Prime Minister’s Daughter in Property Dispute with a Kisumu Asian Tycoon

Prime Minister’s Daughter in Property Dispute with a Kisumu Asian Tycoon

By Shem Kosse

One of the daughters of Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Rosemary Adhiambo
Odinga, is embroiled in a serious property tussle with a wealthy Kisumu asian tycoon, Karim Surani.

At the centre of the controversy is a hotel, operating under the flagship, New Rozy Lodge, which is home to over 20 rooms, and said to be worth millions of shillings.

Early this week, marauding youths alleged to have been hired, and working
under instructions from the PM’s daughter, stormed the hotel, situated in the heart of the lake side city, and clobbered guests with crude weapons, ejecting some of the unsuspecting guests from bed, culminating in scores of injuries.

Sources who talked to this writer confided how the goons, numbering about 50,
unleashed their anger on the hotel caretaker, Mr. David Onjiri, who was punched and whipped severally ,when he questioned the legitimacy of the barbaric operation.

According to documents within our possession, the property belongs to the late
Alice Akoth Okongo and her husband Hezbon Onyuro, but they rented it out to Nazir Surani, who in the long run developed an interest to buy it, but the duo seemed to have contravened the initial agreements, thus impacting negatively on the purchase.

In one of the letters written by Nazir Surani’s advocate, Mitchell JB Menezes, ref 156/4456/m, dated 9/9/09, read, “our client paid monies towards purchase of the above cited property. The vender ,Alice Okonyo who is the registered owner, did not perform her part of the agreement. As such our client lodged a caution against the property, claiming purchaser’s interests”.

It’s imperative and instructive to note that Nazir handed the business to his brother Karim, who in the course of running the business, realized some interference, which made him to do a property search and realized that a new owner had emerged by the name of Miss Rosemary Adhiambo Odinga, title No.7/148.

Sensing danger, Karim moved to court and got two orders, dated 2nd/12/2009,
barring Rosemary Odinga from interfering, and another barring Alice Okongo and Hesbon Onyuro for the same, in a tribunal case No. 73/2009 and 58/2008, in Kisumu High court.

All the court process have been ignored by Rosemary Adhiambo Odinga and
her agents, and fencing is being done to pave way for demolition and a new construction.

Shem Kosse

11 thoughts on “Prime Minister’s Daughter in Property Dispute with a Kisumu Asian Tycoon

  1. Akech

    This is a concocted story intended to light negative fire on the the PM and his family.

    It is inconceivable that PM’s daughter, whom I am sure knows that there are some laws in Kenya against hooliganism, would deliberately put her father in jeopardy, using such a ridiculous tactics to settle a dispute.

    Indians in Kisumu have no respect for Africans among who they live, and have been manipulating Kisumu politics since they came to the Kenyan scene, during the building of Kenya-Uganda Railways when decided to stay in Kenya. They are the most corrupt individuals in the world today. I suspect those goons were hired by the tycoon Mr. Karim Surani. SHAMEFUL!

  2. Jaluo ASili

    We are tired of these Kisumu reporters for hire. First they have no training in journalism and always scandalizing people on the internet. They could not pass their fourth form exams and now they have retorted to playing with people’s names on the internet. Does it suprise you that they only write positively about Asians in kisumu, one Cyprian Awiti, Kidero of Mumias?

    All those who have refused to pay are called all sorts of names, and woe unto you if you are an MP. They sit at Imperial hotel where they make their deals. It is time we call a spade a spade and tell Jeff otieno, Kosse, agwanda Jakorando and Leo Odera Omollo that enough is enough.

  3. Godfrey

    If this stuff is fake, then how is it that Miss Rosemary Adhiambo Odinga’s name is appearing on a title for a property that is under legal dispute?

  4. Fuambo Janyandito

    Kenyans of Asian origin have contributed immensely to the enterprising culture and hard work Kenyans are known for. It is true some of them have got involved in nasty scandals but that cannot make as demonize a whole community.

    Second to Jothurwa, I hope you are not scaring away potential investors by concocting alarming stories intended to malign sitting MPs but by doing that you end up doing what you did not intend. You all want development which as we have been preaching, takes place sustainably if anchored on private sector.

    En wach manade ma higni kalo mang’eny to ni Joluo nyaka nyis piny duto duge minegi gi wuonegi. Ni jok ma kar mondo gi nyiswa weche dongruok ma Kisumu to nyiso wa mana weche maricho kwom jo siasa. Thoth weche gi be wanuang’ ni miriambo. Ni chuo gin gi bedo okinyi nyaka odhiambo gichiemo, gimetho, gifuambo to gifuong’o to mine gi nyithindo to giweyo chandore e gweng’.

    Jondiko mong’ith kaka jaduong’ Leo, kon uru jo ndiko ni ndiko ber makelo konyruok gi dongruok to ok maketho. An awuok ni mana kanyinga, afuambo mabeyo. Unbe nde fuong’ ne uru piny mabeyo.

    Ka ni tie maricho ma nyaka siem wang’ to bende ok rach to ok pile.

