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Kenya: I bought beach plot, Raila tells court…Has This Got To Do With Grabiosis Tendencies…??

from Judy Miriga


No one is above the law, and fight against corruption graft and impunity must be faught squarely by all good citizens, Diaspora, friends and sympathizers of Kenya and Africa.

Let the truth be known........people.......!

Rights, Dignity and virtue for Humanity must be respected by all, and real justice shall be our defender.....The Truth, Nothing but the Truth, shall be our goal post as we cross Canaan to a promised land, where Peace, Love and Unity for common good of all shall prevail and thus offer privilleged advantage to an improved better destiny for all.

Kibaki's words should be action oriented.....not just words for the sake of words........ Ministers should have a free-hand to excercise duty calling according to the satisfaction of needs and demands of public, not not as rubber-stamp to favor politically correctness.

I wonder why Prof. Mengich should be reinstated after interviews have been done and suitable candidates elected........what would be the reason for calling for interviews..... This hoolabaloo now calls for further investigation and vetting of Prof. Haroun Mengich as, where there is smoke, there is fire. We now believe something is not right with Prof. Haroun Mengich in his public service.......

It is about time public must do their private investigation and produce answers to the forum for more actions.........!

It is fundamentally and crucially important to use public power-force pressure to fix fixtures for better results people........time is running out.......

PLO Lumumba of KACC cannot deny, their plates are full, and they have to speed up to consume servings........for another course of desert.......

Cheers everybody.......!

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,


- - - - - - - - - - -

Kenya: I Bought Beach Plot, Raila Tells Court
Daniel Nyassy
23 June 2011

Nairobi — Mr Odinga, who was testifying at the Malindi High Court, told Lady Justice Helen Omondi he bought the plot in 1999 from former Malindi mayor Frederic Kazungu Diwani.

However, Mr Diwani later fraudulently sold the same plot to a British citizen, Mr John Presser Unsworth, and appeared in a Kilifi court in 2009 where he admitted the offence and was fined Sh800,000.

Now, Mr Unsworth wants the land to which he claims to have ownership documents declared his and has already started fencing it.Challenged by Mr Unsworth's lawyer Ms Virginia Shaw to name his neighbours around the disputed plot, Mr Odinga said he did not know any as the area was not occupied.

Planted palm trees

"When we bought the property in 1999 from Mr Diwani, we inspected it and found it was vacant. We planted some palm trees on it. But early last year when I went to the plot, I found someone had trespassed on it," he said.

Asked whether he was aware that a restriction over ownership had been put on the plot by one Mr Alex Ramica Chakacha who was one of the defendants in the suit, Mr Odinga said: "This is fantasy".

The case involves Mr Unsworth as the applicant and Kango Enterprise Ltd, which is the PM's company, the Registrar of Lands at Kilifi and Mr Chakacha as the defendants.

Mr Odinga is represented by lawyers Otiende Amolo, John Ligunya and Felix Nyauchi while Mr Diwani is represented by Mr Richard Otara.

Earlier, Justice Omondi dismissed Ms Shaw and Mr Otara's objection to two documents produced in court by lawyer Omolo, saying, they were legally introduced before court.
Ms Shaw and Mr Otara had argued that the documents were introduced in court "at the 11th hour".

Before the hearing, Mr Odinga had kept the court waiting for the better part of the morning. According to court schedule, the case was set to start at 11am.

But Mr Odinga, who was escorted by MPs Gideon Mung'aro (Malindi), Ali Hassan Joho (Kisauni) and a host of Malindi councillors, arrived in court at 1.18pm after the case had already began. He was composed as he answered a barrage of questions from his lawyer, Ms Shaw and Mr Otari, causing laughter at times with his answers.

For example, when he was asked by Mr Otari whether he had seen any land search document, he repeated several times: "Every transaction was done by my lawyer."
Asked whether he bought the land from the original owners, Mr Odinga said this would be surprising because "the original owner of the land is God".

All vehicles were cleared off the court premises and all other cases suspended to accommodate that of the PM. When he came out of court, the PM addressed a big crowd outside.

He told journalists he supported calls for MPs' salaries to be taxed, saying this was in accordance with the new Constitution.

Local News Round up

Uploaded by kenyacitizentv on Jun 23, 2011

In a rather rare occurrence, Prime Minister Raila Odinga appeared before the Malindi high court as a witness in a land case. This and other news making headlines with Judy Kosgei.

Raila in court

Uploaded by standardgroupkenya on Jun 23, 2011

Prime Minister Raila Odinga appeared before a Malindi court today to testify in a land case. Raila testified before justice Helen Omondi in a case where an Italian investor claims a company owned by Raila defrauded him of 13 million shillings. The money was allegedly paid for a beach plot in malindi, which is also being claimed by a local squatter. The prime minister said he owns the land legally and denied selling it to anyone. KTN's Eric Njoka reports.

Malindi financiers unhappy over govt move

Uploaded by NTVKenya on Mar 8, 2011

Investors in the multi-billion shilling tourism industry in the coastal town of Malindi are frustrated with a task force investigating irregularities over ownership of land in the area. This is after the task force put a construction embargo in the area as there were people with multiple title deeds. They complain of harassment and intimidation yet they have invested significantly in the region besides creating much-needed employment.



FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011

Colleagues Home & Abroad Regional News

Even though in most societies, the only known marriage is between man and woman, the gay communities do not to admit this fact, even the fact that God created Adam and Eve for the purpose of procreation and not same sex partnership.

A story appearing in one of the daily newspapers today that there has been an increase in the number of men and women claiming to be lesbians or gays is just few stories revealing that gays and lesbians live among us and will always be with us.

For many Kenyans it came as a big shock that the practice thrives in Eldoret Town, especially in Huruma estate in Uasin Gishu County. In Eldoret the gays even have their website dating and charting lines-Men seeking men, Eldoret, Kenya - GAY Adult Singles - gay dating ...

The story of Mercy Wafula and Amondi Lavenda who are living together as husband and wife give the picture that same sex marriage is a reality in Kenya that cannot be denied. The story describes how the relationship between Mercy and Lavenda started while in high school when she was in form three while her partner was in form one.

This is not the first time media reported how lesbianism is taking root in most of Kenyan girls’ boarding schools. Early this year many Kenyans were treated to shocking news when it was revealed that three female students were taken to court for assaulting another female student for refusing to take part in lesbianism affairs.

There are several stories and narratives about this issue- with one schoolgirl narrating how she was involved in lesbianism when she was15 years. She got interested when she saw her friends in school teaching themselves how to kiss and how they experimented with each other before they can actually kiss a boy.

There was nothing Jane (not her real name) could do when she joined high school, but to be involved in kissing which always ended in an affair. Her partner was in form three and she describes how they loved each other to the extent that they could not do very well in class.

What they did at night was ever kissing even if that night they could not engage in sexual affairs. When she tried to come out of this habit it was not so easy for Jane. The more she tried to come out the more she found herself in the affair.

Because Jane was so beautiful other girls she said also tried to lure her into affairs but she was afraid of Rose (not her real name) her partner with whom she was in love- in case she discovered that she was moving with other girls.

Similar story appearing last year in some of our local dailies also revealed that the 19-year-old schoolgirl with five same-sex partners -one of them 15 years her senior-were in serious lesbianism affairs.

According to the story she could no longer stand her lesbian lifestyle, despite the fact that it was at odd with the norms according to which she was raised. She knew all along that the act was not proper but she just found herself, not only doing it but enjoying it as well.

The habit is not only with students, but even teachers with students like the story of Rosemary (not her real name), a form two student who media reported recently to have fallen in love with a teacher in an all-girls boarding school.

According to the story, since she was a class prefect, Ms Caroline-her biology teacher used to tell her that every evening she collects all the assignments-take to her room for corrections. It was here that the teacher slowly lured her to an affair until she finished form four.

Rosemary had lost both parents so she was an orphan. The teacher assured her that she would take care of her transport home, give her pocket money and do her some shopping when school opens. So that could be the reason she accepted to have an affair with Caroline.

Rosemary who finished her forth form last year and now looking forward to joining aviation college says she still have strong feelings for her Caroline and during December and April this year she had to pay her a visit for one week.

Like Rosemary, according to today’s story it took Mercy quite some time to express her feelings to Lavenda, as she did not know how she would react. “I could watch her daily leave for classes, since we shared the dormitory. Her beauty, body size and elegant walking style summarised her whole being.”

And the story continued: “I decided to start by being her friend -call it courtship; we could go for meals together. I would buy her “escort” (bread, ndazi, samosa, etc) during breakfast and even help her wash her clothes so that I could win her.”

It takes time to get used to the habit, but as media reports it happened when rain started and decided to stay back in the dormitory as they waited for the rain to stop so that they could proceed to the classroom for preps-and as they were lying in their beds when other girls had gone, she kissed Lavenda and that was how their long anticipate affair began.

Recently Ms Nancy Ms Baraza became under heavy attack when she said she has through her research established that the Kenya Medical Research Institute puts the gays and lesbians at 15 per cent of the Kenyan population, which the National Aids and STIs Control Programme is grappling with.

She became under attack because according to the vast majority of Kenyans it is not true that there are many gays and lesbians in Kenya- it is just the creation of the media they believe.

Parliament was specifically thrown into an uproar last week after Nominated MP Millie Odhiambo claimed that 15 per cent of her colleagues are gay. Her remarks drew sharp criticism and numerous points of order from MPs who demanded that she substantiate her claim or withdraw and apologise.

Millie, who was seconding the motion moved by the chairman of the Constitution Implementation and Oversight Committee Abdikadir Mohammed, stood her ground saying she was quoting from a report presented to the committee by lawyer Betty Murungi.

