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FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2013

Catholic Relief Services is in the midst of distributing a projected $2.789 million grant to one of the leading voices in the international abortion movement, LifeSiteNews reports. The U.S. Bishops’ foreign relief agency is distributing the funds to Population Services International, a $670 million organization that markets abortion drugs in the developing world.

This takes place barely a month when the Catholic Bishops in Kenya took a united stand against a series of advertisements by the pro-abortion lobbying group Catholics for a Free Choice promoting condom use in the country.

The advertisements read “Good Catholics use Condoms”, and have been seen on billboards across Kenya, as well as appearing in leading newspapers in the country. Cardinal John Njue, the Archbishop of Nairobi, who serves as president of the Kenya Episcopal Conference wanted those adverts pulled out.

It is also taking place at the time a Polish priest is contesting his removal from the position of pastor following a blog post in which he reportedly denounced the Polish bishops’ condemnation of the sins of abortion, euthanasia, contraception, and in vitro fertilization, according to the Agence France-Presse (AFP).

Fr. Wojciech Lemanski, 53, has been removed from his leadership position of the parish of Jasienica by Henryk Hoser, Archbishop of Varsovie-Praga, for “lack of respect and disobedience,” and for causing “serious damage and confusion at the heart of the community of the Church.” Fr. Wojciech Lemanski was reportedly removed for dissent.

Lemanski initially refused to vacate his parish, but has now decided to leave in accordance with canon law while disputing his removal with the Vatican. The temporary administrator sent to oversee the parish by the archdiocese was refused entry by parishioners supportive of Lemanski.

The removal follows a series of conflicts between Lemanski and the archbishop, which the priest claims were provoked by his work to commemorate the killing of Jews in Poland during World War II, a labor that was recognized by the Polish government in 2008. Archbishop Hoser denies the claim.

Jesuit professor Stanislaw Obirek supports Lemanski and is expressing hope that Pope Francis will support the priest in his struggle against Archbishop Hoser. “The priest Lemanski opposed the language used by the Polish church which is hurtful for people who think differently, particularly on the subject of in vitro fertilization, abortion, or homosexuality, a language of hate,” Obirek said, according to AFP.

Obirek believes that the conflict represents “a new stage in the confrontation between an open Chuch,” represented by Pope Francis, “and a closed Church,” represented by the Polish bishops.

On the U.S. Bishops’ foreign relief agency distributing the funds to Population Services International, when questioned about the grant, CRS initially claimed PSI had merely sold them mosquito nets to combat malaria, but when presented with more information, the Catholic agency acknowledged that the abortion giant took a decidedly more active role.

Founded in 1970 by porn baron Phil Harvey, who initially used his porn profits to fund PSI, the organization networks and trains local providers throughout the world to offer “safe abortion.” The group’s “charity” work largely involves “stimulat[ing] demand” for contraceptives and abortion drugs among the world’s poor and then selling them the products.

Asked on Friday to explain the grant, CRS communications director John Rivera told LifeSiteNews that in late 2011 they had purchased water purification packets from PSI in Panama to help with water contamination following a major tropical storm.

PSI is open about its promotion of abortion even on its own website. On its page about “reducing unsafe abortion,” the firm explains that it “works to increase access to WHO-approved medical abortion drugs.” Its website also mentions its provision of medical abortions in Cambodia and Nepal, noting that in Cambodia it launched the country’s “first safe medical abortion drug, known as Medabon.”

The website says their work in India focuses “both on the demand and supply side” of the medical abortion and IUD markets, explaining that they promote the use of the products by “target[ing] audiences with information and messages using inter-personal; mid and mass media.”

As with its controversial grants to the pro-abortion group CARE, CRS’ $2.7 million grant to PSI Guinea is “pass-through” funding, meaning that CRS acts as a principal recipient to a funding agency and then doles out part of the funds to sub-recipients.

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