Seventh Day Adventist’s University of Eastern Africa Baraton refuses to pay a widow her husband’s dues.

Seventh Day Adventist’s University of Eastern Africa Baraton refuses to pay a widow her husband’s dues.
From: Fuambo Janyandito

In response to allegations by University of Eastern Africa Baraton officials at different informal fora that a widow of a former senior staff of University of Eastern Africa, Baraton had refused to go for retirement, I took upon myself to find out the truth about the allegations.

My findings are shocking and reveals the rot in church institutions. This purpose of publishing my findings is to register a wake up call to Seventh-day Adventist church leaders and Christian church leaders at large.

These are my findings and University of Eastern Africa Baraton and Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders should read this for self correction.
We are not condemning anybody.

1) This widow is the same one who in September 2009 was locked out of Kamagambo Adventist College, when she, together with her son, went to visit her daughter in law. The son and the daughter in law were later almost shot by arrows. Those responsible, we have reliably learnt are still at large.

2) When the husband died two years ago, the severance for the husband was not paid to the widow, and two years down the line, the Senior Administrators at Baraton have refused to pay the severance, claiming beneficiaries from those who die do not receive severance, despite the Workers’ Policy being very clear that, those who resign, die or leave job for any other reason are paid, or their dependent spouses paid.

3) The widow, being a worker in her own right, and having desired herself to retire after the death of the husband applied for retirement. However the Administration at Baraton requested her to proceed for retirement without having paid her the husbands reverence, her own severance, in addition to not having given her the retirement allowance, to enable her go and settle at home.

4)This week, we learnt the widow was preparing to leave, but disappointed at not receiving the severances and retirement allowances.

Knowing the family of the late Eliezar Okoth Yogo very well, and the role he and the entire family have been playing in the church, we are not going to let the matter rest until justice is done to the widow.

The tactic of demonizing victims is  normally used by church leaders and politicians, but these men of God should spare widows and orphans from such evil tactics.

49 thoughts on “Seventh Day Adventist’s University of Eastern Africa Baraton refuses to pay a widow her husband’s dues.

  1. odhiambo Jakamagambo

    Fuambo Janyandito,
    The SDA church needs proper overhaul.The church has done more harm than good to most of its followers.

    Where do they take the Millions of money they gather from poor,widows and the needy in terms of Tithes?

    This church does not support the local community, even its members during any crisis or emergency, they dont even pay rents to owners of the land they built their Church on.

    Let them pay that poor lady.
    Wuod Omolo Jarongo- Kodero Bara.

  2. Sheth Anyona

    It is no wonder all Adventist institutions are no longer centres of excellence. Kendu Adventist Hospital is in a sorry state, not an example of excellence in rural based health care service provision, but a case sturdy of mismanagement; Baraton itself, the first chartered private higher learning institution is now trailing late comers like Methodist University, Catholic University, Strathmore and USIU; Kamagambo which used to be a premier high school in the 80s is a pale shadow of what it used to be; the publishing house in Gendia which was an example of ‘enterprising against all odds’ is no longer shining.

    We are hearing of a conspiracy that sidelined excellent Abagusii and Luo managers from the institutions. Any Kisii or Luo who stood out strongly for excellent management of Adventist institutions in western Kenya were frustrated. That is why people like Professor Agoki, an engineering professor was frustrated from upgrading Kamagambo, and given a nondescript job of assistant chaplain. The late Mr. Yogo whose widow is now being tortured, could not even be allowed to settle at the church headquarters in Kenya, because he always took strong stands against those who were hatching schemes to kill the institutions.

    Any time a Luo or a Kisii with good credentials and tested experience is proposed to head the institutions, they are frustrated into leaving, and those with poor credentials are given the jobs instead.

    I am therefore not surprised if the frustration is extended to families of Luos and Kisiis, who have stood out for excellent management in Adventist institutions.

    Kisiis and Luos should open their eyes and restore the failing institutions to their former glory.They are the majority in the Seventh day Adventist Church.

  3. Amon Kipchumba

    Richard Mambo, the Business Manager of Baraton is a disgrace to the Seventh – day Adventist Church. Aren’t there other Seventh – day Adventists qualified and experienced enough to control finances without necessarily frustrating faculty and staff. It is not the first time we hear staff of Baraton complaining about maltreatment from the Finance Office.

