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The ICC judges ‘Must Calculer’.

From: Joram Ragem

Here is my final submission your honors

I am basing my argument based on how and why Zinedine Zidane of France was sent off at the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final match. Matterazzi insulted him. We saw it, but the referee did not see it. Zidane retaliated. We saw it and the linesman saw it. He told the referee and Zidane was sent off. Matterazzi instigated it all. What he did was wrong, in the eyes of God and man. However there was no real tangible evidence of what Matterazzi did before the eyes of the referee. Zidane reacted by defending his attacked humane dignity. He head-butted Matterazzi. It might have been justified, but the soccer rules are clear. It was wrong to retaliate. Not only did France lose the World Cup, but Zidane was banned from soccer for a while. Earlier he had announced his retirement. Zidane was an excellent player. But the many more who did not know him, now remember him for the head butting incidence. This has formed part of his legacy. Now apply this scenario to Kenya’s PEV circumstances and the pending ICC verdict. If the shoes fit, let them wear it. If the gloves don’t fit, the judges must acquit. But best of of all, to the ICC judges and Ocampo, one Prince Eyango tells you, “YOU MUST CALCULER.” Because what Kenyans want is Peace.

I am Joram Ragem.

You are not.

Kenya: Lobbying and scrambling have intensified ahead of the appointment of new Lake Victoria South Water Service Board

Reports Ndira Uradi In Kisumu City.

Scrambling and lobbying have intensified in Kisumu City and its environs ahead of the much expected appointment of the new Board of Directors of the Kisumu based Lake Victoria South Water Service Board {LVEWSB}.he previous board, which was headed by George Ndonji from Ugenya was sent packing last month.

The board’s former controversial CEO Eng Michael Ocheng’s who also hails from Ugenya constituency was recalled back to the Water Services Ministry. Alot of behind the scene lobbying involving politicians, influential and powerful men and women canvassing for their relatives and surrogates is reported to have intensified.

One particular political family, which is notorious for practicing nepotism is said to have been heard proposing and suggesting the names of people who hails from within their home turf for such appointments.

The previous board had been scathingly criticized for having succumbed to the whims of one particular influential family that had turned the institution their “milking cow” winning nearly almost every tender o supplies. The board was accused of allegedly practicing favoritism in its procurements.

All the important tenders for the board’s project were irregularly and corruptly awarded to the sons of one influential politician-cum-businessman who is said to have a vast business interests in Kisumu City. The sons are said to have done shoddy job, but continued winning tenders for all the procurement because their father had acted as the godfather of the top management of the board.

However, this time around, the Kisumu residents are up in arms to ensure that the right person scooped the directorship jobs at the board so that it could serve the resident in an efficient manner, which is devoid of corruption and favoritism. They have appealed to the Minister for Water Resources Hon Madame Charity Kaluki Ngilu to appoint only upright persons to the water board.

The appealed to Ngilu to exercise his Ministerial powers conferred to her by the constitution and to ignore names of relatives of powerful politician in the region who are known to be notorious in forwarding the names if their kith and kin for such government appointments. The residents want the Minister to act at her own discretion and go only for the best men and women.

The activities of some prominent politicians in Luo-Nyanza linked to the exploitation of resources of the disbanded water board are likely to surface during the impending general elections.

Resident are so disappointed that only one family had monopolized the business with this institution thereby minting millions of shillings through irregular tender awarding of procurement worth millions of shillings, and yet Kisumu City continue to experience acute and perennial water shortage.

The situation could only be adequately addressed if the Minister is given free hand to pick the right person for the next board,” remarked one civic leader who wished to maintain his anonymity.

The board’s previous management had leaned on the very notorious family presumably for the protection of the job security making the board which is a public institution to look like a family property.

Residents have expressed the hope that the Ministry this time around will shift fro the practices of appointing the directors and top managers of the board whose serves only one family at the expense of the residents. While welcoming the appointment of the new CEO the resident advised Eng Agumba to shift from the habit of favoring one particular family when it come to doing business with the water board.



From: Tebiti Oisaboke

It has been reported from some very reliable sources that the embattled DCJ Ms. Nancy Baraza is praying and sleeping over the idea of stepping down tomorrow morning. Many concerned citizens are asking, why now? She should have done that ten days ago.

Stay tuned


Kenya: Ker Riaga Ogalo appealed to Luo leaders to humble themselves and avoid using goons at funeral gatherings

Writes Ndira-Uradi

The Chairman of the Luo Council of Elders “Ker” Meschak Riaga Ogalo has expressed fear about the escalating act of violence inside Luo-Nyanza and appealed to politician and their supporters to restrain their followers from actions that cause insecurity in the area.


He was reacting to an incident which took place Sunday in hi own backyard of Oyugis where mourners including a cabinet Minister were forced to scamper for their safety as fiercest fighting between the two different political camps raged.

The incident left score of youth seriously injured, while highly respected dignitaries were forced to flee the homestead of the former chairman of Oyugis Town Council, the late Coun. Ogweno Ong’ondo. The incident occurred at Kaditong’e in Kachien Location, Kasipul-Kabondo with the County of Homa-Bay.

Ker Ogalo said the burial of a departed soul, according to Luo traditional, culture and norm, is a, exclusive solemn ceremony for close members of the deceased families, and does not require the importation of a large number of political goons and hirelings from other arts of the region.

Ker Riaga blamed the alarming increases in the spate of violence at funeral places .These incidences have resulted in serious injuries being sustained by innocent mourners, particularly aged men and women as well as children. The practice must come to and end immediately.

Mzee Riaga blamed the escalating violence in funeral homes in Luo-Nyanza on the recent emergence of political brokers and hirelings who are reportedly hired and imported to funeral homes by politicians who hires them to distort the characters of their perceived political enemies.

‘”At times these hirelings are openly engaged in speeches which amounted to characters assassination. They are not genuine funeral goers, but hired specifically to speak on behalf of their invisible masters to distort the characters of their perceive opponents either real or imagined, “said Ker Riaga.

The hireling have been seen addressing each and very funeral gathering, one or two being so famous of roaming the entire Homa-Bay County and demanding to be allowed to address the mourners, and in the exercises engaged in attacking the characters of personalities and aspirants for the various elective positions within the County governance, parliament and senate.

Luo culture and customarily law requires anyone who is over 40 of age to strictly attend the funeral of either a close relative or personal acquaintance. The guest mourner is only allowed to address other mourners if he or she is personally acquitted to the deceased or had blood relations, but no Tom Dick and Hurry. And even in such a situation the permission of the family must be obtained before the visitor is allowed to address the mourner. But of lately these political hirelings on hire have been heard speaking in almost every funeral even of those persons who are aliens to them.

It is a very unfortunate state of affairs that these hirelings do invite themselves to funeral homes for the purpose of attracting handouts from politicians and food from the deceased families thereby over-burdening them.

Ker Riaga appealed to politicians in Luo-Nyanza to stop the use of funeral gathering as political platform and to humble themselves to one another, particularly during this yea of general election so that they could maintain their unanswered unity and vote as a bloc. In this way the community could succeed in realizing their political ambition in voting in the next president of their own choice.

“Hiring goons to hurl insults at opponents could cause breaches of peace, hindering the best component of peaceful development”, said Ker Riaga who revealed that he missed the last Sunday incident, which took place only six kilometer away from his rural home by a whisker because he had traveled to Ndhiwa at the invitation of the Assistant Minister for the Internal Security Joshua Orwa Ojode who ha organized a New Year party his Unga home near Ndhiwa Town.


Kenya: Government is urged to control funeral gatherings inside Luoi-Nyanza as they are increasingly becoming dangerous for the public safety

Reports Ndira Uradi In Awendo Town

The campaign for different elective positions inside Luo-Nyanza has taken dangerous dimension, which is causing serious breakdown to the safety of innocent people, especially funeral goers.

Taking into account the fresh incident which occurred in Rongo district in which six people were hacked to death after factional confrontation between the different groups of the ODM, fears now persist of possible recurrence of similar incident, particularly when funeral homes are turned into political venues of confrontations.

An incident occurred last Saturday in Kokuro village in Central Sakwa, Awendo district,m which is still part of the Rongo constituency. It was during the buria of the late Zacharia Omolo, the ODM sub-branch chairman for Central Sakwa location.

Two parliamentary aspirants were in attendance. They were the two time former MP for the larger Homa-Bay Phares Ouoch Kanindo and the as[prant for Awendo parliamentary sea Fred Otieno Kopiyo, who is the Principal of Gamba Secondary School.

Also in attendance were a nominated Councilor in Awendo Ton Council Odera Awene, Coun Gordon Achilla from Kamagambo South Ward and and Councilor David Ndira of Awendo Town Council. The chairman of Awendo Town Council Coun Johnson Omolo Owiro was also in attendance.

The deceased was a member of the Luo Nomiya Church which had sent it priest to conduct the Christian burial ceremony.and after the church had completed its preaching it became the turn of the politicians and members of the provincial Administration to make their speeches when the church all of sudden moved in and decided to conduct a parallel ceremony/With two speakers talking loudly within the funeral home, the entire funeral goers became confused.

The church insisted that politicians were wasting their time and they wanted to complete the solemn burial ceremony. The politicians on the other side decided that each prominent politician inn attendance must be given a chance to address the mourners. As the situation threatened to get out of hands, someone in the crowd shouted calling for the intervention of the ODM youths who in turn swiftly swung into action ready to beat up the church men. The mourners got scampered and run into different directions fearing the confrontation could led to physical combat. Women and children run helter salter and within minutes the unreal home was deserted.

The trouble had started when a civic leader from Nyatike whose name was only given as Coun.Nyakwaka from Nyandiwa told the mourners to support Phares Oluo Kanindo in his bid to get elected to the Senate. Coun. Nyakwaka is a member of PNU. It could be remembered that in 2008 all the elected civic leaders in Nyatike were members of the PNU after confusion within ODM secretariat and the party failed to present its candidates. It took close to six months before the PNU councilors could be sworn into office. They had fled across the borer and went into self-impose exile in the neighboring Tanzania fearing for their lives.

