By Dickens Wasonga.

The 7000 young Kenyans hoping to be enlisted into the yet to be established Kenya Police Service will for the first time ever appear before a recruitment panel instituted to ensure the exercise is free and fair.

And unlike in the past , the exercise will be carried out in the presence of several observer groups and eligible candidates will be given the opportunity to chose either to serve as the regular or administration police officers.

But they will also have to apply for the job by filling in an application form to show they have an interest to be hired.

Another noticeable departure from the past is the fact that the recruitment for APs and the regular police officers will be held jointly and in a single day countrywide unlike in the past where such exercises were carried out in different dates.

As part of the police reforms which were launched in the year 2003 the police officers seeking to be absorbed will now be hired by a district recruitment committee which will be chaired by the district commissioners and assisted by relevant technical officers drawn from various government ministries.

The officers will include the Officer commanding police divisions, the district officers of health, the district education officers, district registrar of persons and the district intelligence officers and their criminal investigations counterpart.

Even a religious groups will be represented together with the business community. Reporters will also be allowed unlimited access to cover the exercise and no team should bar the press from the recruitment venues.

According to the deputy police spokes person Mr Charles Owino, the changes are intended to ensure the process of hiring recruits is not only free and fair but also responsive and representative to the needs of the citizenry.

Owino said the rot that has bedeviled the force in the past was partly due to the poor recruitment exercises which were riddled by nepotism and claims of corruption.

” If you get the process of hiring wrong then the whole intention of having a professional system can not be met” he said

The senior officer who spoke to journalists at Kisumu’s Tom Mboya Labor college during a briefing of the new guidelines to officers who will oversea the coming exercise from Nyanza and Western provinces. He said constables picked will during the exercise will undergo 15 months training either at the Administration police training college in Embakasi, Kenya Police Training College in Kiganjo or the G.S.U training school in Nairobi.

The commissioned cadet officers will undergo 21 months training under a new curriculum for the two services .

Part of the members of the district recruitment committee follow proceedings of the meeting at Tom Mboya Labor College .

Out of the number targeted for the exercise, 10 per cent should be graduates while 30 per cent will be women in line with the government’s affirmative action.

The Nyanza Central regional commissioner warned the recruiting teams to avoid the temptation to favor any applicant who fails to meet the set requirements and pledged that the government will disciple those found engaging in corruption during the exercise.

Height of candidates which in the past barred many hopefuls from joining the force will not be an issue to look at this time and any candidate eliminated must be told by the recruiting teams the reason why they have to be dropped at every level.

The teams were also directed to ignore directives from any senior officer either from the force or the government departments who try to influence the out come of the recruitment exercise.

In the past senior police officers from police headquarters and senior government officials, MPs and ministers have been accused of demanding to be given slots to have their friends or relatives hired in the respective districts.



  1. Baxton Muasya

    I am 30 years old and a holder of a diploma in IT, want to know whether upon passing the recruitment I will work as a normal officer or in office as an officer with special skills?


    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am JOHN KARANI MIANO aged 24 and i aplly for the oncoming recruitment of Police.I attined a mean grade of c plain in my KCSE and have a CREDIT result in my module one college results.please consider my appllication.Thank you.Phone Number:0704184324


    Am Joseph Kimani kung’u,aged 23 a kenyan citizen ID 29265944 from nyandarua county mirangine district.
    Am a 2011 form four leaver having atained a D+(plus) in my KCSE exam.Am a computer letrate with a certificate and now waiting for a certificate in Electronics Engineering.
    Am kindly reguesting for a consideration in the coming police recruitment.Being in the force has always been my dream.

  4. otio caleb odhiambo

    am a kenyan frm ksm and i am intrstd to get a job if i can get it i wl be happy and i wl serve ma pple

  5. stephen kilonzo

    Dear sir /madam i have completed my secondary education and scored the minimum of DPLUS .Sir i have beign trying for seven good year failing to be considered while i have a divine call to be a police.thank you .0702829734

  6. gilbert otieno odhiambo

    To all recruites who didn’t make it:
    On behalf of all kenyan youths i wish to encourage all of you recruites that come next time, you will pass every stage… Majority had good education but!!! Maybe ulikosa jino/meno, medical ukaloba, mbio ulishindwa, hukuweza kuona vizuri ata pengine mguu ndo shida then you better find a solution for all these…: there is always next time my fellows. #YouCanDoIt.


  7. Yego Kipkemboi Pattni

    Following the advertisement on this website for cadets vacancies,I hereby elligibly take this time to apply for shortlisting prior to recruitment interview being a kenyan gentleman at age 19 with great passion to work with kenya armed force.Please concider me.Thanks in advance.
    Yours faithfully,
    Pattni Kipkemboi Yego.

  8. Juma William

    I salute you all. I am Juma William, phone number: 0716545290. I did my KCSE and managed to get an A-. Am aged 22. I qualified to go to national University but I have no guarantors to side with me to get loan helb because they need someone who might be having a permanent job but I have nobody of such position! I have been having interest in administration police for quite some years and am still interested. Please contact me through those channel of communication that i have provided and inform me on how how I can get application form. May God bless you all and I look forward to your positive response.
    Kind regards.

  9. Joel Mutua

    I am Joel Mutua holder of ID no. 28735551 aged 24 years from Mwala district, Machakos county. I did my KCSE the year 2010 and attained grade C+ and also am a computer skilled personnel with certificate. Am very interested in working with police force so please Sir/Madam consider my request and your positive feedback will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  10. robert

    I am Robert Mutua. I come from makueni county,but i am currently residing at Nairobi. i am a form 4 leaver aged 21 years. i am also computer literate.i kindly apply for a job in the police force.

  11. Michael kiptala

    I am applying for a police defence,I have completed a lab science course & about to advance to diploma in analytical chemistry.kindly looking forward for your feedback.thanks in advance,
    iam from Baringo county

  12. njiru sospeter

    am sospeter njiru holding a national id card no:30353462 and a from four leaver year 2011 and manage to mean grade of D+.kindly requesting to jion national police service ..please dear sir/madam if you give a chance to jion police service i will be disciplined to my duties..kindly waiting for your positive feedback-contact:0729598746

  13. Chirchir Obadiah

    Am 4th leaver resident elgeyomarakwet mean grade “c” 19 yrs ready & willing to join administration police,am flexible to work in any area despite the current condition in the state 0724711291…

  14. arende javan

    hae am really intrested and ready to protect my country without intimidation .am 23years old and my id 29389065,from migori county rongo district.0707254999

  15. Simon Njuguna

    I simon njuguna kariuki a kenyan citizen Id 31584881; I hereby wish to encourage each participate who wishes to join Police that everytime you wish to do,keep trust in God ……….God do fullfills once desires if you just believes in Him…Dhanks

  16. Steven Odiwuor

    Am Steven live in Kisumu County aged 21, we are requesting people who are responsible for this process to take their full mandate in ensuring that it is done free and fair according to the constitution of Kenya

  17. Peter

    Dear sir/madam,

    Hello am Peter aged 22, i did my kcse 2012 and got a CPlain, i have a diploma in criminology, i got all necessary requirements, i tried the recruitment process and proved no fatal, i would really wish to serve my country as a police officer


  18. sospeter njiru

    please sir/madam, i appreciate the good job you are doing to the fellow kenyans by ensuring good security in our country.but in accordance to that, consider young peoples like i, who are willing to join police service..

  19. josphat musomba kiria

    i was successfuly recruited last year i still have the dockets after i was not consindered in the repeat again i need to join the college at embakasi where i was admitted help me

  20. Hussein Hassan

    ii am hassan from mandera.i am 23yrs old as i have a C+ in kcse and a degree holder of forensic science in criminal investigation from a public kenyan university.i am willing to join k.p.s …

  21. Hassan Alio Dube

    I have D ( plain ) in my KCSE exam, but I have degree in criminology, I wish to join police force. would I be qualified to join the force, please help?

  22. David Ochieng Airo

    Am a Kenyan citizen, sat my forth form and managed a D plus .
    I attained C minus and D plus in Kiswahili and English repectively.
    A resident of Kisumu and of age 27 years old.
    Am requesting to join the Administration police in this coming recruitment process.
    Thanks in advance


    one of this fine we will join the force if we get patient and allow GOD to take over. thank you and GOD bless you


    Ambrose Nasong’o Siundu From Bungoma county a diploma holder in criminology and criminal justice from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. Aged 18 years old and greatly interested in joining our most hardworking security providing force, THE KENYA POLICE . Kindly consider my concern. Thank you.

  25. Lomogol kabei chris

    Am abonafide resident of Turkana north sub-county i av 22yrs old.I finish my secondary education in 2014 and I attained D+ with c- in both languages and am really looking for kenya police force and my contact are 0700824953 let me av hope on the next recruitment….

  26. Sophia Argon

    my boss needed to fill out IL DAH OOS6 this month and saw a great service that hosts a lot of sample forms . If others are looking for IL DAH OOS6 as well , here’s a

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