Kenya: Corruption in the Land Sector

from Yona Maro

This joint Transparency International and FAO Working Paper draws attention on corruption in land tenure and administration. Unprecedented pressures on land have been created as new areas are cultivated, taken over by expanding urban centres or are abandoned due to degradation, climate change and conflict. These developments have strained the rules, processes and institutions that determine which land resources are used, by whom, for how long and under what conditions. As evident around the globe, where land governance is deficient, high levels of corruption often flourish. Weak land governance tends to be characterized by low levels of transparency, accountability and the rule of law. Under such a system, land distribution is unequal, tenure is insecure, and natural resources are poorly managed. As a consequence, social stability, investment, broad-based economic growth and sustainable development are undermined.

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One thought on “Kenya: Corruption in the Land Sector

  1. charles Juma Othina

    ONE: I think this is a good forum for progressive minds and i congratulate the founders.

    TWO: However, those throwing tantrums heywire in this fora just dont know how irrelevant they are.

    THREE: the issue of Ndhiwa should be discussed with open mind devoid of rumours and hearsays. One needs to be on the ground the way Loe Odera seems to have invested in knowing whats in the Rift Valley. But by hearing from others; ooooyo.

    FOUR: Scores of things have happened in Ndhiwa and scores are yet to. Scores of good ones and scores of bad ones.

    FIVE: Weighing Ndhiwa on the scale of development requires one to ask: where are we supposed to be rather than where are we?

    SIX: Talk with examples of development or not in Ndhiwa. Many people talk of non-existent developments in Ndhiwa and with equal measure, they selectively dont talk about real developments on the ground.

    SEVEN: Am not sorry to state that like many constituencies, Ndhiwa still has along way to go. But for those that Mheshimiwa has done, CHEERS.
    CHARLES JUMA OTHINA, resident of Ndhiwa since birth and works for Maseno university as a lecturer (Media Department)

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