East Africa: The testimony of genocide against Luo people of Ethiopia

From: Judy Miriga

The testimony of genocide against Luo people of Ethiopia

Uploaded by LuoTelevision on Nov 26, 2009

The testimony of massacres against the people of Anyuak: part of a wider extermination policy against defenceless and innocent people. A similar trend is happening in Acholi

The lands on the eastern and southern part of Ethiopia were Luo before the arrival of the Hebrew Solomon (Jerusalem) Crown. The lands are part of Southern Sudan, northern, central and southern Uganda, as well as the lands around the shores of Lake Victoria, all of which made/make up the country and nation known as LUOLAND. What the? people who live in those lands speak is called LUO LANGUAGE and the people are LUO.

olundahh 1 year ago
Evil is in the heart of a man who? diminishes his own humanity through his hatred of others.
throbule 1 year ago
00:18 mele Zenawi = ethiopias prime minister/president.. he is a semitic north ethiopian murderer and a cowards and he is responsible for the genocides of the darker natives like the Anuaks of south ethiopia and? the Ogaden-Somalians of east ethiopia the Somalian Ogaden region and many other ethnic cleansing..
CushiticSomalianMale 1 year ago

Ethiopian Genocide was to eliminate all Anyuak. No selection

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Odola Lero is singing about the impact of December 13, 2003 in Anyuak community worldwide. The message is the Anyuak must unite and continue to be united. His powerful messages is to strengthen the community, the families who lost loved ones. Any Anyuak has a role to play by contributing to the well being of our people.

March to Stop Genocide and Dictatorship in Ethiopia/Africa Gaining Momentum

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On Sunday, September 13, 2009, many Ethiopians and others gathered in front of the US Capitol building to bring attention to the ongoing genocide and other human rights crimes being perpetrated against the people of Ethiopia by the repressive authoritarian government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. The event was a success and we believe it will lead to many new opportunities. One of these will be the possibility of working together in collaboration to map out a strategic plan for the future
It was a historic event in that so many different groups, who have never come together before, were present. The crowd reflected the enthusiasm of this milestone as they came together not only from one group or one ethnicity, but as a mix of many, all with the same goal of bringing about an inclusive civil society in Ethiopia where justice, individual rights, the rule of law and opportunity would be based on being a citizen of Ethiopia rather than on tribalism, cronyism or elitism.

Ethiopian Genocide

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About the ethiopian Genocide

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He sing with all his strength and he meant alot for this moment. For sure we the? people need direction and ask where, what and when we shall overcome the odds that lay a head of us.
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Anyuak must unite to build a better Ethiopia. TPLF well be eliminated soon.?
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@CushiticSomalianMale LOL, desperate Somalis trying to divide us like their own divided war-thorn country… Ethiopia, with it’s federal system, is enjoying more freedom for all of it’s beautiful people than ever before. We are stronger than ever before in history AND Somalilanders and soon Puntlanders will be much more Pro-Ethiopia and against the ARAB-SLAVES South Somalis..
1 LOVE, 1 AFRICA, UNITY AND STRENGTH? is the Future, not your destructive behavior.
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that’s a good song with meaning behind it even? if I don’t understand Anyuak dialect.keep it up bro.
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i wish i could understad what he is saying exactly. it sounds nice?
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ANYUAK 4 Reall?
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Wawwweee Look This Guy? How he`s act , damma I love tha song , Every day when i
Weak Up I listend this song I don`t know why , i Really i don`t understand what the guy singing But i have a principle Music is an international Language ,,,, By The Way I Love Freedome of ANYUAK
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i dont? know what you saying, but nice music!
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@Freedom4Anyuak I mean if you? can write out the lyrics that would be great (translation). Please include it in the side information box. If this man has a message then we should all understand it. Thank you
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I don’t know when Ethiopia will focus on nation building than nation destruction??? People are suffering and nobody? can deny that so why can the rulers understand that???

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  1. Jack Gor

    My name is Jack Gor a journalist Kenyan luo keep me posted am on my way doing this story

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