Only assistant minister Kilemi Mwiria came to her defence confirming that the report had been tabled before the committee. But still even after Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo informed the House that the report indicated that 15 per cent of all Kenyans are gay, MPs still denied there are such a big number of gay and lesbians in Kenya.

One fact for sure it is true-that the number of gays and lesbians is on the increase, not only in Kenya but a global concern. Last year groups of gays kissed publicly as Pope Benedict XVI visited Spain- Gay kiss protest against Pope | Video | Reuters.com.

A crowd of about 200 gay men and women in Barcelona staged a massive make-out session in front of the Pope Sunday as he was driven through town in the bullet-proof Popemobile on his way to celebrate mass at one of the city’s basilicas.

While Christians maintain that man was created by God and given the power to multiply, like scientists gay people say man evolved from apes which derive from an apelike ancestor that lived on earth a few million years ago through a combination of environmental and genetic factors which emerged as a species to produce the variety of ethnicities seen today.

They rely on scientific study of evolution which began in the mid-nineteenth century, when research into the fossil record and the diversity of living organisms convinced most scientists that species evolve as it became widely accepted in the 1870s- caricatures of Charles Darwin with an ape or monkey body that symbolised evolution.

The gays also argue that since the first eleven chapters of Genesis have been relegated to the category of myths, not real history, they only contain spiritual truth, but they cannot be taken seriously as records of real people and events.

According to Genesis 1:-2:24 the creation week consists of eight divine commands executed over six days, followed by a seventh day of rest- First day: God creates light The light is divided from the darkness, and "day" and "night" are named. Second day: God command—to divide the waters above from the waters below. The firmament is named "skies".

Third day: God commands the waters below to be gathered together in one place, and dry land to appear. God commands the earth to bring forth grass, plants, and fruit-bearing trees. Fourth day: God creates lights in the firmament-to separate light from darkness and to mark days, seasons and years.

Fifth day: God commands the sea to "teem with living creatures", and birds to fly across the heavens. He creates birds and sea creatures, and commands them to be fruitful and multiply. Sixth day: God commands the land to bring forth living creatures. He makes wild beasts, livestock and reptiles.

He then creates man in His "image" and "likeness". He later gives him a wife as a helper after God realised the man was lonely. God named man Adam and woman Eve. They are told to "be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it." The totality of creation is described by God as "very good." Seventh day: God, having completed the heavens and the earth, rests from His work, and blesses and sanctifies the seventh day.

While the gays refute first eleven chapters of Genesis as true story, Christians maintain it is since in Genesis 5, the record of Adam ends with the expression "this is the book of the generations of Adam."

Christians argue there is no reason to suppose that Adam and his descendants were not able to write and keep records, remembering that on the sixth day of creation Adam named all the animals, thus demonstrating his intellectual capacity.

This study of Genesis Chapter 5 is the fifth of eleven in a series of studies of the first 11 chapters of the Book of Genesis. It portrays that the book was the written account of Adam's line. When God created man, he made him in the likeness of God. 2 He created them male and female and blessed them. And when they were created, he called them "man."

And when Adam had lived 130 years, he had a son in his own likeness, in his own image; and he named him Seth. 4 After Seth was born, Adam lived 800 years and had other sons and daughters. Altogether, Adam lived 930 years, and then he died.

People for Peace in Africa (PPA)
P O Box 14877
00800, Westlands
Tel 254-20-4441372
Website: www.peopleforpeaceafrica.org



By Chak Rachar

An attempt by the outgoing Kisumu Mayor Sam Okello to have Prime Minister Raila Odinga to intervene and “help him be re-elected” for another term was flatly rejected by Raila who told him straight in his face that he must face his opponents.

In a move interpreted by many that Okello is out of Raila’s favor and he is on his out of Kisumu politics by Raila telling him to face his opponents was like giving him a political rope to hang him with it.

One of the politicians who was present at the said meeting which took place last Saturday in the morning at Raila’s Kisumu residence said that Mayor Okello was accompanied by the factional Luo Council of Elders leader Opiyo Otondi, Councillors Ben Muga , Isaiah Onyango and perennial Kisumu Parliamentary aspirant Shem Oeyo Onyango Kwega .

“When Raila gave them his ear, Ker Otondi was the first to speak saying that he had brought “his son” (Mayor Okello) to him so that he compels Councilors opposed to him during the 1st July mayoral elections to be coerced by Raila to have them re-elect Okello”an insider during g the said meeting said.

He further added that Otondi pleaded with Raila so that the status –quo remains the way it is presently with Okello being the Mayor and Coucillor Soja Oyollo who is his opponent just retaining his Chairmanship of the planning committee.

Okelo also told Raila to help him with ODM youths so that they could reign terror during the elections day so that by the time the elections would be called, he would have organized himself better.

“Raila told them that he was against violence in Kisumu presently as the town was trying to re-invent himself for investors to be wooed and further told Okello that the said status quo he wanted could only be possible if the councilors were united the source further said.

“Find away how you can lure the Councilors presently with Oyolo Soja because the law requires that eventually the elections will be done, Kwega call a meeting between the Councilors and Okello and see if the can some sort of agreement” Raila instructed Kwega.

The group left dejected and were heard murmuring wondering why Raila could not call the said meeting him like he did when he brought Okello the first time.

The said meeting of the ODM party took place and a resolution was reached that Mayor Okello was to eventually face his opponents in the forthcoming elections as he was told that Raila presently was more than a Luo leader.

By the time we went to press, Lord Oyollo as he is popularly known was said to be having eighteen Councilors against Okello’s eleven and he is presently with them in Kampala Uganda strategizing how to win the elections.



Kenya: The Ghost of corruption……..is a killing Monster……..Watch Out…..!

from Judy Miriga


Looking at Chinese and Asia's fast economic booster growth at the begining of 2000, likewise should remind us of the wind of change shifting to colonize Africa by Chinese in conjunction with other Asian Diaspora Community......the reason for Africa invasion.

Africa being the target of its bulk economic potential in Natural Resources and in Agriculture, is in the books of China and Indians by the International Corporate Business Community, through the IMF and the World Bank with other Multinational Financial Clearing PONZI SCHEME banks, are destined to make large scale of second face African Slavery, under Intellectual Property Thieving......

Wake up people.......wake up and take charge of your destiny....... through the eradication of corruption, graft and impunity and by implementing the New Constitution, specifically that of Devolution, the Majimbo Federal Governance........

Each and individual is a part of the Reform Team in their own rights, do not wait to be asked to join the Civil Society Community of Activism, take charge in whichever way or form, Art and Skills, whether you have no food or no shelter, as long as you have breath, in groups or as individuals, do something to force for change.... to play a role of Reform Participation for Change...........United we are strong, devided we perish.......know your enemy and defeat him...........

God will only protect and Bless you when you take a step of faith......this is because, Thieves do not come to make you happy, but to make your life miserable, they come to steal what belong to you through infiltration smart invasion, where they take your property, they make you pay them through increased taxes in consumable commodities, through buying food, housing or shelter, through paying high cost for healthcare, through security arrangements that do not directly benefit you, through manipulating costs for education and other basic needs for survival.....including all that which belong to you... all of your resources and finally, once they are in control of your resources, through political gambling, they make you misarable and take your life, that will be a final 6 inch nail on your cofin box.

Play smart people.......do not slake.......Wake Up........and join the force for an immediate Majimbo Federal Governance implementation........Do not let politicians to hoodwink you for another week or month, it must be now........block their access panya route.......


Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,


- - - - - - - - - - -

KACC Wants Ongeri, Kiyiapi Axed

Uploaded by kenyacitizentv on Jun 14, 2011

The Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission is calling on President Mwai Kibaki to dismiss education minister Sam Ongeri and his permanent secretary James ole Kiyapi, over alleged failure to control what it termed as the continuous embezzlement of funds in the ministry. KACC director Prof Patrick Otieno Lumumba says if the two do not willingly take responsibility and resign, then the president should dismiss them. This comes a day after finance minister Uhuru Kenyatta disclosed a treasury audit report's findings that 4.2 billion shillings had been misappropriated in the ministry between 2004 and 2009. Hussein Mohamed reports.

The ghost of corruption

Uploaded by NTVKenya on May 7, 2011


The ghost of corruption it appears is haunting the Kenya Anti Corruption boss. PLO Lumumba is asking foreign banks to help him nail corrupt individuals who have stashed money abroad. This comes barely a week after he asked government to declare corruption a national disaster.

Tobiko's Greenlight to Extradition Process

Uploaded by kenyacitizentv on Jun 10, 2011

The bid to extradite Nambale Mp Chris Okemo and former KPLC Managing Director Samuel Gichuru to face graft charges in the UK appeared to gather momentum after Chief Public Prosecutor Keriako Tobiko constituted a team to scrutinize voluminous documents relating to the extradition request. This was after Attorney General Amos Wako forwarded the 13 volumes of documents to Tobiko, supporting the extradition request by the Attorney General of the Island of Jersey.

as okemo and gichuru get contradicted, we know to know the fate of the bribers as? well. both parties are guilty giver? and taker,
harrydre 1 week ago

All Multinational Companies operating in Kenya did not get there for free. Bribery by? Multinational Companies to gain entry into LDCs was an officially recognized aspect of special expenses, akin to marketing costs, incurred by prospective investors from Industrialized Country. Indeed to the extent that most of the? expenses on bribes by MCs n LDCs were silently transparent, they were treated as a deductible incidental expenditure during annual income tax returns. So, why these tricks from UK?
Savai333 1 week ago

Kacc & Mutula on Okemo, Gichuru extradition

Uploaded by standardgroupkenya on May 24, 2011

The Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission says it will co-operate fully on the extradition of former Kenya power and lighting managing director Samuel Gichuru and Nambale member of parliament Chrysanthus Okemo. The two are accused of taking kickbacks and concealing the proceeds of crime. Meanwhile justice minister Mutula Kilonzo has asked those implicated in the scandal to step aside from any public offices they may hold until their names are cleared.

DPP to Decide Fate of Okemo, Gichuru

Uploaded by kenyacitizentv on May 23, 2011
Attorney General Amos Wako now says the fate of Nambale Mp Chris Okemo and the former KPLC managing director Samuel Gachuri, over warrants of arrests issued on them by the Island of Jersey, lies with the Office of the Public Prosecutor. Wako says he formally received a request from the Island, which is part of the United Kingdom through the British minister for Africa, Henry Bellingham whom he met Monday. Wako also says he has received the same communication from the police.

Mutula on Okemo and Gichuru

Uploaded by standardgroupkenya on May 24, 2011
Mutula on Okemo and Gichuru

KACC Receives Requests Over Okemo, Gichuru

Uploaded by kenyacitizentv on May 24, 2011
The Kenya Anti - Corruption Commission has confirmed that it had also received a formal request from Jersey Island, in the United Kingdom, seeking assistance in the form of evidence in the money laundering investigations the Island's authorities are conducting against Nambale MP Chris Okemo and the former Kenya Power and Lighting Director Samuel Gichuru. Attorney general Amos Wako, who has also confirmed receiving warrants of arrests issued against the two, is in the meantime, awaiting communication from the Office of the Public Prosecutor in order to proceed with the extradition cases. But what exactly does this mean for the two suspects? Willis Raburu reports.

KACC on Wealth Declaration

Uploaded by kenyacitizentv on Feb 9, 2011
The Kenya Anti --Corruption Commission now wants the law amended to enable it to subject all public servants to a thorough wealth declaration process. KACC Director Patrick Lumumba says the current wealth declaration procedure is a mere formality with gaping loopholes that were still being exploited to perpetrate the culture of corruption within the public sector. This comes a few days after a High Court ruling stopped the Commission from scrutinizing a parastatal chief's source of wealth.


EA states told to speed up reforms to create jobs or face violent unrest

Writes Leo Odera Omolo.

East African region faces social unrest if governments fail to speed up reforms aimed at job creation and wage growth.

This warning is contained by the latest edition of the African Economic Outlook 2011.It states that while East Africa will record the highest growth in Africa in 2011, governments need to invest more in generation of jobs and boosting basic social service to match up the growing number of graduates entering labor market.

The report, co-authored by the African Development Bank {AfDB}, the OECD Development Center, UNDP and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, says the region’s projected to growth of above six per cent in 2011, compared with North Africa’s 1per cent, Southern Africa 4.5 per cent, Central Africa 5.3 per cent and the continent’s projected average growth of 3.7 per cent.

Experts say rising food and fuel prices have taken a heavy toll; persistent poverty and income inequality are reminders that the fruits of strong headline growth have been unevenly distributed across the region.

“The thing is for the government to recognize and work towards an agenda that will make it inclusive” says Mthuli Ncube, chief economist and vice-president of the AfDB.

While countries are focusing on attracting foreign direct investment, he said it is critical for governments to devote resources to easing business for the local business community.”Sometimes countries spend so much on trying to attract FDI and they {foreign investment} do not come but meanwhile there are local people who are dynamic, who want to invest and create jobs,” Mthuli said.

To enhance growth prospects the region has to accelerate its regional integration agenda. Governments, he said, have to promote investment by making it easy for business to move across borders “Regional integration is not just about goods and services. A Kenyan company in the region should have as much ease as within the country. These are the things that will make the region more dynamic,” he said adding “people with skills can find something to do and re likely to create a small enterprise.’




Colleagues Home & Abroad Regional News





American President Barrack Obama this morning became under heavy criticism for not putting more attention on Sudan. The criticism came from some Americans, including along time friend of Sudan, Mr Wagner, an economist and businessman. He said enough is enough and international communities must react immediately and save the lives of innocent Nubian people from genocide.

Mr Wagner said this during the press conference organised by the Nuba community from the South Kordufan region in central at 680 Hotel, Nairobi. The purpose of the press conference was to highlight the ongoing war between the Sudan government and the SPLA in South Kordufan region that has left hundreds dead and thousands displaced.

Speaking during the same occasion, Mr Edward Lino, the Abyei SPLM chairman said Nuba Mountains and the entire south Sudan will only be at peace when Sudanese President Al-Bashir was forced to quit the office.

Asked whether the recent elected governor, Mr Ahmed Haroun, the incumbent governor of northern Sudan’s only oil-producing state, who is also wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes in the western region of Darfur was to blame for the bombardment in Nuba Mountains, Mr Lino while saying that even though he is known for his criminal activities, he is not to blame but Al-Bashir.

Mr Haroun was declared the winner of Southern Kordofan state’s delayed elections mid last month. Southern Kordofan, which includes the Nuba Mountains, was the scene of heavy fighting during the two-decade civil war between the northern and southern regions that ended with a peace agreement in 2005. Mr Haroun was involved in the war.

The International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for him in 2007 when he was minister and a militia leader suspected of war crimes in the Darfur region. More than 200,000 people have died in Darfur since then.

According to suspects’ profiles, Ahmed Haroun was in charge of Darfur in 2003 and 2004 as deputy interior minister. His work according to ICC included recruiting, funding and personally arming Janjaweed militia.

He was quoted as saying that he had been given the authority to either kill or forgive in Darfur for the sake of peace and security. Allegedly promoted and witnessed rape and torture as part of the war strategy.

The Nuba of Kordofan are indigenous multi-religious Africans who are mostly supporters of the SPLM and perceived by Islamic regime of Bashir as infidels whose rich and fertile lands must be evacuated and given to the Arabs.

The cities of Kadugli, Dilling, Kouda, and Taloudi so far have witnessed extensive air raids killing civilians and destroying their properties. The bombing also terrorised civilians in Kalimo in Kadugli, Taferah, Kaiga Al-Khayil, Hajar al-Nar, Abugeibaiha, Miri, Dilling, Lagawa and Kouda.

According to the statement entitled: Nuba community in Kenya on the current crisis in south Kordofan state, Sudan, south Kordofan is one of the three contested areas in the comprehensive peace agreement (CPA). They have been subjected to slavery, forced into ismalization and arabization.

It is not known exactly how many people have died since the war started, but the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate with at least 600, 000 people displaced.

People for Peace in Africa (PPA)
P O Box 14877
00800, Westlands

Tel 254-20-4441372
Website: www.peopleforpeaceafrica.org



By Our Reporter in Geneva,

Fresh details emerging from a group of individuals who were thrown out of a hotel in Geneva Switzerland who were booked by Kenya’s trade union leader Francis Atwoli as journalist says they were never such and Atwoli lied to Switzerland authorities that they were journalists and he is likely to face a ban in Switzerland.

A senior official of Kenya’s journalism body who never wished to be named said that none of his known member was in Geneva and his organization refused any of its members to accompany Atwoli to Geneva Atwoli “was” not ready to shed some matters in regard to the said trip.

“As Kenya Union of Journalists we could not just release any of our members without tooth combing and since Atwoli was not ready to divulge to us the necessary queries we asked him ,we found it prudent not to allow any of our members to accompany him as he was behaving “cunningly”, did you see our Secretary General making the trip” he asked upon being prodded further.

He called on Atwoli to come out clear and stop tarnishing the image and dignity of Kenya journalists that they were in Geneva yet in real sense no any Kenya journalist accompanied him as most media houses in Kenya affiliated to KUJ refused to release their staff after being asked by KUJ not to do so.

Senior Editors in most leading media houses in Kenya like Royal Media Group, Standard Goop, The People. Nation Media Group and leading radio stations denied ever releasing their staff for the Geneva trip.

“KUJ wrote to us a letter advising us not to release any of our staff as female journalists who we have released previously has always complained of sexual harassment by leading COTU official who behaves like a bull on heat whenever he saw anything in skirt” a source at a leading TV media house in Kenya told us.

Fresh details gathered further reveal that after being turned down by leading media houses in Kenya,Atwoli gathered his street lieutenants and rumor peddlers in most street in Kisumu and Nairobi took undisclosed amount of money from COTU coffers ostensibly for their upkeep in Geneva which he never did as he was bailed out by International Labour Organization in lieu of his allowances.

More drama followed upon Atwoli and his group of “journalists” arrived in Kenyaata press conference at Solidarity house the headquarter of COTU when he introduced a Kenya Political party youth leader based in Kisumu as “a senior and serious journalist” and failed to mention his name for fear of being embarrassed as journalists in the said press conference began murmuring demanding to know who the said journalist is.

“Why should he lie to us about journalists who knows nothing about the profession? I walked out of the said press conference after discovering that Atwoli was taking us for a ride” a senior editor with a leading daily publication said.

Atwoli who has always bragged that most media houses owners are in his pocket have of late been forced to buy spaces for his blubbering vomits after most media houses discovered that he has nothing of substance to say as he keeps on bragging how he gives most senior editors in Kenya handouts more than what they earn.

He is surrounded by old, hungry, illiterate,senile and sluggard lunatics under the guise of his union officials who depends on him for handouts at any given time and these are the same men he uses to milk COTU dry and “tame” visionary young up coming trade union officials.

Efforts to get a comment from Atwoli were fruitless.



Kenya: Jogoo House overnight sit-in activists update statement

From: George Nyongesa

Dear fellow Kenyans and the Press:

On June 20, 2011 at around 9am four activists ( Tom Oketch, Okoit Omtata, Sheikh Ahmed and George Nyongesa) stormed into Minister for Educations office on Jogoo House and staged a sit-in to demand Prof. Ongeri resigns or fired by President Mwai Kibaki to pave way for further investigation. This was occasioned by Treasury internal audit report that revealed that Free Primary Education Fund had lost Kshs. 4.6 Billion.


Our demand does not mean that he is culpable but we hold it that he is the duty bearer and he has obligation to be accountable to the people of Kenya about their money. The same activists were among the 22 who were arrested on December 24, 2009 following a civic action to spotlight embezzlement of FPE money.

By close of business June 20 the activists had only heard from Permanent Secretary, Prof. James Ole Kiyiapi who defended himself saying he does not know who stole the money.

Yesterday, June 21, the activists returned to the Ministers office, subdued intimidation from anti riot police who demanded they leave and staged an overnight vigil at Jogoo House. As I write this statement the activists are still holding out at Jogoo House 2nd room 204. We are mobilizing more support from our networks this morning to join so as to make it business unusual at the ministry until something gives in.

The activists are determined to stay put at the Ministry of Education headquarters Jogoo House until the Minister resigns or is fired to pave way for further investigation. In the event he is found culpable, he should prosecuted and the money recovered.

We are also asking the British government not to demand their money back because the money gives relief to the poor families. Prof. Ongeri’s children do not go to public schools and will not be affected. The British government should use other means of holding Kenyan political leadership accountable on corruption.

With the new constitution, the new chief justice, increase demand for integrity among judges and magistrates, and the promise of total overhaul of judicial system; the ball is in the court of us citizens to make Kenya better a nation.

We must now make the concept of accountability a reality and inculcate the culture of taking responsibility into our public affairs. This is a song we sang as we whiled the night away at Jogoo House on June 21, 2011.

The following are the activists in the photos: Florence Kanyua, Francis Sakwa, Vincent Kidaha, John Koome, Gabriel Adigo, Japhet Moroko, John Abok, Gacheke Gachihi, Fredrick Odhiambo, Okoiti Omtata and George Nyongesa

Circulate this message to your networks.

George Nyongesa | National Coordinator, Bunge la Mwananchi | 0733 82 7859


Kenya: Anti corruption activists kick out Prof. Sam Ongeri and take over the Minister’s office

from Judy Miriga


Atlast, someone is doing his job, it is the right thing to do......and the group should just wear gumboots with kakhi trousers, which depicts seriousness of work........

This is the way to go people.........Hongera George Nyongesa......

Keep on keeping on.......Mungu ni mwema atajibu ombi letu.......and Leaders of the world must step in now to help poor Kenyans get rid of these heartless that are killing harmless poor Kenyans without Mercy.....

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,


- - - - - - - - - - -

From: George Nyongesa

Dear fellow Kenyans and the Press:

Anti corruption activists kick out Prof. Ongeri and take over Minister's office for an overnight vigil till a new Minister is announced by President kibaki.

The activists are demanding exit of Prof. Ongeri following damning allegations of loss of Kshs. 4.2 B meant for Free Primary Education.

The activists have vowed to stay put in his office until he resigns, he is fired or a replacement is announced. We are also asking the British government not to demand their money back since the people who will suffer are ordinary Kenyans, the poor. Prof. Ongeri's children and his likes are abroad and not in the free primary education system.

We want Prof. Ongeri to allow unimpeded investigations; we want the prosecution of culprits and we want the recovery of the lost money. The new constitution, the new chief justice and promise of new judges have placed the opportunity of better Kenya without corruption and impunity in our hands. The first time activists took on Prof. Ongeri was on December 24, 2009 which led 22 Kenyans to stay in the police cells from 24-27 December 2009. Corruption is killing Kenyans one by one. If you can join us please make your way to Jogoo House 2nd floor room 204. Please come with some bread and water. Spread the message please to all your network. Let us liberate Kenya. We got new Chief Justice we must stand up to fight impunity. Send message to the media. We need support. Send message to your network. As I write this message it is Tuesday 7.54pm June 24, 2011.

George Nyongesa | 0733 827 859


Uganda seemed to be toning down over Migingo Island and has asked its survey team to resume work so as to ease tensions

Reports Leo Odera Omolo In Ksumu City.

UGANDA appeared to have succumbed to heavy pressure mounted by Kenya on the need to have the dispute over Migingo Fishing Island in Lake Victoria resolved amicably.

This followed the recent harsh remarks by Kenyan leader castigating Kampala for having unilaterally seized the islands, which they knew were right on the Kenyan side of the border.

According to a statement released on Monday this week by the Permanent Secretary in the Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs James Migume, the Ugandan Minister for Land and Housing Daudi Migereko flew into the Kenyan capital, Nairobi on Monday on a mission to meet with his Kenyan counterpart James Orengo to set up a joint technical team to tackle the issue.

The two controversial islands of Migingo and Ugingo, each measuring an acre and half in Lake Victoria, have been the subject of heated dispute between the governments for years, and most recently since 2008.

Experts from both sides will immediately begin work to determine the exact position of the border between the states using concessions already agreed upon by the leaders of the two nations.

President Yoweri Museveni and Prime Minister Raila Odinga had agreed that the survey be resumed in order to ensure continuity of the cordial relationship between Kenya and Uganda.

Kenya and Uganda together with Tanzania are the founder member of the East African Community an economic unit that also groups Rwanda and Burundi with its secretariat based in the Northern Tanzanian City of Arusha.

Both governments are therefore expected to take into account their commitment to the EAC and the relationship between the countries as the border survey gets underway.

Mugume said the technical team will initially work on logistical for the survey covering equipment and experts that could be needed in the survey work.

The experts will use the Kenya’s constitution of 1963, and Ugandan constitution of 1995 and an array of British colonial maps in addition to the physical survey to determine the position of the Uganda border. Kenya has been persistently protesting Uganda seizure f the two islands and hoisting of its national flag on the disputed islands.

When the dispute heightened last year the two governments agree to conduct a joint survey so as to establish and determine the ownership of Migingo Island, which was then one in dispute. Both governments contributed million s of shilling for the work. But the Uganda team pulled out and abandoned the work after the preliminary reports showed that Migingo was several meters inside Kenya side of the Lake Victoria waters, saying they were going to consult their bosses in Kampala, but never returned to-date. Kenya team continued with their work and completed their side.

At the same time Kenya MPs representing constituencies neighboring the lake have been pressing the government so hard, urging it to secure the islands by means of force, They consider Uganda’s action as an act of the declaration of war. But the government has been playing it cool insisting that there is other avenues f having the matter sorted out amicably.

President Mwai Kibaki has been in the forefront advocating for peaceful resolution of the conflict insisting that the government would use diplomatic means to resolve the issue, adding that Uganda was a friendly neighbor and big and reliable business partner.

But on June 1st this year while addressing a mammoth crowd which attended this year’s Madaraka Day anniversary at the Nyayo National Stadium, President Kibaki reiterated that Migingo and Ugingo Islands were in Kenya and therefore the property of the Republic of Kenya.

He repeated the same while addressing thousands of mourners in Ndhiwa constituency last Sunday during the burial of Mzee Michael Ojode Otieno, the father o the Assistant Minister for Internal Security Joshua Orwa Ojode at Ratang’a in Kwabwayi Central Location in Ndhiwa district only a few kilometers to the shoreline of Lake Victoria.

The Prime Minister Raila Odinga who also was among the principal speakers disclosed that Kenya would send a strong delegation consisting of the Internal Security Minister Prof.George Saitoti, Minister for Lands and Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs James Orengo and others to tackle the issue with their Ugandan counterparts and seek for lasting solution.

But as the issue of Migingo was still boiling up, Uganda moved northward and seized another Island. This time it was Ugingo and posted more security personnel most of them marine police to protect the Ugandan businessmen and fishermen who moved in and began erecting houses on it.

On e morning early this month, a Kenya Army Helicopter made a reconnaissance flights flying low over Migingo while its crew were seen taking aerial photographs as the chopper circled over the tiny island. The next two days, Uganda moved in fresh men with heavy military equipment an even beefed up the number f its marine police from 10 to 40.

Kenyan fishermen and fish traders were not allowed to construct their houses on Ugingo, though the Ugandan traders could be seen cruising in speed boats to do shopping for building materials, particularly corrugated iron sheets and timber from Kenyan businessmen off-shore at Karungu Bay and Muhuru Bay. This is due to logistic problems as the nearby Ugandan trading center or town is ten hours voyage whereas it takes only one hour or less to reach the mainland Kenya.




Kenya: Call a Spade a Spade ….and Expose Non-Reformist Bad Leaders….!

from Judy Miriga


Let the truth be told, conspiracy is alive in every aspect, killing Kenya and Africa's economic stability.....there must be no second guessing, but let the Bad Guys be known by all.

People's Demands and Power must take presidence over all else, so sanity and life must be distant away from fear ........so people can begin to generate Hope and Trust for a better world, where all will have a Right to enjoy life at its fullest and according to their ability in the struggle for a better world with opportunities to all, enjoy Mutual benefits for Business Partnership in a safer and secured environment.

Kisumu Mollasses is a Luo Public investment shareholding whose shares made the initial capital finance for its existence....... why is it that the Odinga Family are the ones running this plant exclusively......??? When are shareholders going to benefit from share interests.....???

Where did the money for Kazi kwa Vijana dissapear to? where did the money for Peasant farmers to reduce poverty go to?? Who shared in the loot and missappropriation of the Education Fund??? Why is it that Luo Nyanza is lagging behind soiled in poverty while PM Raila and his family are swiming in wealth??? How did Lake Victoria and Migingo become privately owned by Moi, PM Raila and family "The creation of Osienala" fledged by Oburu Odinga partnered with China", Museveni, Libya's Gadaffi and China.......How did Uhuru came up with fraudulent figures from Finance Ministry Oburu Odinga is not aware of ......and Where did PM Raila acquired all his wealth from if he is not playing the country fiddle of make-believe who his enemies are......????.......We can only know the truth when "The Truth and Nothing but the Truth is highlighted by the FBI"........We want to know the whole truth people......!

Since when did Pattni became an advocate to show Kenyans who must pay taxes and who must not.......? There is more to it than meets the eye people.......!

We Demand for answers.......!

Cheers everybody.......!

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,


Watch This........!

- - - - - - - - - - -

From: otieno sungu

General Oto,

This address is directed at you first and foremost as a person I respect tremendously, a great mobilizer and one with passion for a better Kenya.It is in response to yesterday's posting in which you claimed to have been in the trenches fighting graft since the 80s.

During the Katiba debate, you and I among others led a debate online that put all the doubting Thomases back on reform track, like General Kombo and his elder bro. other anti reformists were put to shame by our deep understanding of the KATIBA and the Chapter by Chapter analysis that debunked most of the myths being peddled.

Incidentally, no man has married another since the katiba passed, abortions are not done on the streets as was feared by some and Muslims have not become superior to X-tians.

Today we are keenly monitoring the implementation and staying vigilant on it.

However, you seem to have been in the trenches too long and digging without stopping to look whether you are digging yourself into oblivion in the fight against corruption and it is burying you instead of you unearthing it. As a man who monitors how City Hall offers us services and reports to us, you are best placed to also play a very vital role especially unearthing corruption at City Hall and blowing the whistle for us.

You see Oto, the mere fact that since the 80s as you mentioned, you have been in the trenches fighting these lords of impunity and they don't seem to take notice and corruption spirals means you have been fighting it in the same analogy I gave yesterday; trying to kill flies one at a time with a stick instead of using an effective spray.

This brings me to my point, for us to fight corruption, we must be very zealous asking all those named in scandal reports, be they FPE, Maize Scandal, Cemetety Scandal, Water Scandal, Oil scandal, Anglo Leasing, Goldenberg, Ndungu Land Report etc to step aside.

Look, these are essentials that make our life bearable, water, maize, oil, education and even burial for we need a place to RIP when we are done on earth, but the Lords of Impunity have made it a nightmare even to get a decent place to rest your tired bones in death????

This is how we can end corruption in Kenya, fighting it on all fronts, not according to political affiliations and definitely not the selective enthusiasm with some aspects of graft while blinding ourselves to others.

For this reason "trench-man", stop digging in the trenches, look up, ask if we need to change the 1980s strategies.

Join me in asking that EVERYBODY linked to corruption in Kenya has already failed the integrity test and should not be holding any office in the land, right from the top down.

Now, I love debate of this nature and waiting for some informed discourse from you, the usual status quo operatives should stay away from this discourse because it is at a higher pedestal for their ideological posturing.

Warm Regards,

Otieno Sungu.

It Is Public Opinion that, Migingo, Ugingo and Lake Victoria business Conspiracy is being enjoyed between....PM Raila, Moi, Kibaki, Museveni, Chinese Business Community, Libya's Gaddaffi, Kamlesh Patni, Prof. Anyang Nyongo, Oburu Odinga, Uhuru and Beth Mugo........The Whole world need an answer........Over 20 thousand fraudulent Chinese business investors were given license to do business in Kenya, and there is extreme fear that they imported prison workers from China with trained Chinese armed personnel scattered all over Lake Victoria and its surrounding.........Drugs, Gold and Diamond, (Gemstones), Fishing Industry and Water bottling industries are also suspected to have been installed in Uganda around Lake Victoria to benefit the Status Quo........We demand that United Nations and Leaders of the world send FBI to investigate and report findings to confirm the allegations........Moody Awori's brother is vice president of useveni in Uganda........

Monday, March 23, 2009
The Kisumu Molasses Company
Today's dailies report that Raila Odinga, Kenya's PM, has pledged that members of the public who contributed shares to the molasses plant (close to twenty years ago!), will be allocated shares "once we are listed in the stock exchange." My guess is that listing will not take place any time soon; certainly not before the 2012 General Elections (I don't think Uhuru Kenyatta, who as Finance Minister has a say, will countenance that), and probably not before 2017 (or even 2020, or even 2030). So, if there was any cheering at the Tom Mboya Labour College where the announcement was made, who's kidding whom?

The bigger question, though, is this: What makes Raila Odinga think he's the one to decide when -- or, as has clearly been the case to-date, if -- co-shareholders of the molasses plant are to be allowed into the company, to share in the olemo with the Odinga family?

On page 20 of the busiess section of Daily Nation of March 23, 2009, Raila himself reveals that: "Locals contributed Sh 1.7 billion and a developer (Spectre International) brought $15 million (Sh 1.2 billion). This enabled the moribund plant to get on its feet." Does that not give "locals" a controlling 58.62% of the company? Instead of the Odinga family, shouldn't they, and those who set up the company prior to its becoming moribund, be calling the shots?

A pertinent point here is this: The Luo have no royal family, and never had! Just imagine what Kikuyus would have thought of James Mwangi if he had adopted the same selfish attitude with respect to the founding shareholders of what is now the giant Equity Bank -- in which I myself have a very few shares!

Yes, we can blame past governments for Nyanza's backwardness; but the condenscending attitude displayed by Raila over the weekend is very much part of the reason Nyanza continues to stagnate and whine in despondency. In effect, the buck stops with him. Increasingly, the electorate is restless in the face of this perpetuity -- which is worse in many ways than the impunity everyone is talking about these days. This is impunity squared; and the joke is in the absence of detail and credibility.

The only silver lining I see in the pronouncement is that the intense pressure on the Odinga family by grass-roots Luo is finally having some effect. But promises will not do; nor will passing the buck to the usual "bogeymen".

And then there is the historic injustice personified by the Luo Thrift Union. When will that be addressed? This was no Mbi-I-Kamiti, nor Nyakinyua, nor those many group land-buying companies that Central Province is so well known for.

If you ask me, the share allocation at Kisumu Molasses Company should have been effected at least a decade ago. In fact, subscribers should as a matter of course already know how many shares they have, and should already be co-beneficiaries of any dividend distribution so far authorized and made. They should not be treated like other retail investors who might wish to scramble for "peanut" share allocations during a promissory IPO which may not come in the lifetime of many in the rapidly aging and permanently deprived "cheering crowd" of Nyanza.

The time to allocate the shares is now, long before the 2012 election frenzy; and this does not require NSE listing. This should be the kind of gonywa Nyanza electors should be shouting about. The time to get serious is now. The people want to concentrate on development. It is the politicians who will not put politics aside. The people are not perpetually running for president, it is Raila who is -- clearly not satisfied with being Prime Minister. Perhaps we should bite the bullet and keep the "Premiership" out of the constitution. Out, out, kabisa. It does not seem to be doing anyone any "real good" (power-wise), least of all Raila.

Mauri Yambo Blogg

Dirty Asian rope in Prime Minister Raila Odinga
Kenyan tycoon in Sh7 billion Triton fraud arrested
Posted by Administrator on May 27, 2011

A July 2009 report by the African Centre for Open Governance (Africog) warned Mr Devani enjoyed good political connections. In this file photo Mr Yagnesh Devani (second right) is with from left Prime Minister Raila Odinga, former Vice-President Moody Awori and Deputy PM Uhuru Kenyatta when Triton company launched its operations in Kenya in 2006. Photo/FILE

The proprietor of Triton Petroleum Ltd Yagnesh Devani was arrested in London on Thursday.
“I can confirm that he was arrested earlier today and he has been remanded in custody,” the British High Commission in Kenya spokesperson, Mr John Bradshaw, said in Nairobi.

However, Mr Bradshaw said it was not yet known when the suspect would be extradited to face fraud charges.

“The court is yet to set the date for extradition hearing before he is brought back,” he said.

It is during that hearing that the formal request for extradition and all the supporting documents shall be put forward.

On Monday, a British minister assured the government that his country would hunt down Devani — the man behind the Sh7.6 billion Triton oil scandal — and extradite him to face justice in Kenya.

Earlier, the British minister asked the government to extradite Nambale MP Chris Okemo and former Kenya Power and Lighting Company boss Samuel Gichuru to the UK to face money-laundering charges.

Attorney General Amos Wako has submitted arrest warrants against Mr Okemo and Mr Gichuru to Chief Public Prosecutor Keriako Tobiko to start the extradition process.

Criminal procedure code

Mr Devani fled the country in 2009 following the Triton Oil scandal. The government sought the help of Interpol to track him down.

He had been charged in absentia for stealing Sh955,334,094 from Kenya Commercial Bank, and 26,216.60 tonnes of oil at the Kipevu storage facility in Mombasa valued at Sh1,532,272,140.

The criminal case against him was later withdrawn under Section 87 of the Criminal Procedure Code. This means the same charges can be brought against him again.

The scandal can be traced to 2008 when Triton Oil Company was allowed by Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) to collect oil valued at Sh7.6 billion and sell it without permission of the financiers.

In the wake of the fuel shortage witnessed in 2008 and following complaints by oil marketers and financiers, KPC ordered an internal audit of oil stocks in its systems.

The audit revealed that stocks amounting to 126.4 million litres were irregularly released to Triton Petroleum Limited between November 2007 and November 2008.

Triton was not entitled to the stocks, nor did financiers authorise the release as required under contractual arrangements.

A July 2009 report by the African Centre for Open Governance (Africog) warned Mr Devani enjoyed good political connections.

“Triton’s executive chairman and managing director, Mr Yagnesh Mohanlal Devani has been described as a shrewd 43 year-old businessman who lives large and hobnobs with the high and mighty. A 2006 ceremony to open Triton’s LPG depot was attended by political bigwigs, including then Vice-President Moody Awori, several cabinet ministers, Hon. Raila Odinga, Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, and several permanent secretaries,” Africog observed.

Mr Devani’s ties with the powers that be started during the Moi regime when Triton clinched the lucrative contract to supply petroleum products to the Kenya Power and Lighting Company several times.

Triton was also among the firms named in Parliament over allegations of money laundering. The firm is alleged to have received suspicious loans from Charterhouse Bank.

Mr Devani fled the country in 2009 and a warrant of his arrest issued.

Mr Devani was accused of stealing Sh2.7 billion from KCB.

The bank has also sued Triton for Sh2 billion for oil imports secured by the bank through debentures.

Several of his senior managers and workers including Mr Peter Kimathi, Mr William Mundia and Mr Sunil Somai were charged with criminal offences relating to the Sh7.6 billion oil scandal.

The directors, however, argued before court that they could not take plea on behalf of the company, and on Thursday a Nairobi court ruled that the three would not be facing criminal charges.

Source: http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Kenyan+tycoon+in+Sh7+billion+Triton+fraud+arrested+/-/1056/1170212/-/ac3nd0z/-/index.html




Reports By Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City.

The weekend high profile funeral of the father of the Assistant mister for Internal Security and Provincial Administration Joshua Orwa Ojode was a blessing in disguise in the true sense of the word.

Mzee Michael Ojode Otieno a highly respected community leader was laid to rest at his Ratang’a home in Central Kwabway Location, in Nyarongi Division, Ndhiwa district. Hs son Orwa Ojode acted as the master of ceremony and ushered the VIP and other dignitaries.

While addressing the mammoth crowd that had turned up to give Ojode’s father a heroic send off, President Kibaki, was wildly cheered by the huge crowd when he made an impromptu announcement of new plan to improve the key link road in the greater Southern Nyanza.

The President told the cheering mourners that the government would construct Opapo –Magina Pala and Oria road which is traversing Ndhiwa constituency, parts of Rongo, Awendo and Uriri constituencies. He also disclosed that plans are a foot to construct Migori-Muhuru Bay road and also another key road that is linking Mbita and Magunga in both Mbita and Gwassi districts. The roads mentioned covered several parliamentary constituencies of Migori, Nyatike, Ronmgo, Awendo, Uriri, Ndhiwa, Gwassi and Mbita and therefore are s vital for economic activities and access to the markets by farmers and fishermen alike.

President Kibaki also made a light touch about the two controversial fishing islands of Migingo and Ugingo reiterating his earlier statement that the two islands are part and parcel of Kenya, but he was rather diplomatically when he said there was no need for the two friendly sister countries to engage in unfruitful quarrelling over the small islands, something which could easily be sorted out amicably.

The most interesting feature of the event was the presence at the function of the Prime Minister Raila Odinga who met his key opponents on a face-to-face encounter for the past time.

Raila’s key rivals were the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, the suspended Higher Education Minister William Ruto and the Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa and to a lesser extent the Internal Security Minister Prof Goerge Saitoti who is also being rumored to be eyeing the presidency.

The three are, together with other presidential hopeful under the auspices of the so-called G7, who are known to be jointly strategizing to floor Raila Odinga in the 2012 general elections.

Thousands of people had travelled from all over the Luo-Nyanza when it became known by Saturday evening that the two principals together with other political luminaries would be in attendance at Mzee Ojode’s funeral.

In their addresses, however, the rival political camps steered clear of the politics of succession only dwelling in more calls for national unity and cohesion to spur the faster development and economic growth.

It is a real show of national solidarity as the rivals mingled and easily interacted with each other and at time engaged in hearty chatting at the VIP dais in full view of the crowd.

Other members of the G7 present at the function were Samuel Pogisio, MP Cyrus Jirongo, former South Mugirango MP Omingo Magara.William Ruto, Eugne Wamalwa, William Kabogo, Simeon Lersima, Ferdinand Waititu, Kambi Kazungu and Jamleck Kamau.

Those in attendance from the OIDM side include Immigration Minister Otieno Kajwang’, Land Minister James Aggrey Orengo, Finance Assistant Minister Dr.Oburu Odinga, Assistant Foreign Minister Richard Onyonka, Education Assitant Minister Prof. Ayiecho Olueny, Goerge Otieno Ogindo ) Rangwe), John Mbadi {Gwassi}, Edwin Ochieng Yinda {Alego-Usonga},Yusuf Chanzu {Vihiga},James Gesami {Nyaribari Chache} Millie Odhiambo {Nominated} and Fred Outa {Nyando},

Some of the local MPs were later heard complaining that they were not given due attention and respect as leaders

One man who stole the show was Uhuru Kenyatta who instantly became the darling of the crowd earning the longest applause and cheers from the mourners. Many people seemed to having keen interest in seeing Mr. Kenyatta who appeared to be the darling of the crowd as the Gatundu South MP exchanged hearty greeting with almost everybody who came his way becoming instant center of attraction.

Raila Odinga heaped a lot of praise to President Kibaki and his style of leadership, which he said, had seen the country moving much faster in terms of development. He has changed the development tempo from the previous regime where people were forced to kneel down before the President while begging for development.

He told the crowd that the government has instituted a Ministerial team comprising of the Internal Security Minister Saitoti, Immigration Minister Otieno Kajwang’, Lands and Acting Foreign Minister James Orengo to resume talks with their Ugandan counterparts on the status of the two fishing islands in Lake Victoria which are currently in dispute between Kenya and Uganda.

Two Minister from Luo-Nyanza praised President Kibaki’s development record, and Otieno Kajwang’ of the Immigration dwelt on the new major roads linking districts headquarters in the region, which are being constructed a fresh or in the process of being constructed as some of the example of massive development being experienced in the region.

Orengo pleaded with President Kibaki to restrain his PNU leaders from publicly vilifying the Prime Minister Odinga, adding, ” We in ODM , we respect you as the President of the Republic of Kenyan and the Commander In-Chie of the Armed Forces, and at no time have we talked ill of you in public.

The PNU MPs should reciprocate and show respect to the Prime Minister as an important coalition government partner.

Ojode thanked the President Kibaki for ordering the tarmac king Opapo-Magina-Pala road and for upgrading Mirogi Boys Secondary School to be the constituent college of the Maseno University.

The funeral gathering rekindled the old spirit of unity with which Kenyans fought the mighty British forces and won their political independence after many years of blood-letting struggle. Politics were set aside as the leaders in attendance showed the true spirit of being true Kenyans and a united team.




AKR Final Monthly Meeting for Current Office

from Association KenyansinRwanda

Dear All,

The Executive Committee of AKR would like to thank those who have supported us in the past one year in whatever capacity they have contributed and also extend invitations to other Kenyans to continue supporting AKR.

We have had a good year with lots of activities which we shall report to you soon.

As we approach the end of our term, I take this opportunity, on behalf of the executive team, to invite you to our final monthly meeting this coming Saturday 25th June 2011 at a venue to be communicated in the next two days. The agenda of the meeting will be:

• Annual Activity Report of the current committee.
• Audited Account Statements.
• Amended Draft Constitutition for members input.
• Election Procedures for coming election.

I also formally inform you that elections shall be held on 9th July 2011 from 2.00 pm at the Kenya High Commission.

Sponsors for this Saturday's meeting are welcome in parts or in whole. (Usually between 250,000/-Frw -400,000) depending on expected turn up.


John Kamwengu
Acting Chairman


PUBLIC DISCUSSION – South Sudan Independence: The Way Forward

from Yona Maro

Your browser may not support display of this image.


Sudan Independence: The Way Forward”

June 24, 2011

Juba Grand Hotel


H.E. Riek
- Vice President of the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS)

Nakaha Stanislas
- African Union (AU) Liaison Officer in Southern

Hala Elkarib
- Director of the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa
(SIHA) Network

Anis Haggar
- Chairman of the Haggar Holding Company


John Tanza
Mabusu & Charlton Doki

Co-Hosts of
VOA’s “Sudan In Focus” program


pm Guest Arrival / Registration

2:30 pm Opening Remarks

    of Broadcasting Board of Governors

Introduction of Panelists

      2:45 pm Independence
      – Role of the government in building a new nation

      H.E. Riek Machar (opening statement, 5 minutes)

      Panel Discussion

        Audience Questions
        and Comments

        3:10 pm Lessons
        Learned – Examples of post-conflict nation-building in Africa

        Nakaha Stanislas
        (opening statement,
        5 minutes)

        Panel Discussion

        Audience Questions
        and Comments

      3:35 pm Citizens
      – Rights and obligations in a new society

(opening statement,
5 minutes)

        Panel Discussion

        Audience Questions
        and Comments

        4:00 pm Prosperity
        – Developing a successful economy based on trade and investment

        Anis Haggar
        (opening statement, 5 minutes)

        Panel Discussion

        Audience Questions
        and Comments

      4:25 pm Closing

      4:45pm VOA
      Give away
      5 Self-Powered Dynamo Radios


Kenya: The Clean-up Campaign; Growing in strength

from odhiambo okecth

We had a fantastic response with the 6th Edition of The Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign in Kisii on the 17th June 2011. Kisii responded in a manner that we have not seen in the entire campaign and it made us be convinced that Kenyans are being appreciative of this effort.

The Kisii campaign was largely funded by Green Fingers International and on behalf of KCDN and the Organizing Team, we want to extend our appreciation to Ms Janet Ongera for, besides supporting the Kisii Campaign, she was personally involved in the trenches. She becomes our first female General; Gen Janet Ongera.

She joins other active participants; Gen Kombo, Gen Majiwa, Gen Kingi, Gen Ruto and now.....Gen Ongera.

I also want to sincerely appreciate the support we received all the way from Minesota in the USA from Ms Lillian Mogendi. She had pledged to support us with the Kisii Campaign and she lived true to her pledge.

We also want to sincerely thank Nakumatt Holdings for once more stepping in to support the Clean-up Campaign. Mr. Atul. Mr. Nyaga, Mr. Gitonga and the entire Nakumatt Crew, we say thank you.

We also want to appreciate all the other Institutions and Business Corporates who joined us. We will give the complete list tomorrow detailing how you came in. Thank you all.

The Kisii Campaign could not have been possible without the tacit and active support from the University and College Students from the various institutions of higher learning, Wakenya Pamoja Sacco Society Ltd, the Provincial Administration led by Chief Richard Magaki of KisiiTownship Location, the County Council of Gusii led by Chairman Kennedy Nyakundi and the Municipal Council of Kisii led my Mayor Samuel Nyangeso.

We also want to appreciate the Councilors who attended the event led by our two very able overseers to the Kisii Organizing Team Cllr Joyce Isaack and Cllr Hesbon Michira. Cllr Michira was also the MC for the day besides having been the Secretary to the Organizing Team. Cllr Isaac is the Chair to the Environment Department at the Council. We also had Cllrs Sylvestre Mogire, Bernerd Makori and Julius Omanyi in attendance.

We also want to salute Mr. Johnson Juma of Gusii Institute and his team for the fantastic work they did; Rose, Rogers, Mageka, Matoke, Charles and the entire team. You were equal to the task and you made us proud.

I must also salute the KCDN Crew that I travelled with; Janet Ongera, Flo Kanyua, Violette Wambua and Jack Ouma. You maintainted the KCDN Flag high.

Lastly, the Kisii Campaign was the best we have had. We thought Eldoret was the best but we were wrong. His Worship the Mayor of Kisumu has promised that Kisumu will be hot and lively. We are getting similar promises from Western Kenya, Central Province, Eastern Province, North Eastern and Coast Provinces.

At KCDN, we are simply humbled by the enthusiasm and hospitality Kenyans are according us in the Clean-up Campaign. Let us join hands and help clean Kenya.

If it is to be, it is up to me. A Clean Kenya Starts With me. A Peaceful Kenya is my Responsibility.

Peace and blessings,

Odhiambo T Oketch
CEO KCDN Nairobi
Nationwide Coordinator - Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign
National Coordinator- Friends of KNH Maternity Unit
PO Box 47890-00100,
Nairobi Kenya.
Tel; 0724 365 557 0735 529 126
Email; oto@kcdnkenya.org, komarockswatch@yahoo.com


Facebook; Odhiambo T Oketch

Board at KCDN; Mr. Rashid Juma- Chair, Ms Janet Ongera, Mr. Julius Majuek, Ms Irene Wasike, Mr. Lameck Siage- Nigeria, Ms Brigitte Frey- Switzerland, Mr. Moses Tanui, Ms Shazeen Chatur, Mr. Odhiambo T Oketch- CEO.

Strategic Advisors; Mr. Elijah Agevi, Ms Grace Odhiambo- Australia, Dr. Matunda Nyanchama- Canada, Mr. Oduor Ong'wen, Mr. Peter Ngoge, Ms Dorcus Amondi, Ms Violet Wambua.

Odhiambo T Oketch is the current Chairman to the City Council of Nairobi Stakeholders Evaluation Team on Performance Contracting and Rapid Results Management. He is also Chair to the Nyamonye Catholic Church Development Fund.He was also the Co-Chair and Coordinator of The Great Nairobi Walk against Corruption that was held in Nairobi on the 22nd October 2010. He is the Convener of the upcoming 2nd Edition of the Great Nairobi Walk against Corruption to be held on the 21st October 2011 in Nairobi Kenya.
.......Moving From Talking to Tasking........

- - - - - - - - - - -

from odhiambo okecth


As we continue inviting Kenyans to join us in Cleaning our Country, we want to share with you our Kisii Experience as well.


If it is to be, it is up to me. A Clean Kenya Starts With me. A Peaceful Kenya is my Responsibility.
Peace and blessings,

Odhiambo T OketchCEO KCDN NairobiNationwide Coordinator - Monthly Nationwide Clean-up Campaign
National Coordinator- Friends of KNH Maternity UnitPO Box 47890-00100,
Nairobi Kenya.
Tel; 0724 365 557 0735 529 126
Email; oto@kcdnkenya.org, komarockswatch@yahoo.com


Facebook; Odhiambo T Oketch


Kenya: Uhuru on a quiet political manoeuvres to win voters in Luo-Nyanza in his quest for presidency

By Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City.

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta last Saturday made a triumphant entry into Kisumu City and was well received by enthusiastic supporters and political operatives .

Accompanied by the Embakassi MP Hon Mutito, and the immediate former Alego-Usonga MP Sammy Weya, Kenyatta who is among the leading contenders for the presidency in the impending general election and his entourage were booked at the posh Imperial Hotel, which is locate right in the middle of the City’s Central Business district {CBD} was soon joined by Ndhiwa KANU branch chairman Tom Alila and quiet a number of political operatives in town.

And from the look of things, the Gatundu South MP appeared to be very comfortable among his Luos friends. Last year, he hosted a group of Luo professional and businessmen caucus in a Nairobi Hotel and expressed his wish to wok together with the members of the community.

Uhuru had travelled to Kisumu after attending the colorful home-coming ceremony held in Ikolomani within Kakamega County to celebrate the recent election victory of the area MP Dr. Bonny Khalwale who had recaptured his seat during a recent bruising by-election.

Immediately after the news of Uhuru arrival in town spread like bush fire, the Imperial Hotel became instantly the beehive of activities with various interested groups and local political operatives jamming the place to capacity.

Upon his arrival in Kisumu Uhuru received an impromptu invitation to visit Migori County and conduct Harambee fund drive for the youth projects.

Extending an invitation Eng. Jared Ochieng’ Baraza, who is a senior lecturers at the Faculty of Science and Engineering t the Kenyatta University said,” Tell Hon Kenyatta that in 2012 he will get Nyanza votes. We need a change of leadership. There is no genuine multiparty democracy in Nyanza.”

“Nyanza leaders are not development conscious and they have continued fighting he youths, particularly young people like myself who are helping the Wananchi with water supplies, electricity and agriculture. Please ask Uhuru to visit us Migori County and preside over Harambee for youth projects, said Baraza.

Baraza is a member of an international organization of engineers- calling them “Engineers without Boundaries”. The group has been sourcing funds from donors and their affiliates abroad and construction borehole and construction water supplies using diesel-powered engines in the remote rural villages.

Uhuru weekend visit to Kisumu an area considered as the stronghold and home turf of his arch-rival the Prime Minister Raila Odinga signifies some elements of a change of heart and attitudes by the local population indicating that the next election battle for the presidency will be the toughest.

There are significant signs that Uhuru is becoming increasingly acceptable to the younger generation of Kenyans including those residing inside Luo-Nyanza considering the amount of invitation he has received and continued receiving from the various interested parties inviting to visit the region and conducting various fund raising meetings for the youths.

The situation has changed dramatically to the hostile reception he received in the region in the year 2002 when he first ventured into the presidential contest. In that year Uhuru who was perceived to be the project of the retired President Dniel Arap Moi stood on a KANU ticket, but he was badly mauled and trounced by President Mwai Kibaki of Narc-Kenya.

In 2007 Uhuru did not contest the presidency, but threw his weight behind President Kibaki who narrowly retained the presidency in a much flawed presidential contest between him and the Prime Minister Raila Odinga. The election dispute sparked off the violence and orgies which claimed close to 1500 lives and displaced close to 350,000 from their homes.

The next day (Sunday) Uhuru headed to Ndhiwa district in greater Southern Nyanza where he was due to attended the burial of Mzee Michael Ojode Otieno, the father of the Ndhiwa MP and the Assistant Minister for Internal Security and Provincial Administration.

The late Mzee Ojode was given a heroes send off at a colourful ceremony, where President Kibakji and the Prime Minister Raila Odinga were also expected to be in attendance. The burial ceremony took place at Mzee Ojode’s homestead which is locate next to Ratang’a Secondary School and Market in Kwabayi Location Nyarongi Division Ndhiwa.

Prior to the funeral ceremony unconfirmed rumor went around Kisumu City and its environs that the Hon Orwa Ojode and sent a SMS message to the Prime Minister Raila Odinga informing him that President Kibaki will his guest of honor during the burial of his father.

The message was politically interpreted to be in bad taste as meaning that the Assistant Minister had wanted to lock Raila Odinga out of his father’s burial ceremony, an event, which the Luos considered as a solemn occasion which does not require politicking. This is because people always volunteer into condolence the bereaved families on their own volition. The PM, however, is said o have vowed to attend and condole all his people in Ndhiwa who had voted for him on one-on in 2007.

It also reveals how there existed some kind of deeply rooted differences between the Prime Minister and some of the Luo MPs which need to be ironed out before the next general elections.

Indications are some of the Luo MPs and their supporters are warming up for the G7 group consisting of Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto and the Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and others. Najib Balala is said to have already pulled out of the amorphous alliance.

Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, however, the duo are said to be slowly making major inroad into Luo-Nyanza the region which is considered as having been sealed in favor of Raila Odinga and the common talks making the round is that all the presidential aspirants be given free hands to sell their policies all over Kenya without any hindrance so that the voters could make their own decision as to who deserve the op most job on the land.

