Kenya: torture and killing of a youth in kamukunji constituency

From: Tom Makisa

In deed it sounds like a story narrated not in kenya, but we wonder how many more young souls shall be lost in such a brutal manner. Where is justice? The innocent blood shed is crying 4 help & God is watchin, may the Almighty God rest that soul in eternal peace, Every life is precious


On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 09:41 PDT george omondi wrote:

Yesterday night at about 8:00pm-8:30pm a youth man lost his life at the hands of 3 diplomatic police officers at eastleigh south ward/madiwa next to suncity cinema.

According to eye witnesses the 3 policemen who were said to be drunk at the time took the wallet of the young man at the suncity stage where the youth used to work as matatu route 4 operator, and entered the pub then the youth decided to follow the officers at the pub to demand for his wallet, what happened next was a thorough beating by the officers who closed the doors of the bars according to the eye witnesses and what they could hear was the loud voice of the youth crying for help and bottles and glasses being broken inside, after about 8 minutes the officers opened the door of the pub and dragged the young man outside the pub by pulling his legs since the young man could not stand due to pain and was sleeping at the floor the young man then walked up and struggled his way home but was
overwhelmed by his pain and decided to rest at a nearby plot the officers then decided to follow the young man and woke him up and dragged his to a nearby police post so that he can be booked and detained but the officer incharge of the station refused to book the young man and asked the officers to take the young man first to hospital, the officers then left with the young man to later abandon him outside the station the station commander then followed the officers to the pub they were drinking and the officers from diplomatic police unit and the regular police officers starded quarreling since the diplomatic police officers refused to take the young man to hospital, the young man was then rescued by another youth who knew him and took him to a clinic where he received first aid treatment and took him to his house.

the young man could not sleep due to the pain he was undergoing and was rushed to kenyatta national hospital the following morning and he
was urinating blood and vomiting blood as well the young man succumed to the pains as he was being taken to hospital by his pregnant wife and other volunteers, the young man is no more with us he is dead leaving behind a pregnant wife and some small kids, the incidence has been recorded at shaurimoyo police station and eastleigh south police post. The postmortem result will be out next week tuesday we will keep you informed, may his soul rest in peace.

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