    It is an abuse to the Adventist faithful to keep heartless and incompetent people in offices. Good management practice demands that every month an employee completes a month in employment, severance funds are put aside and invested. Immediately, an employee dies, resigns or leaves employment, the severance money is then immediately availed to the employee or in case of death, dependent spouse or children. When this does not happen in an institution like Baraton, then we are left to question the integrity and competence of church administrators.

    As church members, we can consult and assist the administrators voluntarily, but they are too proud to consult professionals. Instead, they normally fight professionals in their midst.

    It is a shame that simple issues cannot be resolved amicable until pressure is applied.

    Can somebody tell Pastor Mbwana of the Division that the rot under his administration is stinking the world over, and he needs to restore the dignity of the church. Pastor Walemb of Baraton should also know that the stench from Baraton is stinking beyond Nandi hills and causing discomfort the world over.

    For Adventist faithfull, dedicate this year 2010 to pray for reformation in Adventist leadership as we submit ourselves for reformation too.

  4. Jason Olang'

    I can only say SHAME AND WOE UNTO THEM that deny widows and orphans their rightful dues. May their eyes be open and realize that they are committing daylight robbery in the church. Shame and woe unto them that stifle development of church institutions.

  5. Aseto William

    It is not unusual for Richard Mambo, the Baraton Business Manager to have his weird personal opinions override laid down procedures. He also believes that finances are controlled by failure or delay to honor commitments. All the years he has been in Baraton, he has never appreciated the damage such backward way of controlling finances has caused Baraton.

    Finances are well controlled by adopting well thought out strategies and plans. Since he is not good at formulating and executing good finance strategies, he is resorting to archaic management practices.

    The failure in Seventh-day Adventist leadership is its preference to inept managers like Mambo. That is why Baraton and other Adventist institutions are on a rapid decline.

  6. Bosire Mose

    You should not be worried that the devil has infiltrated the ranks of the church and God in His own time will exorcise the infiltrators, the impostors and the pretenders. Pray that you overcome designs of the evil one. Tell the widow to take heart and pray without ceasing. Everything in this world is temporary.

  7. Bosire Mose

    The same Richard Mambo has been pulling his leg in refunding medical claims of a new staff member who was seriously ill, claiming such medical funds were not budgeted for.

    My simple advise to Richard Mambo is:
    Look at the workers’ policies and contracts and set aside funds accordingly and go for insurance and fund managers to manage the funds.

    Advise the college board to take a strategic step of outsourcing many services in the university and minimizing the number of permanent staff. Once a person has been employed on permanent terms, he/she must be treated as per ECD policy provisions. That is why you were appointed a Business Manager.

    Your duty is not to deny people their contractual rights. I guess it is not late to make amends, correct mistakes and have the institution move forward.

  8. Omollo Patrick

    As an adventist professional, I am deeply concerned with what I am seeing here and can confidently state that whatever is repotedly happenning in Baraton is not the way I know adventist institiotions to be working.

    If the reports are true, then I can only offer the following advise to the leaders there:

    a)Be fully accountable to God first, to your constituents second.

    b)Be respectful to God, your constituents and workers(whether active or retired).

    c)Be very very sensitive to the vulnerable amongst your workers and constituents. You might think they do not have a voice, but their whispered complaints are louder than your decrees.

    d)Issues do arise in management, but dispose of them with utmost urgency.

    e)Administration, Management and Leadership goes beyong the realms of personal opinions and feelings. Do what agreed policies and regulations demand regardless of your personal opinion.

    f)If you cannot respect policies and regulations you are employed to implement and interpret for others, resign very fast and go and work with employers whose policies and regulations are acceptable to you.

    g)In planning and budgeting, a great deal of time should be spent in translating policy and contract provisions into monetary terms such that most incidences and risks are financially provided for.

    h)SDA policies and regulations are among the best in organizational governance the world over. However, if managers do not take time in understanding and interpreting them, they remain useless, a source of frustration and a door to thousands of litigations.

    i)Avoid situations that call for litigations. The Kenyan society of today is highly informed and with ICT, especially internet people can access all sorts of information. Days when church administrators used to restrict policy books to a select few is long gone. A non adventist lawyer can access the SDA Workers Policies in minutes and can lead unprecedented litigations which Baraton can never pay its resultant costs.

    j)Seek various professional opinions when making major decisions like hiring. You do not need to have every worker on permanent terms. Most services can nowadays be subcontracted or you engage consultants on short term contracts.

    k)Offices are priviledged positions to serve, not to be used to torment

  9. Mzalendo Wakenya

    Can somebody advise Baraton or church administrators to spare us these embarrassments. We are not interested in hearing litigations against church institutions because of incompetence of one or two people.

