Race relations in Angola

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You’ve heard about the Portuguese emigrating to Angola to escape the economic pain in their own country. There have never been as many Portuguese people in Angola as there are now, not even when Angola was under Portuguese colonial rule. But with a 26% unemployment rate in Angola, not to mention the colonial history shared by the two countries, you can’t help wondering what the Angolans think of all this. What are race relations like between black Angolans and the white Portuguese? Well, the answer depends on who you talk to, as we discovered in our investigation of race in Angola. We hope it provides some food for thought.

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investigation of race in Angola.

ANGOLA, LUANDA | “Angolan women don’t like the Portuguese,” says Amelia (30, office cleaner) in a matter-of-fact manner to This is Africa. If you’re not familiar with Angola you might expect this to be the start of a rant against her racist ex-colonisers, but it is, instead, more about aesthetics, as she goes on to explain that the Portuguese are “ugly, impolite and arrogant”. “They’re hideous and short, with fat stomachs, and their asses are turned inwards,” she says with a broad, naughty smile, hilariously imitating their allegedly inelegant walking style and funny accents. “Of course some of them are nice,” she adds.

The jokey way in which she says all this is illustrative of the relaxed way the various races in Angola interact.

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