From: Fuambo Janyandito

There are daily reports of car thefts near Kenya-Tanzania border, Burundi-Tanzania border, Rwanda-Tanzania border, Rwanda-Uganda border and Rwanda-Burundi border.

This seems to be coinciding with the noble initiative of opening up
borders within the region.

The signing of E A common market protocol does not mean the national security law enforcement and customs agencies should go to sleep.

Why should vehicles pass through border posts without security personnel confirming the ownership and relationship of the driver and the vehicle when vehicles are crossing borders?

Thugs are already taking advantage of this laxity and a vehicle stolen in Isiolo, Kenya can easily cross Uganda into the thin air of Congo.

The national governments should not let security personnel hide under free movement, as they plan together with the thugs, to prey on unsuspecting East Africans.

A Tanzanian in Kenya should always be ready to explain why he is in Kenya, and vice versa, and the public should be trained to promptly report strangers who are neither employed nor doing business. Without harrassing such fellow East Africans who could be visiting, they should be tracked closely.

Security within the community should be well thought out so that new avenues for crime are blocked.


  1. akech

    There must be a reason why people behind this confusing union are eager to rush things, while there is instability in the government of Kenya.

    Due to world’s financial situation, many African countries are finding it difficult funding their securities. You may soon discover that the crooks engaged in this are foreign organized crime syndicates found everywhere in the continent of Africa.

  2. Wambua Kaloki Wakenya

    A free market and political federation are fine for East Africans and we are happy we are heading there.

    However, a framework of joint policing along national borders, common resorces like lake Victoria and within national boundaries need to be worked out.

    A common market is good, but a common market without security is not good at all.

  3. Akech

    An East African Common Market, whose sole security is entrusted to proxy war lords like Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda, and Paul Kagame of Rwanda, will not benefit any ordinary citizen of Uganda Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi. These two war lords are masters at controlling and deceiving ordinary people inside their territories!

    The International corporations using these two African killing machines (Musevini and Kagame) are not interested in sharing the profits they make looting African resources. If they were, they would not be concentrating in militarizing the region like they are doing right now. When a person approaches your property with a weapon, s(he) is not there to help you! If he catches you unprepared, you will be gone. If you had advanced knowledge he is approaching, you better be prepared to defend your property!

    The western media would have you believe Museveni and Kagame are good for Africa. Well, if they are not good for Democratic Republic of Congo (ZAIRE), where they have slaughtered and displaced millions of Congolese, while the mining of resources continues, they are not good for anybody other than themselves, and their foreign friends.

    A man who will not hesitate to kill another unarmed person in order to acquire his/her property, is not the kind of a person who is willing to share anything. You cannot put your security in the hands of a person like that. THINK ABOUT IT!

    If the security in EAC only guarantees the safety and security of elites like Museveni, Kagame and their foreign corporate friends, then that security is worth “JACK SQUAT” (nothing) because it does not protect an average citizen of these countries!

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