During the same election Phares Oluoch Kanindo had contested the election of Ford People Party’s ticket after losing out in ODM. Ford People is an affiliates of the PNU, and this provoked shout s of PNU.. PNU..PNU.. Among the mourners making the situation much more aggravated to an extent of degenerating to physical combat.

It has been noted that some aspirants for the various positions of governance in the Counties, parliament and senate have of ately made it a point of attending each and every funeral in the villages for the purpose of selling their policies to the electorate, even in the homesteads where they are not known. They do attend funerals of people they don’t know, but only wanted to be heard by the voters and this is another source of uneasiness and physical confrontation, especially when the bereaved families resisted this kind of move.

Musicians in Luo-Nyanza are also not left behind. They are mining thousands of shillings from parliamentary .governors and Senate aspirants by way of composing hastily composed songs of praise aimed at promoting the image of their preferred candidate. The worse are those involving in Ohangla instruments musics and that playing in some live bands at the various public joins. Funeral homes are no loner the preserve of the bereaved families owing to invasion by the various interested groups.


Rev. Fr. John Obala Owaa appointed as the new Bishop of Ngong

From: ouko joachim omolo
Colleagues Home & Abroad Regional News


Pope Benedict XVI has appointed Rev. Fr. John Obala Owaa as the new Bishop of Ngong. Fr Obala succeeds Bishop Cornelius Schilder who resigned. Until his new appointment Fr Obala was the Rector of St Thomas Aquinas National Seminary in Nairobi.

Previously Pope had also appointed Rev. Fr. Joseph Mbatia as the new Bishop of Nyahururu. Fr. Mbatia succeeds Bishop Luigi Paiaro who has attained the retirement age. The Bishop-elect has been the Vicar General of the Diocese of Nyahururu since 2005 as well as a Parish Priest in Manunga.

Pope has also named 22 new cardinals on Friday, including Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan of New York, in a set of appointments that reflected the pope’s reliance on Italians and Vatican insiders at a time when the church’s population base has shifted to the Southern Hemisphere.

Among the 18 new cardinals under age 80 — the age group eligible to participate in choosing the next pope — seven are Italians and only two came from dioceses in developing countries: India and Brazil (another came from Hong Kong).

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Kenya: The late Dr. Ouko’s famed house girl Seline Were Ndalo is dead. She was aged 75 years

Reports Leo Odera Omolo.

The famed house maid of the murdered former Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Minister the late Dr Robert John Ouko has died aged 75.

According to her brother Eliud Aum Ndalo, Seline who was formerly married to the former Assistant Chief of Kanyikela sub-location in the then West Konyango location in Ndhiwa district the late Wilson Ododa Oyaya.

Seline came to fame during the disbanded Dr Ouko’s Commission of inquiry following her testimony of having seen a white car parked at the main gate and having seen the late Minister being dragged towards the car by his assailants.

She died peacefully at her home near Oridi Primary School near Rapedhi SDA Mission after a long illness. She had no child of her own.

Her body has been taken to Kosano Health Centre near Ndhiwa Town for preservation while the burial arrangement and plans re in progress.

Seline Were Ndalo came to fame following the grisly murder of the late Dr.Ouko in Febrary 1990 at his home in Koru near Muhoroni. She was the last person believed to have spoken to Dr.Ouko shortly before the fateful midnight when unknown strangers stormed the home and took away the Minister whose partly charred body was later discovered at Got Alia six kilometer away from his home.

Seline gave the testimony during the disbanded Ouko Commission of Inquiry that she was awoken in the adjacent room where she had slept when she heard of the commotion coming from the direction of Dr. Ouko’s bed room. She piped her eyes through the window curtain and saw the Minister being dragged from the house to a waiting white car which was parked near the main gate.

Many people thought that Seline had more information, and knew much which she did not divulge to the public for her own safety and personal security. Most of the Ouko workers at the farm, and those who knew something about his disappearance and consequent death including security intelligence officers, a Permanent Secretary and the then Commissioner of Police have since perished and have gone to their graves with vital information about the murder which shocked the Kenya nation and dented the reputation of the then President of the republic of Kenya Daniel Arap Moi and his entire administration.

Seline is believed to have survived long enough because she had disappeared from the eyes of the public and went to lead a quiet life in her rural home in Ndhiwa never to be seen anywhere near Kisumu. She will go to her grave with vital information about the assassination of the late Dr Ouko the man she had served faithfully well for many years.

She was taken into the Ouko family to serve them after the death of her husband and the life was proved to be difficult for a child less woman in the village.


Kenya: The chairman of the Luo Council of Elders “Ker”Ogalo Riaga congratulated the NYANZASTAR, its editors and reporters, and wished them successes

Writes Ndira-Uradi inb Kisumu City.

The chairman of the Luo Council of Elders “Ker” Meshack Ogalo Riaga has extended his words of gratitude and congratulation to the NYANZASTAR weekly and urged its editors to maintain the highest standard of professional ethics.

Mzee Ogalo Riaga said the publication is most welcome a regional media. It is hoped that its editors will maintain the highest standard of journalism and stick to its principles of informing, entertaining and educating members of the public.

“By so doing”, Ker Ogalo Riaga added, ”the paper would only succeed in its endeavor of becoming a strong regional media for the purpose of informing the public all that is happenings within the surrounding districts in Nyanza”.

“The region”, he said, “is rich and fertile of newspaper readership and has been yawning for such publication for too long”.

Ker Ogalo Riaga also appealed to the local entrepreneur to venture into both electronic and printing media enterprises, and at the same advised the Paper’s editors and reporters to maintain what he termed as “positive neutrality and impartiality”.

He told members of the Luo community to embrace the true tenets of democracy by allowing all presidential aspirants, and all those aspiring for elective public offices to go about in their campaigns and canvassing for votes in a free atmosphere which is devoid of intimidation. None of the Luo aspirants should be allowed to visit the region for the purpose of lobbying for votes. Similarly, Luo politicians should visit all parts of the Kenya and campaign for the leaders of their own choice.

Ker Ogalo Raiaga, however, cautioned the Luos against keeping all their eggs in one basket. They should diversify politics and let everyone try his or her luck.

Speaking about the two Luo presidential aspirants, namely the Prime Minister Raila Odinga and the former Foreign Affairs Minister Raphael Tuju, Ker Riaga Ogalo said the two should feel free to visit any part of Luo-Nyanza and canvass for votes. . Luos are democratic minded people, they will vote only or one who can convince him of good things under his or her presidency. ”Please give the electorate free hands to choice whoever they want to lead them on a voluntary basis and not through stones throwing.” He added.

Ker Ogalo Riaga also strongly abhorred those hell-bent on inciting the public or members of the community against their neighbors, adding that the influential members of the Luo community should go out and campaign for the Prime Minister Raila Odinga in the neighboring communities.

Ker Ogalo Riaga also cautioned Luos against those entertaining sugar coated songs and the gospel of communal hatred. He disapproved inciting songs like those of ‘Bado Kuna Mapambano’. “There is no more Mapambano. All the Mapambano {combative politics} ended with the bonfire of independence in June1963.” He said.

He expressed that the community wished not to be locked out of the next government while urging members of the community to exercise the true spirit of love and welcome to all the presidential aspirants campaigning for the top job so as to ensure a pace in the next government. “We want to see that whoever wins the presidency in the next general elections does not single the Luos out for frustration and marginalization”, said Ker Ogalo Riaga.

Ker visited the NYANZASTAR offices in Kisumu while fuming with the joy and carrying a copy of the paper’s second edition and said it was long overdue for the people of Nyanza to have their own regional newspaper. He appealed to the local business community to use the new publication for advertising their businesses to strengthen its publications costs overheads.



from Judy Miriga


This comes as a fresh breather. It is has come timely, the best overall I expected.

I hope it will follow with speedy report and resolve.

Cheers !!!

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

– - – - – - – - – -


My attention has been drawn to the widespread media reports concerning the incident at a city mall involving the Hon. Lady Justice Nancy Baraza, the Deputy Chief Justice. This matter has rightly generated considerable public interest and should be dealt with conclusively and satisfactorily. I am in the process of getting full facts surrounding the incident.

I reiterate my commitment and that of the leadership of the Judiciary to the Rule of Law and our steadfast belief in the equality of all before the law. Indeed the Constitution of Kenya envisages an open and democratic society based on human dignity, equality, equity, freedom and non discrimination. Nobody or institution in Kenya is above the law. This is the creed that we strive to uphold at the Judiciary.

The Judiciary is instituting its own internal investigations. In this regard, I am convening an emergency meeting of the Judicial Service Commission to discuss this matter.

I recognise that the police are conducting their own investigations into the matter which should be allowed to proceed without undue influence or interference from any quarters.

Dr Willy Mutunga,
Chief Justice, President of the Supreme Court


From: ouko joachim omolo
Colleagues Home & Abroad Regional News


The new book by Christopher Goffard: ‘You Will See Fire’ describes how American Mill Hill Father John Kaiser was a disturbed man after one of his catechists, Lucas, handed him a hand-delivered letter all the way from Nairobi, a summon letter from an authority he could not refuse—Giovanni Tonucci, the papal nuncio, the Pope’s representative in Kenya.

When Francis Kantai, one of his catechists—a young Masai he had enlisted as a helper and a cultural bridge to the local people—would describe the priest’s sudden unease as he opened the letter. What is it, Father? What does it say? As Kantai recalled, Fr Kaiser gave a curt reply—I don’t give a damn—and took the letter down the hall to his room and closed the door.