  5. Akech

    What kind of improvements have Asians in Kisumu made, other than monopolizing trade in Kisumu? In other cases, they have employed methods to drive away any hard working African entrepreneurs trying to compete.

    Could it be possible that this is what is happening in the PM daughter’s case?

    Currently, most of these Asians have formed partnership in micro lending adventures. The hard working African entrepreneurs in Kisumu and surrounding areas, are being hit with predatory lending schemes @ 25% interest rate, on loans secured by property title deeds, like house of land!

    We all know that when a person has to use his property to secure a loan, the interest rate should be reasonable, not 25%. COME ON PEOPLE, WAKE UP!

    Many of these borrowers have found themselves in situations in which they have to choose between sending their children to school, and defaulting on loan payments; thus; losing the properties they had used to secure the loans! How do such types of predatory investments help people living in Kisumu, if one has to choose between sending a child to college, or losing property??

    We all agree education is very important in the present global economy. For those of you who are fortunate enough to hold jobs, you or someone you may know may be struggling with lifestyle based on salary alone! It does not cut it any more folks! I know a number of young people who graduated from colleges and have difficulties landing jobs because
    (a) There are no jobs (b) they have no powerful connections!

    Against these odds, some determined families are adventuring into starting business, either to supplement the salary or survive.

    Borrowing money at reasonable rates is, therefore, vital! However, if someone is giving out a loan @ 25% interest or more in which a property title deed is attached, I would not call such lenders “investors”. These are robbers with nothing to lose!!

    Here are some of those “investors” that have left Kisumu behind since independence of Kenya in 1963!

    And these are the directors who make the interest rates decisions:

  6. Fuambo Janyandito

    The question you should be asking is: Why do Asians do well in Kisumu, but not the locals.

    A close study of most Asians would reveal that their lifestyles make them save, and they in turn invest their savings.

    Ever since I knew Kisumu, the best primary schools are run by Asians, and many of us benefited from that.

    You cannot blame the Asians for our lack of thrift. The only solution is for us locals to save and invest in Kisumu. I’m sure the locals are capable of microfinancing SMEs by locals. Being in a free market, competition alone would bring down the interest rates.

    Kar mondo wapar ni to higni apar mabiro kato katich orumo to nweng’o biro a kanye to wadich wamanyo joma lowa, kas to waketho saa gi pesa e tieko gi. Piem mar fuwo e ma miyo jaindi pod biro loyo wa. Waindi ocham luchgi gi riekogi, wan bende watigi riekowa nweng’o ma kawuono olos nwen’go makiny. Siasa gi wach dhok kende dak cham.

    Dhana chamo mana gi ma okayo to okayo mana gima okomo. jaindi ok nyal komo ni to in ema idwa ni icham. OOYO THURA! KOM MANA MARI!

  7. samson owiti

    Kudos to Jaluo Asili for hitting the nail on the head. This is the same stupid Lawyer whose name keeps coming up in scandal after scandal.

    When the gentleman from US, who had bought property in Milimani, where the same names mentioned comes up.

    The ruthlessness that this lawyer has needs to be checked, and the police should arrest him and friends for acting irresponsibly.

    This is the same lawyer who has shut down many African owned businesses and appears in Mars group anti-corruption list as playing with records.

    The LSK should have already disbarred this guy . As for the writers, can we know why you have not written about the people he asks about, and yet everyone knows the scum in Kisumu?

  8. stacey

    This is a load of nonsense from the get go. Samson is right.

    This lawyer and a number of fake ones, have been associated with some so called big shots and it is important that the government starts looking into their cases because it smells corruption.

    Many times the person who they are fighting for is almost always an Indian and ruthlessness has been used in over 20 cases and counting .

    Kisumu clean up ur act and some of the mps, not all and parastatal heads were very telling in this piece, and in light as to what has just happened today, I am not surprised this story has just appeared,

    One reporter wrote on Rutos visit ….lets see who attended and draw ur own conclusion!

  9. mark otieno

    Mayo!! how ironic…Magara is out?? He fought so well. Why did he move on the side where he knows that heavy investigation is about to take place? Makes no sense?

    The company may all be corrupt. Look at the donations. Apart from ojode, who are all the others?

    And the sugar guy emerges , yet again. I though the Minister was cleaning his ministry at the beginning, and had started with Mumias …now they are raising funds?

    Okay Kenya confuse us but we are waking up .The omenas are coming out mbuta beware. The Kisumu police has to by now, be well aware of who the thugs are .This is the kind of stuff that ruins the name of a place, while lake Victoria moves to Central.

    Investors should be disgusted with Kisumu. Where is the Mayor and police when 50 thugs can walk together and be such a menace?

  10. mark gutu

    Samson?is that the same one who used to work for them and was doing some dodgy sideline of his own because he knew the mzee did not have a criminal mind like him.Blame others for your own failures and nothing will change.Asians do not Live amongst us, they are Kenyans also,or in that case is Obama not to be considered an American,is he also living amongst them.Wake up and realise how the world is today.

  11. Otieno Atieno

    Like father like daughter, the same tricks the father employs, do you expect the daughter would be any different.

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