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Kenya: Daher ngeyo

From: Joshua Otieno

An pod wach mar gund Luo ema Chanda. Ka wachako gi pinje luo, ma anyalo temo ndiko kaka Kadem, Kanyamkakago, Kwabwai, Kanyada, Kanyamwa, Karungu, Sakws, Kamagambo, Kanyidoto, Karachuonyo, Kano, Nyakach, Imbo, Alego, Ugenya, Gem, Kisumo, Seme, Suba, kod maok aketo.

Adwaro ngeyo kaka ne giwuotho ka gi ayo Sudan. Agombo ngeyo ni
– wach mane darogi en ango?
– to ne far ebwo tello aina mane?
– negikao thuolo Maromo nade mondo gichop


to: “”

By Agwanda Saye

A Kisumu based Civil society charged with promotion of use of alternative dispute resolution mechanism for peaceful co-existence Uhai Lake Forum Organization is now engaging youths in useful ventures as away of reducing insecurity and has also brought on board elders within the luos and Kalenjins fighting over cattle rustling.

The organization which is now based a long the volatile Kisumu and Kericho Counties has also brought on board elders from where the two communities have been fighting over cattle rustling which has resulted into seven people being injured, fifty seven houses being burnt down and five hundred households being displaced have died resulting to who works in the region to bring the elusive peace among the warring communities have now organized meetings among elders from both sides to address the insecurity situation. Tom Onyango the Co-coordinator of the organization that is being funded by Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFORD) said they have identified elders they been engaging in the past and will organize for peace meetings across the border.

“The locals say that the absence of jobs is the reason for the rice in criminal activities that has seen the rise in cattle rustling sparking conflict in the region” Onyango said. But elders in Nyakach are now calling upon the national and the county governments to create employment to the youths and offer soft loans for business start up to make them become self reliant. John Rasare, an elder from Nyakach said the national government needs to assist county governments to earmark projects that could engage the youths in the country. Rasare said that a free and secured society is for the government to invest in its youths who are believed to be the strength of every economy. The locals now want the county governments to establish a youth databank to help develop policies and services geared for young people. “Lack of job opportunities has been blamed for the youths engaging in criminal activities, including engaging in cattle rustling and the government should address the social, economic and security challenges facing the youth. “He added Onyango who led the organization to the ground that was hit with clashes further announced that they are mooting plans to establish community peace committees along the troubling Nyakach-Kericho boarder. He said that in the wake of skirmishes in the area that has led to the killings of six people, the committees should strive to incorporate the youth, women and other interested parties drawn from the border. “The conflict along the border is an issue that has taken the government along time to bring to end and should now resort to home grown solution by involving the locals themselves,” he said. Onyango said they had organized more forums within these areas and have identified peace ambassadors who will work closely with the communities to create awareness on the need to co-exist peacefully.

He also says that youths should maintain peace and learn to live with harmony with each other “As a civil society we will strive to ensure our people live peacefully and put the government on spot over the creation of more jobs for our youths,” said Onyango.


Kenya: What is killing the Luo Community

From: Gordon Teti
To: “”

We shout loudest and act tactlessly without strategy. I should not be taken wrong here. I am not saying that whatever it is that made Baba dispense with Miguna Miguna during an election year was not serious enough to warrant the action taken because I do not know the reason(s) but the timing was wrong, and I was hoping that there were some lessons learnt, but it looks like it is business as usual for those jostling for favours within the King’s court with the resultant consequence of exposing the King to serious danger.

We make our actions and reactions so predictable hence our vulnerability. Let Kidero and Dalmas open the tap wider so that many of our thirsty and hungry people can quench their thirst and have something on the kitchen table for their starving children; there is completely nothing wrong with feeding the hungry and clothing the naked. Even more importantly, there is nothing untoward with educating the poor and orphans.


From: Adede Owalla

source; Adede Owalla ( RE_DEFINING LUO HISTORY)

Luos have a complex migration history that cannot be blindly linked to the upper Eastern Africa. The reality is that Bar_el_gazel region of southern Sudan was just one of the several stop_overs that luos got in quest to trace and re_trace their direction. The present Palestine was in around 800 BC Known as the land of the black, presumably because it was populated by black people. Fosil analysis reveals that these ancient inhabitants were more of nilotic than any group. Luos are believed to be part of the group. Migration started as long as human history can be told.

A good number of the original luos, travelled to Africa, westwards toward the present day Nigeria and Ghana. These groups got assimilated by more bigger communities that they met on migration routes and luoism in them faded away. Mark that by around 16 BC, the luo community formed part of a language group known as TIHEAK , which existed as unified group until around 20AD When interclan violence tore them apart. Simon The siren who helped Jesus carry the cross was a member of a splinter community of the TIHEAK…………..

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Africa: Are Luos the inventors of Mathematics

From: Maurice Oduor

I like JaGem’s factual analysis of how these Luos made all these scientific and mathematical discoveries only to have history change their real names.

The story of how a man named Pachithagore from Ogasso, Ugunja in Ugenya, was changed to Pythagoras from Greece; this story was told me by an elder when I was just a 4 yr-old boy. I guess it’s what ignited my life-long affair with Mathematics.

Or the story of Fulie (reveal it) who found a way to solve Integrations of Differential Equations; history, in order to deny the Luo credit, changed his name from Fulie to Fourier. Fulie To Analos was fond of revealing new things to the folks in his native Ugenya Masiro Ndar Ober. His discovery was now recorded by history as Fourier Analysis !!!! This is a prostitution of his true name, Fulie T. Analos.

There are so many scientific discoveries made by Luos that History had denied us credit for. People like Gali Ilewo (Gali, the Late One became Galileo – Gali of Alego was always late for his appointments).


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On Sat, Aug 10, 2013 at 6:45 AM, Judy Miriga wrote:

Labda ana spread poison-ivy juu ya itching for unfinished business !!! Hehehehehe !!!

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

From: Maurice Oduor
Sent: Saturday, August 10, 2013 12:58 AM
Subject: Are Luos the inventors of Mathematics


Raila is already itching them. Raila ilo gi. Raila is one who itches and ilo is to itch. Do you see how furiously they scratch themselves whenever Raila coughs?


On Sat, Aug 10, 2013 at 1:43 AM, Jagem K’Onyiego wrote:


Usiwe Shady jamani. Jagem ain’t doing none of that. Jagem only discovered that these great Luos were the inventors of “Math matuak.”.Look, Rind’s name came from his trade, closeable doors made of Papyrus. Rind in Kijaluo means: Close or lock. The man lived between 1657BC to 1600 BC. Pachithagore (Pythagoras) is another great Luo. Pachithagore, means one who is in deep thought. Then there are others like Gero Lamo (meaning building faith and prayer in what you do).

Shady, there were Great Luos in the past and even in the present. Unfortunately the Luos are a race of people which are true liberators of the mind as well as from bondage. For this, many other races dislike them and would want to corrupt their names given a chance.

For example The greatest Kenyan Footballer that ever lived was William Ouma. Yet President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta wanted soo bad to change this man’s name that he nicknamed him Chege.This name stuck thus: William Ouma “Chege”

Other great Luo names are the likes of King Solo- Mon (Gathering women). Remind me, how many women did he marry.

Another great Luo was the warrior called Liath, the man beaten in battle by another young Luo called David. The man was called Liath (Giant of a person) But when David beat him with a catapult, Luos said that David Nogo Liath (David beat Liath. Go Liath means to beat a Giant.

In future, You will see names of people like Obama and Raila changed to suit others. But do I say?


On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 12:21 AM, wrote:

Amazing Jagem!

These are great men

But you forgot one name, “Jagem” the man who found a formula in this forum to corrupt great names!

Shadi – the great
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From: “Jagem K’Onyiego”
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2013 12:09:37 -0400
Subject: Are Luos the inventors of Mathematics

Ladies and Men(s)

I love to read History. It makes me understand many things in the world. Some of these Historical facts have taken me through a time warp back to the time before Jahoswa (Jesus) was born meaning “Before Christ.” In those days there lived great Luos who made significant contribution to the science of Mathematics

The very famous ones and whose names have come to be corrupted are the likes of:

1. Rind Togo (Papyrus). Rind was known all over the ridges for making mats and doors which were well calculated to precise sizes. He made doors out of Papyrus which he calculated to swing through certain angles for them to open and close. He then created locking mechanisms for the doors. These were known as Ra-Rind. Folks therefore coined the name, Rind Papyrus, from this man’s trade. The name RIND PAPYRUS (Close the Papyrus door) has remained to date.

2. Parothaga (Pythagoras) 582-507BC. Parothaga spent a lot of time trying to calculate the sides of a right angled three sided house. Houses used to be constructed in that manner during that time. He spent day in day out on this work. When folks needed answers from him he would dismiss them by saying that he was in deep thought, “Parothaga.” The locals therefore came to refer to him as Pachithagore. He eventually solved the problem as we know it today in a* + b* = C*. This Jaluo’s name of Parothaga was later corrupted to sound like Pythagoras. Letters ach were removed from the name and replaced by a y, and then letter “e” at the end was replaced with an “as”.