    Church institutions should be foremost in upholding law, respecting rights of people and should clear all obstacles within them that can make people stumble. They should fill up all hideouts of the evil one.

    Let the leaders in church institutions shun the holier than thou attitude which makes them think they are infallible. Nobody is infallible and let them heed advice and submit to holy spirit for guidance.

    Leadership in a church position does not make anybody a god and they should know that they are also human beings whose fates can end up being worse than those they think do not have voices.

    This Richard Mambo should be advised to stop misbehaving. A big institution like Baraton does not belong to any single individual and he should stop his wayward treatment of staff.

  10. Bwambale Edvan

    I have liked this program of informing us what is taking place in the world and all over your university.
    may the Lord God bless you very much.

  11. Kennth Yogo

    When we read things such as what is happening to our church, I really feel embarrassed. The frustration by Mr. Mambo started just after my dad suddenly got sick on 10th January 2008! From refusing to allow Dr. Odira to use the ambulance to go to Gwassi to pick up my father, to dragging his feet in allowing us to get my father airlifted to Nairobi for specialized treatment, as advised by the Doctors at Aga Khan hospital, Kisumu. Now it has come to this.

    All these leave me wondering, is this the church my late dad brought us up to believe is the remnant church? As a family I don’t think we have any issues with Mr. Mambo. All we ask for is for our mother to be given her dues, what the ECD working policy says is due for her. This is not only for my mother, let the church leadership learn to do unto others what they would want done to them.

    But let us remember, the devil has camped in the church. Let us really take time and pray for the church.

    Thank you

  12. Omollo Patrick

    Thank you for confirming the incidence, and sorry for the irresponsibility by those who are put in positions of responsibility. Pray for them, avengeance is for God.

    To all readers, I need to remind you that God is good, His church is also good but the church is infiltrated by the devil. The church should be watchful and prayerful to avoid succumbing to infiltrators.

    To administrators, such irresponsible people should not be put in responsible positions. Having them in institutional leadership normally create ireparable damages.

  13. Fuambo Janyandito


    I have also confirmed another problem in Baraton. There is what you can call creative accounting, where students and staff accounts are charged with baseless bills. For example, those who do not reside on campus are billed for accommodation and meals. Those who discover and try to follow up are not attended to by The Business Manager, Chief Accountant and any other finance staff.

    Sponsors and guardians who call Mr. Mambo, the Business Manager and Amos Mule, the Chief Accountant, normally get endless promises of corrections, but the accounts are never corrected. In addition, bills from suppliers are also not settled on time, and it could just be a matter of time before some suppliers go to court.

    Account statements are not only inaccurate, but also produced very late, and students and staff have to beg for the statements, unlike before.

    Staffs also complain of persistent errors on their payrolls and promises for corrections are never fulfilled.

    Without politicizing the issue, and to restore the image of the church, an investigative audit should be performed to have independent verifications and corrective actions taken.

  14. Duncan kiboyye Okoth Yogo

    I would like to begin by asserting emphatically that we as the Yogo family do not feel right that my mums story is being discussed in the world wide web, especially if the result is only a denigration of the church.

    First and foremost i feel very close to the university of Eastern Africa @ Baraton, for i am an alumni. i have even been an officer of the Alumni Association. More importantly i was the one who even registered the alumni Association after many years of “uncorporate” existence. Secondly, i have basically grown up in the church, being a baptized member, my late dad having dedicated his career to serving the church, as a teacher, Accountant, financial administrator and University Administrator. My mum too continues to serve the church in her own right. With my sins and much more, i consider myself an Adventist, so i would not like to poison the well i have personally drunk from. After all we still need the church to usher in millions of adherents to the Heavenly Home!

    However, i would not use the forum to betray the intelligence of those of us who have “some” information. It is true that my mum has not been treated right by “some church workers”, especially those who have turned the church in to a market place for trading their nonsense. Be they as they may, i am not happy at the general condemnation of the church. A lot of Church workers are great men and women of God. The Church as an institution is still a pillar of Christian strength. It still represents Jesus. Baraton is still a great place, despite some rot that is hidden under the holly rug. My record speaks for itself. When i was a student between 1989-1993, i was not only a beneficiary of the Adventist bliss but also a victim of the devilish rot that you can find in the Adventist’s Judas Iscariot.

