From: Gordon Teti

What Kenyans did not know is that both Mwai Kibaki and Uhuru Kenyatta were projects of the former dictator Daniel arap Moi. To ensure that KANU rules for over 100 years as Joseph Kamotho, the former KANU Secretary-General declared, the ruling elites during Moi presidency dispatched Kibaki to the opposition to disorganize it. That is how Kenneth Matiba, who both Moi and Kibaki feared was stopped from becoming the president by dividing the Kikuyu votes in 1992. When Kibaki won the 2002 presidential elections, Uhuru conceded defeat easily because Kibaki belongs to the same camp of the ruling elites and therefore was going to continue with the same policies of the past. Indeed, for the past 10 years of Kibaki presidency he brought back the policiesJomo Kenyatta’s presidency, which he blended with those policies of Moi presidency. With Kibaki’ssettled second term settled after rigging the December 2007 presidential elections , the KANU machine settled for Uhuru Kenyatta to succeed Kibaki. Uhuru Kenyatta represents the interests of the following familes: Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel arap Moi, Mwai Kibaki, Simeon Nyachae, Moses Budamba Mudavadi and a few others.

The plan to rig the Kenya Presidential Elections 2013 was put in place well in advance. Immediately after Kibaki was rigged back to power after the December 2007 Presidential Elections and the formation of the forced marriage known commonly as the Coalition Government, Kibaki and those surrounding and supporting him, which include the Kikuyu Security Intelligence Service (aka the National Security Intelligence Service) went to the drawing board to work on a plan that will ensure that Uhuru Kenyatta would take over the presidency when Kibaki retires. When Uhuru Kenyatta, as the opposition leader, declined to contest the presidency in December 2007 and instead gave his support to Kibaki, that was the time an arrangement was reached that Uhuru will succeed Kibaki.Therefore, the grooming of Uhuru Kenyatta started in earnest with appointments to very strategic positions in the Coalition government as the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister. Those who think that Uhuru Kenyatta started receiving intelligence briefing after being rigged and declared the president-elect are in darkness. The Kikuyu Security Intelligence Service has been working very closely with Uhuru Kenyatta on the succession politics since the inception of the Coalition government.

The following is the geneology and a well coordinated plan that was put in place over the past 5 years by the Kikuyu Security Intelligence Service to ensure that Uhuru Kenyatta succeeds Mwai Kibaki:

Raila Odinga who is the most credible challenger and opponent to Uhuru’s presidency had to be stopped. To stop Raila from reclaiming his stolen presidential victory in December 2007, the Kikuyu Security Intelligence Service hatched a plot to destroy Raila’s political machine and vehicle; the ODM Political party. How? By ensuring that ODM is reduced to a one man show; Raila’s party and that of his luo people. ODM had to be reduced by all means possible so that the national outlook it enjoyed during the December 2007 general elections is dealt a big blow.

How was this to be acheived? The former ODM Pentagon members had to be induced to desert Raila Odinga. Therefore, a strategy of both carrot and stick was employed by the the Kikuyu Security Intelligence Service to ensure that William Ruto, Najib Balala, Charity Ngilu, Joseph Nyaga and Musalia Mudavadi all left ODM as a sinking boat. The first to be approached was William Ruto who was considered very vulnerable due to the ongoing court cases both in Kenya and at the ICC in the Hague. The Kikuyu Security Intelligence Service informed Ruto that he could choose a bright future with Uhuru Kenyatta or a doomed one with Raila Odinga. Ruto was informed that Raila Odinga will never be allowed to be president of Kenya and was reminded that if Raila Odinga’s presidency was stolen in broad day light in December 2007, the same will be repeated in future elections.

