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One of the News Dispatch readers writes: “Father Beste what is your take, why is Uhuru administration demonstrating extreme disrespect to Raila Odinga yet he is among few courageous leaders who fought for the reform of this beloved country of our, Kenya”? There is also rumors going on that FBI has revealed the cause of fire at the JKIA have you had it?

Asante ya punda ni mateke (gratitude of a donkey is a kick) so the Swahili saying goes. Frustrating reformists is not only a Kenyan problem. Indeed it is a global problem. This is because political systems in most countries, especially developing worlds have no room for reformists.

Your concern is also a concern of Uganda President Yoweri Museveni and former president Daniel arap Moi. Both are not happy with the way Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration has demonstrated extreme disrespect to Raila Odinga.

Moi’s reaction according to media reports is about the Francis Kimemia’s circulars that barred Odinga from using the VIP Lounges at Kenya’s airports. This has dented Uhuru’s image among his peers, including his ardent supporters- Presidents Museveni and Moi.

This came about when President Museveni held a meeting with President Uhuru when he visited Uganda recently. It was at this meeting according to the report that Museveni sought to know what exactly was happening in Kenya, specifically media reports of Raila queuing at the airport’s general public entrance for clearance before boarding.

Museveni was shocked that the man whose name whenever mentioned reminds him of his pan African ambition was treated like a junior government employee by just a mere secretary to the cabinets in the name of Kimemia.

Museveni- who is said to have been incensed with what he called nonsense and childishness, asked Uhuru why Raila could not be allowed to use VIP lounge, retain government vehicles and enjoy police security like Kibaki and Moi.

It was at this point that Museveni gave an “order” that Raila should be allowed to keep the cars, maximum police protection to all his homes and properties and an all access to VIP sections of the airport.

Moi and Museveni were also not happy with recent remarks by the former Government Spokesperson Muthui Kariuki who has been redeployed within the Civil Service. His position has been merged with that of Manoah Esipisu as the Communications Secretary and State House spokesman.

Although Uhuru claimed that he abolished the office of government spokesman because the Office of Public Communication Secretary and Government Spokesman do not fit within the new structure of his administration, this office was disbanded shortly Moi paid a courtesy visit to Uhuru at State House.

The unit is headed by Mr Esipisu who will now be entirely responsible for communicating government activities, ensuring clarity and consistency, unlike Mr Muthui who came under intense scrutiny in the past month over his statements on Raila, which at times have been contradicted by Cabinet Secretaries.

He was used by some Cabinet Secretaries, some of whom have been in political arena with Raila and former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka to ruthlessly humiliate Raila and Kalonzo in public for holding on to government vehicles.

The same secretaries used Mr Muthui also to accuse Mr Odinga of planning the heckling of government officials during the funeral service of students who died in a road accident in Kisii on their way to the district sports competition.

Mr Muthui took over the office from Dr Alfred Mutua who helped set up the unit after the Narc government came into power in 2002. Dr Mutua who is now the Machakos County governor is now a close ally to Raila and Kalonzo

Earlier on before Muthui made a remark Senate Majority Leader, Kithure Kindiki called on Raila to stop creating his own laws and challenged him to seek advice from the Inspector General of Police, David Kimaiyo, if he has any problem with his security.

He noted that the Jubilee Government will not allow Raila Odinga to drive on the wrong side of the traffic with a fake siren, saying he risks being arrested for flouting the traffic rules because he is endangering other road users. These were the exact words said by Muthui later on.

Concerning FBI leaked report, yes, the Kenya Today on its opinion column said that the fire at JKIA was caused by infighting among the drug dealers. With the rise into power of Jubilee, there has been a realignment of the drug dealing fraternity. Click here to read the article-

It says that the deportation of Chinedu and numerous other Nigerian drug dealers is believed to have been orchestrated by drug dealers, some of them who occupy top government positions in the Jubilee government. Some of them, flamboyant ones are Governors, while others are Senators and MPs.

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Real change must come from ordinary people who refuse to be taken hostage by the weapons of politicians in the face of inequality, racism and oppression, but march together towards a clear and unambiguous goal.

-Anne Montgomery, RSCJ UN Disarmament Conference, 2002


  1. Harrison Addero

    I think Raila at 70 should retire he will be 75 in the next election in 2017.Why shoud he get the same treatment like kibaki or moi and he was prime minister for only 5 years?.moi was vice president for 12 and president for 24.kibaki 11 as vice president and 10 as president.Raila should shut his mouth na akubali kuongozwa na vijana.

  2. Omondi

    Raila should go home and enjoy his old daiz in this world.he should accept that he cnt b the president en nva eva shall we b led by loosers.

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