3. Ae kimedee (Archimedes). This Jaluo lived between 287-212 BC. He did most of his work working with water. He was fascinated with how objects floated in water without sinking eg Jaluo’s Fishing canoes. Ae Kimedee played around with water to get the actual volumes of objects in relation to water these objects displaced when immersed in containers full of water. His name was later corrupted as Archimedes. A true great Luo.

4. Gero Lamo: This Luo lived between 1501-1576. He is known to have found a solution to the equation x3 + ax = b. Gero Lamo believed in the power of prayer to make him think and find solutions to mathematical problems.

5. Jalango: other words known us Okumu; is known for his mathematical formula which was used to broker peace in South Africa after UN was defeated to broker a peace deal to pave way for black Majority rule in South Africa.

6. Barack Jakogello” Is known to have found a formula to beat odiero apala in his own game. he used the formula to become the president twice and had brought Policies which has significantly changed the way business is done in America.

7. Agwambo the Great: Agwambo is well known for complex mathematical formulas which are never understood by many Citizens. Many a times it takes 3 ,5, 10, to 15 years before the Citizens understand what he is talking about. He lives in the future while many Kenyans live in the present.

Let me leave you with those few great Luos, and have a wonderful day full of mathematics.



FrBy Agwanda Saye
LEADERS from Muhoroni have attributed constant cattle rustling along common border of Nyanza and the Rift valley on rampant poverty.

Led by Muhoroni Member of Parliament James Onyango K’Oyoo the leaders said youths should be empowered as one of the ways of eliminating the vice once and for all.

K’Oyoo said that use of force is not a sustainable solution to the menace which he observed requires dialogue engineered by leaders from both sides of the divide.

He was speaking over the weekend at St Joseph Koru ACK church during a funds drive where 1.5 million shillings was netted.

K’Oyoo called on leaders along the common border to hold peace talks and reconciliatory meetings as one of the ways of ending incidents of cattle rustling.

The Mp said leaders from the two common border areas will hold such talks when parliament takes a break in order to talk to youths on the need of mutual co-existence.

K’Oyoo said leaders from Tinderet, Sigowet, Soin, Ainamoi, and Kipkelion will hold the talks in order to find a lasting solution to the problem.

Outgoing Nyanza police chief Joseph Ole Tito sounded a warning to those perpetrating cattle rustling along the borders.

But K’Oyoo said the best solution was to talk to the youths and elders from both sides.
He called on the government to bail out both Miwani and Muhoroni.

“Companies can not be on receivership indefinitely” he said.

He said the government should either privatize the firms or give them to strategic investors.


Investigative Report by Leo Odera Omolo.

A news, but highly sensitive issue of communal identities has arisen between the people of Suba origins and the Luos who are residents of the two administrative districts of Gwassi and Mbita.

The two districts form the part of the Homa-Bay County, which is arguably the largest in the greater Southern Nyanza.

The residents of the two districts wanted them to be renamed Suba South {for Gwassi} and Suba North {for Mbita} in conformity with the communal identity, particularly that of the people of Suba origins who have fought for national identity for years.

Analysts who are well versed with the history of the early settlement in the region have said that the population of the people of Suba origin within the two districts is much superior that those of the people of pure Luo background therefore wishes an aspiration of the majority should be allowed to prevail.

The government must intervene in time and make its position clearly spelt that there issue of Suba history cannot be reversed at the whims of the individual for political expediency.

There has been an attempt to at deliberate distortion of the Suba community history by certain unnamed Luo leaders through their public utterances, which did not augur well to the interests of the Suba people, but which are parts of the well orchestrated political expediency. It is well documented that one prominent Luo leader had called for tribal cleansing during the creation of the Suba district and the national communal identity of its people by the retired President Daniel Arap Moi in the late 1980s.

The breakdown of the numerical Suba population among the residents of the two districts indicated that in Gwassi constituency the people of Suba origins counts for between 80 and 85 per cent while 15 per cent goes to the other sojourners. On the Mbita side the Suba population could be moderately put at between 60 and 65 per cent and the rest to the Luos and other migrant communities.

There are, however, a strong present of non-Suba people in Mbita district, mainly the small sub-clans representing the communities which represent the indignant Luos groups such as Jo-Kasigunga, Jo-Kamireri and Jo-Waondo in addition to the immigrant sub-clans who moved into the region following the opening of lambwe Valey Settlement Scheme in the early 1980s. These people come from the various Luo sub—clans of Jo-Karachuonyo, Jo-Asembo,Jo-Kano,Jo-Nyakach,Jo-Uyoma and others. This immigrant persons forms the majority inhabitants of the Lambwe East Location.

And also in the mainland Mbita, the Suba population is well spread in areas like Malela, Njaga Mirunda and Usawo. These people represented the Suba-sub clans of Wasaki, Waumi, Watajo, Jo-Ngodhe, Kakaeta and Jo-Kamigundho.

In this context, the Luo population on the mainland Mbita is only patches of scattered people in Gembe and Lambwe East Locations therefore the claims by the Mbita MP that there are more Luos in Mbita constituency than the people of Suba origins is not credible.

On the two major twin fishing islands of Rusinga and Mfangano, the Suba population represent between 90 and 95 per cent. In this respect Hon Otieno Kajwang’ claims sounded rather polemic than the true picture of the matter. It is therefore wrong for whole cabinet minister to misled Kenyans people purely for political expediency.

It hurts a lot for the Suba people who have spent decades fighting for their recognition and tribal tug against the marginalization and illegal assimilation by the Luos. To be told that they were minority in their own land. The history is not on the MP’s side, and he will have to pay dearly for his political blunders.

After representing the Suba people of Mbita constituency from 1992, Hon Otieno Kajwng’ ha now shifted and pitched his camp at Homa-Bay County headquarters where he is contesting for the County Senate seat. He has left neither legacy in Mbita nor any track record of development apart from counting on Waondo Secondary School which is in his home turf.

Kajwang’ who is famed for coining and composing the now politically popular slogan like song “The Bado Kuna Mapambano” lyrics. But since he is on record as having been opposed to the renaming of Mbita district to be called Suba North, the Immigration and Registration of Persons Minister must have counted out his elementary mathematics, the close to 80,000 votes in the Suba region.

If the MP who ha represented Mbita constituencies for close to three decades and left within nothing to account for his legacy is not careful enough, he will find himself battling for the Homa-Bay Senate seat minus the support of his constituents, whom he is now despising.

The spirits of the Suba stalwarts’ personalities like Zadock Syong’o, Peter Otienoi Nyakiamo, Felix Nyauchi, Dr Valentine Omolo Opere, Ambassador Michael Okeyo, Opiyo Arrum, and other patriots who fought hard for the official recognition of the community will haunt the MP wherever he goes.


Kenya: Tuju’s declaration for presidential bid has a mixed reception in Luo-Nyanza


News Analysis By Leo Odera Omolo

Although the announcement by the former Foreign Affairs Minister Raphael Tuju that he has joined the race for presidential bid in the impending general election scheduled for next year has generated a lot of controversy inside Luo-Nyanza it did not come as s surprise.

Tuju only pre-emptied a master secretive plan which has been in the drawing board being hatched by politicians and MPs from the greater Southern Nyanza region who have been heard in various circles as saying that time was ripe for the Luos to create a new political nerves of power instead of continuing following the Odinga blindly with no end result.

The Prime Minister stands accused of favoring his blood relatives in all the government appointments which had fall on his hand during the whole duration of the coalition government, and worse of all is his pulling out of his own sister Dr Wenwa Akinyi out of a plum university job as professor so that she could serve as Kenya’s charge as a consulate in California, US.the appointment of two Permanent Secretaries from Siaya County in totally ignoring the Southern Nyanza region were given as some of the degrading example of based leadership.

Tuju’s announcement came in the wake of the behind the scene close door meeting among politicians in the larger Southern Nyanza region, where Raila Odinga usual harvesting votes on man-to-man and 100.per cent. But it came to the point of senior government appointment in the Prime minister’s mind Southern Nyanza does not exist.

The Luos, mostly the supporters of the ODM have vilified the former Rarieda MP as fronting for some invisible forces with intent to derail the presidential bid of Raila Odinga.

Level minded Luos, however, disagreed with the contention that his candidature is meant to weaken the Prime Minister’s political clout in Luoland. Other were heard saying that Tuju’s action is the most appropriate and timely move.

“We have heard a lot of the empty rhetoric’s by Raila sycophants that whoever has diverse opinion is branded as an agent of Mt. Kenya or traitor. We have been hearing this kind of this kind of insinuation for close to four decades. If Raila feels it is only those related to the Odinga are the one who are fit to hold senior government positions at the expense of the entire community, then he should seek the votes from his relatives and leave us in peace to vote for whoever we think deserves our vote. We have welcomed Tuju’s candidature.

