By Leo Odera Omolo

RESIDENTS of Ngomwet Location, Ngomwet Division in Belgut constituency Kericho district are in a state of shock after reading through the CDF Website that a colossal amount of money was budgeted and located for the expansion of Kipsonoi Secondary School in the financial year 2007/2008 but has yet to be released for the purpose it was allocated for three years down the line.

The chairman of the School’s’ Board of Governors {BOG} Eng Richard Koech has confirmed that the institution is yet to receive the money, though in the constituency’s CDF Website, the money is purported to have already been disbursed.

Koech called on the government to conduct a forensic auditing of the Belgut CDF kitty, saying that there is all the possibility that similar cases facesother institutions, which are the bona fide beneficiaries of the devolving government money.

The Assistant Minister for Energy, Hon Charles K Keter is the MP for Belgut. The MP was not immediately available for comment nor could he be reached via his cellphone..But there is a discontent over the mismanagement of CDF in Belguyt with the residents alleging that huge bulk of their money could have gone to the dogs instead of the bona fide socio-economic projects.

Koech said that all along he had no idea of any money having been budgeted or disbursed to the school in question until last week when he decided to visit the Belgut CDF Website when he bumped on the scam. But as far as the school is concerned no fund has been disbursed towards its expansion, therefore local members of the CDF should come clean over the matter. They should explain as to where the money was sent and who had received it.

A number of residents of Kiptere Division have expressed concern over what one of the local opinion leaders described as phantom projects in the Division. They have challenged the chairman of the local CDF committee to explain the discrepancies’ in figures of the money appearing in the CDF website and the amount of work put on the ground.

There is also allegations that the residents of Kabianga Division, where the MP hails from might have undeservedly received the lion’s share as far as the disbursement, budgeting and allocation of the CDF for Belgut is concerned.

“The MP is the patron of the CDF and all other devolved funds issued by the government in aid of the various projects within the locality, therefore he owes us an explanation as to where the money dished out of the CDF kitty for Kipsonoi Secondary School’s expansion project is,” said Eng Koech.


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Date: Thu, 2 Jul 2009 13:27:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: Leo Odera Omolo


  1. keror yegen

    Eng Koech should know the structures of CDF in Belgut. If he is the board chairman, what steps has he taken? Or does he just want to gain political mileage?

  2. kimutai

    Its very encouraging to read that the pple of belgut are vigilant about the utilization of there CDF moneys. Im also concerned of the way affair’s are done in our constituency office in sosiot and paper work shld not be a means of deceiving unsuspecting constituents, what is on paper should read what is on the ground.

  3. welno

    belgut wakeup and vote for leaders who are not mean,look at how cdf fund is being allocated,busre fund is given to relatives,and the rich,when will those who deserve be served with these fund.The current mp select cdf committe most are his relative,mr mp are u practising transperancy and accounterbility, i know of a
    lady diwani who didn’t see form one ,and u endose to be a nominated .Belgut is long beging for good leadship, not leaders of babana republic of kabianga.We need
    fair,diligent,and focus leadership,so the beglut elite be firm and demend good leaders. not by virtue of being relative,or friend u are rewarded. see what we are from uncultured leadship,u are using same poor roads like before,seven yrs ago.

  4. Jack Ngetich

    Fellow youths, it is our time. For how long will we be cheated with Kshs 50 notes to vote for looters? How many people have benefited from the so called CDF and Bursary if not the close friends of those in the committess disbursing funds?
    We are the majority. We also want one of our own who understands what we are going through. One who have the energy to work NOT who is elected to be rich and make his friends rich. LET US WAKE UP. THERE IS NO OTHER TIME IF NOT 2012.

  5. Eng R K Koech

    keror yegen, it is good to pen something that you are sure of. All I am interested in is proper accountability of CDF money allocated to Belgut. The CDF office should account for all the monies received by way of listing all the beneficiaries and amount allocated to each beneficiary since 2003/4 FY. If you have that information, please let us share.

  6. koech s.k

    In addition to what my name sake highlighted, I also want the councilor for cheptororiet ward to tell us how he has expense the amount which he was allocated to his ward for the last 3 years down the line.

  7. koech kipkirui

    is also of concern is that chepkemel health centre,has stalk, so we would like our mp hon charles keter to hold pulic forum and give us transparent accoutability of CDF money.we are waiting mhesimiwa.


    Can the youths within belgut rise up Hon.keter and Hon langat explain to us criteria they use to create SIGOWET constituency why did they decided to place us at the boarder line of nyaza hardship area like turkana dry area no facilities like roads and access to health banks etc.

  9. koech kipkirui

    arise and wake up pple of kericho,why are we landless and yet we are not been explain how white settlers took our land&that its under a 99 years lease?do we really have leaders who can champion our rights?my guess is the same as yours,it means we hve no leaders but only politicians!so let those who seek power tel us what they hve done in addressing the lease issue.

  10. kipkirui koech

    Apart from CDF money lacking accountability and transparency;there is also LATF money which is under the docket of councilors,can they also give us clear beneficiaries of those money since just ,the min of local authorities hv release the 2nd allocation,bt we hv no clear structures on LATF.Can somebody explain this?councillors do u hear us, we are talking.

  11. Steve k.k

    We the youths of Belgut let us rise up and vote for our fellow Youth,becz the future is we have the numbers.CHANGE IS INEVITABLE. N WE NEED CHANGE AND THE CHANGE WE CAN!

  12. Steve k.k

    All the people of Belgut let us vote for STEVE KIBET KOECH MP for Belgut 2012.He is a young Visionery Youth,Development Consious,accesible and accomondative.”HE IS A PILLAR OF HOPE FOR BELGUT”

  13. Steve

    In belgut the Poverty level is rising up and Education level is going down so we need a visionery young leader to save belgut.

  14. mike

    The elites of belgut should sensitize the rest of the constituents about good leaderships,and help them distinguish leaders from mare politicians. in belgut we have a good politician but a poor leader in our mp, the poor state of our roads say it all for example tablotin kabianga road,which is at its all time worst, the failed water projects are also attest to this eg chepsagogo water project which continues to attracts cdf funding which can not be accounted for,so we should be fair to ourselves and vote in pple who will be accountable to us.

  15. Steve

    Steve Kibet Koech is a graduate who comes from Cheptenye n he works as an accountant in Nairobi.He is a young visionery leader who does not ecourage hardouts but he is a development consious who encourages youths to think when you talk of distributing money! It is so astonishing to hear that since he has not distributed any money.But he participates in fundraising only.

  16. mike

    who is this steve kibet? has any one seen his manifesto, or he is just another mare politician in the making?

  17. Steve

    We hear soon he will be launching his Manifesto,so patience pays.Youths will be in the forefront in all the development projects.Lets give him a chance.

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