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FOR those voters in Makadara Constituency who voted for Hon James Mbuvi alias Sonko we all respect their democratic choice and verdict.

However, the erratic conduct of their MP, particularly when the legislator mobilized a group of jobless supporters and took them to the Narc Kenya headquarters for the purpose of interrupting the party’s disciplinary committee meeting was the most unfortunate action and an act of insanity.

The whole exercise is intolerable and a clear indication of how our system is falling out of standards and slowly sliding into chaotic and distasteful conditions which may not be far away from another round of mayhem and anarchy like the witnessed in 2007/2008.

It portrayed the Makadara MP as someone who is unfit to be sitting inside Kenya’s most supreme legislative organ of the state. It is indeed, an act which should server as deterrent warning to most of our political parties to be careful about their choice of MPs, especially during the preliminary nomination stages.

The parties must go for the best brains and leave out those whose are only fit to work like Matatu touts, road repairer gangs and plantation workers.

I was personally touched when I saw the mob shoving around the highly respected Gichugu MP Madame Martha Karua, some of them even shamelessly insulting her in full view of Television viewers countrywide. This was the shameful is act of someone who is uncouth, uncultured and unfit to be called honorable. It is an act of someone who did not deserve to sit in the August House.

It is also my passionate appeal to members of the Interim Independent Electoral Commission to re-introduce the toughest language test for those wishing to be elected to Parliament and other legislative bodies like Senate and even County representatives for the purpose of ensuring that those who sits on these organs are conversant with their deliberations.

The recent introduction of live Television coverage of Parliamentary proceedings has exposed many MPs as simple mediocre and semi-illiterates, some of them could not express themselves sufficiently either in English or Kiswahili.

Please return to the old system whereby the Provincial Director of Education {PED} used to sit I the language testing board with few selected English and Kiswahili experts, most of them were High School teachers. It is even shameful that after 48 years of independence during which period Kenya has produced thousands of university graduates and skilled persons in many fields, we still have representatives in the August House politically mediocre who are unable to follow up the deliberations of the House.

Leo Odera Omolo


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