Lt.Gen. Lazaro K.Sumbeiywo and Future of Sudan

On Saturday the 18th of July 2008, I had a rare opportunity to meet and interact with Gen (rtd) Lazarus Sumbeiywo, the famous mediator for the Sudan Peace Process. It was around lunch time when he was about to leave one of his private properties in Eldoret Town that he offered to verbally inform me, but on his personal perspective and capacity as a Kenyan and not an official statement, about the fate of Sudan. Though very optimistic on the Peace Process that was signed years back and that was time consuming and challenging, he still assures the people of Sudan lasting peace. Even as the warrant for President Omar Al-Bashir may be reviewed after six weeks the only challenge comes in when Sudan begins to disintegrate. This could be in three regions; North, South and West of Sudan.

Previously an agreement on wealth sharing during the pre-interim and interim period was held at Naivasha in the year 2004 and witnessed by Lt. Gen. Lazaro K. Sumbeiywo (Rtd) on behalf of the IGAD Envoys.

The Government of the Republic of the Sudan and the Sudan People¢s Liberation Movement/Sudan People¢s Liberation Army (the Parties) had previously been conducting negotiations under the auspices of the IGAD Peace mediated Process; and having taken up the division of wealth in pursuit of comprehensive agreement, that will ensure a just and durable peace in the Sudan.

Now that they have reached an agreement on Wealth Sharing, covering the division of oil and non-oil revenues, the management of the oil sector, the monetary authority and the reconstruction of the South and other war-affected areas during the Pre-Interim and Interim Period were agreed upon.

The parties agreed and confirmed that they were determined to build on this important Agreement until a comprehensive peace Agreement is reached.

It is within this context that the Parties agreed to continue negotiations on the remaining outstanding issues on the Conflict Areas and Power Sharing and subsequently negotiated for a comprehensive ceasefire

Agreement and Implementation Modalities in order to achieve a final comprehensive Peace Agreement in the Sudan.


These were the guiding principles for the management and development of the petroleum sector. The Parties agreed that the basis for an agreed and definitive framework for the management of the development of the petroleum sector during the Interim Period shall include the following:

Sustainable utilization of oil as a non-renewable natural resource consistent with:

a) the national interest and the public good;

b) the interest of the affected states/regions;

c) the interests of the local population in affected areas;

d) national environmental policies, biodiversity conservation guidelines, and cultural heritage protection principles.

Empowerment of the appropriate levels of government to develop and manage, in consultation with the relevant communities, the various stages of oil production within the overall framework for the management of petroleum development during the Interim Period. Give due attention to enabling policy environment for the flow of foreign direct investment by reducing risks associated with uncertainties regarding the outcome of the referendum on self-determination at the end of the
Interim Period.

Establishment of a stable macroeconomic environment that emphasizes on the need to have stability of the petroleum sector. Persons enjoying rights in land shall be consulted and their views shall duly be taken into account in respect of decisions to develop subterranean natural resources from the area in which they have rights, and shall share in the benefits of that development. Persons enjoying rights in land are entitled to compensation on just terms arising from acquisition or development of land for the extraction of subterranean natural resources from the area in respect of which they have rights. The communities in whose areas development of subterranean natural resources occurs have the right to participate, through their respective states/regions, in the negotiation of contracts for the development of those resources.

Regardless of the contention over the ownership of land and associated natural resources, the Parties agree on a framework for the regulation and management of petroleum development in Sudan during the Interim Period.

Mundia Mundia Jnr.

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Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 06:43:11 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Lt.Gen. Lazaro K.Sumbeiywo and Future of Sudan

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  1. Rosemary

    Is it possible that you let me know how to contact Lt. Gen. Lazarus Sumbeiywo? I am involveld in a peace program and would like to invite him as a speaker.

    Thank you in advance.

    Wanjala Glenda Rosemary
    Chemi chemi ya ukweli

  2. mundia Jnr

    Rosemary, kindly send me your details on email and I would see what to do for your noble cause. Sorry for the delay in sending you this message.

    my email address is:

    Mundia Jnr.

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