    Yes. It is true. Some of my family members were chased out of kamagambo with arrows! I have personally attempted to reach the Kamagambo Principal and i do hope that the it can be resolved amicably. If it was a question of seeking (restorative, retributive or otherwise) justice out side of the church, we would have done so. But as a family, we have resolved that we shall never be an channel of Institutional discord. In accordance with the Adventist and Christan morality, our family does not intend on seeking justice outside of the church circles without exploiting all the internal mechanisms.

    That is another story that i would pray that we all put in perspective.

    My request is that this particular discussion be stopped as we all pray that the church will get to be much stronger. After all trials should not be used to weaken an institution.

  15. Fuambo Janyandito

    Thank you Jasuba for the clarifications.

    When we point out wrongs in the society, they include those which happen in individual institutions including churches. Many Kenyans have been misled into thinking that corruption and impunity take place in government corridors that are far removed from the society.

    It is this misconception we are telling Kenyans to correct. We are telling them that what goes on in the corridors of state house is a reflection of what happens in institutions, churches e.t.c. If you want to know how our society is sick, look at how the churches treat their people. Look at how they treat the widows, widowers, opharns, single mothers, victims of injustices, the vulnerable in their midst.

    How do they handle those who stand up and say that we need to reform.

    Another thing Kenyans need to be reminded of is that a problem for my brother or sister is a problem for the society. This is ‘USAMARIA WEMA’. You do not run for your dear life, laeving somebody being mugged in an alley. You do not, in the name of preserving an institutio’s labels confirm that widows are being tortured over their husbands’ dues let the matter rest. My friend, since the ugly incidences in Kamagambo, we have keenly been following what is happening to your family.

    We only urge you to be prayerful and patient. Our aim is not to denigrate the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We are telling them that the church is watching. I am an adventist, and I got the story of the tribulations of your family from Rongo and on follow up later this January how the issue of Kamagambo was concluded, got the funny story about reirement in November only to confirm in Janauray that ppeople given high responsibility in the church were cooking up stories to make a victim appear bad. In other words, they were preparing grounds for further persecution of the victims.

    Jasuba, that is not acceptable. Let Seventh-day Adventist leaders and employees act with decorum, fairness, justice and in a God fearing manner. The positions they hold are for saving souls, not torturing souls.

  16. James Mugo

    Is a contract of employment a legal or a moral document?

    If the late Yogo was an employee, then his contract of employment and policy of employer stipulates how his benefits MUST be paid.

    It has nothing to do with office bearers.

    Any delay in paying those dues should attract a daily interest above the basic rate of the Central Bank of Kenya.

    I don’t want to be drawn into judging morality.

  17. Tanui Benjamin

    Whatever is going on in the world today is only but the signs of the end times. We find so many wolfs in goat’s skin. We should always pray especially to less fortunate and those whose rights are being denied.

  18. kake

    baraton is a money making industry!!! millions in fees and millions in donations. where does it all go??!!! church institution is just a way of hiding the real truth! their education is not even what they say and their curriculum is unrealistic.
    and about that widow…..SUE BARATON!!!!!! make them pay!!!

  19. Fuambo Janyandito

    I have no more words. After pointing at anomalies in Baraton, o body made attempts to rectify them and now the result are burnt buildings and university under seizure by GSU after students’ riots.

  20. Poopy

    How sad, if the riots will get pple to listen to all the complaints we raised even when we were there, so be it. Pole to the Yogos tho.

    P. Class of 2004

  21. E. Katana

    Am so shocked! Adventist institutions are crumbling down. Take an example of changamwe sda primary school that fell from grace to grass; and now to sand! Where is the church heading? Can the responsible people manage this crisis?

  22. Musonik Kipkenya

    Ndugu Katana, the responsible people behave like the Kenyan politicians. What goes into their stomachs matter most to them.

    I was in Kapsabet recently what I have read here do not v contradict what I heard about Baraton. It has lost its former glory due to ‘incorrigible’ administrators.

    It is not a loss to SDAs but a loss to the local community and the nation at large. We are even surprised a nodescript SDA university from Uganda is running progrms in Eldoret town, a stone throw away from Baraton yet Baraton is sleeping because of the sleeping administrators.

    Surely, people deserve better than they are receiving.

  23. Ronny Mose

    All these are indications that things are falling apart in the leadership of the church. You can see it all over.