Tonucci summoned him to report to him immediately since the matter was apparently urgent, though unspecified. After the summons, his mood changed. He wept at Mass. He asked for prayers. He grabbed his duffel bag then climbed into his truck with his axe and his rosary beads and his Bible and his neck brace and his shotgun, disappearing down the red-dirt road on the half-day trip to Nairobi.

His bishop and regional superior was afraid that Father Kaiser could find himself into big problem if he continued naming names—a roster of the regime’s untouchable potentates, Julius Sunkuli being one of them. He was a politician prominent among the untouchables.

Despite the warning and fear Father Kaiser was never cowed-he exercised his prophetic role to name-names of corrupt and evil minded leaders. Kaiser courageously went on to do the unpardonable: He even named Moi himself. He testified for two days, sparring with government lawyers, trying to distill the dark knowledge he had absorbed.

In the eighteen months since then, he had been upping the stakes, demanding not just that Moi be prosecuted at The Hague, where he vowed to serve as a witness, but pressing for criminal charges against Sunkuli, as well.

His superiors believed the tribunal was a waste of time since he was dealing with untouchable, and for that matter Kaiser’s intention to name names was a pointless provocation to Government authorities.

It was due to his courage that even though, according Goffard any of his superiors could have ordered him out of Lolgorien, back to the States, Kaiser could refuse to adhere to the call because of his prophetic role to be the voice of the marginalized.

In recent years we have seen some priests and religious who advocate for justice and peace being ordered to leave Kenya by their superiors through the advice of the local church authorities.

Father Kaiser was not only a courageous priest-he was truly a man of God who would always want God’s will be done and not the will of his superiors. God’s will to him was to be a major voice in opposition to the Kenyan dictator Daniel Moi.

It is against the background that even though in 2000, while preparing to speak against the regime, he received a letter telling him Utaona Moto – You Will See Fire, this did not stop him from advocating justice and peace.

On August 24, 2000, the body of Fr John Anthony Kaiser was found at 6am near two acacia trees on the Naivasha-Nakuru highway. Six days later was his requiem mass at Minor Basilica presided over by Tonucci, the very man who together with his superiors wanted him to leave Kenya.

Father Kaiser’s lawyer, Charles Muthi Gathenji could not believe as he listened as the papal nuncio—the man who’d issued Kaiser’s final summons to Nairobi—stood before the crowd, extolling the American priest’s crusade for justice and declaring him a martyr to the faith. To him this was hypocrisy of the first class.

A Kenyan Mill Hill priest from Ukwala parish-Kisumu archdiocese, Fr James Juma who took the government of Moi to task over the mysterious death of Fr Kaiser was forced by his superior to leave Kenya to South Africa.

The regional superior during Kaiser and Juma who later became the bishop of Ngong was a Dutch priest, Fr Cornelius Schilder who was secretly advised to leave Kenya after it emerged that he sexually molested underage boy.

The alleged offences were committed in 1993 when he served as a priest in Ngong diocese in the outskirts of Nairobi before taking over as Bishop in November 2003. According to the Dutch media, Bishop Schilder is now living near the Dutch village of Oosterbeek.

The accuser who by then was now 32-year-old Michael ole Uka came forward in 2005 and informed the church authorities of his allegations when he suffered such severe injuries from abuse that he required urgent medical treatment. The treatment was paid for by the Mill Hill Missionaries, the congregation to which the accused priests and Dutch bishop belong. Mr Uka also received financial compensation and further aid.

Since 2009 Bishop Schilder has not been allowed to carry out the duties of a bishop and as a priest he has been placed under supervision of Mill Hill. To cover up Vatican’s official line has been that Bishop Schilder was retired on health grounds.

Fr Kaiser was born in Perham, Minnesota, USA, on November 29, 1932. In 1960 he came to Mill Hill to study theology and on July 11, 1964, he was ordained a priest at St. Louis. After his ordination Fr Kaiser was appointed to Kisii Diocese; in 1993 he was transferred to Ngong Diocese, where he remained until his death.

His superiors wanted him to leave Kenya after realising that during the last years of his life, he lived surrounded by controversy, clashing with high-level government figures over his fight for the poor. In 1998, he testified before the Akiwumi Commission and accused the government of Moi of atrocities against the population.

Christopher Goffard is a reporter for the Los Angeles Times and the author of a novel, “Snitch Jacket.” The title of his new nonfiction book, “You Will See Fire,” is taken from one of the many threats that Kaiser received, a warning whose seriousness Kaiser never doubted.

Goffard skillfully assembles the details of his life and death, counterpointing these narrative strands with the story of Charles Mbuthi Gathenji, a Kenyan attorney who was determined to discover the truth about the case.

Goffard describes in the book how Kaiser spent hours in his room, reading, poring over documents, making notes in his journal. For some time, he’d been anticipating his violent death, warning friends and family in the States to expect it.

“Goffard writes. Kaiser had grown up on a farm in backwoods Minnesota. He’d learned to hunt and had spent three years in the Army, serving as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, before he decided to become a priest and enrolled in Jesuit missionary school.

Kaiser wanted adventure and headed to Africa, where the work exhilarated him. He undertook herculean building projects as well as baptisms and sick calls. He traversed the countryside on his Honda motorcycle.

“He took confession in the shade of eucalyptus trees and threw up churches across the countryside, quick, crude structures of red earth and river-bottom sand,” Goffard notes.

A crack shot, Kaiser hunted for meat that he distributed to his parishioners. “He earned a nickname, ‘Kifiaru wa Maskini’: Rhino for the Poor.”

During Moi regime corruption became endemic, likewise torture, conveniently timed car crashes that wiped out opponents, and bungled robberies in which everybody, including the apparent criminal and the apparent victim, conveniently lost their lives. Moi kept a million dead Kenyans on the electoral rolls, ensuring that democracy tilted his way.

Kaiser witnessed land grabs, murder, rape, horrors of a refugee camp under dictator Moi. He was against these ills of which he spoke openly even though he that might well be risking his life for his faith. But for his role as a prophet he took courage to be the voice of the victims.

Fr Kaiser went as far as defying his superiors in the church, and instead took the fight so effectively to the Moi regime that he became a threat. His superiors pressed him to leave, but the headstrong Kaiser plowed on. He was among the few courageous prophets who had dared to oppose the sinister and all-powerful Moi.

Father John Kaiser was a figure larger than life. He was fierce in his commitments, devoted to the poor and displaced, and fearless—what some would call reckless—in the pursuit of justice.

To unearth the truth, the Government of Moi invited Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) detectives from Washington. They were led by Mr Thomas Carey. After extensive investigations, they concluded that the Mill Hill missionary had committed suicide.

One of the reasons the FBI gave in their report was that Kaiser probably decided to commit suicide instead of being forced by his superiors to leave Kenya. The initial post-mortem conducted by Kenya government concluded that Kaiser, a complicated man, committed suicide.

The post-mortem conducted by FBI also concluded that Kaiser killed himself, despite major discrepancies in the evidence. But his lawyer maintained hi investigation pointed to a potentially explosive cover-up by both the Kenyan government and the FBI.

Father John Anthony Kaiser was found dead along the Naivasha-Nakuru road, on August 24, 2000. The death raised a hue and cry among fellow clergymen and wananchi. People were saying that his head had been blown apart, that his own shotgun lay nearby.

The shotgun would stay with Fr Kaiser as he walked the grounds at night, locking the church, shuttering the windows of his home, double-checking the locks; it stayed with him as he walked down the long, shadowed hallway to his room, the last on the left.

According to Gathenji however, Kaiser’s death had the feel of a classic state-sanctioned hit, carried out by a cadre of professional assassins. It was the work of what he called “Murder, Inc.”—a vast apparatus of spies, security forces, and hit men with links to State House.

A team of FBI agents were summoned by the U.S. ambassador Johnnie Carson. The ambassador had promised the Bureau’s investigation would be an independent one. Not like a decade earlier when Moi had invited New Scotland Yard in to investigate the murder of his foreign minister, Robert Ouko, but had curtailed the probe when it pointed to members of his inner circle.

The president had used the legendary British agency as an unwitting pawn in his cover-up. The investigation had supplied the illusion of the pursuit of justice while anger abated and memories faded and witness after witness died, some of them mysteriously.

Even Gathenji thought the FBI investigation was in good hands since the Americans wouldn’t permit themselves to be Moi’s dupes, and they would raise hell if they were trifled with. So seriously was the case being treated in the United States that senators there were taking to the floor of Congress to demand justice for Kaiser.

Other reasons the FBI gave as the reason why Kaiser committed suicide was that he had a history of depression in his family that is why he could cry during mass or feel uncomfortable.

Goffard in his book however, sees Kaiser’s bipolar disorder as “a condition that informed his courage, his sense of justice, his fearlessness. I read about Lincoln and Churchill suffering from depression, and I think it gave them insight into human suffering they couldn’t have had otherwise.”

Kaiser, he says, was a devout Catholic but also “someone who was never really comfortable with authority. He had not only denounced (then President Daniel) Moi but had fought to bring rape charges against one of his top ministers…“In life, Fr Kaiser had been a troublemaker, an obstinate and single-minded man who railed against church passivity and clashed with his bishops, his missionary bosses, his fellow priests.

Four FBI agents fanned out across the country, accompanied by plain clothes men from the Kenyan police. It was to be a joint investigation. The Kenyans would translate the words of Kiswahili-speaking witnesses.

They would provide helicopters to reach remote villages. They would sit close during interviews. This presented an obvious problem- who would risk telling the Americans anything in the presence of Kenyan policemen, for decades an integral part of Moi’s apparatus of fear?

This conclusion was clearly against the ballistics evidence and also against the character of a strong man who wrote: “I want all to know that if I disappear from the scene, because the bush is vast and hyenas many that I am not planning any accident, nor, God forbid, any self-destruction”.

Yet still, when Mwai Kibaki won the election in December 2002, a new government was in place and, at the request of the Kenyan Episcopal Conference, this new government reopened the case to start fresh investigations, Kaiser’s death mysteries still persists.

