Kenya: Political Special Interest Groups Are Not Serving Public Interests


Political Special Interest Groups

The whole world exists and forms itself in defining Three Categories of groups in order to successfully and sustainably achieve Democracy and the Just Rule of Law in aspects of “The Social, Political and Economic” concept. These groups if organized well, have incorporated various levels of personality engagements, thus the rich, middle-class and poor, in order to achieve sole purpose to exerting influence to meet their needs on end goals. Facilitators or operatives of these groups have pivotal roles to play which is central to achieving their goals. They draw plans in deciding who gets what, when, where and how in the legislative BUDGET processes. They also play significant role in deciding which values will be promoted for who to gain and who to loose and make sure those values sail through enforcing them through the government institutions and in the Parliament, but incase of objection or suspicion, they apply all principles of maneuvers in the Judicial Court utilizing the power of Police to silence their detractors.

These Legislatures also use public money to pay for Illegal activities including Lobbyist to lobby their corrupt business dealings into the international business platform as well as pay foreign snipers to kill masses of people or key personalities that stand on their way…or force voting in Parliament to take a particular fashion, that of their interests.

Special Interest political groups in many instances attempt to influence public policy as is in The Constitutional statement in many ways. They do this through parliament where they amend and alter wordings those that could implicate them or intimidate their smooth conspiracies in dodging and providing loopholes for stealing from public for them to get away with inclusions of “Amendments”, arguing that some policies were not properly written and they were not able to analyze or translate some statements effectively. So they take such advantages to change the meaning of some policy wordings to suit their interests. Sometimes they use delaying tactics for public to get weary and tired, they sneakily they incorporate their “Satanic Verses”.

When individuals have common interests, they often join together in pursuit of those interest so they can protect each other incase of public confrontation or challenge, so the public do not suspect them. They master the art of ping pong game of safe play in a glass house, lest they break glasses and they get exposed.

These people use parliament to make their decision, a place where majority of public have no say to influence their needs and demands. So consequently, these are the reason why public always loose in their quest to put their elected leaders to task and to deliver according to their mandate. The public therefore finds themselves in continual roller-coaster time in and time out after electioneering, and thus, they have to bear with the drama hoping to get their say at the next time of electioneering. This is a very discriminative way of managing leadership, it is the cause of poverty in Africa and the reason Africa is being stolen from.

These groups they acquire public resources and taxes for International and Local business then share and distribute the resources within the precinct of the political process. These groups are known as corrupt political leaders who are using illegal means to conspire and steal from public utilities and resources. Their focus is to use maximum force to gain International Trade and Control Economic Power at the expense of public soiling into poverty.

Public Social Action Groups
These are groups of people who form themselves into a pressure group to reverse the trend of the Corrupt political leaders in order to salvage public resources and instil discipline and order in the way their public resources and business is responsible managed so to protected and facilitated activities that are sustainable and profitable to benefit public interests. These are ordinary Citizens who do not control real money power control or real estate from public, but they command public influence power to order the manner at which their Government Legislatures enforces particular values and dignity in an orderly transparent and accountable manner, to the benefit of all Citizens without discrimination or conflict of interests in managing public affairs. These Public groupings command the Collective Bargaining Power and Strength that are able to offer meaningful change on suppressive Business strength including larger International Corporate Business Community, based in a favorable agreeable manner which is conducive and benefiting all stakeholders.

It is for this reason why Public Citizens of different Groups, although belonging to different groupings, from professionals, Civil Society, Public Workers and Teachers Unions including private unionists, are forced to join forces together to confront a common enemy who are the Legislatures into submitting to the Statement of Facts as stated in the Constitutional Policy Guidelines in pursuing public interests that would otherwise be twisted or maneuvered on behalf of corrupt Public Servants and special interest Politically Correct business groups.

