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Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 17:28:50 +0300 [08:28:50 AM CST]
From: Areba Collins
Subject: Re: Aloe vera in Kenya

aloe vera can grow in almost all parts of Kenya, it is highly marketable but one needs a lot of patience and persistence to make profit out of it.

For farming, especially a quarter acre, youre better off doing intensively vegetables.

Youll be shocked how much a quarter acre of sukuma wiki can fetch.


On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 10:39 AM, Peris Kamau wrote:

The discussions on Aloe vera is interesting and a brilliant idea. It is a profitable enterprise with alot of immense potentials to boost poverty eradication more especially in Arid and Semi Arid areas. Beside Aloe vera which is exotic from South Africa, there are other indigenous Aloes species which according to recent research are much more better than Aloe vera in terms of superior quality of the Aloe gel and bitter gum. A.vera does not grow naturally in Kenya but it is cultivated and therefore any Aloe you see in the wild is not Aloe vera but could be any of the 60 species of Aloes divesity we have in Kenya. These other Aloes fortunately or unfortunately are protected under Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and therefore you need to get a clearance from KWS for certification purposes which actually is a simple process.

For more information on growing of Aloes in Kenya have a look at the following books available at KWS HQ not sure if they are in any bookshop.
1. Strategy for Conservation and Management of Commercial Aloe species in Kenya by Lubia et al., ( 2008)
2. Status and distribution of commercial Aloes in Kenya by Mukonyi et al., (2008).
Research institutions where you can obtain more information from Aloe experts and even have a nature walk in their Aloes gardens/nurseries include Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI), National Museums of Kenya (NMK) and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

All the best as we try to improve our livelihood


From: Kabeberi Muthoni
Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 8:28:01 AM
Subject: Re: Investing in Kenya

Aloe vera does grow in the Rift Valley. In fact there is a factory in Baringo for processing, at least there was such a project a while ago. They can provide you all the info especially about species and if they can buy. If you still need more informationplese contact me on 0722842164

From: Henry Migingo
ent: Tuesday, January 20, 2009 5:17:36 PM
Subject: RE: Investing in Kenya

Try Nyanza

From: irene wanyonyi
Sent: Monday, January 19, 2009 2:36 PM
subject: Re: Investing in Kenya

Can Alovera grow in Rift Valley especially in Kitale?

From: Kabeberi Muthoni
Sent: Monday, January 19, 2009 2:19:15 PM
Subject: Re: Investing in Kenya

With 100K and a 1/4 acre one can invest in the aloe vera business with pretty good returns too! But you will need a 12 – 18 month wait


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From: Henry Migingo
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Im curiously awaiting responses to this email. I hope to learn a lot too..

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Subject: Investing in Kenya


A friend of mine has a 100k that they would like to put into serious
investement in Kenya . Any ideas are most welcome.


95 thoughts on “Re: Aloe vera in Kenya

  1. Joshua

    Hi Vicky.
    Are you a farmer of Aloe Vera?
    Where do you do it?
    Am a farmer and a processor of it in to Powder and looking forward to do business with farmers when the business picks.

  2. bwenyenye bwenyenye

    Thanks Joshua.

    I will look for ‘foricar’. Do I apply it on all plants or on the ones that are affected only? Please gude me on which are the best agrovets. I hear many sell substandard drugs.

    By the way, how do I register my farm and why do I need to?

  3. Joshua

    Bwenyenye you spray. You can spray at the whole farm but if the infection is just micro just remove those leaves then buy the little can and spray the lest.
    Aloe Vera as it is, is a protected specie by the government. It falls under CITES. Visit KWS in Lang’ata if you are in Nairobi if not so Visit the KWS office near you.
    At Lang’ata look for Margaret Leitoro or Mrs Mose at Licensing office, they will guide you in to it.
    Even processing and selling you will require a licence.
    Hope you have a great day.

  4. Dickson Musembi kasole

    Hi Joshua and others,
    I have mature Aloe barberdenesis Milla ready for harvest and sale.

    I have also about 10,000 seedlings / planting materils (suckers) for sale.

    Anybobdy interested, kindly conduct me on 0721 44 12 15 or 0734 715 631, email: uk

    We are a group of farmers located at Kanyangi location, lower yatta district, Kitui County.
    Also am looking for a serious business person(s) to start extraction of the same for local and export market.

