Gulf Energy- The most corrupt organization in Kenya

from Judy Miriga


Good reporting. Please publish what you have in the forum so we can push and the matter can take the right direction speedily……

This is off-shore business pirating which engages also in Ponzi Scheme. They rip off the economic value of the country in large sums and the looted profit is shared amongst the dealers. Nothing goes on record for public information, for appropriation bill or is included in budgeting. The off-shore dealers pay no taxes and the monies go into private accounts through their special controlling banks………

So we must demand to know, how Kenya is gaining from these off-shore business deals? Is this how we want our Government to do business under Reformed New Constitution? Do we have a choice?? Where is accountability and transparency???…..Dont we have a right to sue and investigate???…….

People, dont be blinded at “free trading enterprising call”……., if it is against the spirit of fair mutual agreement for common good of all, then it is illegal and unconstitutional…….and it should face the legal justice squarely…….This is why life is getting more difficult to Kenyans. Affording basic needs is becoming a nightmare…….

Look at it this way, although it is a National resource potential, its operation is in darkness to the rest of the country, and no profit fizzles back into the Country’s income account and yes, it is corruption and theft. It is stealing from the country big time……Who do we blame? It is exactly what is going on with the rest like KenGen and others.

If we must save ourselves from destruction, future and destiny, we all must act decisively and remove all those corrupt ideological elements from leadership. We cannot just sit and watch. Things must change for better people, or else we are all doomed……

We must choose for better or for worse…..The choice is for us to make……We live or die.

Judy Miriga
Diaspora Spokesperson
Executive Director
Confederation Council Foundation for Africa Inc.,

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— On Thu, 1/19/12, jack otieno wrote:

Attached here in is a copy of an internal email of Gulfenergy approving “facilitation” A.K.A bribing the following;

-Kenya Shell: to manipulate product prices in the country

-MOE( Ministry of energy) for favors to win oil supply tenders, this is ussually collected by a Mr Wafula on behalf of the PS and minister(Whose son works in the company)et

-PIPECOR( Pipeline cordinator) to get preference for ship berthing and loading

I have the same Emali for several months and also the bank statements for the company showing that the cash was withdrawn to pay the bribes.

Further i have photos of the MOE official(Mr Wafula) collecting the cash

Documents showing how Gulf energy evaded tax and further paid KRA commisioners 2M Kshs when the KRA audit was done and irregularities were found

Many more documents showing the corrupt dealings of the company

Any one interested in the docs to send email directly to me

Yours Truly

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