Think and Think Again People
1) If Uhuru and Ocampo Six have been named at the ICC Hague as top suspects, why should the two Principles, Kibaki and PM Raila still comfortably keep him and Muthaura in public office where they are utilizing public funds, their public services through occupation and utilities to conspire to defraud and destroy evidence?
2) Why would the special interest in the House dictate the PACE of Implementation of the New Law when the time-table is clearly stipulated on the Memorandum of Understanding of the National Reform Accord Agenda if there are no sinister motives to defraud public interests
3) After failing to follow the spirit of Reform Accord Agenda time and time again, why do the two Principles still feel they are competent in handling the appointments without heeding and involving wise counsel of professionalism as advice by the public as has been also demonstrated through the Popular public outcry, so they are trusted that they can deliver electioneering of 2012 without conflicts of interests and forcing public to slaughter themselves? A case we have been convinced that they are not able to deliver independently without engaging the public interests.

4) The unconstitutional Shuttle Deplomacy by Kalonzo Musyoka spending Huge public funds to engage “Obstruction of Justice on the Ocampo Six”

5) Structural Adjustment factors on Sale of Public Corporations, Land and Equity Bonds and share Government distributions

6) Whose Interest is the BUDGET compilation meant to serve, if not to lure and perform the Psychological Operation Defraud on public interests (who are the Beneficiaries and Stakeholders) to benefit Special Interest International Business Community who do not pay any Taxes in Revenues collected

7) That tribal appointment demonstrated by Kibaki to extend overstay and continue recycling of Prof. Njuguna Ndungu as Governor of Central Bank of Kenya is of bad spirit suspected to defraud public interest and is unconstitutional ….is seen to be discriminative as it is done on tribal line to serve and protect Special Interest

8) That ICC Hague is part of the Constitutional Reform meant to restore Peace, Reconcilliation and Reconstruction, at which Kibaki has engaged billions of dollars in shuttling and lobbying to obstruct justice

9) That there was no Respect or Consideration of Gender persona equality where such excellent outstanding learned member like Ms. Angawa was not even listed to be interviewed amongst other men and women high honor, and how can we not doubt the ability of the two principles Kibaki and PM Raila if Ms. Angawa can escape their minds and especially where we are looking for free and fair, to have a fallen country up on its feet again? How can Kenyans understand the suitability of an individual unless they are subjected to public scrutiny and background check to establish clean record while looking at past and present behaviour and attitude to determine clean bill of record and conduct?

10) How can the vetting of Judges and Magistrates not go in line according to the timetable, if delay tactics of dilly dally is not constituted by the corrupt in order to evade and overlook matters of grave concern in order to continue to mint and rob the public more of its taxpayers money in pretense being late, when all they do presently and before, is time wastages…….

11) That the recycling of the National Security Intelligence Service Director General Mr. Gichangi was unconstitutional and must be revoked, considering security risks experienced in the recent pasts under his watch with other many more security flaws that are ongoing cannot escape our minds and stop us from worrying. His appointment has very many questions of high stake prospects that he needs to be vetted and cleared irrespective of his being already engaged, before the coming of 2012 electioneering for security reasons. This is because the Law was not followed and he cannot escape that like every other employee who must follow the appointment requirements.

12) The High Hue vested interest of Chinese support of the deferral of the Ocampo Six, and the Somali illegal undocumented immigration invasion in Kenya, their united joint interests, with its overgrowing influential factors in and around Kenya and the neighboring especially considering the excessive pirating in Kenya, Indian Ocean and all over the world is alarming, the two Principles are sitting on a timed bomb which is about to consume and destroy Kenyans for good. We all know that Somali Government operate in Eastleigh Kenya and Kenyans are not able to own their houses or businesses in Eastleigh, who are we fooling in the aftermath?

For the above listed and many unspoken issues circulating in our minds, we feel President Kibaki and PM Raila’s two some meeting does not represent the interest of the Kenyan public and will not provide successful implementation of the New Constitution according to Public Needs and Demand as per the mandate, and the Law and the security of all Kenyans without discrimination or intimidation.

The Coalition government therefore cannot deliver but will generate some more delay tactics and will engaged on a more advanced pattern of roller-coaster of a sad state of affair. The wind of change is here blowing from the middle east, we cannot let it pass without tapping it for the change we all need for a Newness of life where poverty should be placed in history books for reference.