One MP who did not want his name to appear in any publication retorted, “ We have heard that Raila is fronting for his junior sister Ruth Adhiambo Odinga to be the MP for Kisumu Town Central and his son Fidel Raila is to contest a parliamentary seat in either Muhoroni or in one of the constituencies in Nairobi City. If there is any iota of truth about ht plans then “Agwambo” lost the political direction and needs counseling,” he added.

Tuju joins the race with a colorful background of massive achievement of development, which ha remained unequalled in Luo-Nyanza. Within only five years period of time which he represented Raried constituency and served in the cabinet, he had succeeded in establishing a massive water supply project worth billion of shillings with the help of Kenya’s development partners. He has also succeeded in promoting he hitherto obscure Madiany health Centre in Central Uyoma location to be an ultra modern rural hospital with mobile theatre and mobile maternity wing. Several primary and secondary schools in Rarieda were elevated to ultra modern institutions of higher learning.

Tuju is a level minded politician who does not believes in sycophancy and political patronage. He lost his Rarieda parliamentary seat in 2007 after a heated exchange with Raila Odinga over the latter’s dictatorial tendencies and the much thawed ODM nomination system which is shrouded with claims and allegations of bribery.

But the ODM favorite candidate who contested and won the Rarieda parliamentary seat has failed to measure up or fit into Tuju’s shoes in terms of progress. A development activity within the constituency has become stagnant with claims of the misuse of CDF and other government devolving funds.

Tuju lost his set in 2007 at the time when he had drastically changed the face of Rarieda constituencies to a role model of other constituencies in the region. His latest move to contest the presidency will definitely cause a lot of problem to the ODM general and Raila Odinga in particular because Tuju had a large number of silent admirers across the region and sympathizers in his Bondo home turf.

Tuju supporter across this region have called for creation of the level playing ground and that every aspirant contesting any elective set be it presidency, Senate, parliament and even County representatives be given equal opportunity to sell their policy without any hindrance.

Tuju is credited for having initiated the construction of the Ndori-Luanda Kotieno that is linking mainland Rarieda and Mbita across the Nyanza Gulf for the two twin island of Mfangano and Rusinga Island. The road has since cut into short traveling between Kisumu and Mbita.


Kenya: Luo Nyanza & Kibera!!

from K’Omondi J’Alego

Dear Kenyans,

I have always followed threads in these fora for quite sometime now. I have even posted a few of my own. I have also replied and commented on some threads albeit to important ones, though with a lot of caution. This is not because I lack time for the same, but it is for one reason. That some of the threads that are posted here are very retrogressive in nature and should not even be here in the first place. It is for this very reason that I have taken my time at least for the moment to say and lay bare what I think about the whole issue.

Fellow Kenyans, I have read some threads here with dismay as they are nothing other than very tribal and are always aimed at arousing some kind of tribal passion that at the end of the day, should it be left as it is, might just lead to some unspeakable occurrences in the near future.

I would wish to appeal to you all not to judge me by where I come from nor by my last name but by what I stand for. The fact that my last name is Omondi should not be reason enough to be associated with some happenings at where I come from. Being called Maina, Mwiti, Nyamao, Nthanga et al should only be used for identity purposes and not for any other reason.

These fora have been turned into some sort of judgmental dins about the people from Nyanza and by extension, residents of Kibera. I fail to understand why people from Luo Nyanza cannot be allowed to air their own views. Why do every other person believe that Luo Nyanza are following the words of one person. Don’t people from Luo Nyanza have minds of their own? Can’t these brothers and sisters from Luo Nyanza speak their minds?

Dear Kenyans, I am a proud son of Alego Kaluo, in Siaya District, Siaya county so to speak. I am neither a political prisoner of anyone nor am I a fanatic of any politician. Just to put the record straight, I subscribe to the ideals of ODM as a political party and I am confident about its leadership. You are free to air your own opinions about my thinking. Kenya is a free democracy anyway.

Looking at Kenya’s political behavior since the reintroduction of multiparty politics, we have to agree that every community tend to follow what their leading political figures tell them. I have failed to understand why every other person quotes Luo Nyanza whenever such issues come in. During Moi’s 24 year rule, the whole Kalenjin land was a KANU zone. In 2007, central Kenya was purely PNU(Kibaki), Ukambani was ODM-K(Kalonzo), Luo Nyanza was ODM(Raila) etc. We have again seen the trend now. In Central, the likelihood of it being a PNU zone is very real, read Uhuru Kenyatta, Rift Valley is all ready in UDM. What therefore is so unique about Luo Nyanza standing by RAO? Why should it bne different whn it comes to Luo Nyanza?

Cant we stand buy one of our own?
Let us all be realistic and give Luo Nyanza a break. We are very proud of our son s and daughters and we will stand by them. We cannot simply abandon them just to appease some people who think they think for us. To be always told that Luo Nyanza needs liberation is not just naive, but it is also stupid thinking and reasoning if you ask me.

Luo Nyanza have every right to stick to Raila, just like Kalenjin land have the right to stick with Ruto and so is central with Uhuru.
I don’t see why every body should be shouting at the top of their voices just because some Ochieng, Otieno has aired his views.

Fellow Kenyans, Luo Nyanza are wise enough and are very educated as to know what is good for them They can think for themselves, chart their own destiny, and make their own decisions. We dont need someone to come and tell us what we need to do or what wrong we are doing. Should we need any advice, we are mature enough to ask for it. Kindly stop all this nonsense about Luo Nyanza this, Luo Nyanza that. WE ARE SICK & TIRED OT IT!!!!


Good Day!!!!!!



Writes Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

The Ofafa Memorial Hall, which is the nerves center of Luo cultural and at times political activities in Kisumu, is currently under armed policemen for unclear circumstances.

But inquiries by this writer has revealed that one of the warring groups claiming the leadership of the Luo Council of Elders had rented out the main hall to the Bata Shoe Company for a period of one month. The company made a down payment of Kshs 60,000.

Bata Shoe is using the Hall for its annual grand sales for its old and outmoded shoes, which are sold to the public at cheap prices and the sale is a countrywide exercise by the company.

Following the deal entered between the group of Luo Council of Elders led by Ker Opiyo Otondi, the other stakeholders had read a mischief and threatened to storm the Hall and eject the Bata Shoe Company by force.

This is what prompted Ker Opiyo Otondi to seek for police protection. Contacted by this writer, the chairman admitted that it was he who consulted the Kisumu West D.C. and requested for the police protection. And the D.C. in response posted a team of armed Administration Policemen to Ofafa to keep an eye on any group which might be tempted to disrupt the Bata She sales.

Further inquiries revealed that that there is a court injunction, which was obtained by the former Trustees of the defunct Luo Union East Africa which barred all the warring parties from accessing the Hall until the hearing and determination of a case which is pending before the courts regarding the Hall’s ownership.

The court injunction had also barred the previous Luo Council of Elders under its former chairman Ker Meshack Riaga Ogalo and their agents from accessing the Hall on the same condition, and the order is said to be still in force.

According to our source the D.C. visited the Hall last week and when reminded of the existing of court injunction barring all the warring factions from accessing the Hall is reported to have told one of the tenants operating at the Hall that he did not care whether there is court order or not, but his men were to protect the property.

Built in the 1950s, the Ofafa Memorial Hall was constructed with money raised from members of the defunct Luo Union East Africa who working in Cities and towns all over East African region and also at Home in rural locations located inside Luo-Nyanza.

The Hall was named after the slain ex-Nairobi City Councilor Ambrose Ofafa from Alego Ka-Kalkada in Siaya district. Ex Coun Ofafa was shot dead in 1953 near Burma Market after his motor vehicle had stalled on Donholm road as he headed home by the agents of the Mau Mau agent’s in Nairobi who felt he was a collaborator of the colonialists. He was among the highly educated African to be nominated to the City Council. A fellow civic leader the late Tom Mbotela was also shot dead by the Mau Mau secret agents.

The original purpose of the Ofafa Memorial Hall which is standing magnificently on the main Kisumu-Kakamega rod near Kibuye Market was be used for restoration of Luo cultural artifacts, meetings, education hand other activities.

It has been used in the past also as a Hall of fame where dignified Luo personalities, mainly political luminaries, professionals, academician and others have had their departed souls taken there to lie in state over night stay as signs of community’s appreciation and respect before such bodies are taken to their rural homes for burial.

In such exercise members of the public usually piled up for viewing the body f the dead personality and paying homage as their last respect.

However, there has been the subject of heated disagreement between the various groups of stakeholders ever since the banning of the tribal welfare organizations by the retired President Daniel Arap Moi in early 1980.

