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Tension is high within Voice of Salvation and Healing Church in Kisumu with the members of the congregation accusing Bishop Winnie Owiti wife of the ailing church’s founder Archbishop Silas Owiti of up surging his roles which is leading to mass walkout of members of the church saying Winnie’s move is aimed at “overthrowing” Archbishop Owiti from the church leadership.

The members says that the church which has its branches within the entire East and Central Africa is likely to disintegrate if the current goings on by Bishop Winnie is not checked and stopped by the church’s trustees.

They accuse Bishop Winnie of recently conniving with her sycophants to endorse her as the predecessor of her ailing husband under the guise that he was senile and incapable of running the church actively.

“The dust has not settled when she declared herself as the head of our church and again she has brought some quarters to grant her an honorary doctorate so that it puts her at par with her husband so that her leadership becomes legitimate” one angered member of the church who never wanted her name revealed who is opposed to her leadership style lamented.

The members are also accusing their self-imposed Bishop Winnie of discarding elders of the church who had steered the church to its present state through reshuffles which has not been endorsed by the church organs and without the knowledge of Archbishop Owiti whom she says has lost his memory and has made sure that no any church adherent nor officials can access him at his Kisumu’s Milimani home where she has hired goons to keep vigil on her husband so that no one sees Archbishop Owiti and only through her advice and consent.

A cross section of church members interviewed in regard to the goings on within Voice of Salvation and Healing Church are also accusing Bishop Winnie of subjecting her husband to her current state as she has really frustrated the old man and abandoned him at a time the man of God needed her physical support most.

“She has a tendency of staying away from home for as a long as one month or more under the guise of doing missionary work which the church leadership has not sanctioned nor is aware of leading her to abandon her husband under the care of maids who cannot handle the old man better” one official of the church who never wanted his name be published lamented saying they cannot access Archbishop Owiti and they do not presently know his condition nor his whereabouts saying perhaps their Archbishop might be “dead”.

Older members of the church who were in the steering committees of the church have so far been replaced by Bishop Winnie’s “yes men” as she says that she is restructuring the church’s organization.

“We are not against the church being geared for better organization but divine intervention should be upheld and not physical orchestration whose aim is to make one the church’s leadership through unorthodox means” one elder of the church added.

Meanwhile a cross section of Nyanza Clergy has won Bishop Owiti to go slow and stop antagonizing and divided men of cloth within the region as she expand her “reign and territory ”.

“After messing Voice Of Salvation and Healing Church she is now targeting respective churches dividing members and selecting people whom she is so safe to work with, we are soon calling her to reprimand in love and tell her the teaching of the bible in regard to leadership, should she refuse then we will not count her as one of our own” one clergy based in Kisumu said.

Efforts to get comment from Bishop Winnie were fruitless as she never replied back short messages written to her not called back as she promised.


  1. Erastus Kwaka Omolo

    I am one of the Trustees of our Church, The Voice of Salvation and Healing Church (VOSH Church). I was not aware that such unfortunate and uncalled for exchange was going on in the internet. I kindly request the originator of this chain of exchange to stop it. The originator indeed can not be a VOSH member. We live, work and walk at a certain level in society and that is why VOSH members are respected wherever they are. They are different, they don’t major in mediocrities, they have no time for cheap and idle talk, they honestly earn what they eat and many are very well educated now days. You find them everywhere and in many parts of the world. You can not take them for a ride, no please – you can’t.

    Whatever motivated the originator of this exchange can not be for the good of the work we in VOSH do and the values we were taught and stand for. Indeed that person he says he talked to (or rumor mongered with) can not be a genuine VOSH Member. He sure does not love our beloved Archbishop Silas Owiti and is an enemy of the cross for which the Archbishop sacrificed all to so humbly serve for over half a century now.

    May I confirm that there is no leadership vacuum nor is there any leadership struggle in VOSH. The Archbishop is aging yes, like we all and all shall do, but he is still so strong you will be amazed if you meet him or hear him preach. The use of the word “ailing” in reference to the health status of the Archbishop was unfortunate, disrespectful and uncalled for and to some extent abusive. I also confirm that at no time has Mama Winnie (Bishop Winnie Owiti) attempted to force herself as the leader of the Church. the writer uses the the words “up surging” – words which are difficult to contextually connect to the line of writing.

    Mama Winnie has been such a pillar of strength and support to the Archbishop and the entire VOSH Church fraternity over the years, and through many a days of thick and thin, that I am very confident to say that the writer does not know what he / she is talking about. DO NOT TRUST WHATEVER HE HAS TIME TO AGAIN WRITE. God bless his work in the hands of Archbishop Silas Owiti and as very ably assisted by Mama Winnie. Know the truth and it shall set you free !

  2. silas ayako

    I think Bshp.Winnie is a good leader and whatever accusationa people are saying are all lies.I grew up in Bishop Winnie’s orphanage;Ebenezer Life Centre where i got educated from childhood hence has enable me to reach this far.I think those who are speaking negatively about her are people who are not aware how mama winnie is such a good leader and thar’s why they are telling lies.In this wrorld respect and homers belong to those who show good qualities.

  3. pastor vincent ouma

    Lets put everything in prayer, the church is the BODY of CHRIST,lets not loss forcus of our calling only GOD can give the church direction.

  4. Frank Angira

    I know Winnie as a commited woman of God serving God with all her strength…this writting is the work of the devil whose principal purpose is to kill, steal and destroy (John 8.44)..Bishop Winnie was so wise to keep quiete and not address questions from you…this was the best thing to do..this fake story is dieing out slowly and the church is rising to new levels every time! Bishop Keep doing the work of God…knowing your labor in the Lord Jesus is not in vain, it shall surely be rewarded!!!!

  5. silas okwako

    Bishop winie knows how to treat visitors i being one of them, she’s my role model and may God bless her

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