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Kenya: Dr Kidero the MD 0f Mumias is to eyeing for the elective position of Nairobi City governor

Writes Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City.

A top and successful manage of one of the largest and most efficient sugar producing companies based in Western Province bas hinted that he would be vying for the powerful position of the Nairobi City governor.

Dr Evans Kidero, the managing director of Mumias Sugar Company, has hinted that he was considering the option of contesting the elective position of City Governor come the election time in the year 2012.

In a recent conversation via the phone with this writer, Dr Kidero said Nairobi City is the home of the government and nearly the important manufacturing firms and the hub of vast economic activities in this country therefore would require an elected governor of high repute, skills and experience in public affairs management.

It was previously thought that Dr. Kidero who hails from Rangwe constituency in the Homa-Bay County would run for an elective post either in Rangwe constituency or within the Homa-Bay County. But he has clarified this by saying that should he need to go for an elective position, he would prefer contesting the position of the City governor.

A tough and most skilled business executive, Dr. Kidero has turned around the Mumias Sugar Company from being a perennial lost incurring firm to a huge profit making privately owned sugar industry in the country.

The firm was previously run-down and many people had thought it was on the verge of collapse and perhaps ready to go burst after the foreign hired management of Booker Agricultural Multinational, a British firm, had withdrawn its personnel who left the country in huff after the expiry its management contract about ten years ago.

Kidero had previously served in senior managerial positions with the Alkaline and the NATION Media companies. He has presided over during Mumias transformation from the perennial loss making government-owned firm to a profit making privatized company.

The company has also redoubled its sugar production crowning it with it with generating of a few megawatts power production which is now connected to the national grid.

He is known as a tough bargainer and most efficient manager par excellence therefore if he chooses to contest for the powerful position of the City governor for the Nairobi County he would be an asset to the City dwellers.

Dr.Kidero is a staunch member of the ODM and he expected to contest the City Governor on the party ticket.

During the burial of his late first wife Abigael Kidero at their palatial home near Asumbi Teachers Training College in Rangwe, the Luo political kingpin, the Prime Minister Raila Odinga was among the thousands of mourners who turned up to give a fitting farewell to the fallen lady. He is a family-man with grown up children by the previous marriage.

He has since got married to the former Susan Mboya, the daughter of the late Tom Mboya, who was assassinated in 1969 while serving as a cabinet minister for Economic Planning and Development in the late President Jomo Kenyatta’s post- independent cabinet and also as the then ruling KANU’s Secretary General since the party’s inception in 1960. Susan Mboya is an executive with Coca Cola International in South Africa.

Dr Kidero is known to be one of the a detribalized men who prefer working with all Kenyans irrespective of their tribal and racial background, a belief which has kept him a float and success at the sometime controversial sugar firm.

Many City dwellers interviewed felt his vast experience in the management of public affairs would be an asset to the City residents.


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  2. KIDERO should go and try his luck in his home county be it homa bay or migori, he will waste his money campaigning in nairobi where no body knows him or he should contest in mumias

  3. I strongly believe that Dr Evans Kidero has what it takes to even lead this nation,I personally know of the great things he has done for not only the Mumias sugar fraternity but the Kenyan economy at large,he is my hero.Am pursuing a degree in Business Management in Moi university and guess what?he is my driving inspiration,what a guru in corporate management!

  4. We believe in Kidero. He can transform Nairobi.

  5. Tribe aside,Kidero is the man to beat.i hav been folowing him closely.he is aman of energy,able,educated,and result oriented.look back at mumias-its a pale shadow of what it used to be.the production capacity and output is enormous within a short span of his tenure.Kidero as a youth am gona suport u n also make others know of what leadership is all about.chairman student Representative council Kisumu Medical Training College

  6. Kidero has my vote. Nairobi is waiting for you. The women of Nairobi need to start a vigourous campaigne “Nairobi Women for Kidero”… KUDOS go for it.

  7. If all men and women of this country can work with result and innovative skills and integrity then Kenya and Nairobi is waiting for you tear as forward, you my vote and prayers,

  8. I strongly believe in the fact that its only Dr. Evans Kidero who can change Nairobi to be like other advanced cities such as Johannesburg,Durban,Cape Town just to mention in Africa.I come from Mumias and can speak with confidence that he has done a lot not only for the Company but also for the residents.He has brought power and worked on the roads to the Factory.The company has a new face and looks so stylish.I urge all Nairobians to support him and help him take this country to another level.

  9. let him try his luck.

  10. Go for it.Am a young Kenyan still in Secondary with the same ambitions in life and yewww inspire ma alot.A m your number 1 fan

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