The inquest begun in 2003 and many witnesses were heard: one of them was Mr Julius Sunkuli, a minister who was accused of raping two girls, Florence Mpayei and Anne Sawoyo.

At the end of the inquest, presiding magistrate, Maureen Odero, concluded that Fr Kaiser was murdered, ruling that the “Suicide Theory” was based on a pre-conceived notion, but stated that “she could not — on the basis of evidence tabled before her in the inquest — point out with certainty who the priest’s killers were”.

“If Sunkuli wanted to eliminate a person because of these allegations, then in the court’s view, he would have targeted the girls themselves or his named political detractors and not Fr Kaiser who was not the source of the allegations.

“It is probably true that Sunkuli may have been unhappy that Fr Kaiser supported these girls but then many other people offered support to the two girls including the officials at FIDA who filed cases on behalf of the girls. Why would he target Fr Kaiser whose role in the whole thing was peripheral?” the court wondered.

“You Will See Fire: A Search for Justice in Kenya” tells the story of John Kaiser, a Minnesotan and former Marine who spent most of his life in rural Kenya as a priest. Most writers wouldn’t resist so many bridges of familiarity, but Goffard dares us to think differently.

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Kenya: Deputy CJ speaks out on gun drama with guard

From: Judy Miriga


Miss Baraza could be right…….Kenya cannot be trusted especially as crooked are the leadership in Kenya is……..Remember, Baraza and Willy Mugunga were not the two principles cup of tes…….

Let us not specualate too much, we need to give a breather and observe certain situation before we come to conclusion.

Baraza’s life could be in danger……..and for now, I hold the back of Deputy Chief Justice………

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

– - – - – - – - – - –

Deputy CJ speaks out on gun drama with guard

By Cyrus Ombati

Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza says a gun drama with a security guard at Village Market on Saturday was unfortunate.

She pointed to fears over her security, saying the confrontation should be viewed in that light.

“In the last few months, a number of security incidents have occurred in and outside my office. As such, threats of violence have been directed at me and I have had to request increased security measures for my office as well as my own personal security,” she said.

“The unfortunate incident at the Village Market should be viewed in light of genuine security apprehension on my part. I certainly had no intention of high-handedness, arrogance or ill-will,” the deputy CJ added. Ms Baraza did not explain in her statement the nature of the threats that had occurred inside and outside her office.

The guard she is accused of having threatened said she is contemplating to resign from her job because of the manner in which Ms Baraza treated her.

“I feel my life is in danger because that is a whole deputy CJ who threatened me. I am contemplating to leave this job anytime. It was humiliating,” Rebecca Morara told The Standard.

When she was informed Ms Baraza had apologised for the incident, she asked to know if she had admitted that she showed her a gun.

“If she is not admitting she directed a pistol at me then let the case go to court. I have a customer who even took a picture of the whole episode,” she said.

Chief Firearms Officer

Ms Morara said she had never seen the deputy CJ and even though she knew her, she would not have let her pass the security desk unchecked.

She was Wednesday at her place of work as usual screening all female customers entering the Village Market Mall. Ms Morara took her time to talk to journalists to explain how the drama started and occasionally went to screen female customers who were entering the mall.

Ms Baraza said police should be left to complete investigations into the matter.

“At this point, it would be inappropriate and prejudicial to make further comment on a matter that is under police investigation. Let us allow for the investigation to be complete without any interference whatsoever,” said Ms Baraza.

She made the remarks as Nairobi Area Provincial CID boss Peter Muinde took over the case.

The officer and his team sought to know if the deputy CJ is a licensed gun holder from the Chief Firearms Officer. Reports said detectives had established Ms Baraza does not own a gun and she is not licensed to carry one.

Mr Muinde later visited the scene of the incident and Gigiri Police Station where it was reported as part of the investigations.

Stood her ground

Ms Morara, the security guard, lodged a complaint with the police alleging Ms Baraza threatened her when she sought to conduct a body search before allowing her into the shopping mall on the Eve of the New Year. The deputy CJ had gone to a pharmacy inside Nakumatt Village Market on Saturday evening to purchase some drugs when the exchange of words occurred.

Witnesses alleged she walked past a female security officer without being screened and the guard followed and informed her that she had to be screened.

The deputy CJ allegedly declined and proceeded to the counter to purchase some drugs.

When she left the pharmacy, she confronted the guard and asked her why she treated her in a disrespectful manner. The guard, according to witnesses, stood her ground saying she was supposed to search her even if she was deputy CJ.

Ms Morara later told police she saw the deputy CJ point “something like a pistol” at her during the confrontation.


From: AKR|Association of Kenyans Living in Rwanda

Dear Fellow Kenyan,

We wish to express our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who died and wish quick recovery to the injured following a grenade attack last evening in Remera.

If you are aware of any Kenyan who might have been affected, urgently contact the Kenya High Commission (252583334) or the AKR Chairman (0788-713619).



From: ouko joachim omolo
Colleagues Home & Abroad Regional News


The year 2012 has a lot of challenges. I left home yesterday for Nairobi at exactly 1:33pm in a private car-as I left my mother cried because she did not want me come back. I pleaded with her and promised I will come back very soon.

Although she is old and almost loosing memory she can recall that this year is yet another presidential and other elections. She still thinks that elections will be held in December as it has been a tradition-she tells me not to come home during that period because she does not want to see me risk going back to Nairobi as I did in 2008.

This is the year that the countdown to the fate of the Ocampo Six resumes. Head of the Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet Mr Francis Muthaura, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, MPs William Ruto (Eldoret North) and Henry

Kosgey (Tinderet), Postmaster General and former police commissioner Major General Mohammed Hussein Ali and radio executive Joshua Sang are accused by ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo of bearing the greatest responsibility for crimes committed during the 2008 post election violence.

Like my mother who now thinks that every election in Kenya must be chaotic, the fact for sure remains that once the charges have been confirmed against the six suspects and the Presidency of the court constitutes a Trial Chamber, the ruling against the six might gear some tensions, particularly this year that Kenyans are going to vote.

We cannot deny the fact that DPM Uhuru Kenyatta and Eldoret North MP William Ruto who are also running for the presidency have many followers who might use the event to create chaos. The six are expected to be in Hague for trial before January 21.

There are some Kenyans who believe that Kibaki and Raila should also appear before the ICC because they are the ones who caused the violence. While Kibaki should be charged for allowing State House to be the venue for the meeting in the run-up to the 2007 General Election where it is alleged that plans to kill some ethnic groups were planned, Raila according to some section of Kenyans should be charged because the disputed presidential election was sparked by his claim of poll rigging and the call for mass action.

At least 1,300 people were killed and more than 600,000 displaced in the violence, which is now the subject of the two cases on crimes against humanity. One fact is very clear that the war which was waged in the name of the two principals has come back to haunt them.

The fact that Eldoret North MP William Ruto, Tinderet MP Henry Kosgey and radio presenter Joshua arap Sang are accused of plotting attacks against perceived PNU supporters in Rift Valley, This has been viewed by their supporters that they were fighting for Raila because his votes were stolen.

Kibaki is being accused because Head of Public Service Francis Muthaura, Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and former police chief Hussein Ali are alleged to have organised retaliatory attacks against perceived ODM supporters in Naivasha and Nakuru towns on behalf of Kibaki.

The government of Kibaki and Raila has also been blamed for failing to fulfil its promises to resettle the IDPs, teachers’ salaries and allowances and end the corruption which continues to make the lives of ordinary Kenyan too expensive.

According to the UN Human Development Index 2001, poverty levels are rising in Kenya due to corruption and bad governance. The report ranks Kenya at position 143 of 187 countries. Kenya per capita income of $1,492 is lower than that of many countries.

In 2009 for example, when Kazi kwa Vijana was allocated Sh3.4 billion for this programme, and a further Sh6.6 billion previous year, much of it was spent on poorly designed, unsustainable short-term projects with little or no impact on the lives of the youth who constitute almost 30 percent of Kenya population.

This year alone, Kenyans will be forced to dig deeper into their pockets because the high cost of living continues to rise daily-many parents will not be able to take their children to school because school fees has gone up by almost 20 percent. It also means that parents in private schools will pay more.

The sad part is that out of the 10.96 million Kenyans recorded as employed only two million are employed in modern establishments both in the urban and rural areas. This constitutes only 18.2 percent of the working population with the rest in the informal sector.

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News Analysis By Kipsiele Arap Sugurut in Kericho Town.

Rumors and speculations making the round in this tea rich region says the pressure is mounting on the Eldoret North MP William Ruto and Kalenjin MPs allied to him to either abandon his UDM and the G7 alliance and rejoin the Orange Democratic Movement {ODM}.

The majority of the inhabitants of the two votes rich Counties of Kericho and Bomet are members of the most populous Kipsigis sub-tribe of the larger Kalenjin ethnic groups believes and maintains that their community interests would be best served by an DM government.

This particular community has been close to the government for the best of the 48 years ever since Kenya attained its political independence in 1963. At the independence, the community had rallied behind the defunct KADU party which was beaten hand down at the 1963 elections by the former ruling KANU party. But immediately soon after independence, KADU voluntarily dissolved itself and its leaders rejoined KANU and thereafter this community has all along been close to the government.

As far as the current politics of the South Rift region is concern it is pointing to the direction of the community which is heading to the cold due to inconsistencies of its leaders, especially the MPs representing the various constituencies located with the two counties.

This community, however, believes that by rejoining and strengthening of the ODM is the only sensible way which could assure the community of a place in the next government.

“We have been in the cold long enough and we now want to be part of the next government”, said a Kericho businessman Joseph Rono, adding “we do not see any possibility of the G7 or any other amorphous alliances beating the ODM at the next polls,”.

The evidence of the latest move and pressure on Ruto to soft his stance towards the Prime Minister could be mirrored on his reconciliatory public pronouncement, his last week surprise visit to Kisumu City,an area which is the bedrock of the ODM.