    I just read in the news from Kenya that politicians had to be resorted to for fundraising for the new Adventist University of Africa. This GC funded institution is not so desparate to seek for politicians’ money expecially at this time in Kenya’s politics, thereby giving them platform to campaign.

    Baraton and indeed all the Adventist universities the world over, was built without politicians’ money and we are wondering waht has changed that the General Conference of all the levels in the church should use politicians to fundraise for the new university?

    I hope what I read was a misrepresentation. If the politician was there as government representative performing government duties, then there should not be any cause for alarm.



    I hope most of you whoM have commented do appreciate that ueab haS a forum
    in the church and in campus .Stop washing your dirty linen in the net.Let us go home and call them on a round table,correct them, coment them,advise them, pray with them,encourage them etc. avoid hate writing . By the way UEAB REMAINS CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE DESPITE SMALL ISSUES NORMAL TO a GROWING FAMILY. Long live ueab.

  25. James Koskey

    Bw. Paul, your advise is good and applicable where systems are sound and issues addressed on a timely manner. What do you expect in a system that just promoted Pr. Walemba to an oversight position for UEAB after presiding over its rundown. The FORUMS YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT ARE ALREADY ROTTEN and knew about the issues being raised here some times back but did not act because of personal interests.

    UEAB used to be a first one in almost everything including being the first chartered faith based higher leraning institution in Kenya. For it remaining a centre of excellence, you need to relook at your yardstick and avoid being sentimental. There are many newer universities doing much better than UEAB in all aspects. We know that it is currently having difficulties paying its bills including staff salaries.

    I verily tell you that despite having that rich past, without reform in entire adventist system and UEAB in particular, it would be like the nation which is famed for the Mesiah being born in its midst but has rejected Him todate.

    Being, Paul the already converted one, go tell the people you are holding brief for to go change their ways before their end time comes. The tag of a denomination or a seat in church administration shall not save them.

  26. Cornelius Kipchumba

    Oh miserable thieves in the name of God in the SDA’s Baraton university! Stop molesting the widows n orphans God is the husband of widows n father to fatherless-ur robbing God.plz i beg u stop that deadly act!

  27. Kiplang'at Sylvester Nge'no

    Being an SDA I think I don’t like what’s happening at Baraton.I also think people commenting should not base their arguments with tribalism.We are all one,

  28. Gendo John

    mKMUGA, watch your back men, lest they find out you are almost believing, they’ll finish you. The devil is more ferrocious in the church.

  29. Mzalendo Wakenya

    THE SOLUTION LIES IN REPENTANCE AND REFORMATION. Leadership positions are for serving God and fellow human beings. They are not positions for filling own stomachs and self agrandizement then displaying how powerful one is.

    What is happening in Baraton is a reflection of what is ailing the society in Kenya and we repeat to all of you that the solution is in repentance and reformation.

  30. Isaiah Onsarigo Miencha

    Hello bretherens who in the safari to heaven? our God is a promising one,He will never leave His pple get into astrey,believe in Him and all shall be added unto u. Glory to Him above who leaveth n shall be forever amen.

  31. cecilia ng'etich

    Hello, you are all commenting what you think or know about Baraton. Thank you for letting us know what is going on. We as church members are praying for the university. Please anyone who is among the administrators to be closer to Jesus. We all know that satan doesn’t go why his people are. It is dwelling where all information about heaven is. Make use of the materials in the university to guide everyone on his or her job. Ask for advise before doing any sensitive thing to avoid bad reactions from people. Leave long to teach people about heaven Baraton.” Tusikuwe” car conductors hence we remain and people go ahead of us. Be all blessed.


    The time has come for the church to say bye to poignant points of impeccable manners that have made our life which was better bitter.

    were it not for Mr.Yogo the then human resource manager i would have not joines baraton.he talked to the administration and I was admitted since my father had no money but i promised to join the work study programme.

    currently am taking ma second degree in actuarial science and a student leader for second term.

  33. JM

    I am sort of concerned about the general assumption that if one Adventist Church Institution is wrong, then the whole SDA Church is demonic. That is completely wrong, misleading and diversionary. It is even tantamount to blackmail.

    The late Yogo’s matter hinges on whether the PRs have legal claims against the University or not. If they do, then the best option would be to file a case in court against the University assuming that other optiions have failed.

    Iam afraid any judgement on morality won’t render alot of help.



