Kenya: Luo-Nyanza MPs faces total rejection for complacency by the electorate in 2012

INVESTIGATIVE Report By Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City.

DESPITE of the availability of millions of shillings of government revolving funds disbursed through the local Constituency Development Committees CDF} very little achievement has been made on the ground in terms of development activities in Luo-Nyanza to the satisfaction of the electorate.

This could be apparently attributed to the recent protracted agitation for the constitutional dispensation, which appeared to have consumed much time of the legislators and other leaders from the region at the expense of development activities.

The party of choice is the Orange Democratic Movement {ODM} which is led by Raila Amolo Odinga, but the latter has vowed that this time around he would not bail anyone out of the political quagmire, and that each and everyone will have to carry his or her own cross.

This is a burning issue, which is going to have a negative impact in the rating and proper assessment of the MPs from the region’s performance in the 10th Parliament.

It could have the negative impact on the MPs-re-election comes the year 2012. Those who have performed dismally will pay dearly for their lackluster performance and may be shown the exit door in 2012.

A survey conducted by this writer indicated that a good number out of the current 21 MPs from Luo-Nyanza are on their away out of the August House, though some of them had made sterling performance and contributed immensely towards national politics at the expenses of their rural constituencies. These MPs, however, will have their names go down in the history books as among those who contributed immensely towards the making of the new constitution, which was promulgated by President Mwai Kibaki on August 4, this year after the grueling referendum voting campaign.

However, a number of MPs from the region will definitely lose their seats at the next polls. These will be replaced by newcomers, a move which in itself will be a heavy blow to the community these gentlemen represented in the August House, because as various constituencies will have inexperienced MPs as he new representatives.

The allegations and rumors involving the misappropriation and embezzlement of CDF and other government revolving funds meant for rural development would take toll on the MPs for most of them have failed tin their responsibility of ensuring the proper disbursement and use of the funds, creating the rooms for the massive looting.

The MPs are facing various accusation among other things for poor supervision of development activity in their constituencies, which are being undertaken by the CDF money, for allowing their political cronies to manage the revolving funds, though most of those sitting in the money disbursing boards have no experience of government accounting system and the mismanagement of the CDF money, working in cohort with some unpatriotic suppliers of materials used in the construction of the CDF funded projects and for allegedly inflating the cost of materials supplied to the CDF projects for the purpose of creating room for kick-backs.

Ten out of the 21 Luo MPs have, however, maintained good score-cards for active participation in development activities in their constituencies, and for not missing out in carrying out inspections of the CDF funded projects in their constituencies.

Leading the pack of this category of MPs from Luo-Nyanza is the abrasive Assistant Minister for Internal Security Joshua Orwa Ojode who is the MP for Ndhiwa in Ndhiwa district who despite of busy schedules in matter relations to security has never lost one single chance of visiting his constituency Ojode is always home at the weekend either addressing seminars and workshop of local leaders or inspecting CDF funded projects while carrying out Harambee fund drive for one cause or the other, but all socio-economic related schemes and projects.

Thieving CDF local committee teams have no foot in Ndhiwa, and any reported mis- appropriation of funds irrespective of its size could result in instant arrest and prosecution of the suspect culprit.

Ojode is followed in the category of hard-working MPs by Eng James K.Rege of Karachuonyo the man who is said to be down to earth in hard-working for his constituents to reap the maximum fruits of independence, though the poverty index is the area is the highest.

Rege represented a highly sensitive rural constituency where political awareness of the constituents is said to be the highest. But Hon Rege is managing his constituency very well.

This is the only constituency in side Luo-Nyanza where all members of the CDF local committee are intellectuals and people with vast experiences in government accounting system making the disbursement of the funds much easier with no record of embezzlement or high inflated prices of the material meant for the construction of CDF projects.

Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo is also credited for having place tight control over the CDF funds budgeted for socio-economic projects.

The aggressive MP is always at home over the weekend making personal supervision of the CDF funded projects and other government revolving funds, His working relationship with local CDF fund committees is said to be cordial and warm. The MP stands a better chance of retaining his seat comes the year 2012.

Kasipul-Kabondo MP Oyugi Maguwanga is another MP whose performance at the constituency level is said to be perfect. He is reported to have initiated school bus buying for almost all the boys and girls secondary schools in the region, at times is acting as the school supervisor, which has resulted in several lazy head of primary and secondary schools taking to their heels when they reported to their places of work late and found the MP sitting in their office awaiting for explanation he or she was late in reporting to work.

Kasipul-Kabondo is among the ten constituencies from Nyanza Province which were recently recommended by the recently disbanded Andrew Legale led Interim Independent Boundary Commission for sub-division into two parliamentary constituencies. May be the sub-division of the constituency into two could have the negative on Maguwanga due to divided and realignment of sub-clans as the MP is expected to lose some of his supportive sub-clans to the newly created Kasipul East or Kabondo constituency.

It is, however, too early to make proper and accurate assessment of the outcome of the constituency subdivision. The general views held by many of the constituents is that Mag7wanga a man of moderate education has done well that all the previous MPs.

In Ugenya, the Lands Minister James Aggrey Orengo, is said to have done well this time around making his ever presence at the constituency felt. The lawyer-cum-politician is said to have gone through very drastically transformation from that of youth and heckler to a true statesman.

Reports on the ground say Orengo could easily retain his seat in either Ugenya or in the newly created Ugunja constituency. His popularity is on the upward trends, and this could as well as due to his constantly working close with the Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

In the far ends if the greater Southern Nyanza region, the most aggressive and youthful Nyatike MP Edick Omondi Anyangam though a first time MP has made an impact in the region hitherto considered as the most backward rural constituency.

And within only two and half years in Parliament Omondi Anyanga has already made an impact not only in Luo politics, but on the national political scenery, making regular contribution in the debates in the House, and also frequently visiting Nyatike and supervising the construction of new road network under CDF funds, schools and even at time conducting Harambee fund drives for the various needy communities.

Nyatike is located among the Kenya-Tanzania border on both the mainland and in the Lake Victoria. This is the same district which owns the controversial Migingo fishing island in Lake Victoria, which for the last two years or so has been the subjected of the heated argument between Kenya and Uganda.

The majority of the residents of Migingo Island hail from Nyatike. The Migingo Island is located only about 16 kilometers from the mainland Nyatike district and Hon Anyango has always been in the forefront fighting for the fishermen to be given fair treatment by both Kenya and Uganda and insisting that the island belonged to Kenya. Anyanga stands a better chance of retaining his parliamentary seat comes the year 2012.

In the same neighboring, Migori constituency Mp John Pesa is another hard working MP whose re-election to the August House could be rest assured.

In Gwassi constituency in Suba district Hon John Mbadi star is deemed due to intensive communal squabbles over the place where the district headquarters should be established after the sub-division of the former Mbita constituency into two one Gwassi and the other taking the name of the old Mbita.

The dispute is pitting the Minority Kaksingiri sub-clans and the majority Wagassi sub-clan. The Jo-Wagassi are happy that the new district has already been gazette as having been established at Magunga, while the jo-Kaksingiri wanted it the D.C. offices and the offices of the County Council retained at Gingo near Sindo trading Center. The dispute almost ended in bloody acts of violence. Hon Mbadi who is a member of the majority Jo-Wagassi is seen by the minority Jo-Kaksingiri is siding with his Jo-Gwassi people.

This kind of petty dispute and the fact that more candidates comes fro the Gwassi side each time there is election, Hon Mbadi’s otherwise promising political career could be sealed to the dustbins of history comes the year 2012.

In Mbita, the Immigration Minister Gerald Otieno Kajwang’; appeared to be safe in his Mbita constituency unlike in the previous general election when then legislator seemed to have lost touch with the electorate. This time around Kajwang is always at home over the weekend consulting his constituents over prevailing local issues and supervising the disbursement of CDF funds.

Kajwang of them “Bado Kuna Mapambano” lyrics is doing pretty well at the constituency level after dispelling the rumors that he would opt for the Homa-Bay County Senate seat. But he later changed his mind, and declared that he would defend his Mbita seat comes the year 2012.

The poorly managed constituencies include the Kisumu Town East, Kisumu Town West, Kisumu Rural, Rangwe, Uriri, Rongo, Muhoroni, Nyando, Rarieda, Nyakach and the worse is Alego –Usonga.

In Alkego-Usonga, the CDF money has made no significant change in the face of this most backward constituency. The MP is Edwin Ochieng’ Yinda, who is also a Mombasa based businessman and who it is being alleged, is always stays away from the constituency.

MP representing those areas which are classified in this article as the poorly managed will have an up-hill task to retain their seats at the next polls unless they quickly changed tact.


9 thoughts on “Kenya: Luo-Nyanza MPs faces total rejection for complacency by the electorate in 2012

  1. Dr. Otieno Mbare

    Very interesting analysis by Leo Odera. The question one may ask is, why then , are the MPs facing total rejection with the kind of splendid work you have elucidated? Just curious! Dr. Otieno Mbare

  2. james otieno

    The level of development in Luo constituencies is inversely proportional to level of bribery that took place at election time. The more the electorate were bribed the lower the level of development. Do further research and you will find that this is true.

  3. Chief Nzeh

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  4. Al

    Eye opening, but the grammar is quite poor! Please proofread your work before getting it online

  5. Thomas Nyiende

    The analysis of Mr. Leo is critically well, however, what i would like to besiege Joca-Nyanam is..let’s stop voting our ‘honourables” on the basis of the party or out the influence of {popularity, chapa, or nga’twa} but rather let’s vet them on the basis of on how development conscious one is, integrity and the manifestos towards improving the living standards of the constituents.

  6. Thomas Nyiende

    If we were to categorize very act of a rational human being then i don’t know there the act of hedonism and what i term sub-clancentric among some of our honourables could be categorized!

    I am very concerned but seriously confused about it!

  7. James Otieno

    It also happens that the Luo themselves are not interested in development. That is why they vote in dunderheads who have been imposed on them by Raila. There is, currently, a lot of dissent on how he imposed a candidate in Ojode’s constituency and people are already snubbing his meetings aptly saying that these meeting are of no value. I hope this spirit persists and spreads the length and breath of Luoland. Raila is of no use to Luoland, has never been and will never be. He only uses the sycophantic following he has there to exploit Luos with not an iota of goodwill in return; goodwill that would best be expressed through dynamic social development programmes and ensuring good leadership and not the arse-lickers he prefers. Like it or not, but the sooner Raila gets out of the poligtical scene the better for Luos.

  8. stephen oyier odongo

    I think we shld elect our leaders on basis of wht they stand for bt nt for the party,we must sift frm party n clanizm politics to policy politics,it is vry true that many of our sitting mps wil b judged badly by their constituents bt I think that wil stil nt solve problems b cz some devils like angels r still lining to confuse our ppl.

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