At one time while serving as the Patron of the Ramogi Institute of Advanced Science and technology {RIAT} the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga unilaterally handed the management of the Ofafa Hall to the management of RIAT which turned it into its City Campus until some years later when the former patron of the defunct Luo Union East Africa moved to court and retrieved it from Riat.

The court ruled that Ofafa Mamorial Hall was an important institution belonging to the entire Luo community therefore Jaramogi Odinga as an individual had no right of deciding about the fate of this property or that power of handing over to Riat and ordered that the status quo be restored.

The reportedly existing court injunction also barred any faction of the disputed leadership of the Luo Council of Elders from receiving cash rent fro the tenants carrying out businesses there, and that all the rental money be deposited to the court for safe custody.

The Hall has been the subject of legal tussle before the courts for close to fifteen years with no group coming out clearly to claim its ownership. Members of the Odinga family are also being blamed for the Hall’s woes tribulations as it is being alleged that the family wants to have a grip over the properties of the defunct Luo Union East Africa using oblique techniques without the approval of the community.

Rumors making the rounds in Kisumu City and its environs have it that some people among them senior Luo politicians had a grand scheme and a plan to grab the Ofafa Hall and construct a five star hotel on the site,but the rumr culd not be confirmed immedtaley.

Luo Union {EA} had several other commercial buildings in Kisumu and Maseno towns The company also sed to own a 430 acres large scale Ramogi Farm near Miwani Sugar Mills where it used to grow sugar cane for sale to the Miwani factory. But some years back it was reported that part of the farm was sold to the former Emuhaya MP the late Weldon Muchilwa for undisclosed amount of money.

It remained unclear as to who had brokered the sales and whose bank account the amount realized from the sales, which was understood to have been n excess of Kshs 10 million was banked.

The company, however, had remained under the management of people closely connected to the Odingas serving as its directors. Most of its directors are hand-picked by the Odingas and their favorite agents. It has never posted any profits or sent our dividends to shareholders for years.


Seeking A Luo Lady For A Serious Relationship

From: proud2bkenyan

I know this is unorthodox but I believe that sometimes thinking outside the box is OK… I’m a 35 yrs old 5’8″ single Kenyan professional male. I permanently live and work in the US. I’m seeking a 29-35 yrs old professional (including graduate student) Luo lady with slim or athletic body type for a serious relationship. If you’d like to get to know me better, please email me at . Thanks!

Kenya, Sudan, Uganda: SOUTH SUDAN AND LUOS

From: Paul Nyandoto

Papa Likondi,

I have never seen an animal who write and read and uses internet and has even gone and opened an e-mail account as you have did. men you have made it very high, you are even better than the animals mentioned in George Orwell`s book ( the animal farm). But this thing you are now talking about luos. Does it concern only luos or it affects also Bantus. Because in Africa there had been allot of Bantu movements even from South Africa up to Nairobi long time ago. Do not forget that it was the Masais who are nilotics who gave nairobi such a beautiful name, since a lot of Bantus were being done by Arabs and never thought of any nomenclature. I would advice luos to remain in Kenya, Acholis to remain in Uganda, the southern Sudan luos or nilotic brothers to remain there and the nilotic in Democratic republic of Congo, Ruanda, Tanzania also to stay put, such that they can make the greater luo empire. I definitely think that from that empire Africa can also have a proud history, since we are already tired of the old history like slaves, slavery, slave trade, colonialism, corruption, tribalism, thieves, cannibalism: MEN it is just dirty past, nothing to make Africans be proud of the continent, because even Gold or oil in Africa is just benefiting non Africans. An African man hardly make enough to buy diamond for his loved one at a time when Africa is the largest diamond producer..

Paul Nyandoto

– – – – – – – – – – –

>>> Papa Likondi >>>

We are aware that the Luos ran away from South Sudan when there was war at the beginning of the 18th Century. Now that the war is over and they have been given freedom by the North, I think they should start packing their belongings and go rebuild their country.
The Land they occupy now, around Lake Victoria belongs to the Banyore who were squeezed in some rocky place in Western Kenya. We are willing to occupy our ancestral land Kisumu City any time they leave which any case should not be later than 14rh February 2012.


By Agwanda Jamach

Nyanza Provincial Director of Public Health and Sanitation Dr. Jackson Kioko is saying that the pace that has already been set in the province on Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision is promising with 426,500 targeted by 2013.

Dr. Kioko says that launching of Rapid Result Initiative on male circumcision in the last two years has plummeted the number of men seeking the services.

He says that so far a total of 130,000 men are still not circumcised in the province according to their statistics and is optimistic that by the year 2013 they will receive the services.

Speaking during the release of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision RRI in Kisumu, Dr. Kioko says that RRI was designed to accelerate access to voluntary medical male circumcision services in the province.

He says that a total of 50,454 men were circumcised during the RRI that started last year in November to December surpassing their target of 41,000 men.

Nyanza Provincial Commissioner Francis Mutie who was the chief guest at the function cautioned youths against indulging in drug abuse.

Mutie says that drug abuse is one of the factors that has led to high prevalence HIV rate among the youth in the country.

He also urged the circumscribed men to continue taking precautions as circumcision does not offer complete protection against HIV infection.


Kenya: Luo-Nyanza MPs faces total rejection for complacency by the electorate in 2012

INVESTIGATIVE Report By Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City.

DESPITE of the availability of millions of shillings of government revolving funds disbursed through the local Constituency Development Committees CDF} very little achievement has been made on the ground in terms of development activities in Luo-Nyanza to the satisfaction of the electorate.

This could be apparently attributed to the recent protracted agitation for the constitutional dispensation, which appeared to have consumed much time of the legislators and other leaders from the region at the expense of development activities.

The party of choice is the Orange Democratic Movement {ODM} which is led by Raila Amolo Odinga, but the latter has vowed that this time around he would not bail anyone out of the political quagmire, and that each and everyone will have to carry his or her own cross.

This is a burning issue, which is going to have a negative impact in the rating and proper assessment of the MPs from the region’s performance in the 10th Parliament.

It could have the negative impact on the MPs-re-election comes the year 2012. Those who have performed dismally will pay dearly for their lackluster performance and may be shown the exit door in 2012.

A survey conducted by this writer indicated that a good number out of the current 21 MPs from Luo-Nyanza are on their away out of the August House, though some of them had made sterling performance and contributed immensely towards national politics at the expenses of their rural constituencies. These MPs, however, will have their names go down in the history books as among those who contributed immensely towards the making of the new constitution, which was promulgated by President Mwai Kibaki on August 4, this year after the grueling referendum voting campaign.

However, a number of MPs from the region will definitely lose their seats at the next polls. These will be replaced by newcomers, a move which in itself will be a heavy blow to the community these gentlemen represented in the August House, because as various constituencies will have inexperienced MPs as he new representatives.

The allegations and rumors involving the misappropriation and embezzlement of CDF and other government revolving funds meant for rural development would take toll on the MPs for most of them have failed tin their responsibility of ensuring the proper disbursement and use of the funds, creating the rooms for the massive looting.

The MPs are facing various accusation among other things for poor supervision of development activity in their constituencies, which are being undertaken by the CDF money, for allowing their political cronies to manage the revolving funds, though most of those sitting in the money disbursing boards have no experience of government accounting system and the mismanagement of the CDF money, working in cohort with some unpatriotic suppliers of materials used in the construction of the CDF funded projects and for allegedly inflating the cost of materials supplied to the CDF projects for the purpose of creating room for kick-backs.

Ten out of the 21 Luo MPs have, however, maintained good score-cards for active participation in development activities in their constituencies, and for not missing out in carrying out inspections of the CDF funded projects in their constituencies.

Leading the pack of this category of MPs from Luo-Nyanza is the abrasive Assistant Minister for Internal Security Joshua Orwa Ojode who is the MP for Ndhiwa in Ndhiwa district who despite of busy schedules in matter relations to security has never lost one single chance of visiting his constituency Ojode is always home at the weekend either addressing seminars and workshop of local leaders or inspecting CDF funded projects while carrying out Harambee fund drive for one cause or the other, but all socio-economic related schemes and projects.

Thieving CDF local committee teams have no foot in Ndhiwa, and any reported mis- appropriation of funds irrespective of its size could result in instant arrest and prosecution of the suspect culprit.

Ojode is followed in the category of hard-working MPs by Eng James K.Rege of Karachuonyo the man who is said to be down to earth in hard-working for his constituents to reap the maximum fruits of independence, though the poverty index is the area is the highest.

Rege represented a highly sensitive rural constituency where political awareness of the constituents is said to be the highest. But Hon Rege is managing his constituency very well.

This is the only constituency in side Luo-Nyanza where all members of the CDF local committee are intellectuals and people with vast experiences in government accounting system making the disbursement of the funds much easier with no record of embezzlement or high inflated prices of the material meant for the construction of CDF projects.

Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo is also credited for having place tight control over the CDF funds budgeted for socio-economic projects.

The aggressive MP is always at home over the weekend making personal supervision of the CDF funded projects and other government revolving funds, His working relationship with local CDF fund committees is said to be cordial and warm. The MP stands a better chance of retaining his seat comes the year 2012.

Kasipul-Kabondo MP Oyugi Maguwanga is another MP whose performance at the constituency level is said to be perfect. He is reported to have initiated school bus buying for almost all the boys and girls secondary schools in the region, at times is acting as the school supervisor, which has resulted in several lazy head of primary and secondary schools taking to their heels when they reported to their places of work late and found the MP sitting in their office awaiting for explanation he or she was late in reporting to work.

Kasipul-Kabondo is among the ten constituencies from Nyanza Province which were recently recommended by the recently disbanded Andrew Legale led Interim Independent Boundary Commission for sub-division into two parliamentary constituencies. May be the sub-division of the constituency into two could have the negative on Maguwanga due to divided and realignment of sub-clans as the MP is expected to lose some of his supportive sub-clans to the newly created Kasipul East or Kabondo constituency.

It is, however, too early to make proper and accurate assessment of the outcome of the constituency subdivision. The general views held by many of the constituents is that Mag7wanga a man of moderate education has done well that all the previous MPs.

In Ugenya, the Lands Minister James Aggrey Orengo, is said to have done well this time around making his ever presence at the constituency felt. The lawyer-cum-politician is said to have gone through very drastically transformation from that of youth and heckler to a true statesman.

Reports on the ground say Orengo could easily retain his seat in either Ugenya or in the newly created Ugunja constituency. His popularity is on the upward trends, and this could as well as due to his constantly working close with the Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

In the far ends if the greater Southern Nyanza region, the most aggressive and youthful Nyatike MP Edick Omondi Anyangam though a first time MP has made an impact in the region hitherto considered as the most backward rural constituency.

And within only two and half years in Parliament Omondi Anyanga has already made an impact not only in Luo politics, but on the national political scenery, making regular contribution in the debates in the House, and also frequently visiting Nyatike and supervising the construction of new road network under CDF funds, schools and even at time conducting Harambee fund drives for the various needy communities.

Nyatike is located among the Kenya-Tanzania border on both the mainland and in the Lake Victoria. This is the same district which owns the controversial Migingo fishing island in Lake Victoria, which for the last two years or so has been the subjected of the heated argument between Kenya and Uganda.

The majority of the residents of Migingo Island hail from Nyatike. The Migingo Island is located only about 16 kilometers from the mainland Nyatike district and Hon Anyango has always been in the forefront fighting for the fishermen to be given fair treatment by both Kenya and Uganda and insisting that the island belonged to Kenya. Anyanga stands a better chance of retaining his parliamentary seat comes the year 2012.

In the same neighboring, Migori constituency Mp John Pesa is another hard working MP whose re-election to the August House could be rest assured.

In Gwassi constituency in Suba district Hon John Mbadi star is deemed due to intensive communal squabbles over the place where the district headquarters should be established after the sub-division of the former Mbita constituency into two one Gwassi and the other taking the name of the old Mbita.

The dispute is pitting the Minority Kaksingiri sub-clans and the majority Wagassi sub-clan. The Jo-Wagassi are happy that the new district has already been gazette as having been established at Magunga, while the jo-Kaksingiri wanted it the D.C. offices and the offices of the County Council retained at Gingo near Sindo trading Center. The dispute almost ended in bloody acts of violence. Hon Mbadi who is a member of the majority Jo-Wagassi is seen by the minority Jo-Kaksingiri is siding with his Jo-Gwassi people.

This kind of petty dispute and the fact that more candidates comes fro the Gwassi side each time there is election, Hon Mbadi’s otherwise promising political career could be sealed to the dustbins of history comes the year 2012.

In Mbita, the Immigration Minister Gerald Otieno Kajwang’; appeared to be safe in his Mbita constituency unlike in the previous general election when then legislator seemed to have lost touch with the electorate. This time around Kajwang is always at home over the weekend consulting his constituents over prevailing local issues and supervising the disbursement of CDF funds.

Kajwang of them “Bado Kuna Mapambano” lyrics is doing pretty well at the constituency level after dispelling the rumors that he would opt for the Homa-Bay County Senate seat. But he later changed his mind, and declared that he would defend his Mbita seat comes the year 2012.

The poorly managed constituencies include the Kisumu Town East, Kisumu Town West, Kisumu Rural, Rangwe, Uriri, Rongo, Muhoroni, Nyando, Rarieda, Nyakach and the worse is Alego –Usonga.

In Alkego-Usonga, the CDF money has made no significant change in the face of this most backward constituency. The MP is Edwin Ochieng’ Yinda, who is also a Mombasa based businessman and who it is being alleged, is always stays away from the constituency.

MP representing those areas which are classified in this article as the poorly managed will have an up-hill task to retain their seats at the next polls unless they quickly changed tact.


Kenya: Nyanza people want the new Kisumu Airport be re-named Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Airport

Commentary By Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

The people of the now defunct Nyanza Province, which has been split into four Counties, have unanimously of the opinion that the newly expanded and modernized airport be re-named as Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Airport.

Members of the Luo community have agreed in principle that this would be the most fitting facility in the memory of the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, for his immense contribution to this country, dating back to the early 1940s, especially during the struggle for independence by Kenyan people against the mighty of forces of the colonialists.

The communities are unanimous and want to see an important public facility, like the new Kisumu Airpot, named after the man who had championed the struggle for independence, and later led a protracted war of the second liberation of this country.

A prominent building contractor, Mr Gordon Kaoko, suggested that a tourist class hotel should also be established in Kisumu and named after Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. Businessmen, farmers, teachers and civic leader in all the four Counties of Siaya, Kisumu, Homa-Bay and Migori are unanimous that the facility be named after Jaramogi, to color his distinguish service to the mankind.

The airport, which has been modernized with billions of shillings, would soon be taking in bigger aircraft, including international passenger flights, that would make Kisumu to be the true gate-away City to East and Central Africa.

A cross section of people interviewed within Kisumu City and its environs were all unanimous that the new airport be named after the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, who had served this country as its first Vice President of the Republic of Kenya.

It is true that the Luos are the most democratic people, who are always very vocal and outspoken on issues of national importance. But when it come to the question of remembering their past heroes, who had made sterling performance and immense contribution in history, this particular community is well known to be people with short memory of past events. And particularly when it comes to the time of remembering heroes, this community is known to insensitive on this.

It is therefore my passionate appeal and suggestion that our leaders should make a representation to the government, particularly the relevant Ministry, to have the name of Kisumu Airport changed and be re-named after the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. I am indeed, directing my appeal to the cabinet Ministers from Luo-land and our legislators in the 10th Parliament, to brainstorm together and initiate the talks with the relevant Ministry over this burning issue.

Alternatively, the new facility should be named after the pre-colonial Luo hero and Warrior, called Okore Kogonda, who had led the Jo-Kisumu sub- clans of Jokorando and Jokogony to overrun the forces of Nandis and Teriks, who were the first settlers in what is today called Kisumu. The Airport is just a few meters away from the grave of this hero who, was eventually ambushed and killed by the Nandis, after he had claimed the entire land in the area and settled his people at around 1820.

Okore Kogonda, the hero, is also said to have chased the Maragolis from the plains and land around Tieng’re and G.K Kodiaga Prison, to the Maragoli Hills, and chased away the small communities of Jo-Gem community and Jo-Kajulu, who later settled around Gem Rae in Nyakach and what is today called Kajulu along the Nandi Escarpment. He eventually kicked out the Kano groups, forcing them to make peace around Nyamasaria River, though the original boundary between the Jo-Kisumo and Jo-Kano was at Kisat River, which is located next to the Ksumu Golf Course and the Aiport.

It is even said that there are three major institutions of higher learning in Luo-Nyanza, but none is named after any Luo hero. These institutions include the Maseno University, Bondo Univesity College and Mit University College in Rongo district. These institutions should be renamed after some of the modern day Luo heroes for prosperity.

In other Kenyan communities (by saying this, I have the Kikuyus in mind) even the colonial chiefs, who collaborated well with the colonial administration during the Mau Mau War of independence, have had some ultra modern schools in Central Province named after them. An example is the late Senior Chief Njiri wa Karanja.

In the middle of 1953 at the height of the Mau Mau uprising, Chief Njiri wa Karanja boarded a Royal; Air Force plane and flew low over the villages, while armed with loud speakers, urging the Mau Mau fighters to lay down their arms and co-operate with the colonial government. He was one of the most distinguished collaborators with the colonialist. But today Niri High School stand magnificently in Central Province as one of the best schools.

Various institutions are named after Senior Chief Waruhiu, who was murdered in cold blood by the Mau Mau fighters, and also Chief Nderi of Nyeri and many other leaders who contributed towards development in kind. The same could be said of Chief Josiah Njonjo and Bishop Obadiah Kariuki of the Anglican Church who publicly denounced Mau Mau oaths and killing of innocent people.