  34. Sarah M

    Well…thats Baraton for you and the lady in question deserves so much more in appreciation for all that they as a family has done for this institution and the church at large.
    Of course the contract was legal so the question is, what right do they have to deny her and disrespect her and the memory of her husband. SDA leadership went south when i was a freshman and ever since, it has been sinking even lower.
    Haven’t you ever wondered the full story of the premature departure of the former Vice Chancellor? the truth does and will come out!

  35. Okemwa Ongeri

    Can the church management take urgent action incase there is anything wrong taking place in the institution? Mean while, i kindly call upon all christians to fast at least one day for the purposes of Baraton University.Remember God is there and faithful.Our Loving God will ashame the devil and all will fine.

  36. Francis Kamuyu

    Am an alumni of Baraton, and I came to learn the cream and scum of Adventism within those 300 acres in Nandi hills. Good thing is I had read and heeded the warnings in “Fundamentals of Christian Education” by EGW. I was under no illusions and I knew I would get both.

    Like many disappointed Adventists I have since been bashing the church for many, many shortcomings, until I realized that it can become a blinding habit until you see nothing good in the system. A study of the gospels and Acts of Apostles and other NT and OT books also shows clearly that God’s people have never been perfect. We owe the presence of deacons to similar issues in the early church. The apostles were hardly saints either, and Jesus had to be very patient with them.

    I am therefore deciding not to bash the church any more, and am realizing its an addiction that takes time. Its unfair and demoralizing for all those faithful church workers who work conscientiously to protect the image of the church they love so much. Its also unfair for Mambo to be mentioned by name in a forum he cannot exonerate himself.

    Lastly, am also not a saint either, and hardly a good judge of intentions. As someone pointed out, only God knows the real issues involved, and only He can pass judgement. The call for prayer is valid, as are the calls for seeking for appropriate fora to address the issues.

    My decision, however, is quite different. I have decided to make a difference whenever I can. If I notice a shortfall or shortage that I can fill, I will offer myself. First to God, then to the leaders. If they refuse my offer (as they have done several times) I will not trumpet their incompetence but find out if maybe they need help to realize that they need help, so to speak. Sometimes you need to make arrangements for the logistics as well, the planning, etc, much like they do in the NGO world. Some people will only appreciate when they see the results.

    And am finding this a lot more peaceful. And now my mind is engaged on how I can make a real difference for good, improving the situation, being part of the solution. I know this smacks of “do good-ism” and “holier than thou-ism”, and there are those who will boo, even privately, and call me all sorts of names, but I challenge you to show me the benefit of all these negative comments we make against ourselves.

  37. Fuambo Janyandito

    I have learnt that the church administration has cracked the whip and made changes in management of Baraton. We pray for the new leadership and the individuals who were there before. We are all not perfect. Perfection only comes from God. We should therefore all repent and submit to God and not hide behind the imperfect nature of man to inflict injustice to fellow men.


    Let us not be quick to point fingers at the university administration. These institutions are not run by angels just because they belong to churches. Let offer practical solutions without sounding tribal. Look at where you work. Do things always go smoothly. The whole world is in desperate need of the divine intervention. All of us will be required to give an accurate account of what we openly and secretly. I guess, and i stand to be corrected, church based institutions are likely to face fierce attacks from the evil because of their spiritual mission in this world. Lets pray for our the people leading these institutions.

    I don’t support injustice. I am a christian with many challenges too. WHERE DO YOU STAND AS PERSON?

  39. Moses Nyagaka Okioga

    I was with Agoki right from the beginning when the University started,we shared his frustrations and humiliations that were many and embarrassing.We eventually bowed out.He was given a job that had a clear message-quit.Perhaps because of his strong personality,he didn’t.Many in the church continue to suffer and we do not see merely because they are not in our ethnic group.In fact should our leaders represent the character of God in any way then Mr Lucifer had a right to work against him.
    And another fellow a while ago said “the disorganization in the Adventist Church is so organized that it can not be disorganized”Well one may be tempted to suggest that SDA should be listed a bar with the Kenyan police as the most corrupt instituion in Kenya.

  40. Dr. Richard Caulker

    We do not know the whole fact. Because we have not heard from the church leaders who claimed and organized to represent God on earth. Whether we will know the truth from both sides the issue is what we read about is the best representation of our claims? There is a wide inconsistencies in history between claims and organization that represent the claims. All religion or denomination claimed to represent God but is their belief and conduct a represent God. The fact is there are wide distorted view of God out there so are the claims. No body bother to check. People just accept claims and no check. