Seeking A Luo Lady For A Serious Relationship

From: proud2bkenyan

I know this is unorthodox but I believe that sometimes thinking outside the box is OK… I’m a 35 yrs old 5’8″ single Kenyan professional male. I permanently live and work in the US. I’m seeking a 29-35 yrs old professional (including graduate student) Luo lady with slim or athletic body type for a serious relationship. If you’d like to get to know me better, please email me at . Thanks!

33 thoughts on “Seeking A Luo Lady For A Serious Relationship

  1. Bziegnew

    Ohh my friend dont even try it, the worst female human being are the Luo ladies you dont want to got there, they will leave u in a heart beat ! and they are the most promiscouse ( sp) women in the world. The Luo women lowers dignity of all women. They always believe that other men are better than their Luo men.

  2. james otieno


    You obviously have a problem with the English language. What you have said is based on total ignorance and should not be dignified with comment.

  3. jaludh otonglo

    my good and im not sure if learned friend Bziegnew…allow me to oppose your your comment up above…you are totally wrong, i make my assumptions that you’ve based your comments either from unreliable, tribal and biased source, or maybe emotions from past realstionships. FYI…Luo women are the best you can ever enter to a serious relationships with, that may lead into marrige. They are hardworking, smart (both upstairs and in dressing) and respectful. When it comes to theirlooks, if you the kind of guy who appreciates african startling beauty, then you can never go wrong with a luo lady. Im writing from expirience…because i’ve dated from various communities in kenya before i settle with my wife whom im happily married to, to date. Im half luo and half TZ, i got luo relatives, friends and collegues, and ive never spotted, if rarely, they stereotype u’ve expalined above. So…proud2bkenyan, keep on searching, your endevours will turn ou fruitful soon.

  4. Charles

    I have to agree with Bziegnew. Though not all Luo women fit into his description, many do. In the UK most Luo women are promiscuous, they do not care about their children and have no interest in forming any kind of sincere relationships. The biggest prostitute in London is a woman from Dago, Kisumu. She has ruined many lives including my own and my sons’. Im happy that she is no longer in our lives, but so long as she lives, she will continue to destroy with her evil mind and her witchcraft. Her elder sister is also in the same career in Oslo, Norway. They have no respect for any man, and only see men as customers and providers of sex and money. So if you come across Grace, just keep away or your life will be ruined too.

  5. pam castillo

    I am presently in a relationship with a Luo woman. She not only beautiful and smart. But she has all the love in Kenya that she carries in her heart. And gives it all to me.

  6. pollard kutti

    are you a 19-35 year old luo queen,kind,honest,loving and hardworking living positive and looking for love that can lead into marriage?then Pollard 42 year old single and working as a cashier on is patiently waiting for your respond.details later.merry-mass and happy new year

  7. Sarah Bahati

    Hey Jaluo I hope you got luck searching for your luo queen. Am also single and searching, a serious Luo guy out here who is single and between 35 to 45 pliz feel Freetown email me on You never know where your luck lies.

  8. rudy

    hello, being a single european guy, 51 yo, and fond of Africa, i am interested in meeting a pretty young Luo lady, for serious relation.

  9. DMcohaggah

    .Hey, Proud2bakenyan,
    I sorry to inform you that, as a Luo woman, we dont need just any man, we need a real man. Someone we would be proud to bring home and introduce to the whole family. If you are not educated, count yourself out. We are very proud women, most luo women are happy to be alone, we can take care of ourselves. We are highly Educated, most of us can afford just about anything, we dont need every Tom , Dick and Harry. We would rather be with a Luo Man, We are very proud women. we come from a very rich cu.lture. We are taught to select the best. and we always aim for the skies. I congratulate any man who is not a luo, who living with a Luo woman, believe me, she is the best woman you will ever have. she is everything you can just dream of. Beautiful, intelligent, smart,educated, what else can you ask for? To find one is almost impossible. Sorry to disappoint you, but we are not for sale, and we are not cheap, we dont date just everyone, unless you have a brain. Unlike other tribes, we respect our families, we cannot lower our standards. By the way, am a proud Luo woman, I am an American, married to a French. I speak 7 languages. I have lived in many European Countries. If you wonder why i married him, because of his brain.

    Sorry to Disappoint everyone who is looking.


  10. rudy

    this is an interesting discussion. Me, I am from Europe, have visited Kenya a few times, and indeed, Luo ladies have something special which I like.
    I have a Luo friend, but no relation with her. But maybe one day I find my perfect Luo lady.

  11. Bziegnew Mugogo

    Ohh! I will say it a gain they are the most self centered women in the world and may be they bend backward for other races and communities, but all i know is that they hate their own men and culture. They are not the women to have a round because they will throw you under the bus in blink of an eye, like i said anything else is good but their own. This is interesting what NYAKURU WAR RAMOGu said above is what i am talking about self centeredness with a hate of Luo men and their culture.

  12. Bziegnew Mugogo

    Haa! LOL, NYAKURU WAR RAMUGU, you did not dissapoint any one especislly myself.

    Olirwa Papua New Guinea

  13. esther

    Am dont belong to any tribe of kenya bt frm a few friends hv made luo ladies make good wives but luo men are the best husbands..
    Looking for a single luo man age 33-37 preferbly a single dad am 26 and a muganda by tribe.i live and work in email

  14. m-win

    luo ladies are brilliant,beatiful and bold.i need a typical one with a bachelor’s from meru.The sianda should tell it just as usual.sms 0724626517.should be 31

  15. James Otieno

    There is nothing like Luo ladies are this or that. Every individual is different based on their upbringing. If you want to go into a relationship, omit any form of stereotyping. The list of qualities or qualifications that people list on these forums is a direct indication that you are a romantic flop. You make the woman you want. Forget supermarket qualities.

  16. Amara

    Am single and would like to get intouch with any luo speaking right from south sudan, ugandan, kenya and around the 38years and he should be 39-50…thanks!

  17. Vinstrah

    I’m a typical luo lady, looking for a God fearing, cool and financially stable gentleman who’s ready to start a friendship relationship that can lead to a fruitful relationship. Jokers keep off,

  18. Balan

    Luo ladies are best but not all of them. I love there way of life(culture) n how ladies conduct themselves. I wz in a relationship with a luo lady for almost 4 yrs until early this year when it went sour. We were blessed with one beautiful daughter.
    My issue is circumstantial. I still have a reason to believe that luo ladies r beautiful n wise. I was living in my own world with her until early this year when dawn striked. I still love Luo ladies yearning to unite with one. They r respectful n down to earth. Am personnally not a luo, But a Kenyan frm Tana River, living n working in Nairobi. Big brain r needed to deal wth Luo ladies, like am now lonely.

  19. todd

    Nice darksmooth endowed and educated dholuo lady for serious relation..inbox me on facebook. Todd mbwau

  20. Wesley

    am Wesley,23 years…looking for a beautiful,loving and caring luo lady aged be.tween 18 and 22years of age…if interested contact me on,+254713295767

  21. zam

    looking for a girl of 18 t0 24 to date for 2 months if all goes well we get married, am 28yrs, luhya, nairobi, 0706291164

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