In Kisii region of Nyanza Province, the late Ex-Chief Musa Nyandusi Ayacko {Manwar}, was the biggest example of collaboration with the colonialist. But today most secondary and high schools in Nyaribari had either dormitories or football field named after Senior Chief Nyandusi in recognition of his contribution to the regions immense development and education.

The same is so with Ex-Senior Chief Cheborge Arap Tengecha, of Location three in Kericho district He was well known for his draconian rule and collaboration with the white settlers and colonial administrators.
Tengecha’s name is applied to some of the best educational facilities is not only in Buret location where he ruled with an iron fist but in the entire Kipsigis region.

In the greater Southern Nyanza region, the late Mzee Paul Mboya, who had played the biggest role in shaping up the region’s development when he started from an humble location Chief of Karachuonyo, a pastor with the SDA church, and the first Secretary to the African Local Native Council {ALNC}, which was later transformed into the African District Council {ADC}, and eventually the County Council of South Nyanza, has not even a nursery school in his own native Karachuonyo named after him.

Again in the Southern Nyanza region, the late Ex-Senior Chief Gideon Magak of Kasipul-Kabondo, who served his people between 1927 and 1954, though with an iron fist, is still being remembered for having introduced forced education of both boys and girls. The chief, at times, is known to have paid school fees for students from his location using his own money, and consigned to jails big headed parents who refused to educate their children.

Against resistance from religions and churches, Magak initiated the District Education Board Schools, such as Agoro Sare High School, Oriang; Girsl Secondary School, Ober Secondary School Saye Secondary School, Nyang’iela Secondary School, and many others, which are today serving as some of the best educational facilities in the region. But the residents of the region have refused to have any of its schools named after him. There is not even one primary school in the region named after the man to serve as his legacy. Is this the case of jealousy?

In Siaya, a man of Ex-Senior Chief Amoth Owira’s stature should have by now have several schools and other public utilities named after him, in recognition of his immense contribution to the development of the area. But there is nothing on the ground in Siaya called Amoth Owira, leave alone a dispensary or a nursery school. Why not?.

In the neighboring location of Ugenya, the late Chief Miganda Opapo, who made the history. In 1941, a battalion, made of Kenyans fighting in the Second World War, under the auspices of King African Rifles {KAR} in the Indian Ocean Island of Madagascar, mainly Luos, mutinied, laid down their arms, and refused to obey their superiors’ orders.

At first, the Late Paul Mboya, was flown to the Island in an attempt to have him calm down the rebellious KAR soldiers. But the soldiers almost assaulted Mboya. It was then decided that Chief Miganda be flown in by the Royal Air force to Magascar. And because the majority of soldiers were from Ugenya, they obeyed their chief and agreed to resume fighting.

The late Sir Michael Blundell, a Kenya leader of the white settlers, who in his later years turned politician and served the colonial government as the Minister for Agriculture, who was then the commander of the Madagascar garrison under the name of Major Blundell, had confided to me before his death that the situation was so pathetic and hopeless. Imagine close to four soldiers laying down their weapons and even refusing to eat for a coupe of days. This, Blundell told me, was due to political agitation by the black African soldiers that they did not actually knew for whose interests they were engaged in fighting the Germans – – the British crown or black Kenyans,

Blundell, who was so influential in Dho-Luo vernacular, told me that Chief Miganda was a genius person.

In Central Nyanza in general, the late Mzee Joel Meshack Omino, who served the ADC Central Nyanza as its Secretary for close to 40 years, was the architect for the building of various schools and other facilities. But apart from a street road in Kisumu Municipality, nothing is on the ground bearing the name of Joel Omino.

Luo-Nyanza is well known as a fertile place for academic giants. Three members of the community who pioneered in university teaching, deserve to have named after them some local schools and other educational facilities.

These academician giants are Prof. David Wasawo, Prof. H Ominde and Prof. Alan Bethwell Ogot. Wasawo and Ominde became the first Kenyans to be engaged in teaching at the Makerere University in the early 1950s. This was at the time when Makerere was serving the East, Central and Southern Africa as the only full fledged University taking in students from far field like Nyasaland, Tanganyika, Rhodesia, and other countries. Ominde has since died, but Wasawo and Ogot who are relatively much younger, are still alive. Applying the Names of these people to some of the school would serve as incentive to the younger generation and inspire them to work hard.

Back to politicians, there are four important political names, that are closely associated with the development of politics in Nyanza between 1940s to early 1960s. These names incldude Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Tom Mboya, Ramogi Achieng’ Oneko, and Walter Fanuel Odede. And to a lessesr extent there is C.M.G.Argwings-Kodhek.

Jaramogi single-handedly built Nyamira Girls Secondary School, which is close to his rural Kang;o Ka-Jaramogi home in Central Sakwa in Bondo district. There is another adjacent School called Maranda High School which has taught so many people. The two schools should be named after him.

Tom Mboya single handedly established Homa-Bay High School in Homa-Bay Town and the neighboring Uganda Girls Secondary school before establishing Tom Mboya Secondary School Rusinga Island and also contributed immensely towards the construction of Mbita High School at the Mbita Point on the mainland.

Women leaders in Luo-Nyanza, who have played the leading role in shaping the country, also deserve a respectful place of history. And this could only be done if such woman have their names given to some important institutions and facilities.

In this context, I have in mind the likes of Mrs Grace Aketch Onyango, the first African Mayor of Kisumu, and the first African to be elected to Kenyan parliament with the majority and popular votes as the MP for KisumuTown in 1969. Mrs Phoebe Muga Asiyo, the former MP for Karachuonyo, Mrs Roselyn Onyuka , the first woman PEO in Nyanza, Mrs Damaris Ayodo, Mrs Grace Ogot, Nrs Esabella Abura and many others who had championed the cause of human rights and development.

Let the Luos learn how to respect their fallen heroes like any other communities in this country. We should make the history an incentive to the younger generation. Both men and women who have played a pivotal role in the development of this country, particularly in Nyanza, should be included in the roll call.



Pakruok, en kido marua kaka Onagi.Ei Mbuyi mar Jaluodotcom koro Timbewa kata Kitua ok iyudie en mana Weche matimore Uganda. Nitiere weche mangeny kendo beyo matimore egwengewa to ok inyal nenogi kata somo gi ei Mbuyi. Luodotcom ne ochakore maber to nyaka ne chak ndike kod dho Wagunda mit mare nene olal chuth.An kod adiera ni ji matin ahinya mandalogi somo Jaluodotcom.Thoth ji ne oweyo somo Jaluodotcom nikech onge puonj magi yudoe.


Jothurwa , timbewa kata tukewa ngeny maok inyal tieko koro kara ketho sechewa ni wadwaro mana ngeyo timbe Wagunda kata Mwache to wawapuonjre  uru ekindua wawegi kaka timbewa gi dwaro lal nono. Wamed timo kinda kod puonjo jomatindo tukewa kata dak marwa eyo maber.

Onge wach,
Nyasaye oritu uduto kamoro amora ma untiere epiny mangima.

Odhiambo Omolo Jarongo- Kodero Bara.


Writes Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City.

The Luo Council of Elders is only one entity and as such no other organization or parallel groups can operate using the same name and title of the organization.

The Council Chairman Ker Willis Opiyo Otondi yesterday issue a stern warning in a letter which was also copied to the Provincial Administration, the police and all relevant authorities throughout Nyanza Province asking them not to deal with any splinter group masquerading as the officials of the Luo Council of Elders.

Ker Opiyo Otondi broke his silent for the first time ever since he was anointed as the head of the controversy ridden cultural organization by the Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga.

The ceremony held at the guest house of the SONYSUGAR company at Awendo in Rongo constituency within Migori County was boycotted by the other members led by the ousted former chairman Meshack Riaga Ogalo.

Ker Opiyo Otondi in a terse two paragraph letter, which was copied to all D.C.s, and OCPDs in Nyanza Province advised all the relevant authorities in the region not to deal with the ousted group. A copy of registration certificate from the Registrar of the Societies, signed by one L.N.Waithaka is attached.

The registrar gave the following names as the officially registered new officials of the Luo Council of Elders.

It gave the following names as the duly registered new officials.Chairman {Ker} Willis Opiyo Otondi, Vice chairman Ex-Senior Chief John Omolo Anditi, Secretary Samson Otieno Oyieko, Assistant Secretary Owino Nyady, Treasurer Paul Owino Ombuor, Assistant Treasurer Michael Odote Kojiem, Organizing Secretary Stephen Otho Deya and Assistant Organizing Secretary Alogo Raila.

Waithaka’s letter, which Ker Opiyo Otondi has circulated to all government offices in the region says in part that the new officials were registered on June 9,2010 under the Societies Act {CP.108} And Soc/48261.