  5. Joshua

    Our Second meeting with KEFRI on Aloe Vera farming and marketing will be tomorrow at their boardroom. So far God has been opening doors for us in the regional and inter. market and we are soon going to roll a big market for Aloe Vera. Just watch this space for more.
    For those wanting to start farming, we have very big and healthy seedlings in Limuru just near Nairobi, Makuyu, Siaya, Makindu and many places.
    You get the required information of propagating it and its ups and downs.

    Wishing you a very fruitful farming weekend.

  6. nicolas muchunga

    hi am a farmer of aloe vera and i wish to get market for my mature aloe vera can you be of assistance

  7. Joshu

    Hi Wamucii.
    Seedlings for Aloe Vera are plenty. Just contact me then I will organise how you will get them. We are selling a seedling at 70 bob.
    Also you will have all the needed information for propagating and taking care of the seedling plus registration with the KWS.
    The market for Aloe Vera is there its only that the money involved is huge but will are looking forward to have a break through in it in the coming months. Regards 0739117986

  8. Joshua

    I thank the Lord for having helped us to successfully export our first Consignment of Aloe Vera Fresh leaves.
    It has thrilled me to know the market is there for our Aloe Vera and God will expand it.
    The consignment took off at JKIA on Sunday Midnight.
    I believe we can do it as long as we have faith in Him.

  9. Joshua

    Advice to all farmers who may be willing to sell fresh Leaves.
    You need to know how to harvest, because you have to harvest from the stock. Have enough labor force to harvest, Enough water for cleaning twice, Have Ethanol like 1 litre for treating the Leaves.
    The Leaves must be harvested in much care so as to avoid scratching them coz they might lower their grade.
    They are better harvested early in the morning treated at the same place, packed and head to the Airport the same day.
    Direct sunlight destroys the leaves once they are harvested.
    A leaf must be at least 21 inches in length for Europe market.
    Transporting of the leaves is one of the major issue for you have to watch them not to be scratched or even break.
    These are just tips for Europe market.

  10. Jennifer Oyieke

    Hi Jaluo,

    Where is your firm allocated as I would like to visit and get firsthand information. I want o farm this in Kitengela. I would like to meet you face to face cause there are things I need to ask and cannot do it on the e-mail


  11. bwenyenye

    Good People,

    I am still fighting this disease. I used folicar, there was some reprieve then a boom again. Any agronomist I can see?

  12. hellen otieno

    i wish to embark on aloe vera farming in Sindo in Nyanza and wish to get some
    contacts to assist in this .i need to know what species are marketable and where to find them.

  13. simon

    wow..this info is great.anyone who has the info please email me the detail:
    -the production,
    -how to
    -the market
    -the capital needed.
    -the licensing
    -the output per acre
    -harvesting periods.

  14. Joshu

    I have been quiet in this forum but I believe it is the high time we need to come out strong and have a market strategy in Aloe Vera.
    This plant is a gold if we can trade it well.
    First is sharing information about diseases and how to propagate it.
    Another thing is the registration required by KWS for all farmers to register their farms and get propagating permit from them.
    Another thing is, exporting aloe Vera is tasking and it will require each others support if you are not financially well up.
    Many farmers get market for Aloe Vera but most of them shy away when they meet the cost demand to be able to send a consignment out.
    But I believe if we can be caring for each other and be open among ourselves (Aloe Farmers), we can be able to override each handle.
    If a farmer in Embu gets a market to export 1 tonne of leaves to Europe and she can’t be able to do it due to the cost involved, she should not let it go down the drain but should try to reach out to another farmer and share the idea.
    I believe if we can just be kind to one another and be honest among ourselves we can have another tribe in Kenya called “Aloe farmers” who are from all tribes and locations but united under one umbrella.
    I believe God giving me grace, I will be able to revive the UK fresh leaves market once I get the kind of Cartons the import section in UK demands.
    The ones we sent in December were good but we were informed to get another packaging coz the one we used last time didn’t meet the UK standards.
    Let us share the information and more so the market Information.

  15. hilda Ohara

    I am very much interested in Aloe farming but do not know where to begin. I need information on the type of wheather suitable, plant and how to start. Please assist.

  16. josphat

    this is great stuff .. .. I am planning to start aloe farming and all this information is really useful. does anybody know where I can get a simple production handbook ?.

