Kenya, Sudan, Uganda: SOUTH SUDAN AND LUOS

From: Paul Nyandoto

Papa Likondi,

I have never seen an animal who write and read and uses internet and has even gone and opened an e-mail account as you have did. men you have made it very high, you are even better than the animals mentioned in George Orwell`s book ( the animal farm). But this thing you are now talking about luos. Does it concern only luos or it affects also Bantus. Because in Africa there had been allot of Bantu movements even from South Africa up to Nairobi long time ago. Do not forget that it was the Masais who are nilotics who gave nairobi such a beautiful name, since a lot of Bantus were being done by Arabs and never thought of any nomenclature. I would advice luos to remain in Kenya, Acholis to remain in Uganda, the southern Sudan luos or nilotic brothers to remain there and the nilotic in Democratic republic of Congo, Ruanda, Tanzania also to stay put, such that they can make the greater luo empire. I definitely think that from that empire Africa can also have a proud history, since we are already tired of the old history like slaves, slavery, slave trade, colonialism, corruption, tribalism, thieves, cannibalism: MEN it is just dirty past, nothing to make Africans be proud of the continent, because even Gold or oil in Africa is just benefiting non Africans. An African man hardly make enough to buy diamond for his loved one at a time when Africa is the largest diamond producer..

Paul Nyandoto

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>>> Papa Likondi >>>

We are aware that the Luos ran away from South Sudan when there was war at the beginning of the 18th Century. Now that the war is over and they have been given freedom by the North, I think they should start packing their belongings and go rebuild their country.
The Land they occupy now, around Lake Victoria belongs to the Banyore who were squeezed in some rocky place in Western Kenya. We are willing to occupy our ancestral land Kisumu City any time they leave which any case should not be later than 14rh February 2012.

6 thoughts on “Kenya, Sudan, Uganda: SOUTH SUDAN AND LUOS

  1. Rubus

    and what bars the Wanyore from also taking a walk back to wherever they came from? Remember during the peopling of western Kenya, not any single area was found without inhabitants. Only that the inhabitants would be defeated and moved, or somewhat assimilated.

    So where did this Banyore Bantu group come from?

  2. ojuok ogutu

    Papa Likondi, kindly elaborate how the Luos’ displaced the Banyores’ from the area around Lake victoria? Was it by waging a war against the Banyore’ and overpowering and chasing them a way? If yes, then you must be telling us of a mighty and powerful visitor who conquered and sent a way the village owner. Truely, your statement has elevated and confirmed the Luos’ as conquerors. Consequently, I do not see the Luos’ surrendering kisumu cityand the area around ‘Guba’ to anyone in the future

  3. Arrum-Tidi Ogonglo

    Papa Likondi, First of all yopu should recall allthe Abanyores living inside Luo-Nyanza like the Jo-Kanyaboli in Alego East, Kambare in Gem South, Kakia in Asembo, Jo-Usonga, in Alego West, Kaumswa in South East Kano, Kabar in Northeast Kano, and from all other places before youtalk of the Luo leaving Kisumu. Your people were nowhere when the Luo conquered Kisumu City from the Nandis. May be you history is reading upside down. The Luos arrived here in the 14th and 15th century. All the land occupied by this gallant communityy were conquered in the war field from the Bantus. You should be made to be aware that by the time Mzungu arrived the Ugenya Luos had fught the Wangas and had set their bridgehead in Sigalagala. But were only driven back to where they are today after Nabongo Mumia had enlkisted the serices of Waswahili mercenaries and Mzungu who drove the Luos away using guns and killed many of them. The community is still very bitter aboiut this happening. At the material time RUOTH Odera Rangira oif Gem had beatenb and cleared the Kisa out of what is today known as Gem and in collaboration with his father-in-law the bogus rainbmaker called Nganyi of Buchiekwe had captured Luanda. I hope you know the origin source of thre name Luanda. It was called Luanda Kodera and Odera had estabolished his camp at where today Ebusakhami Church stand in the outskirt of Luanda town, but was only persuaded by Mr Hobble
    [Bwana Obilo Nyachola} the first Bitish administrator who asked him to pull bnack to the present Gemn/Bunyore boundary. Jo-Kisumu who arrived late had also beaten the Abanyore up to Kima and Ebwariareas. They too were persuaded to pul back to Maseno. And for your information the Luo successfully drove the Nandis out of Kisumu YTown and not Abanyore as PapaLikondi cliamed.
    Arum Tidi

  4. nyandiek


    Be coutious about what you put on the web,such sentiments may have far reaching effects.


  5. james otieno

    Papa Likondi,

    My scanty knowledge of the Luhya language (or parts of it) determine that the word LIKONDI means SHEEP. Do I need to say more?

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