By Agwanda Saye,

NACADA the Kenya’s agency tasked with fighting drugs and alcohol is supporting the proposed amendment to the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act of 2010 which initially criminalised those who were selling alcohol to the underage and now wants [parents enjoined and committed to jail.

The agency’s Chief Executive Officer DR.William Okedi says that they as an agency welcomes the said amendment which will criminalise parents who are primary caretakers of the underage to be held responsible or be fined kshs 10,000 or three months in prison or both.

He however lamented that its no secret that substance abuse is a major global problem with serious ramifications to the society adding that though previously viewed as a criminal problem, alcohol and drug abuse has in recent years become a threat to the socio economic development of the country and Kenya risk loosing the nation’s hard earned gains.

He added that drug abuse is observed to not only affect the individual drinker but the society at as its usage goes beyond the physical and psychological health of the drinker.

“Diminished academic performance, insecurity, hooliganism and motor vehicle accidents are some of the social effects of alcohol consumption , others include, infertility, reduced work performance as well as wide range of social ills such as child abuse, rape ,domestic violence and murder” he added he added that after the government acknowledged the negative impact of alcohol and drug abuse, it responded to the alcohol and drug abuse challenge by requiring that all public institutions mainstream alcohol and drug abuse prevention in their programmes.

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