Africa: Are Luos the inventors of Mathematics

From: Maurice Oduor

I like JaGem’s factual analysis of how these Luos made all these scientific and mathematical discoveries only to have history change their real names.

The story of how a man named Pachithagore from Ogasso, Ugunja in Ugenya, was changed to Pythagoras from Greece; this story was told me by an elder when I was just a 4 yr-old boy. I guess it’s what ignited my life-long affair with Mathematics.

Or the story of Fulie (reveal it) who found a way to solve Integrations of Differential Equations; history, in order to deny the Luo credit, changed his name from Fulie to Fourier. Fulie To Analos was fond of revealing new things to the folks in his native Ugenya Masiro Ndar Ober. His discovery was now recorded by history as Fourier Analysis !!!! This is a prostitution of his true name, Fulie T. Analos.

There are so many scientific discoveries made by Luos that History had denied us credit for. People like Gali Ilewo (Gali, the Late One became Galileo – Gali of Alego was always late for his appointments).


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On Sat, Aug 10, 2013 at 6:45 AM, Judy Miriga wrote:

Labda ana spread poison-ivy juu ya itching for unfinished business !!! Hehehehehe !!!

Judy Miriga
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From: Maurice Oduor
Sent: Saturday, August 10, 2013 12:58 AM
Subject: Are Luos the inventors of Mathematics


Raila is already itching them. Raila ilo gi. Raila is one who itches and ilo is to itch. Do you see how furiously they scratch themselves whenever Raila coughs?


On Sat, Aug 10, 2013 at 1:43 AM, Jagem K’Onyiego wrote:


Usiwe Shady jamani. Jagem ain’t doing none of that. Jagem only discovered that these great Luos were the inventors of “Math matuak.”.Look, Rind’s name came from his trade, closeable doors made of Papyrus. Rind in Kijaluo means: Close or lock. The man lived between 1657BC to 1600 BC. Pachithagore (Pythagoras) is another great Luo. Pachithagore, means one who is in deep thought. Then there are others like Gero Lamo (meaning building faith and prayer in what you do).

Shady, there were Great Luos in the past and even in the present. Unfortunately the Luos are a race of people which are true liberators of the mind as well as from bondage. For this, many other races dislike them and would want to corrupt their names given a chance.

For example The greatest Kenyan Footballer that ever lived was William Ouma. Yet President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta wanted soo bad to change this man’s name that he nicknamed him Chege.This name stuck thus: William Ouma “Chege”

Other great Luo names are the likes of King Solo- Mon (Gathering women). Remind me, how many women did he marry.

Another great Luo was the warrior called Liath, the man beaten in battle by another young Luo called David. The man was called Liath (Giant of a person) But when David beat him with a catapult, Luos said that David Nogo Liath (David beat Liath. Go Liath means to beat a Giant.

In future, You will see names of people like Obama and Raila changed to suit others. But do I say?


On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 12:21 AM, wrote:

Amazing Jagem!

These are great men

But you forgot one name, “Jagem” the man who found a formula in this forum to corrupt great names!

Shadi – the great
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From: “Jagem K’Onyiego”
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2013 12:09:37 -0400
Subject: Are Luos the inventors of Mathematics

Ladies and Men(s)

I love to read History. It makes me understand many things in the world. Some of these Historical facts have taken me through a time warp back to the time before Jahoswa (Jesus) was born meaning “Before Christ.” In those days there lived great Luos who made significant contribution to the science of Mathematics

The very famous ones and whose names have come to be corrupted are the likes of:

1. Rind Togo (Papyrus). Rind was known all over the ridges for making mats and doors which were well calculated to precise sizes. He made doors out of Papyrus which he calculated to swing through certain angles for them to open and close. He then created locking mechanisms for the doors. These were known as Ra-Rind. Folks therefore coined the name, Rind Papyrus, from this man’s trade. The name RIND PAPYRUS (Close the Papyrus door) has remained to date.

2. Parothaga (Pythagoras) 582-507BC. Parothaga spent a lot of time trying to calculate the sides of a right angled three sided house. Houses used to be constructed in that manner during that time. He spent day in day out on this work. When folks needed answers from him he would dismiss them by saying that he was in deep thought, “Parothaga.” The locals therefore came to refer to him as Pachithagore. He eventually solved the problem as we know it today in a* + b* = C*. This Jaluo’s name of Parothaga was later corrupted to sound like Pythagoras. Letters ach were removed from the name and replaced by a y, and then letter “e” at the end was replaced with an “as”.

3. Ae kimedee (Archimedes). This Jaluo lived between 287-212 BC. He did most of his work working with water. He was fascinated with how objects floated in water without sinking eg Jaluo’s Fishing canoes. Ae Kimedee played around with water to get the actual volumes of objects in relation to water these objects displaced when immersed in containers full of water. His name was later corrupted as Archimedes. A true great Luo.

4. Gero Lamo: This Luo lived between 1501-1576. He is known to have found a solution to the equation x3 + ax = b. Gero Lamo believed in the power of prayer to make him think and find solutions to mathematical problems.

5. Jalango: other words known us Okumu; is known for his mathematical formula which was used to broker peace in South Africa after UN was defeated to broker a peace deal to pave way for black Majority rule in South Africa.

6. Barack Jakogello” Is known to have found a formula to beat odiero apala in his own game. he used the formula to become the president twice and had brought Policies which has significantly changed the way business is done in America.

7. Agwambo the Great: Agwambo is well known for complex mathematical formulas which are never understood by many Citizens. Many a times it takes 3 ,5, 10, to 15 years before the Citizens understand what he is talking about. He lives in the future while many Kenyans live in the present.

Let me leave you with those few great Luos, and have a wonderful day full of mathematics.


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