out of state, your donations can be sent Jeannette Kibagendi Fund, TCF BANK Account # 7441591237.

For all other questions, please direct them NOT to the grieving family which is already overwhelmed by the loss but to the Committee chairmen Dr Edwin Bogonko and Philip Omesa. Their phone numbers are 652-334-1200 and 763-267-5710 respectively.

(for the committee)

The ICC judges ‘Must Calculer’.

From: Joram Ragem

Here is my final submission your honors

I am basing my argument based on how and why Zinedine Zidane of France was sent off at the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final match. Matterazzi insulted him. We saw it, but the referee did not see it. Zidane retaliated. We saw it and the linesman saw it. He told the referee and Zidane was sent off. Matterazzi instigated it all. What he did was wrong, in the eyes of God and man. However there was no real tangible evidence of what Matterazzi did before the eyes of the referee. Zidane reacted by defending his attacked humane dignity. He head-butted Matterazzi. It might have been justified, but the soccer rules are clear. It was wrong to retaliate. Not only did France lose the World Cup, but Zidane was banned from soccer for a while. Earlier he had announced his retirement. Zidane was an excellent player. But the many more who did not know him, now remember him for the head butting incidence. This has formed part of his legacy. Now apply this scenario to Kenya’s PEV circumstances and the pending ICC verdict. If the shoes fit, let them wear it. If the gloves don’t fit, the judges must acquit. But best of of all, to the ICC judges and Ocampo, one Prince Eyango tells you, “YOU MUST CALCULER.” Because what Kenyans want is Peace.

I am Joram Ragem.

You are not.

Kenya: Lobbying and scrambling have intensified ahead of the appointment of new Lake Victoria South Water Service Board

Reports Ndira Uradi In Kisumu City.

Scrambling and lobbying have intensified in Kisumu City and its environs ahead of the much expected appointment of the new Board of Directors of the Kisumu based Lake Victoria South Water Service Board {LVEWSB}.he previous board, which was headed by George Ndonji from Ugenya was sent packing last month.

The board’s former controversial CEO Eng Michael Ocheng’s who also hails from Ugenya constituency was recalled back to the Water Services Ministry. Alot of behind the scene lobbying involving politicians, influential and powerful men and women canvassing for their relatives and surrogates is reported to have intensified.

One particular political family, which is notorious for practicing nepotism is said to have been heard proposing and suggesting the names of people who hails from within their home turf for such appointments.

The previous board had been scathingly criticized for having succumbed to the whims of one particular influential family that had turned the institution their “milking cow” winning nearly almost every tender o supplies. The board was accused of allegedly practicing favoritism in its procurements.

All the important tenders for the board’s project were irregularly and corruptly awarded to the sons of one influential politician-cum-businessman who is said to have a vast business interests in Kisumu City. The sons are said to have done shoddy job, but continued winning tenders for all the procurement because their father had acted as the godfather of the top management of the board.

However, this time around, the Kisumu residents are up in arms to ensure that the right person scooped the directorship jobs at the board so that it could serve the resident in an efficient manner, which is devoid of corruption and favoritism. They have appealed to the Minister for Water Resources Hon Madame Charity Kaluki Ngilu to appoint only upright persons to the water board.

The appealed to Ngilu to exercise his Ministerial powers conferred to her by the constitution and to ignore names of relatives of powerful politician in the region who are known to be notorious in forwarding the names if their kith and kin for such government appointments. The residents want the Minister to act at her own discretion and go only for the best men and women.

The activities of some prominent politicians in Luo-Nyanza linked to the exploitation of resources of the disbanded water board are likely to surface during the impending general elections.

Resident are so disappointed that only one family had monopolized the business with this institution thereby minting millions of shillings through irregular tender awarding of procurement worth millions of shillings, and yet Kisumu City continue to experience acute and perennial water shortage.

The situation could only be adequately addressed if the Minister is given free hand to pick the right person for the next board,” remarked one civic leader who wished to maintain his anonymity.

The board’s previous management had leaned on the very notorious family presumably for the protection of the job security making the board which is a public institution to look like a family property.

Residents have expressed the hope that the Ministry this time around will shift fro the practices of appointing the directors and top managers of the board whose serves only one family at the expense of the residents. While welcoming the appointment of the new CEO the resident advised Eng Agumba to shift from the habit of favoring one particular family when it come to doing business with the water board.



From: Tebiti Oisaboke

It has been reported from some very reliable sources that the embattled DCJ Ms. Nancy Baraza is praying and sleeping over the idea of stepping down tomorrow morning. Many concerned citizens are asking, why now? She should have done that ten days ago.

Stay tuned


Kenya: Ker Riaga Ogalo appealed to Luo leaders to humble themselves and avoid using goons at funeral gatherings

Writes Ndira-Uradi

The Chairman of the Luo Council of Elders “Ker” Meschak Riaga Ogalo has expressed fear about the escalating act of violence inside Luo-Nyanza and appealed to politician and their supporters to restrain their followers from actions that cause insecurity in the area.


He was reacting to an incident which took place Sunday in hi own backyard of Oyugis where mourners including a cabinet Minister were forced to scamper for their safety as fiercest fighting between the two different political camps raged.

The incident left score of youth seriously injured, while highly respected dignitaries were forced to flee the homestead of the former chairman of Oyugis Town Council, the late Coun. Ogweno Ong’ondo. The incident occurred at Kaditong’e in Kachien Location, Kasipul-Kabondo with the County of Homa-Bay.

Ker Ogalo said the burial of a departed soul, according to Luo traditional, culture and norm, is a, exclusive solemn ceremony for close members of the deceased families, and does not require the importation of a large number of political goons and hirelings from other arts of the region.

Ker Riaga blamed the alarming increases in the spate of violence at funeral places .These incidences have resulted in serious injuries being sustained by innocent mourners, particularly aged men and women as well as children. The practice must come to and end immediately.

Mzee Riaga blamed the escalating violence in funeral homes in Luo-Nyanza on the recent emergence of political brokers and hirelings who are reportedly hired and imported to funeral homes by politicians who hires them to distort the characters of their perceived political enemies.

‘”At times these hirelings are openly engaged in speeches which amounted to characters assassination. They are not genuine funeral goers, but hired specifically to speak on behalf of their invisible masters to distort the characters of their perceive opponents either real or imagined, “said Ker Riaga.

The hireling have been seen addressing each and very funeral gathering, one or two being so famous of roaming the entire Homa-Bay County and demanding to be allowed to address the mourners, and in the exercises engaged in attacking the characters of personalities and aspirants for the various elective positions within the County governance, parliament and senate.

Luo culture and customarily law requires anyone who is over 40 of age to strictly attend the funeral of either a close relative or personal acquaintance. The guest mourner is only allowed to address other mourners if he or she is personally acquitted to the deceased or had blood relations, but no Tom Dick and Hurry. And even in such a situation the permission of the family must be obtained before the visitor is allowed to address the mourner. But of lately these political hirelings on hire have been heard speaking in almost every funeral even of those persons who are aliens to them.

It is a very unfortunate state of affairs that these hirelings do invite themselves to funeral homes for the purpose of attracting handouts from politicians and food from the deceased families thereby over-burdening them.

Ker Riaga appealed to politicians in Luo-Nyanza to stop the use of funeral gathering as political platform and to humble themselves to one another, particularly during this yea of general election so that they could maintain their unanswered unity and vote as a bloc. In this way the community could succeed in realizing their political ambition in voting in the next president of their own choice.

“Hiring goons to hurl insults at opponents could cause breaches of peace, hindering the best component of peaceful development”, said Ker Riaga who revealed that he missed the last Sunday incident, which took place only six kilometer away from his rural home by a whisker because he had traveled to Ndhiwa at the invitation of the Assistant Minister for the Internal Security Joshua Orwa Ojode who ha organized a New Year party his Unga home near Ndhiwa Town.


Kenya: Government is urged to control funeral gatherings inside Luoi-Nyanza as they are increasingly becoming dangerous for the public safety

Reports Ndira Uradi In Awendo Town

The campaign for different elective positions inside Luo-Nyanza has taken dangerous dimension, which is causing serious breakdown to the safety of innocent people, especially funeral goers.

Taking into account the fresh incident which occurred in Rongo district in which six people were hacked to death after factional confrontation between the different groups of the ODM, fears now persist of possible recurrence of similar incident, particularly when funeral homes are turned into political venues of confrontations.

An incident occurred last Saturday in Kokuro village in Central Sakwa, Awendo district,m which is still part of the Rongo constituency. It was during the buria of the late Zacharia Omolo, the ODM sub-branch chairman for Central Sakwa location.

Two parliamentary aspirants were in attendance. They were the two time former MP for the larger Homa-Bay Phares Ouoch Kanindo and the as[prant for Awendo parliamentary sea Fred Otieno Kopiyo, who is the Principal of Gamba Secondary School.

Also in attendance were a nominated Councilor in Awendo Ton Council Odera Awene, Coun Gordon Achilla from Kamagambo South Ward and and Councilor David Ndira of Awendo Town Council. The chairman of Awendo Town Council Coun Johnson Omolo Owiro was also in attendance.

The deceased was a member of the Luo Nomiya Church which had sent it priest to conduct the Christian burial ceremony.and after the church had completed its preaching it became the turn of the politicians and members of the provincial Administration to make their speeches when the church all of sudden moved in and decided to conduct a parallel ceremony/With two speakers talking loudly within the funeral home, the entire funeral goers became confused.

The church insisted that politicians were wasting their time and they wanted to complete the solemn burial ceremony. The politicians on the other side decided that each prominent politician inn attendance must be given a chance to address the mourners. As the situation threatened to get out of hands, someone in the crowd shouted calling for the intervention of the ODM youths who in turn swiftly swung into action ready to beat up the church men. The mourners got scampered and run into different directions fearing the confrontation could led to physical combat. Women and children run helter salter and within minutes the unreal home was deserted.

