Kenya: Luo Nyanza & Kibera!!

from K’Omondi J’Alego

Dear Kenyans,

I have always followed threads in these fora for quite sometime now. I have even posted a few of my own. I have also replied and commented on some threads albeit to important ones, though with a lot of caution. This is not because I lack time for the same, but it is for one reason. That some of the threads that are posted here are very retrogressive in nature and should not even be here in the first place. It is for this very reason that I have taken my time at least for the moment to say and lay bare what I think about the whole issue.

Fellow Kenyans, I have read some threads here with dismay as they are nothing other than very tribal and are always aimed at arousing some kind of tribal passion that at the end of the day, should it be left as it is, might just lead to some unspeakable occurrences in the near future.

I would wish to appeal to you all not to judge me by where I come from nor by my last name but by what I stand for. The fact that my last name is Omondi should not be reason enough to be associated with some happenings at where I come from. Being called Maina, Mwiti, Nyamao, Nthanga et al should only be used for identity purposes and not for any other reason.

These fora have been turned into some sort of judgmental dins about the people from Nyanza and by extension, residents of Kibera. I fail to understand why people from Luo Nyanza cannot be allowed to air their own views. Why do every other person believe that Luo Nyanza are following the words of one person. Don’t people from Luo Nyanza have minds of their own? Can’t these brothers and sisters from Luo Nyanza speak their minds?

Dear Kenyans, I am a proud son of Alego Kaluo, in Siaya District, Siaya county so to speak. I am neither a political prisoner of anyone nor am I a fanatic of any politician. Just to put the record straight, I subscribe to the ideals of ODM as a political party and I am confident about its leadership. You are free to air your own opinions about my thinking. Kenya is a free democracy anyway.

Looking at Kenya’s political behavior since the reintroduction of multiparty politics, we have to agree that every community tend to follow what their leading political figures tell them. I have failed to understand why every other person quotes Luo Nyanza whenever such issues come in. During Moi’s 24 year rule, the whole Kalenjin land was a KANU zone. In 2007, central Kenya was purely PNU(Kibaki), Ukambani was ODM-K(Kalonzo), Luo Nyanza was ODM(Raila) etc. We have again seen the trend now. In Central, the likelihood of it being a PNU zone is very real, read Uhuru Kenyatta, Rift Valley is all ready in UDM. What therefore is so unique about Luo Nyanza standing by RAO? Why should it bne different whn it comes to Luo Nyanza?

Cant we stand buy one of our own?
Let us all be realistic and give Luo Nyanza a break. We are very proud of our son s and daughters and we will stand by them. We cannot simply abandon them just to appease some people who think they think for us. To be always told that Luo Nyanza needs liberation is not just naive, but it is also stupid thinking and reasoning if you ask me.

Luo Nyanza have every right to stick to Raila, just like Kalenjin land have the right to stick with Ruto and so is central with Uhuru.
I don’t see why every body should be shouting at the top of their voices just because some Ochieng, Otieno has aired his views.

Fellow Kenyans, Luo Nyanza are wise enough and are very educated as to know what is good for them They can think for themselves, chart their own destiny, and make their own decisions. We dont need someone to come and tell us what we need to do or what wrong we are doing. Should we need any advice, we are mature enough to ask for it. Kindly stop all this nonsense about Luo Nyanza this, Luo Nyanza that. WE ARE SICK & TIRED OT IT!!!!


Good Day!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Kenya: Luo Nyanza & Kibera!!

  1. bonface owiti

    Nice thought Omosh. I love your sense of humour. It is high time people knew that luos are not machines to be given direction, but rather sound-minded persons with high thinking capacites and capabilities. Therefore we need absolutely none to intimidate us in the name of ‘advice’! I don’t think we need any anyway.Thanks alot.

  2. pius ogola

    Thats true. I believe that some people with there retrogressive minds are the ones pulling as down in Luo nyanza we have some of the most educated intellectuals in the world and i believe that most politicians in Nyanza are centrist .so let no body tell us that we people from Nyanza are blindly following the so called odingaism look at what happened during the ODM primaries during the weekend people from LUO Nyanza stood by the leader we have now seen the light of the day. We are ready to support any leader with a vision for kenya and is of noble mind. This retrogressive culture that we are out to fight the Kikuyu in all angles whether political socially and economical that whats pulling as backwards i hope with the introduction of devolved system i hope we poeple from LUO nyanza are ging to break this circle of poverty and lets be united and speak as voice before electing somebody even one of our own let as analyze evalute and vet him according to his credentials track records my GOD bless our land and poeple from Luo Nyanza

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