Consequently, Ruto was reminded of his involvement in the post election violence of 2007/2008 and was warned that it was the Kikuyu Security Intelligence Service that provided evidence to the ICC and as such the case against him is water-tight. It was at this point that Ruto was dangled a carrot to choose between supporting Uhuru Kenyatta or continue following Raila Odinga to the dungeons since it is only the Kenya Government under Uhuru Kenyatta who will save Ruto from being jailed for over 50 years by the ICC. Ruto succumbed and was immediately enlisted and tasked to assist the Kikuyu Security Intelligence Service in destroying Raila politically. It was agreed that the other former members of the ODM Pentagon would not leave the party at the same time with Ruto for two reasons; one, to help with information gathering; and two, to confuse Raila that he still had their support only for them to leave at the last minute when elections are around the corner thereby making Raila extremely vulnerable. Otherwise, all of them were induced with money and alot of it infact, and were all privy to the rigging of presidential elections 2013 since Raila will never be allowed to be president of Kenya so it would useless backing a donkey who is going no where.

Confirmation of the involvement of the Kikuyu Security Intelligence Service in rigging of Uhuru Kenyatta to the presidency is all over the place for Kenyans and the world to see. The Kikuyu Security Intelligence Service beefed up security at the Bomas of Kenya a few moments before the Election & Boundary Commission declared Uhuru Kenyatta president -elect in the same manner heavily police officer stopped the KICC in December 2007 and forced the late Samuel Kivuiti to declare Kibaki as the “duly” elected president of the republic of Kenya.

By visiting Uhuru Kenyatta after a few days of being declared president-elect at his private residence and publicly saluting him infront of TV cameras, the Kikuyu Security Intelligence Service sent a strong message to Kenyans and the world that it has recognized Uhuru Kenyatta as the in-coming Commander-in-chief. The reigns of power shifted on that day from Kibaki to Uhuru Kenyatta.

Closely after the Kikuyu Security Intelligence Service visited Uhuru and saulted him at private residence, President Kibaki invited Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto to the State House and completed the transfer of power.

After the State House visit, to confirm that power is being transferred to Uhuru Kenyatta by Kibaki, Uhuru was flown to Mombasa using the presidential jet and while in Mombasa, he was received and treated by the Coast Province senior government and security officials as the president.

To complete the transfer of power from Kibaki to Uhuru Kenyatta, Kibaki finally relinguished all the power of the Commander-in-Chief to Uhuru Kenyatta through the Kikuyu Security Intelligence Service when the military bade him farewell last week. Kenyans should therefore not be cheated, Uhuru Kenyatta with the support of the Kikuyu Security Intelligence Service has been forced to the Kenyan people as the president.


  1. Nyibule

    It s true and show of dividing Kenyans a long ethic community if the SC did not show a positive result on the Kenya people our grand children will demand what MRC want now and let a sure them that even standard five pupil understand that Kikuyu are greed for power and state quo. Our grand children will demand state of Nyanza and MRC the same. Its a picture shown by our leaders now. We should not have two general election with same same issue for other tribes not lead due to haterate. We will move out of Kenya map in future.

  2. victor

    You have the facts just like what was presented in the SC last week but this is just beyond an ordinary mwananchi, it is no longer about the truth but about power and money

  3. bill

    at best this is all conjecture, hearsay and guess work. get a real job and help build your country instead of trying to rip it apart on tribal lines.

  4. danjames

    look at a bunch of whiners Kikuyu this Kikuyu that…get a grip and continue spinning the conspiracy theories that throw your lot in perpetual victim hood.

  5. Elly

    Kikuyu security intelligence service. What a disappointing article indeed, rigged raw with tribalistic comments. Kikuyus are the biggest tribe in Kenya but only afew are leaders. Many of them are poor and don’t share in the loot that affects all Kenyans. Moi ruled for 24 years but still the Kikuyus are the evil tribe with greed for power not forgetting the Kikuyu security intelligence service which has survived moi ha! I find your article to hold truths but it fails when it turns tribal. Lets call it what it is- the political elites and for us Kenyans to defeate them we need to stand together not get devided by their divide and rule tactics along tribal lines. Where are the policies we should be looking at? Instead its just tribalism. Mr write you need to disinfect you sick mind with this tribal stuff you are brainwashed, how can you even lay positive claim to the MRC do you really want Kenya divided that much. I hope years of reflection has changed you mind.

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