It is Public’s interest and concern that Ways and Means for an early Institutional Caretaker Government be implemented so that the necessary factors for The Implementation of the New Constitution is completed on time and that the 2012 electioneering is done in the spirit of the National Reform Accord Agenda in order to achieve the Free and Fair election and that the Peace, Reconstruction and Reconciliation is met within conducive corridors of Local Tribunal and clear cut democratization that benefits all.

Thank you all,

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

– – – – – – – – –

Kibaki and Raila in new deal

By OLIVER MATHENGE omathenge@ke.nationmedia.comPosted Wednesday, February 23 2011 at 22:43

President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Wednesday appeared to bury the hatchet as they pledged to work together to end quarrels in the Grand Coalition Government.

The two met at Harambee House for nearly two hours a day after the President withdrew a list of nominees to four top government jobs, which the PM had opposed. (Read: Kibaki withdraws list of nominees)

The meeting started around 12.40pm and ended at around 2.30pm. The two were expected to discuss the nomination of a new Attorney-General.

Sources described it as “cordial” and that the President and the PM “clarified” many issues that were driving a wedge between them.

The meeting came as it emerged that Mr Odinga was to directly criticise the President at his Tuesday press conference, but was forced to change his written statement after the contentious list was withdrawn. (Read: What PM was to say before Kibaki address)

Mr Odinga had said he was not consulted in the nomination of Justice Alnashir Visram (Chief Justice), Prof Githu Muigai (Attorney-General), Mr Kioko Kilukumi (Director of Public Prosecutions) and Mr William Kirwa (Controller of Budget). (Read: Kibaki names new Chief Justice as ODM protests)
On Wednesday, the two principals are said to have agreed on “full and closer cooperation” in government. It was not clear who had accompanied the Prime Minister to the meeting as he left Harambee House in his vehicle.

National Accord

The President was escorted out by his private secretary, Prof Nick Wanjohi, and head of Civil Service Francis Muthaura.

A number of appointments to constitutional offices are lined up in the next few months as the Constitution stipulates that all new appointments have to be made by August 27 this year and that the President has to consult the Prime Minister in accordance with the National Accord.
A number of commissions are also to be put in place and most require that the President, with the authority of Parliament, appoint their chairpersons.

One of the key appointments is that of Central Bank Governor. The current holder’s first term ends next Friday. The appointing authority can choose to extend Mr Njuguna Ndungu’s tenure for another four years. (Read: Parliament directs Uhuru to issue statement over CBK governor)

Other key appointments coming up include that of the Inspector-General of the National Police Service and two deputies. The Inspector-General is to be appointed by the President with the approval of Parliament.

The Kenya Police Service and the Administration Police Service will each be headed by a Deputy Inspector-General appointed by the President with the recommendation of the National Police Service Commission.

The President is also required to make appointments to the National Police Service Commission. The Commission will consist of a person who is qualified to be appointed as a High Court Judge, two retired senior police officers and three civilians of high integrity.

Other upcoming appointments include the chairpersons and members to the National Land Commission, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, the Public Service Commission, the Salaries and Remuneration Commission and the National Police Service Commission.
Each commission shall consist of at least three, but not more than nine members. Their identification and their recommendation is to be prescribed in each of the respective legislations. They will then be approved by the National Assembly and appointed by the President.

The Constitution requires composition of the national executive to reflect the regional and ethnic diversity of the people of Kenya.

The same is required for the appointments on the command of the Defence Force, National Police Service, Commissions and Independent offices.

Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee chairman Mohamed Abdikadir said Parliament would seek to safeguard the integrity of the hiring process.

However, he said competitive recruitment was not suitable for all the jobs but said inclusion of the youth and women was an indispensable requirement.

“Justice and Legal Affairs committee chairman Ababu Namwamba took a similar line: “The President and Prime Minister need to sustain unflinching fidelity to the new constitutional order, whose dawn they oversaw.

Their task will be made easier by honest, direct engagement instead of giving space to proxy duels between their respective aides most of whom are more interested in succession politics.”
Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Mutula Kilonzo said: “Article 10 of the Constitution requires public participation. Therefore, there must be competitive recruitment for all jobs. They must be advertised to give everyone an equal opportunity.”

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