After having the opportunity to visit several constituencies in Central and Nairobi Provinces in Kenya and getting to tour the projects that they have completed with the CDF money, i was left with one question: is this money available in my constituency? As we wallow in poverty while keeping the money distributed by the government for development so, MPs are already transforming the lives of their constituents with the very same funds that our MP, Mr. Pollyns Ochieng Daima and his team of retirees has tucked safely in their bank accounts in readiness for the next elections which i can confirm that he would not be able to secure a slot among the to five under any circumstances.Since its inception, Nyakach constituency has no single project to credit to CDF simply because of the wrong choices they make.With the election of Mr. Daima, i thought the situation could change not knowing that the hyena had just changed a sheep so that it could get the opportunity to unsuspectingly cause damage. One fact that needs to be made clear is that the CDF committee of this constituency is comprised of old retirees who had fallen out of favour with their former bosses because of mismanagement while some were forced out of office before completing their terms because of dubious transactions that they made while there. It is sad to note these very same peopole haveĀ  found a soft landing in the committee and are making good use of the money given to wananchi only that they are doing it for personal gains rather than the intended purpose.

I beg to give an example of Ali Hassan Joho’s Kisauni constituency that has one of the best committees in the country.This constituency gives bursaries ranging from 15,000 Kshs to 25,000 Kshs and still has money to inject into community development programes.Would you believe that Nyakach only gives 20% of the needy students bursary ranging from 8,00 Kshs to 5,000Kshs?This is the plain truth and the MP can attest to it.Where is the rest of the money going to? I as a constituent has all the right to know how the money i contribute to in form of taxes is being used.His team of retirees may be confident moving around in four wheel drive vehicles but they should know that when the time comes, we shall demand that they account for their deeds.They may be keeping millions of shilling s in readiness for their defenses but let them know that the court of public opinion has no provision for a lawyer.It is high time the people realized that they have been conned by their leader who assumed power on promises that he is yet to fulfill even one.We are busy on the ground preparing to hand him and his cronies a thorough beating in the forth coming elections and i suggest he better withdraws from and to ensure that he has something to eat thereafter.He may be living thousands of miles away in Nairobi but as they say,East or West home is the best, he will finally come home and we would not be ready to spare him.Keep as much as you can mheshimiwa because very soon, sooner than you expect you are going to relinquish this title to a youthful fellow who knows what it entails to be a leader.It is sad that you blinded us with your lies so that we could give you power but now they have caught up with you and the very youth who made you ascend to power will have the opportunity to put you in your right place,probably back to your business of selling maize with your hot- sun trucks.Prepare for this battle because it might just be the beginning of the end.The hour of reckoning is around the corner and this time,it might just be too harsh for you.LETS MEET AT THE BALLOT.


  1. Rubus

    Is it true that Nyakach does not have any single CDF project worth mentioning? I doubt it. I think it is the duty of constituents to come up with proposals and approach the community, which then prioritizes according to the nature of proposals received? Is Nyakach’s case different?

    Giving students a bursary of ksh 800 is not meaningfull. what proportion of the annual, or term fees does such an amount contribute? Constituents have a right to visit the CDF office and engage the officials directly

  2. Adda K'Odera

    Leadership as we have learnt from one Ochieng Daima IS NOT ALL ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE. That is where our pple missed it. Cdf,Roads fund Bursary have been embezzled to recover illicit funds that were used to fund this particular candidate to parliament. How do you reconcile the fact that a few days back one of the so called exc. officers of CDF ( a retiree) was baking bricks on the plains in his neighborhood, so unable to pay college fees for his sons in college,that he called for fund raising, now able to pay for five siblings in parallel courses,affording up to Ksh 600,000 a semester. Nyakach has so badly been mismanaged that to quote J.J. Kamotho, even a dog or stone would be a worthy replacement for the incumbent. This nan must be removed come 2012.

  3. Wuod Ruoth

    And I now hear that he is running for the Nyakach seat again. Kar miyo Daima kucha tokata koro adhi aywera godo e choo…

  4. JA JIMO

    With due respect will the MP. kindly explain why JIMO EAST WARD is neglected in terms of development and cdf? could this be becouse they hold different political view to the current M.P?


    So mr Daima take care if you really want to make it to the parliament once gain,this is because you have so many blames.The people of Nyakach might not like u next time.Be carefull Mr

    So mr Daima why dont u take care if u really want to make it to the parliament once again?This is because lots of blames are on u and the people of Nyakach might not need u in the coming election

  6. Nyagilo

    Its true Nyakach has got no development. If you closely check the so called ORIANG’ earth dam the fund allocation in the N.R.C[nyakach report card]and project allocation in the other page are total y different.One is saying ksh.2,700,000 and 150,000.The starting date of the project don’t tally with what is documented so we people of Nyakach let’s wake up our money is being washed away by R. Miriu.

  7. odhiambo bonventure

    I have been applying for the nyakach bursary but to no success.The forms are not even available in their website…nyakach CDF committee what is happening?

  8. nyar kajimbo

    Ka wangwa ok nyak neno mbeyo ma Daima otimo e Nyakach to kare siemuru mabeyo ma joma okalo osetimo. Ngis uru joma somo gik ma undiko adier
    Wa pak uru kuonde mabeyo ne jotelo ma wayiero to wasiemnegi kuonde ma ok beyo. Jotelo mawuok kaluo nigi tich matek nikech jok ma itiyonegi moko osiko mana ni idong. Jowa ok ohero jatelo mobet gidwaro mana mochung. Daima osetiyo maber kendo bursary onge ngama apply maok yudi. Joma complain gin joma apply modeko kendo ok gikaw thuolo mar rango list ka oduok ka chiefs. Ok unyal pimo Nyakach gi kar Joho. Kuong ipar kaka ne Daima oyudo Nyakach
    Nyakach ne ni chien makata sitima ne onge. An gi adier ni kinde mabiro ka Daima umiyo thuolo kendo to bursary ibiro yud kata 30k to sani nyaka omigi matin tin.
    Mogik nyaka wange ni jatelo Nyasaye ema yiero kendo ka Nyasaye okete to imiye luor makore. Wuod Anyango awinjo ni jomoko dwa dhi ywere gi kura kar miyi. Wasol wayudne pesa ongiwne godo tissue paper kato odhi ochok kura mag joma otho odhi godo echoo. Kik okaw kura serikal tero pesa mangeny e loso kura to Chandaria be lodo tissue. Alamoni ni jo Nyakawa oduoki. We will have Nyakach City
    Josephine Egerton University

  9. Eng. Anyumba

    Mr. Daima who cheated you that you will be our MP for milele? Now you are back to the same people you deceived five year ago. For five years you were basking in glory of power forgetting your bosses. I think you have recovered your investment (money used during campaigns) so please let Nyakach people GO!


    Was Hon. Daima sent home because of poor management of cdf or was it because he could not withstand the political temperatures of his main opponent Hon. Aduma owour?

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