  17. Wicky G.

    To the forum leader

    You seem to know much about the aloe vera farming and even the entire process till the selling stage. Can you be kind enough to share with me the following information;
    Where in particular in the luo nyanza region or western province where the plant can do well?
    the capital cost involved in the entire process till harvesting?
    The selling price of the aloe vera leave/plant?
    Potential markets here in Kenya?
    And other information that could be of significance to someone “green” in this field.
    I will highly appreciate your feedback.

  18. Esther

    I’ve been dreaming for such a long time to start my own aloe vera farm that at long last i’d like to actualise it. Being “green” as Wicky.G says it, doesn’t help much. I’m very willing to read any documentation sent to me by a good samaritan.
    You all seem to know much about the aloe vera farming and even the entire process till the selling stage. Can you be kind enough to share with me the following information;

    -the production,
    -how to
    -the market
    -the capital needed.
    -the licensing
    -the output per acre
    -harvesting periods.

  19. Racheal

    Hello all,

    Been following this forum for quite sometime now and i must say that i am now fully interested in aloe farming (aloe barbandensis miller) for a particular product production that i would like to venture in. Would someone kindly notify me in;

    -How and where to get aloe barbandensis miller seedlings and how much each costs
    -How much capital and output is needed in farming for at least 2 acres of land
    -The production
    -Market etc

    Would really appreciate any feedback

    Kind regards

  20. Joshua

    Hi Racheal you can get me on for more information.
    I wrote a lot yesterday to you but unfortunately it wasn’t posted after I submitted.
    Maybe there is a limitation of the characters to use here.


  21. Dickson M. Kasole

    I have fresh Aloe Barbadensis Milla seedlings (suckers) for sell this planting season.
    +254 721 441 215
    +254 724 464 690
    +254 734 715 631

  22. Mutahi

    I have fresh Aloe Barbadensis Milla seedlings (suckers) for sell this planting season.
    Contct: 0722332707

  23. tony


    i have some neighboring farmers who have grwon plenty but have no market. pls advise how to locate the market.


  24. Brian

    Thank you very much for this info.I need to mobilize farmers in Meru on this.Please Joshua guide us on all the possible expenses.

  25. David Cherono

    I have a three acres of land in Ganze, Kilifi and would like to farm aloe vera, please advise me and which type

  26. Rose

    Hi Cherono, D.,
    KEFRI in collaboration with the World Bank is starting some work with communities in the coast among them Kilifi county. One of the activities include establishing Aloe plots and developing products for sell in order to improve the livelihoods of the community. Please give me your contact so that we can work together.

  27. Wilson Njeru

    Hi Team,

    Would really love to know the following in regards to Aloe Vera.
    -The maturity period
    -The best species to grow
    -The number of seedlings per acre
    -The average tonnage returns per acre
    -The sell component i.e. Leaves or Juice
    -The price per unit of the component of sell above.
    -The average return in KES per acre
    -The importers or buyers of this plants
    -Any other information.
    Thank you all guys in advance.

  28. MOSES

    Hi. i live in naivasha and i am interested in aloevera planting assist where to get this information,where to get the seedlings and availability markets of the produce

  29. Jennifer Oyieke

    I have 5 acre piece of land in kitengela nairobi. I would like to start aloe farming please advice me on what to do

  30. wilson

    Hi Guys,

    Interesting stuff here.Just acquired omse 30 acre piece n West Pokot(yes West Pokot) where i found this aloe vera growing naturally!!I see old posts from an old time college friend(Areba Collins-Egerton) and wish to get in touch with him…I also have another 12 acres which i have already planted some 7 acres of coffee(Batian) and am really looking foward to doing the Aloe Stuff.
    Do we have any association for Aloe Vera planters here in Kenya?
    Anyone among us operating within Nairobi I can have a one on one talk with in regards to Aloe Vera?
    Average cost per seedling of Bardensis?
    How many seedlings are required per acre?
    Average cost of production till first harvest?
    Thanks and regards,

  31. David

    I would like to start a large scale farming for aloe vera. How can I get seedling and how is the market at the moment



  32. Sammy K

    where is the market of Aloe vera in Nairobi?
    I am seriously considering to start the farming somewhere along Kamiti Rd.
    Kindly furnish me with the correct info.


  33. Dennis

    Hi. Am interested in aloe farming. Can I get contacts for a buyer we go for contract farming. Am in Kisii. 0726938370.

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