Ker Opiyo Otondi has also advised all rel;event government offices not to recognize or register any new body calling itself Luo or REamogi Supreme Council of Elders saying the two names Luo and Ramogi are culturally sacred names and such cannot be misused by anyone to satisfy his or her personal egos.

Ker Opiyo Otondi’s letter came in the form of clarification following reports that rival groups have of late been visiting D.Cs and police authorities seeking permission to hold public gathering or meeting in some districts. . “People are free to hold their meeting anywhere at anytime, but there must be a clear-cut understandable policy that nobody be allowed to use the name of Luo Coiuncil of Elders without express permission and authority from Ofafa Memorial Hall Offices of the Council, which is located in Kisumu City,”a source in Kisumu. has said.

The letter says in part; “It is therefore follow that, the activities of the other group masquerading as the official of the Council of Elders is illegal and should not be allowed to hold any public meetings within your area of jurisdiction unless there is endorsement of such a gathering by our branch officials within your district.”

Ker Opiyo Otondi ‘s letter also listed the following branches throughout Luo-Nyanza as Suba, Mbita, Homa-Bay,Ndhiwa,Rachunyo North,Rachuonyo South,Nyatike, Uriri, Migori,Rongo, Nyakach, Nyando, Muhoroni,Kisumu West, Kisumu North, Bondo, Rarieda, Gem, Alego-Usonga,Ugenya, Ugunja.

It asked all the DCs to cooperate with its head office by stopping any illegal meetings.

Former Councilk chairman Meshack Riaga Ogalo recently held a press conference at the Museum View Hotel whose owner Mzee Yusto Ondigo Oyoo is a member of the splinter group and severely criticized the Prime Minister Raila Odinga for having anointed the new Ker, and yet he and his group were still in office.

They argued that Raila has no mandate to anoint new Ker because the Council is not part of political party nor is it affiliated to any political movement.

The Ogalo group was ousted on an election which took place on June 4 at the Ofafa Memorial Hall, which they boycotted. This was latter followed by a tension consultative meeting chaired by Raila Odinga and attended by over 10 MPOs at the same venue in attempt to reconcile the group, but it became overwhelmingly apparent that the two functions were irreconcilable.


Kenya: Raila Odinga has installed the new Ker of the Luo Council of Elders to end bickering

Reports Leo Odera Omolo In Awendo Town.

The week end installation of the new Ker of the Luo Council of Elders by the Prime Minister Raila Odinga in a colorful ceremony attended by three cabinet ministers and a host of MPS from the various constituencies within Luo Nyanza now bring to an immediate end the protracted bickering and power struggle.

The installation ceremony was held at the SONYSUGAR Guest House in Awendo town within Rongo Constituency in Awendo district.

The anointing of Ker Willis Opiyo Otondi as the officially recognized chairman of the squabble-ridden Luo Council of Elders now permanently seals off permanent the fate of the former belligerent officer holder Meshack Riaga Ogalo who had put up a hard fight against his ousters

It was attended by four invited delegates from all the 21 one parliamentary electoral constituencies.b Security was tight and ven some delegates had togo through thorough security check-ups before being allowed entry to the facility,though some had the invitation budges.

Ministers in attendance included the Dalmas Otieno ( Public Service} Peter Anyang” Nyong”o [Medical Services} and Gerald Otieno Kajwang’ {Immigration and Registration of Persons}.

Also in attendance were MPS Oyugi Maguwanga {Kasipula-Kabondo}, Dick Omondi Anyanga {Omuk-Lela of Nyatike},Martin Otieno Ogindo {Rangwe},Cyprian Ojwang’ Omolo {Uriri},.

_The Migori MP John Pesa who is the chairman of the Luo Parliamentary Group read messages of apology from those who were unable to attend the meeting.

Opiyo Otondi became the 9th Ker of the Luo community in a chain of command which began in 1945 when the first modern “Ker” the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga was installed to serve in the same position, but under the auspices of the defunct, but powerful Luo Union East Africa.

The delegates to the facility were thoroughly scrutinized by the security personnel as a result of the high tension which had built itself up following rumors that the ousted group led by the former Ker Meshack Riaga Ogalo would storm the venue and cause mayhem. But nothing like that happened and the meeting was held under peaceful atmosphere. The observers were also ushered in after thorough security vetting.

The former Ker Meshack Riaga Ogalo skipped the meeting, but unconfirmed rumors renting the air at the venue of the meeting was the ousted group is in the process of launching a splinter group called Luo Supreme National Council of Elders. But many observers doubted whether the new splinter group would really see the light of the day with Raila Odinga the Luo political kingpin having endorsed the Opiyo Otondi group.

In the new lineup Willis Opiyo Otondi became the new Ker and his deputy is Ex-Senior Chief Omolo Anditi,Sam Ayieko is the Secretary-General, the deputy secretary general is Owino Nyande, whike the treasurer is Abel Ombura and the deputy treasurer if Michael Odote Kojiem,Mzee Othoo Deya is the national organizing secretary with Alogo Raila as his deputy. Also confirmed in their positions were the three members of the board of trustee headed by the former PEO Seth Oluoch, the former educationist Oyuga Tado is the secretary while the treasurer of the board of trustee is N.Okello. The long serving form Kisumu Town MP Dr Mrs Grace Aketch Onyango is the women leader.

Ministers Dalmas Otieno, Otieno Kajwang’ and Anyang Nyong’o also addressed the delegates briefly before Luo Council of Elders members have the responsibility of preserving the community culture and welfare by offering wise counsel on health and socio-economic. Other task before the including fighting HIV/Aids, eradication of poverty and fighting illiteracy and to promote development.

“We have today installed the new “Ker” and there will be no more elections,” Te Council is mandate with heavy task o to tackle many problems which lies ahead, which need to be addressed adequately.

Ker Opiyo Otondi took over from Ker Meshack Riaga Ogalo whom members threw out in June this year following allegations of abuse of office and for making many unauthorized foreign trips without consulting members of the executive, his twice visit to Libya where he had a meeting with the Kibyan strongman Col Muamor El-Gadhafi was among those cited. And for having accepted a gift of a motor vehicle from Patni on behalf of the Council, but which the members had promptly rejected.

Ker Opiyo Otondi pleaded with the MPs for the support from the MPs and Luo technocrats and professionals saying he would like to leave behind a legacy similar to those which were left behind by the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga who initiated several business enterprises during his tenure.




Cracks have emerged amongst Luo elders following the controversial replacement of the embattled Luo Council of Elders’ former chairman Ker Meshack Riaga Ogalo.

Riaga was over the weekend replaced at a function in South Nyanza which was also attended by several elders and leaders from the region amongst them , the Prime Minister Raila Odinga and a host of Luo Nyanza MPs

Earlier the elders and a section of the MPs held a closed door meeting with the PM at Sony Sugar’s guest house at Awendo trading center before the team left for a declaration at Awendo grounds in Migori town .

During the colorful ceremony which was skipped by the immediate former chairman and those who back him, Willis Opiyo Otondi was crowned the new Ker.

Otondi hails from Kisumu county and his election into the seat sometime this year is still is pending before a Kisumu court after Riaga and his team obtained a court injunction.

In a quick rejoinder Riaga maintained he was still the chairman of the council insisting the constitution guiding operations of the outfit fully recognized him as such.

Speaking to this journalist on phone Riaga dismissed as futile attempts to oust him claiming they were politically instigated and vowed to resist those behind the schemes.

While hitting out at those who attended the Migori function Riaga dismissed his ouster as the work of some ODM MPs he did not name and went on to describe it as a Raila affair which he can not accept or respect and vowed to continue serving in that capacity .

He said having been elected into the chair , he can only be replaced upon death adding that the constitution is very clear on how succession should happen at the council and declared he was not a coward.

Controversy pitying the Luo council of elders began sometime this year when Riaga reportedly made a trip to Libya allegedly without seeking the opinion and approval of a section of its members.

Some were also unhappy with his decision to champion a campaign which saw an NGO push male circumcision amongst the community which traditionally did not practice the cut.

The spirited campaigns which was backed by scientific evidence indicating male circumcision could reduce HIV infection rates amongst those circumcised by up to 60 per cent met both resistance and support from different people in the community.

It was however embraced by key politicians from the community including Raila himself and several youths have since undergone the procedure medically.

But unconfirmed reports indicated that while in Libya Riaga could have met president Mummar Gadaffi who is alleged to have plaid host him and other elders according to the information.

The Libyan meeting was reportedly attended by several other council leaders from other tribes across Africa with some coming from the neighbouring Uganda.

Those who were opposed to the meeting accused Riaga of using his position to allegedly seek funding with claims that he was intending to uplift the community through various development projects while in reality the monies were to be kept by him.

Another school of thought is however of the opinion that the embattled Ker attracted problems to himself the moment he began edging closer to the Eldoret north MP William Ruto who currently is a bitter political rival of ODM supremo Raila Odinga.

Those who believe his problems can be traced to his closeness with Ruto claim Riaga who convened a fundraiser at his home with the former minister as the chief guest should have seen it coming all along.

They argue that having been elevated into the office of Ker by Raila , Riaga should have known better than embrace Ruto who is now perceived by many in political circles as the premier’s arch rival.

Kisumu town west MP lawyer Olago Aluoch joined the fray and called on the embattled chairman to swallow his pride and accept the verdict of the people gracefully.

Many observers from Luo Nyanza are now waiting to see what impact , if any will the new development have on the politics of the region.

The bitter Riaga himself while faulting the move said it was wrong for Raila who will be gunning for the presidency come the year 2012 to back another man from his native central Nyanza region as the head the council of elders.

He said politicians should keep off the affairs of the council although it is not lost on many that Riaga himself was a beneficiary of the same politicians when Raila picked him to the chair and left out the late controversial KANU stalwart Oselu Nyalik who for along time opposed the Odingas politically.

Apart from the late Jaromogi Oginga Odinga who until his death was also Luo Ker , many previous holders of that office have traditionally come from the greater Southern Nyanza.


Kenya: The time is ripe for the Luos to abandon “Wife Inheritance” obnoxious practices


It is time the Luos abandoned this repugnant and backward tradition and culture.

News Analysis By Leo Odera Omolo In kisumu City

The last two weeks were so bad. A number of shocking incidents occurred in various parts of Luo-Nyanza involving grisly murder of young women and their children ,one of which the entire family of a mother and her three children were whipped out by her bloody thirsty inheritors.

In all the reported incidents, the suspect culprits were reported to be strangers who came from unknown strangers who came handy to inherit the widow left behind by their deceased husbands.

Luos are the fourth largest single tribes in Kenya following the Kalenji, Luhyia and Kikuyu. But the communities still practising some heathen and unacceptable tradition, which are unacceptable to the modern society in Kenya.

But the shocking action of beast like inheritors, which saw many families shedding tears and burying their beloved young ones, has left everybody in this region where such repugnant and abominable backward practices are still very common and thriving among the families and clans despite of advanced information torth3 villages about the scourge of Hiv/Aids epidemic.

It calls for the elders and key figures and politicians within the community to go back into drawing board. They should brain storm and chart for the best way of educating families against the danger of “Wife Inheritance” practices. The practice is bad and ads no value to the family. And it is time it was abandoned. The practice has lost its original intention and value in the modern society.

The practice has increasingly become dangerous, because the younger generation of Luo male and females have abandoned the norms and cultural virtue and tradition, which were governing the “Wife inheritance” in the past. The community at large has lost disciplinary practices.

These days young widows in Luo-Nyanza can now pick anybody they meet in beer halls or in dark corners of the City, towns and market places, and the next day the couple become husband and wife. This is in sharp contrast, and completely contrary to the laid down cultural norms and tradition rules.

In the old days when this tradition thrived to the best interest of the families involved. It was a practice highly valued by the community. It was meant to protect both the wife and the children of the deceased. And not simply for sexual escapades between the inheritor and the widow as such, but it meant a lot to the families concerned.

The circumstance, in which a widow was required to be inherited, varied. First was for the continuity of the family. Secondly was for the protection of young children and property of the deceased. And that is the reason why the families used to go for the best man of good character and generous enough to take care of the welfare of the young children left behind by his cousin or brother in the same way he could cater for his own children. Lazy person who is known not to be active in farming or greedy fellow were out of bound for this noble practices which was cherished by the community for generations after generations.

Before the widow was inherited, there were behind the scene consultations between he and the elderly mothers within her immediate families. The role of the elderly women, most of them her mother-law was to advice her accordingly as to who is the best son within the family who could help her bring her young offspring’s up and so forth. .

It was a serious vetting. Men from families suspected of practicing witches, men from families known to be suffering from serious diseases such as leprosy, asthma, mental illness, tuberculosis, epilepsy and other complicated diseases were not recommended for the job..

If the widow had defied the elderly mother wisdom and settle on someone of suspicious characters such as thieves, trouble shooters, quarrelsome or temperamental persons, the elderly women would throw the matter back to the elderly men within the family to deliberate on the issue. They would summon the widow and told her point blank the reason why they were not keen to approve her choice, but if she remain defiance, she was then advised that after the rejected man is the only her choice, the she was required to dismantle her house within the family and go and settle in the homestead of the man she had chosen as the best person to inherit her. She would live their until she goes past her production life, now with grown up children would bring her back to the family and built a home for her and her children.

Wife beaters and drunkards and men with history of murder were also some of the characters not recommended by the elders. And so were thieve sand other unbecoming characters within the society.

In all aspect of the practice, it was to go for the best person whose good and proven manner and character.

In Litare village in Kamasengre, Rusinga West Location on Rusinga island massive man-hunt was still going on by the weekend of a man who set ablaze the house of the young wife he had inherited. The man is still at large and th4e man hunt led by the area Assistant chief has proved fruitless. He is suspected to have boarded a canoe and pedaled himself across the Mbita Channel and went into hiding on the main land part of Mbita district.

This attack came after the man and his inherited wife had some misunderstanding the previous night and the woman ejected the inheritor out of her house. But before the night fall she and her three children slipped out of the house and went to sleep in her grand mother’s house. The man returned under cover of darkness bolted the house from outside and set it ablaze thinking his wife and children were asleep inside .The assailant fled from the village thinking that he had killed the entire family, but did not realize he had missed the target. A lot of property was burnt to ashes. He is still at large.

In Migoto village, Suna Migori, Silvanus Owuor Lwamba was not lucky enough to escape the mob justice and punishment from his heinous act. She used hoe in smashing the head of his inherited wife Esther Akinyi, nine year daughter Lilian and one year old son Barack Odhiambo.and fled at night.

The village woke up in the morning and found the three lifeless bodies laying inside their house. Youth owning motor bike taxis in the village mobilized themselves and gave chase to the suspect with whom they caught up near Kenya Tanzania border as he headed to Tarime across the border. The tied him up brought him back to the scene of the murder and lynched him.

According to the relatives, the couple had disagreement before the incident. The suspect had a quarrel with the wife and this prompted a meeting under the chairmanship of the woman’s father where e decision was made that the two should part the company. This did decision did not pleased the suspect, but he never objected to it. But the family made one silly mistake of allowing the couple to go and sleep in one house. The suspect had begged for permission to stay in the house for the night since it was getting late in the evening so that he could go the next day.

The relatives say the couple was constantly quarreling and at one time separated for a couple of months before the killer came back after they were reconciled. Neighbor said the bodies had deep cut on the heads and neck and an axe which is suspected to have been used by the killer and a hoe were discovered covered in the house covered with blood.

In Ki9sumu, police had vigorously pursued the killer of wife and her three children at Nyalenda Peri-urban of the City, and caught with him in his native Siaya district. Before the suspect could be arraigned in court, police had a lot of difficulties keeping away the crowd of onlookers baying for his blood suspect’s blood.

The crow which camped outside the police forced the intervention of senior police officers who summoned the four fierce police dogs to disperse the crowd after their plea with the building up crowd to disperse peacefully and go home had hit the rock.

One senior police officers addressed the crowd and told them,’ We have the suspect and trials against him will be instituted soon,”said the PPO Larry Kieng urging the crowd to go peacefully.

“We want kill him instantly, if you let him go to prison, he will kill many more innocent people,” shouted a man from the crowd in perfect English.

The trouble had started at Koidiaga in Gem constituency along the Kisumu Busia road where the public had identified him and wanted to lynch him, but he was rescued by the police..

The suspect was seen selling a radio set when police from Dudi Police Post were trailing him following a tip off. The suspect was seen moving around the market while looking for a buyer for his radio, perhaps to get enough money to escape further to a distant place. A man who claimed he knew him shouted at the top of his voice and this attracted the public.

The accused had killed his wife Pamela Akiny Orawo and her three children and fled the town. Was said to have been a boda boda bicyle taxi operator in Nuyalenda area,. He escaped by the night and vanished until last weekend when the police caught him in Gem area near the border of Gem and Butere/Mumias districts. He had inherited the deceased six years ago after the death of her husband. It was not immediately established whether he was related to the deceased husband of the woman or just a handpicked friend and lover. He did not sire any of the slaughtered children with the deceased.

But this particular incident left the City of Kisumu a state of shock. There could have been more similar incidents, but which went unreported in various part of rural locations. Religious leaders and clergymen have contributed these series of killings to the excessive consumption of “Chang’aa” which has since been licensed by the government.


About the author, Leo Odera Omolo is a veteran Kisumu baswed journalist who comments on various topics and writing for several publication locally and abroad. He operates in Kisumu and parts of Tanzania and Uganda. He could be reached on Mobile phone No 0722 486181 and 0734 509215