Ruto had told thousands of audience both at Nyahera, Kajulu and Kondele suburb that his political differences with the Prime Minister Raila Odinga were persona and as such should not be construed by anyone to fuel animosity between the Kalenjins and the Luos and that the two neighboring communities should continue living and working together harmoniously.. These remarks were well taken by local political pundits and observers as meaning that Ruto is ready and willing to reconsider his working relations with Raila Odinga afresh.

Pundits believe that Ruto seemed to have seen the light on the other side of the tunnel and is just about to make an abrupt about-turn towards the ODM. His name is still registered at the offices of the registrar of political parties as the deputy leader of the ODM.

The majority of Kipsigis people want Ruto back in ODM early enough for the preparation for the impending general election. Alternatively, they say, he should form an alliance with ODM instead of PNU and its allies. “Forming some alliances with politicians from the Mt Kenya region would not augur well for us, because of the expansionist attitudes of the people of that region”, said one civic leader there.

The civic leaders in Kericho have cited the recent move by some of the majority shareholders in the KETAPA to have the tea packing factory move from Kericho to Nairobi, an action which could have had adverse effect on the local community because hundreds of workers at the plant, which is located a few kilometer east of Kericho Town where many works from their rural home in the Kipsigis reserve land as an attempt to marginalize the community economically.

The former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta is among the majority shareholders in the plant, which was established in Keicho in the 1950 by the Brooke family that owns Brooke Bond Tea Company, which later sold it to the public in the 1970′s.

Originally KETEPA was the central tea packing plant handling made teas from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania until it was sold out to a private enterprise owned by shareholders in early 1970s. An attempt to dismantle the plant and move it to Nairobi was blocked by the Kipsigis people who insisted that they would be an alternative plant of the same nature to handle the tea from their region and would not allow their t to be transported all the way from Kericho to Nairobi for the purpose of packaging.

Other factors is that the Kipsigis people get along well with their neighbors, the Luos whose easy going lifestyle make them much more friendly. The Luos are known not to be interested in land grabbing or expansionists making them easy to handle. This particular community has never fought any land related tribal skirmishes and many Luo men and women works for the relatively wealthiest Kipsigis farmers an traders and are the one helping the Kipsigis to maintain their tea bushes scattered I the rural areas of Kericho and Bomet Counties,

A number of secret and behind the scene meeting have been held at the various parts of the South Rift region where issues such as long term political implications in connection with the community move to ditch the ODM were reportedly deliberated upon. At one such meetings and in the presence of Ruto, those in attendance had queried the rationale of ditching the ODM for UDM or other parties with speakers after speaker arguing that such a move would only weaken the community political bargaining power when it come the formation of the next government after the impending general elections.

Furthermore the Kipsigis believes that political hostilities between Raila and Ruto could hurt intra-tribal trades and cross border trades between the Kalenjins and the Luos which is booming all the year round. It has been reported that taking all these into considerations, even the most hardliner ant-ODM MPs in Kipsigis land such as the Chepalungu MP Isaac Ruto have toned down their vehement opposition to Raila and have been heard

But when Ruto and his parliamentary colleagues from the region comes hard on Raila Odinga, the Luo workers seemed to be nursing a feeling on insecurity and shy away from the manual jobs in the tea farm, something which hurts the local farmers economically.

The two communities have lived harmoniously fro the immemorial and sharing cross border trades at Sondu, Muhoroni, Fort-Tennan, Soliat ,Koru and Kapsorok border markets and towns.

Moreover, the Luos are the mainstay of labor force in all the large scale tea plantations and factories owned by foreign multinational tea companies in Kericho and Bomet Counties.

The Kipsigis people are said to have refused to buy the Ruto contention that it was the Prime Minister Raila Odinga who instigated his prosecution at the International Criminal Court of Justice at the Hague.

One civic leader came strong in defense of the Prime Minister by dismissing the claims as far fetched propaganda aimed at slandering the good name of Raila Odinga. The civic leader Councilor Nicholas Tum of the Keicho Municipality reminded the Kipsigis that it was Raila Odinga who made the frantic effort to have those suspect in the cases of post elections violence be tried locally at home. An attempt which was vehemently scuttled by Ruto and his group in preference to the ICC arguing that by trying such cases locally the victim would not be treated to a fair trial. The group even went as far a staging the spirited opposition to the motion sponsored in Parliament by the government to that effect, which the Ruto’s group voted against.

“Raila is not Luis Moreno Ocampo nor has got anything to do with ICC therefore anyone linking him to the ICC cases is underestimating the intelligence of the Kenyan people,”said Coun. Tum.

He further disclosed that the community has already prepared the most credible parliamentary aspirants ready to take on the pro-Ruto MPs across the two counties and in all other elective positions in the entire South Rift regions, and most of them he added, have started feeling insecure not sure whether they will retain their seats or not.



Report By Ndira Uradi In Kisumu City

Mega land scandals in the Kisumu Municipality has reached its climax following the disclosure early this week by the Town Clerk that his life was in danger following threats issued by fellow senior chief officers of the Council and other stakeholder.

The Town Clerk Christopher Odhiambo Rosana, a man who is well known for his tough administrative prowess and management expressed fears that his life was in danger and alleged that he had threatened by some senior Council officials.

At the same time two senior officials of the Council were summoned to the district CID offices in Kisumu where they were reported to have recorded statements with the police. There has been some disquiet and complaints to the effect that senior council officials and some unscrupulous civic leaders in the lakeside City were involve in rampant corruption in regards to illegal sells and allocation of land plots.

As the result of this illegal transactions involving public utility land, Council houses and all available land pace in Kisumu, some of the officials and their accomplices have become millionaires overnight.

At first it was thought that the civil leaders and the chief officers wanted to deplete the town of its prime land for the future development and expansion a head of the arrival of the County governance. The have so far left the Lakeside City with no land space for future development, especially industrial expansion and housing development schemes. Almost e every single piece of land in Kisumu has been sold to either individuals or to the rich individuals. And those suspected to be involved in the scam are said to have minted millions of shillings.

The issue has been in the public domain for a couple of years. Insiders now say that Kisumu is a City with no land for both business and industrial expansion. All the land available including the one belonging to Kisumu Municipal Council as well as its house has been sold.

When he arrived in town about three months ago and took over as the new Town Clerk, Mr Odhiambo Rosana had introduced stringent administrative rules that requires all members of the staff to account for their activities and to disassociate them from any kind of land transaction. This has seen many senior official getting cautioning letters while either have been reprimanded to mend their ways, other faces suspension pending investigation to establish their involvement in the “Mega Land Scandal”.

These stringent measures have earned the Town Clerk many enemies within the same institution. And on Monday this week, Mr Rosana reported to the Kisumu CID that he had received several calls threatening his life.

The Town Clerk is reported to have rubbed his working colleagues the wrong way by having revoked some land sales and allocations, which he felt were irregular in terms o hr law governing such allocations and transaction and had instituted investigation or revoked them altogether.

Instead of the wronged plot owners seeking legal redress through the established courts of law, they have resorted to using oblique techniques of issuing threats to the Town’s Chief Administrator. What has so far not been divulged to the public is the stance of the Mayor Coun.Sam Okello whose administration has witnessed one of the worse land scandals in Kisumu ever since independence in 1963.

Mayor Okello is said to be enjoying the patronage of the Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga and he is a an ODM nominated Councilor who had contested the election in Muhoroni on a KANU ticket, but after he was beaten hand down by the current Muhoroni MP Prof Patrick Ayiecho Olueny, was later imposed on the elected civic leaders in Kisumu against the amid vehement opposition by the elected civic leaders under the pretext that he was an industrialist and businessman magnate in the Coastal City of Mombasa and would import his experience to to create business opportunities and good investors environment in the City. Raila had to intervene personally in order to have Mayor Okello’s re-elected for the second term last year when civic leader were coerced to vote for him or the second term.

Rosana said that his concerted effort to fight corruption and restore sanity in the Council could be the reason why he he is being threatened.

He added, “It is true I have been getting threats and some of them have gone as telling me to go slow over several issues. I suspect they are unhappy with my management and want to scare me out of the Council, “ said Rosana.

Land Minister James Orengo is being accused of presiding over the most corrupt ridden Ministry. In some outpost’s districts such as Migori, Homa-Bay, Kisumu and Siaya corruption is still thriving. Some of the land officers and district surveyors are acting as if they were magistrates and judges, at time even conspiring with the interested parties in blocking court’s directives.



From: ouko joachim omolo
Colleagues Home & Abroad Regional News


This week I was honoured and privileged to celebrate mass in honour of Paramount Chief and the first Luo leader, Gor Mahia Kogallo at his grave site in Sigama Village, upper Kayando Sub-location, Kanyame West location, Ndiwa District, Mirogi Catholic Church on December 31, 2011.

Born a famous Luo medicine man in 1797 at Sigama village, Gor Mahia was known to possess mystical powers. According to his grand son mwalimu Joseph Ogada, Gor was baptized Petro Gor three days prior to his death. He died on May 15, 1920 at the age of 126 years old.

To prove that Gor new about God SDA Pastor Isaac Okeyo writes in his book Adventism in Kenya (Africa Herald Publishing House- Kendu-Bay 1989): “In 1912 when we took one of our teachers Mr Samuel Dola to go and teach at Kanyamwa we met a certain old man called Gor. We talked with him.

He was one of those who used magic to foretell some future events. He was sone of Ogalo. He told us that somebody would come whose name is migoyi. Migoyi is one who knows his dwath. We then taught Gor about Jesus. He told us that Jesus was the Migoyi he had informed us about. He confirmed that Jesus knew his death. Among the Luo there were those who were able to perform some magical practices.”

He gave sites where churches could be built- some of them include Rapedhi for SDA and Asumbi for Catholics. When Gor was searching for the true church to embrace he went to Asumbi where he used his magical powers to turn into anti-hills and blocked the door of the church-this according to Fr Skefas who started Asumbi told Fr Gabriel Atieno that this was to attest Gor found true church to embrace. Gor then directed his family to embrace that church. Since then the vast majority of his extended families are Catholics.

Gor had mystical powers which enabled him to change from any form- a bull, old mama, tree, wild animal etc. If he were to be approached by enemies bees would come from nowhere for his defense—during the mass a miracle happened- at his grave site there were swamp of bees-but this time they were very friendly to us-it means that he appreciated the holy mass.

There is a mausoleum proposed to be erected at his grave site at a cost of about Ksh 5 million- it will include hall, office, store, and a wall mat containing his brief life history. Mwalimu Ogada appealed to good wisher to contribute generously towards the building.

The building would also serve as a library and a research centre where some oral literature about Gor’s life would be searched and published. For example there are several elders who have a lot about Gor but are not written down.

Presently there are some tools he used such as spear, animal horns, some clothing, etc, which are just kept within the homes of his extended families. A picture taken by German colonialist is present and was shown during the mass.

Senior ex councillor Akech Chieng seconded the idea and suggested that Gor Mahia club should be involved towards the project, however according to Ker Luo Mzee Meshack Riaga let the Luo elders begin the foundation first.

Some of his sons and daughters remembered during the mass included, ex-chief Joseph Ogutu Gor, Augustinus Nyamunga Gor, ex-chief Christopher Ogada Gor, Patrick Marienyo Gor, David Nybuche Gor, Vincent Asango Gor, Daniel Aroka Gor, Silfanus Oulo Gor, Oloo Gor, ex-chief Oswago Gor, Miyoka Gor and Ologi Gor.

Daughters were mama Omusi, Otuoma, Regina Mwanda, Otete, Mapil, Leonora Ogalo, Abonyo, Katherina Ngadho, Parasia Odhuno, Esther Onyiero and Marcella Oduogi.

The mass was attended by Ker Luo (Luo President) Meshack Riaga Ogallo, Chairman Luo Council of Elders, North and Central Karachunyo Mzee Nyandiko Ongadi, Luo council of elders Secretary, Mzee Adera Osawa, Luo council of elders organising secretary, Mzee Odote Wanga, Homabay governor aspirant, Mr George Opiata Ogada, opinion leaders from Kiancha, Kabondo, Kasipul Kayambo and Senior ex-councillor Akech Chieng.

Luo elders proposed that Ruma National Park, Mirogi University and Moi Stadium in Kisumu to be named after Gor. They also proposed that Gor foundation trust is started which will serve to cater for orphan children.

Luo traditional religious leaders, Bishop Richard Opiyo of Joka Ramogi Ajwang who claims to get his inspirational powers from Gor claimed Gor told to him recently that Luo people should marry many wives like Gor-he also said wife inheritance should continue.

He claims to be having charts with Gor very frequently. He gets his information from Ramogi hills inSiaya County. Also present was Paul Ogada son to Miyoka Gor among others.

Absent was grand son, Mr Silvester Ochieng Ogutu who would have loved to be there but mysteriously disappeared. Mr Silvester Ochieng Ogutu had some magical powers which he inherited from grand father Gor-he was becoming famous and somewhat feared by some prominent Luo politicians who have been yearning to get bit of the mystical power from Gor Mhia. He disappeared around Kisumu- his wife Magdalina Nyakwaka appealed to anyone who could assist her get her husband back, alive or dead.

This is the area where Fr Gabriel Atieno who made it to priesthood in 1940, making him one of the first African priests from Western Kenya. He was ordained at Yala by bishop Stam-he hails from Mirogi Parish where he is buried.

It is also under Mirogi Catholic Church that famous Luo polygamist, Mzee Akuku Danger comes from. Ezekiah Ochuka, the mastermind of the 1982 aborted coup against President Moi studied (Mirigi High School)- he fled to Tanzania when he realised that the coup was failing but was extradited and, together with Pancras Oteyo Okumu, found guilty of treason and hanged in 1987.

Gor Mahia FC opted to steep the name ‘Mahia’ in 1980, when the club was ordered to change its name as part of the disbandment of tribal associations. Abaluhyia FC changed its name to AFC Leopards.

Historically the original club was known as Luo Union FC formed in the 1950s as the brainchild of freedom fighter Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. The club finished second in the first ever Kenyan national league held in 1963 and then won the league in 1964 with players like the legendary keeper James Sianga, Stephen Yongo, Fred Siranga, and Daniel Nicodemus “Arudhi”. In 1965 they finished second to Feisal of Mombasa on goal difference.

Luo Union FC had a major split in 1966 with another faction giving its name to Luo Sports Club (also known as Luo Stars). The split weakened the team and as a result Abaluyhia FC (now AFC Leopards) dominated the league in two years consecutively.

Some players opted to join Kisumu Hot Stars. These included William Ouma “Chege” James Sianga, Joseph Okeyo, Josphat Okello “Smart” and John Otieno “Hatari”.

The club was now unable to retain most of the good players who leave soon after their arrival in search of greener pastures or due to frustrations caused by lack of payment of allowances. Several outstanding players came and went within a year unlike in the past when players stayed on for several years thus building familiarity.

It was one of the reasons why Luo Union FC officials led by Mahallon Danga who had played for the club in the early 60s approached Minister for Economic Planning, Tom Mboya for unification intervention. The two clubs agreed to unite on February 17, 968 with a new name-Luo United FC.

The word ‘Mahia” in Luo describes wonder and mystery and that is why it steeped its name to Gor Mahia to naturally possess these mystical characteristics of the legend it was named after.

The early 1990s saw the departure or retirement of most of the players who featured in the crack squads of the 1980s. David Ochieng, Onyango Fundi, Odembo Nyangi, Ochieng Pierre and many others retired from active football. Austin Oduor and Abass Magongo left for the Middle East while others like Sammy Onyango joined other clubs.

Coach Len Julians returned briefly in 1991 and managed to steer the club to yet another League title. Among the players paraded by the club in the early 90s include goalkeeper Charles Omondi “Korea”, Jared Ochieng Achieng , Sammy Omollo, Allan Odhiambo, Paul Ochieng , Felix Otieno and Mike Otieno.

One of the clubs biggest highlights came in 1992 when they eliminated traditional giants Canon Sport if de Yaounde in the Africa Champions cup. After settling for a barren draw in Nairobi, most pundits had written them off. However they managed to force a 1-1 draw in Cameroun thanks to a stellar defensive effort by among others Otieno Zico, Paul Ochieng, Tobias Ocholla and Allan Odhiambo. This enabled the club to reach the quarter finals.

In 1994 saw a re-match with Egypt’s Zamalek who exactly 10 years earlier had eliminated them under dubious circumstances. In 1995 was a relatively successful year for the club as they won the national league title as well as regaining the Moi Golden cup in grand style. Players like Dan Ogada, Allan Odhiambo, Steve Odiaga and Tom Okaya spearheaded this campaign.

In 1996 was the most disastrous year in the club’s history. They were eliminated in the 1st round of the Africa champion’s league by Zimbabwean outfit, Dynamos, leading to the worst riots ever seen in Nairobi. In the League they finished 8th which was unprecedented in the clubs history.

In 1997, the club recovered and almost won the National League, only losing by goal difference to eventual winners, Utalii. Among the players who were instrumental in that campaign were Victor Onyango in goal, Josiah Ougo and Tillen Oguta in defence, Frazier Ochieng and Dan Ogada in midfield and Bonaventure Maruti, Steve Okumu and Steve Odiaga in attack.

In 2001, when Raj Binder Singh became the first Kenyan of Asian origin to became chairman of Gor Mahia there was a high expectations from the players that he would get sponsorship so that they could earn allowances. When this could not materialize the morale of the players went down.

Raj became the third club chairman in two years. His main brief was to secure sponsorship for the club. The sponsorship never came to fruition. This saw in 2002 the club going down as the worst in the history of the club.

However, in 2009, Gor Mahia sought to star a fresh. Coach James Sianga went about recruiting young players to build a team for the future. In came players like Ibrahim Kitawi, George Odhiambo, Duncan Owiti, Chris Wekesa amongst others.

Fr Patrick Lumumba Nyarombo of the Homa-Bay Catholic Diocese on the other hand recruited Black Berry, Otieno Fardinand, Roy Okal for Gor Mahia and Michael Boro for Thika United.

Ramogi FM senior Radio presenter, Mr Ben Oluoch Okello who was also present during the mass revives the club from failing.

Note: This is to wish all Regional News readers a blessed 2012- I am back to Nairobi tomorrow Jan 3, 2012- God bless you all.

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Kenya: Mega fertilizer scandal reported in Kercho County where unscrupulous trader is minting million by way of cheating farmers

Reports Kipsiele Arap Sugurut

The season of planting in Kericho County has arrived and farmers were expecting subsidised fertilizers to have arrived by now for use this planting season. Farmers have been trooping to Divisional and District offices for fertilizer coupons, which are easy to get, but when they go to National Cereals and Produce Boards stores in Kericho Town, they do not find anything.

On enquiry, the farmers are told that the fertilizers get depleted the same day they are delivered. The most shocking thing is that there is no farmer seen carrying even a single bag of fertilizer. This writer decided to try his luck recently and armed himself with a four bag fertilizer coupon from his local Agricultural Office. On reaching NCPB stores, he was told the fertilizers were depleted by one of the clerks, but fresh consignments were about to be delivered. The writer decided to pitch tent outside the NCPB premises to await the consignments. After a short while a 40 tone lorry belonging to a local transporter arrived and left immediately with the same consignment after the normal paper work had been done.

On inquiry, this writer was told everything had been sold and should come another day. Disappointed, this writer decided to follow the lorry and was surprised to find that the G0K subsidized fertilizers was being offloaded in a private store within the town. This writer later learn that the same fertilizers were being repackaged in commercial 50 kg bags to be sold to local farmers at a slightly lower market rates. One curious farmer decided to buy one bag of repackaged fertilizers and found that it was underweight by about 2 kg.

The farmers of Kericho were expecting fertilizers in December for early planting, but it seems some local cartels are out to frustrate the GOK’s effort in providing this vital input. The local cartels, who are supporters of former Minister for Agriculture, are out to frustrate the current Minister in her effort to secure food security in the Country. No wonder the former Minister is a frequent visitor to this County and mainly have te-te-te meetings with these cartels in undisclosed locations in the town.

The farmers of Kericho County wanted subsidized fertilizers yesterday and the G0K should move with speed to reign in these cartels if we are to avoid further embarrassing situations in this Country of plenty.


1001 Questions revolve around Miguna Miguna’s reinstatement.

from Judy Miriga


This is the most wise thinking from Samuel Moturi, Otieno Sungu, Lawyer Nyamogo with others not listed……..and it is because, we need performing leaders who are not going to play Micky Mouse on us. We are the Boss and our Public Interest is first before any Corporate or Special Interests….It is our right to negotiate terms favourable to our Policy needs and Mandate.

PM Raila has miserably failed basic fundamental cause in all ways of his Public discipline and Performance as on Oath…… To add salt to injury…….. PM Raila squandered and misappropriated “Kazi kwa Vijana” fund that was lying in PM’s office for execution to Youth Employment Creation. He was hard hit to explain the whereabouts and missing of the Youth Job Creation Funded by World Bank. This confirmed and proved that Raila is totally and completely incapable of leadership to even do simple things of consulting with Think Tanks and Professionals to urgently create and solve the most critical Job situation in the country and save a sorry catastrophic state-of-affair of endangerment of the Youth from diverting volatile Youth energy to hopeless destructive elements. Instead, Kazi kwa Vijana funds were seen to have been diverted for other insignificant, non-serious or urgent matters. The funds were without thinking, carelessly mismanaged and misappropriated, where Raila was caught with whole hand dipped in a honey jar, with cheeks glaring and with mouth glittering conspicuously smeared unproportionately with honey.

PM Raila could not stand the heat and in the first instinct, he juggled some unacceptable reasoning and could not explain himself satisfactorily to public leaving us wondering what to do next. When the matter heated up and World Bank was about to lay bare tit bits of the matter, PM Raila sneakily returned funds to World Bank to nail the matter to complete silence. This is corruption at best……..He forgot that for his recklessness with lack of supporting and sticking to Public Interest as former Political and Civil Society Activist, he colluded and sold Kenya Public Interest and Wealth which as a result, Kenyans are now paying heavily in ways and means to inclusively cover for “Kazi kwa Vijana” Loan from the World Bank. His return of the same funds was not going to reduce the value of the original loan or lessen the loan in anyway. It is the reason why Kenyans are under pressure paying through high cost of living and other basic survival needs and demands. This returned fund is believed to have gone in private pockets of World Bank Staff……the factor of greasing conspiracy of corruption in PONZI SCHEMES transactions at World Bank, IMF with other International Banking where Kibaki, Raila with Uhuru along with their Special Interest cartels are engaged to facilitate Moi’s unfinished business deals.

This explains why and how PM Raila is not a Change Agent, and would be the most corrupt and lousy leader and a dangerously compromised President of Kenya, controlled by Corporate Special Interest cartels and will not in any way serve Public Interest or improve Kenyan life………..

Signs of time are here with us people, and we don’t need to waste any of our precious time talking about PM Raila now, until when he is behind bars and on the dock to answer serious charges of Violation, Abuse and Crime against Humanity………..PM Raila is guilty in ways, means and form and must prove otherwise before Public interrogation and before Court of Law, why he subserviently enslaved Public Interest and subjudicated his Public Duty he took oath to serve, protect and preserve…….

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

– - – - – - – - – - – -

From: samuel moturi
Subject: Miguna declines job

A new contract is out of question.renewal under the previous terms ok.Why did RAO have to do a meeting with Mig?he is not desperate. Then they said investigations are there were none. Eh!In this war,RAO is loosing and damaging himself.


— On Sat, 12/31/11, otieno sungu wrote:

Subject: 1001 Questions revolve around Miguna Miguna’s reinstatement.

Kombo my good friend and close confidante,

You know we said many aspirants are corruption baggage, we were vilified and crucified for mentioning the obvious.

Now, an insider, Miguna Miguna is threatening to spill the beans, he alleges corruption in the corridors of the PM’s office.

The same corruption can be found at the Deputy PM and Minister for Finance’s corridors, the reason figure never add up there and computer errors is an annual feature during budgets.

At the other Deputy PM’s office, “grave” corruption ran away with our cemetery, where to bury our dead.Wetangula has his fair share, so has Ruto, Kalonzo, Saitoti etc.

This is why we begun mentioning new and clean people but the status quo adherents would not listen.

I am tempted to arrange a meeting between Miguna Miguna and VVM so that we can, in our steadfast way, document the corruption in which he was part of with the caveat that he will get amnesty when a new government of clean people come to power in exchange for truthfully and honestly laying bare where such things as unga and maize for the poor went.

Some of us are known for straight talk because of the love we have for our motherland and long sightedness, unlike many in these forums.

I am awaiting to hear more from Miguna Miguna.

Otieno Sungu

From: Elijah Kombo

MM should take the job since he is damn broke! He will benefit zero if he doesnt. Otherwise RAO might be the President 2013

Kombo Elijah

— On Sat, 12/31/11, Nyamodi Ochieng Nyamogo wrote:
Date: Saturday, December 31, 2011, 3:32 AM

Nd Sungu,

As my immediate reaction, i had called it an unnecessary practical joke on the part of Raila! In my humble opinion, there’s no love lost and no chemistry left between the duo, so the question of working together is a tall order, if anything! Anyway, Miguna Miguna has just been reported to have rejected the offer! “The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born”!!!

Nyamodi Ochieng-Nyamogo.

On 12/31/11, Mr BENJI wrote:

My reading of the tea leaves is really quite simple. This year 2012 the stakes are high, extremely high. And they are even higher for Raila,..whose father never ascended to power, and who has done much and paid much to get ONE chance to lead this country. All cards are on the table and for him nothing is going to be risked or thwarted by having such an insider (they go way back with Miguna) so bitter on the outside, pouring vitriol, displaying secrets for all and sundry and basically pissing in. He’d rather have Miguna inside pissing out. The calculation and risk assessment was this simple.

Nothing more, nothing less.

— On Fri, 12/30/11, Maurice Oduor wrote:


If Miguna is half as intelligent as I think he is, he should not take this job.


On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 8:32 AM, otieno sungu wrote:

Is this reinstated as vindication or an appeasement?

Will he work cordially with the PM or uneasily after all the vitriol he poured against his former and now current boss?

Was his conduct ethical in view of the fact that his was/is an advisory role which he cannot shove down the employer’s throat?

Is this reinstatement genuine or just to have a man with potential ammo on the bench rather than the other team?

Is his position tenable now that a new person has taken up the same portfolio?

Should Miguna stick to his principles and reject an offer from a man whose leadership style and ability he has little faith in?

Is Miguna being set up for a man with very little principles;gullible in taking up a position offered by the person whose abilities he has little faith in?

Could this be a political move rather than a vindication of an abrasive, arrogant, cantankerous and boisterous character who will soon be dispensed off with when the right time comes?

Should Miguna take up this appointment in your opinion?

Otieno Sungu

Kenya: G-whatever falling apart….

from odhiambo okecth

First, they held their meetings to plot the usual staff- Raila Amolo Odinga, and some key members were conspicuously absent- without apologies.

Then, Uhuru ran back to Kanu, Kalost revamped his ODM to something new, and, Saitoti maintained that his name will be on the ballot at whatever cost. Eugene has never been a factor and seems like he is not coming to terms with reality.

The big blow to this G-something was one William Samoei Ruto. The chap is smart and having seen that he had no future at this G outfit, he started drifting away slowly and leisurely. He was last seen having some good time at Dunga Beach and the rest as they say is…history. The man bought all the fish in Kisumu…but do we say…

Now, if this outfit that was basically crafted to fight one man can disintegrate, then, that will be the Best Gift from God to Kenyans this coming Year. Even God knows, the team had nothing to offer Kenyans.

Their only gripe was one Raila Amolo Odinga. They had no Vision for Kenya, no Interest in Kenya, no Direction to take Kenya to. They did not even want a new Constitution. And the other good thing is, Kenyans were reading and calling their bluff.

As we bury all these Parties that are formed to fight Raila Amolo Odinga, let us unite as Kenyans to support Parties that have an Ideological Backing, Parties that have some Clear Vision for Kenya, not parties whose leaders come together to stop another deserving Kenyan from the Presidency.

Long Live the People of Kenya and let us Cross the Bridge together as One People under God with The Captain ahead.


– - – - – - – - – - –

From: john kibet
Subject: Ruto making up to Raila ?


Why don’t we say that William Rutto is fully back in ODM. I mean, if saying that makes you, Omwenga, Maurice and the rest of ODM brigand FEEL HAPPY or makes it a New Years GIFT for you guys, I OBLIGE to that. But the question is this: Rutto asked of Raila two questions and I haven’t heard Raila’s reply yet. This just goes to show that you guys from the Lakeside behave like four year old who doesn’t have an ounce of political sense. My job is not to open your eyes about that.

The Kalenjin’s have moved on for all I know. They can’t be hoodwinked like 2007. They don’t have a problem with the Kibaki administration for all I know. They don’t have a problem with Uhuru Kenyatta or Kalonzo Musyoka for all I know. What I know is that they have a problem with Raila Odinga and they won’t vote for him come 2012.

I hear the likes of Omwenga say that the Kalenjin professinals are behind or support Raila. I haven’t heard any name(s) mentioned at all. Nameless individuals are bandied around and yet nobody can’t name names. What a lie!

Therefore, if Rutto is back in ODM (as you guys desperately WANT IT TO BE ), I wish him luck because his POLITICAL STAR with the rank and file Kalenjins is OVER! The typical Kalenjin mwananchi is so over with ODM that they can’t wait for the elections to come. And if Rutto is willing to dig an “early political grave”, he is WELCOME. Us in KANU are doing just fine. We know that we will be in the next government. Period.

So you guys in ODM can sing until you’re orange, that Rutto is back. Who cares? After all, Rutto won’t be in the final ballot come 2012. And even if he were in ODM, the Kalenjin’s won’t be with him. So I wonder what your excitment in ODM is. But anyway, you guys are so good at manufacturing excitements though. You are the masters of that.

John K
University of Southern California

From: Owuor Willis


The truth be told, Ruto is RAO’s man. You can call/describe RAO’s supporters in all manner of names. Ruto is in ODM damu kabisa.

From: john kibet


You always say that your views are progressive and yet you actions are no different than what Roger Ailes (the head of Fox News in America), has taught his journalists. Basically what they do at Fox News (Cable), is take a little of the truth and misrepresent it to fit into whatever agenda they have. They have no qualms about doing that on any given day.

You are no different with Fox News (Cable) because you take factual events, slant it and twist it to fit into an agenda you want. You don’t even put a disclaimer that you are slanting the facts because you want to ADVANCE Raila’s and ODM views in this fora.

There is nothing wrong for you to support Raila or ODM. It is your Constitutional and Civil Right to do that. But where you are wrong and intellectually dishonest, is take facts and add or omit some factual truth in what you put forth and call that the truth. That is why I never have respect for you. It is what they call “being unprofessional” in such professions as Law, Journalism ,etc.

This is what you said “…Five, Ruto went on record saying he is ready now to mend fences with Raila via his return to ODM and that says and means more than even the best spinners can spin.” This is not true and just a blatant lie. If anyone can check on the link below that I provided, Rutto never said such a thing. I care less for Rutto, but I care for what one said or what one is attributed to. How would Omwenga feel if something that he didn’t say, is attributed to him? He won’t like it. So why not extend the same courtesy to others or just simply state the facts and appear professional even if he is not or has ever been???? I am truly amazed with this abhorrent CONDUCT from Omwenga.

I have never cared for Rutto that much, but to take or add on something that he said or didn’t say, and ATTRIBUTE THAT TO HIM (Rutto), is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, and CONDUCT UNBECOMING for someone who says he is a lawyer. That is having NO INTEGRITY on YOUR PERSON Omwenga!!!

For anyone to see what Rutto really said, just go to today’s Daily Nation and read his quotes, reported accurately by the newspaper,–

Are you guys that DESPERATE to have Rutto in ODM that you can even go to an extend of patently lying to what he said, when the truth is out there in the public sphere???

Whoever runs this forum needs to have a conversation with you guys in ODM, who twist the truth and LIE OUT RIGHTLY to try to make your points. It seems to me that this forum has become a dent of pimps and truth-twisters. It makes me sad to say that.

John K
University of Southern California


From: Samuel Omwenga

Five simple but pleasing facts about this latest development about Ruto:

One, Ruto did not go to Kisumu to rally support for his presidetial run, if he runs.

Two, its not the absence of trashing Raila on his own turf that matters given it would be moronic for anyone to do that and Ruto is no moron but it’s what he said that people here and elsewhere are predictably brushing aside as no big deal.

Three, it’s a big deal what Ruto said.

Four, it is now an open secret and will be more obvious soon that Ruto’s key allies, including many Kale professionals are themselves urging Ruto to head back to ODM.

Five, Ruto went on record saying he is ready now to mend fences with Raila via his return to ODM and that says and means more than even the best spinners can spin.

In other words, actions speak louder than any spin or words.

I doubt one will ever see Ruto saying, “My friend Raila; I am sorry I wronged you in lying about you and my efforts to derail your run for the presidency” but his actions or inactions will do all the apologizing even if he does not fully return to ODM.

Peace, Unity and Oh Politics, Politics!


On Dec 29, 2011 9:51 AM, “Kuria-Mwangi” wrote:


He was in his territory and had to speak the language which can be appreciated there. Even Raila would have to speak well of UK if he visited Gatundu or well of Ruto if he was in Eldoret North. Lets us not read too much in this porojo ya Ruto. It was meant for the audience, telling them what they want to hear.

On Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 8:51 AM, roz kahumbu wrote:

Ruto calls for tolerance between rival parties
Posted Thursday, December 29 2011 at 14:45

Eldoret North MP William Ruto says his differences with Prime Minister Raila Odinga should not result in animosity among their supporters.

“Our political differences should not result in violence. What is important is a Kenya that we are all proud to be part of, a country of peace and progress,” said Mr Ruto.
. . .

Kenya: WATCH LIVE :- Kivuitu blames Kibaki and Moi…..He says chaos and Killings were organized

from Judy Miriga

This is really sad…….but, Kivuitu will bring flavour to ICC Hague over genocide of 2007/2008 in Kenya.

Kivuitu agrees that the election was flawed, but he announced it anyway and precided over Kibaki’s swearing in at State House…..

Sad to say……..

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

– - – - – - – - – - –

Four years on…Samuel Kivuitu’s reflections on 2007 election

Uploaded by NTVKenya on Dec 29, 2011

He was blamed for the mayhem that rocked the country exactly four years ago, following the announcement of the disputed presidential election. He had to announce the results in a secret room under heavy protection from armed security personnel. But four years on, Samuel Mutua Kivuitu says he has no regrets about how he handled the election. In fact Kivuitu says, he would conduct that election, the exact same way, if he were do it all over again. The former ECK chairman, who is now being treated for throat cancer, spoke to NTV’s Joe Ageyo.

@ogwemigo True, sad that he is so arrogant and unrepentant. God will judge him for all that. Thank God? for the new constitution and the provisions for the creation of strong and independent institutions that will hopefully put Kenyan interests above the elite’s political interests.
sirjonduke 26 minutes ago

This is a COLD BLOODED killer with no remorse. He is? enjoying the blood of his victims. For how long will you enjoy the millions you were given?
nyangi77 29 minutes ago

Enzi Zao: Samuel Kivuitu

Uploaded by kenyacitizentv on Jul 13, 2011
Wako Wapi? Makala ya Enzi Zao inamuangazia Samuel Kivuitu, aliyekuwa mwenyekiti wa tume ya uchaguzi.

Kivuitu: Kibaki and Raila mistreated me

Uploaded by NTVKenya on Aug 5, 2009

Six months after the electoral commission he headed was unceremoniously disbanded Samuel kivuitu is tonight sharing some of his reflections of the 2007 elections exclusively with NTV. Kivuitu feels badly treated by the president and prime minister but has no regrets. A much-relaxed Samuel Kivuitu spoke to NTVs Emmanuel Juma.

Kivuitu’s Reaction to Kriegler Report

Uploaded by kenyacitizentv on Sep 22, 2008
ECK chairman Samwel Kivuitu reacts to Kriegler Report.

Kivuitu: Vote tallying was grossly flawed.

Uploaded by NTVKenya on Aug 20, 2008
Vote tallying was grossly flawed.

Kivuitu’s turn in the dock

Uploaded by NTVKenya on Aug 18, 2008
Kivuitu’s turn in the dock

Samuel Kivuitu says he did nothing wrong

Uploaded by NTVKenya on May 14, 2008
Samuel Kivuitu

SHOWDOWN – Kivuitu emerges from the woodwork – Feb 13, ’08

Uploaded by NTVKenya on Feb 14, 2008
February 14, 2008 – Electoral Commission chairman Samuel Kivuitu wants an inquiry to establish rigging claims on the presidential poll.

SHOWDOWN – Kivuitu emerges from the woodwork – Feb 13, ’08

Uploaded by NTVKenya on Feb 14, 2008
February 14, 2008 – Electoral Commission chairman Samuel Kivuitu wants an inquiry to establish rigging claims on the presidential poll.

Kivuitu Tries To exonerate Himself

Uploaded by bwanakeino on Jan 4, 2008

kibaki swearing in

Uploaded by juicethedj on Jan 9, 2008
kibaki swearing in

Kenya ECK put on task on vote tally

Uploaded by juicethedj on Feb 6, 2008
ECK blamed

Kivuitu: “I dont’t Know Where The Reurning Officers Are”

Uploaded by makozewe on Jan 6, 2008
Kivuitu: “I dont’t Know Where The Reurning Officers Are”.

Election Rigging: “A Matter Of Life And Death” – Kwach

Uploaded by makozewe on Jan 6, 2008
Election Rigging: “A Matter Of Life And Death” – Kwach.

ECK Kivuitu gets tribal

Uploaded by juicethedj on Feb 20, 2008
kivuitu gets tribal out of the closet

Kibaki Winner Kenya elections 2007 and sworn in immediately

Uploaded by nmugaya on Dec 30, 2007
Kenya elections final results; Kibaki wins and sworn in immediately

Martha Karua

Uploaded by ruffcast on Dec 30, 2007
PNU,ODM kenya election rigging, Kibaki Raila martha karua vote recount kivuitu ECK nairobi

Election Rigging: “Something Is Wrong” – Kosgey

Uploaded by makozewe on Jan 6, 2008
Election Rigging in Kenya: “Something Is Wrong” – Kosgey.

Kosgey pleads with ECK

Uploaded by ruffcast on Dec 30, 2007
Kosgey’s pleas to ECK PNU,ODM kenya election rigging, Kibaki Raila martha karua vote recount kivuitu ECK nairobi ODM PNU kosgey nairobi kibaki fraud stealing raila kenya elections voting rigging KTN