For the Vice President Musyoka, it is bad luck. Nobody talked about him in the entire Luoland. Perhaps this is because of his persistent inconsistency, which has made him the villain in the region. H is the only politician nobody one to be identified with in Nyanza.The locals treat the Vice President as a political turn-coat and someone not guided by principles.

Uhuru Kenyatta, however, appeared to be the darling of the youth clamoring for peaceful transition and transformation from the old guards and to the youths. He is seen as someone who stands for the youth and what he need is only to organize a good team of campaigners.

The son of the late Jomo Kenyatta visited Nyanza in what the political pundits were quick in describing as a quiet political maneuver to recruit supporters and agents in readiness for the next year’s big contest, first at the G7 preliminaries to choose the group torchbearers in the general election proper. And last weekend visit to the region has placed him ahead of his other colleagues in he G7 group.

Uhuru made the promise that he would soon return to Nyanza to meet his supporters in a venue to be agreed on in order to strategize for the next year’s general election.





By our Reporter from Geneva

A battery of Kenya journalists who had been taken to Geneva City in Switzerland for the International Labor Organization annual general meetings by Francis Atwoli the Secretary General of Kenya’s Central Organizations of Trade Union (COTU) for two days now have been thrown out of the Hotel where they have been accommodated since their arrival and their personal effects confiscated by the hotel management due to what they say is “aloofness” by Atwoli to settle the bills and have vowed to block Atwoli’s attempt to leave the country until he pays the accrued costs.

The hotel spokesperson Martin Karlson says that their attempts to get money from Atwoli has bore no fruit resulting to them locking the journalists out of their hotel saying theirs is a business which needs to be respected and serviced.

“Its not the Kenya journalists fault, we locked them out and confiscated their personal effects as one way of bargaining as we try to recover our money as we are made to believe that they wanted to leave the country as they claimed that Atwoli has abandoned them and ILO is ignorant of their presence here in Geneva saying it was Kenya’s arrangement” Mr. Karlson added.

One female journalist who spoke on condition of not being named because she is married says that their trouble began when the female journalists refused to have sex with some section of COTU officials resulting to them being abandoned.

“We are appealing to the Embassy here and the Ministry of Labor and Foreign Affairs to come to our aid as we do not have our own passports, when we asked Atwoli,he sarcastically told us that “mtaka cha mvunguni sharti tuiname “,we are married and we never came here for sexual escapades” the weeping journalists said.

Another male journalist lamented that the allowances they were promised that they were to be paid, they have not been paid despite some sources saying Atwoli had there money.

“He pleaded with our bosses to bring us here only to subject us to all these, we appeal to Kenya Government to intervene speedily otherwise we do not know what to do” he said.

Efforts to get comment from Atwoli were fruitless while when we contacted ILO headquarters a lady who never wanted to be mentioned said that they never invited the said journalists and that should be the case of Atwoli to handle.

“Please we only handle our invitees, not tourists and joy riders” she said finally.

Kenya Foreign Affairs Assistant Minister Richard Onyonka when contacted admitted of being aware of the case and promised to consult the Labour Ministry .

“We will assist them, but laid down Kenya government rules must be followed” he assured.


Kenya: Reformist presidential aspirant will sweep youth off their feet

From: Kuria-Mwangi

Raila is way ahead of the rest of the wannabe yet we continue to payuker youthful leaders. Where is Prof. Kiyiapi and the other wannabes? Aren't we wasting time talking about him when the youth don't even know him yet we continue to payuker about his credentials.

Only the loud mouths in these fora know that the Prof. will be on the ballot next year. Even his base which I assume is Maasailand don't even that know he is interested in running for office.

I will say it again. Anybody expecting to "eat" the civil servant salary until he is forced to leave when civil servants are supposed to resign in order to run for office is wasting his time and our time.

Kigame and others minding the Prof. should tell him to quit now or forget it.

By the time they are forced to leave office, it will be too late and youths wont care about them.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Reformist presidential aspirant will sweep youth off their feet
By BILLY MUIRURI, bmuiruri@ke.nationmedia.com
Posted Friday, June 17 2011 at 22:45

Share The 2012 presidential candidate who demonstrates the strongest reform credentials is likely to win the youth votes, a new survey reveals.

Reform credentials impress 36 per cent of Kenyan youth while those without a corruption-riddled background have the support of 27 per cent of the youth. Leaders who are trustworthy will attract 25 per cent of the youth vote.

These factors considered, the youth would rather vote for Prime Minister Raila Odinga (45 per cent), Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta (17 per cent) and Narc-Kenya leader Martha Karua (14 per cent) in that order, according to a survey conducted by Infotrak Harris for Saturday Nation.

Mr Odinga commands the respect of half the youth in Nairobi while he would sway the least youth to vote for him in Central and North Eastern provinces at 20 per cent, shows the poll conducted on 1,680 respondents aged between 17 and 35 years.

Mr Kenyatta’s bedrock of youth support is in Central Province (30 per cent), Eastern (25 per cent) and the Rift Valley at 19 per cent.

Interestingly, Ms Karua’s major support among the youth comes from her Eastern backyard at 21 per cent and Western at 19 per cent. Nairobi youth are Ms Karua’s third largest supporters at 14 per cent.

Ms Karua seems to have gained support from the youth largely because she is a new entrant in the presidential race and is not associated with the old habits of political betrayal as well as her aggressive use of social sites in her campaigns. Her consistent stance against corruption could also have played a part in winning over the youth.

Mr Odinga beats Mr Kenyatta and Ms Karua combined in urban support by the youth. He scores 46 per cent against Mr Kenyatta’s 19 per cent.
The gap is reduced in the rural areas with Mr Odinga posting 38 per cent against Mr Kenyatta’s 15 per cent.

At the moment, two in every three youth are either unhappy or very unhappy with the Grand Coalition Government, with a meagre 9 per cent saying they were either happy or very happy with it.

Half of those interviewed say the reason the government frustrates them is its failure to address unemployment among the youth. Endless cases of corruption caused by poor governance is the second reason the youth are unhappy, while slow implementation of the new Constitution comes third.

More men (71 per cent) than women (61 per cent) are disillusioned with the state of political affairs in the government and 56 per cent of them want job creation prioritised.

Arresting the cost of basic commodities comes second in the youth’s wish list with empowerment strategies cited as a sure way to reduce constraints associated with young people.

The government draws more ire for under-performance from urban residents at 66 per cent while the disillusioned rural folk constitute 60 per cent.
Men are generally unhappy with the government, posting a 71 per cent disapproval rate compared to 60 per cent of women.



By Jowi Rateng'

Quick action by Kisumu police rescued Kisumu Rural CDF Chairman Edwin Ochieng from being burnt by members of the public Unimall Centre situated along Kisumu Kakamega road.

According to the area police two men allegedly attacked Ochieng' on allegations that he had been receiving money from them ostensibly to prioritize them in the award of CDF funded projects within the constituency a side of the bargain he is alleged to have refused to abide by.

Kisumu OCPD john Mwinzi said that the two tow men met Ochieng' and another CDF man called a Ogosi and an argument arose leading to the men assaulting Ochieng' and shouting that he was a thief prompting members of the public to join in the fight.

The driver of a grey metallic land-rover which had brought Ochieng' to the said meeting took off after the crowd had threatened to set it ablaze together with a Ogosi.

Moments later the police arrived and rescued Ochieng' who was rushed to the hospital while bleeding profusely and had his clothes torn.

Mwinzi has said that the two are likely to be charged with assault,creating disturbance and any other charges the police will fight viable after the completion of the investigations.

"We are dealing with a criminal offence,the can pursue the debts issue later"Mwinzi added when asked why he was overlooking the siource of the said fight.

He added that they are also looking for the said a Ogosi who has since gone underground to shed some light in regard to the said incident.

"The two men allege that they were to be refunded their money which they claim Ochieng' had told them that Ogosi was carrying,we are also looking into that" he added.

The arrested duo said they gave Ochieng' the said money saying it was meant for Medical Services Minister Anyang' Nyong'o so that they could be awarded a CDF project which they had an interest in..

"Since they failed to give us the contract we have been telling them to refund us the money and they have even made it impossible for us to see Nyong'o,they were to refund us money today only for him to say Nyong'o had not given him the money with Ogosi"they added

Efforts to get a comment from Prof Nyong'o were fruitless while Ochieng' said he was trying to reach an amicable solution with the two men whom he says are his good friends.





The 100th session of the International Labour Organization (ILO) meeting has officially ended in Geneva, Switzerland.

During the three week long intense session world leaders among them Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Markel, President of Tanzania Jakaya Kikwete, President of Finland and her Switzerland counterpart graced the occasion in the United Nations General Assembly Hall.

A powerful Kenyan delegation under the tutelage of the COTU (K) Secretary General Francis Atwoli, Labour Minister John Munyes, Labour P.S Beatrice Kituyi and Federation of Kenya employers Chair Person Jackline Mugo were also in the attendance and gave key note addresses touching on the plight of Kenyan workers and how their welfare can be improved in the near future.

Various adoptions like that of domestic workers were made and only ratification from affiliated member countries is what remains.

The fiery COTU Secretary General also retained his powerful position in the ILO governing body a slot only equivalent to the Kenyan cabinet and whose mandate is to run the daily affairs of the ILO body.

Owing to that position, Atwoli will now be obliged to attend the ILO head quarters thrice in a year for crucial deliberations.

Meanwhile the General Secretary for the aviation who was also in attendance took issue with some private Kenyan companies for muzzling and victimizing shop stewards.

Nicholas Baraza mentioned Flower wing and Transami as the culprits in his brief address at the ILO Assembly Hall.