The trouble had started when a civic leader from Nyatike whose name was only given as Coun.Nyakwaka from Nyandiwa told the mourners to support Phares Oluo Kanindo in his bid to get elected to the Senate. Coun. Nyakwaka is a member of PNU. It could be remembered that in 2008 all the elected civic leaders in Nyatike were members of the PNU after confusion within ODM secretariat and the party failed to present its candidates. It took close to six months before the PNU councilors could be sworn into office. They had fled across the borer and went into self-impose exile in the neighboring Tanzania fearing for their lives.

During the same election Phares Oluoch Kanindo had contested the election of Ford People Party’s ticket after losing out in ODM. Ford People is an affiliates of the PNU, and this provoked shout s of PNU.. PNU..PNU.. Among the mourners making the situation much more aggravated to an extent of degenerating to physical combat.

It has been noted that some aspirants for the various positions of governance in the Counties, parliament and senate have of ately made it a point of attending each and every funeral in the villages for the purpose of selling their policies to the electorate, even in the homesteads where they are not known. They do attend funerals of people they don’t know, but only wanted to be heard by the voters and this is another source of uneasiness and physical confrontation, especially when the bereaved families resisted this kind of move.

Musicians in Luo-Nyanza are also not left behind. They are mining thousands of shillings from parliamentary .governors and Senate aspirants by way of composing hastily composed songs of praise aimed at promoting the image of their preferred candidate. The worse are those involving in Ohangla instruments musics and that playing in some live bands at the various public joins. Funeral homes are no loner the preserve of the bereaved families owing to invasion by the various interested groups.


Rev. Fr. John Obala Owaa appointed as the new Bishop of Ngong

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Pope Benedict XVI has appointed Rev. Fr. John Obala Owaa as the new Bishop of Ngong. Fr Obala succeeds Bishop Cornelius Schilder who resigned. Until his new appointment Fr Obala was the Rector of St Thomas Aquinas National Seminary in Nairobi.

Previously Pope had also appointed Rev. Fr. Joseph Mbatia as the new Bishop of Nyahururu. Fr. Mbatia succeeds Bishop Luigi Paiaro who has attained the retirement age. The Bishop-elect has been the Vicar General of the Diocese of Nyahururu since 2005 as well as a Parish Priest in Manunga.

Pope has also named 22 new cardinals on Friday, including Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan of New York, in a set of appointments that reflected the pope’s reliance on Italians and Vatican insiders at a time when the church’s population base has shifted to the Southern Hemisphere.

Among the 18 new cardinals under age 80 — the age group eligible to participate in choosing the next pope — seven are Italians and only two came from dioceses in developing countries: India and Brazil (another came from Hong Kong).

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Kenya: The late Dr. Ouko’s famed house girl Seline Were Ndalo is dead. She was aged 75 years

Reports Leo Odera Omolo.

The famed house maid of the murdered former Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Minister the late Dr Robert John Ouko has died aged 75.

According to her brother Eliud Aum Ndalo, Seline who was formerly married to the former Assistant Chief of Kanyikela sub-location in the then West Konyango location in Ndhiwa district the late Wilson Ododa Oyaya.

Seline came to fame during the disbanded Dr Ouko’s Commission of inquiry following her testimony of having seen a white car parked at the main gate and having seen the late Minister being dragged towards the car by his assailants.

She died peacefully at her home near Oridi Primary School near Rapedhi SDA Mission after a long illness. She had no child of her own.

Her body has been taken to Kosano Health Centre near Ndhiwa Town for preservation while the burial arrangement and plans re in progress.

Seline Were Ndalo came to fame following the grisly murder of the late Dr.Ouko in Febrary 1990 at his home in Koru near Muhoroni. She was the last person believed to have spoken to Dr.Ouko shortly before the fateful midnight when unknown strangers stormed the home and took away the Minister whose partly charred body was later discovered at Got Alia six kilometer away from his home.

Seline gave the testimony during the disbanded Ouko Commission of Inquiry that she was awoken in the adjacent room where she had slept when she heard of the commotion coming from the direction of Dr. Ouko’s bed room. She piped her eyes through the window curtain and saw the Minister being dragged from the house to a waiting white car which was parked near the main gate.

Many people thought that Seline had more information, and knew much which she did not divulge to the public for her own safety and personal security. Most of the Ouko workers at the farm, and those who knew something about his disappearance and consequent death including security intelligence officers, a Permanent Secretary and the then Commissioner of Police have since perished and have gone to their graves with vital information about the murder which shocked the Kenya nation and dented the reputation of the then President of the republic of Kenya Daniel Arap Moi and his entire administration.

Seline is believed to have survived long enough because she had disappeared from the eyes of the public and went to lead a quiet life in her rural home in Ndhiwa never to be seen anywhere near Kisumu. She will go to her grave with vital information about the assassination of the late Dr Ouko the man she had served faithfully well for many years.

She was taken into the Ouko family to serve them after the death of her husband and the life was proved to be difficult for a child less woman in the village.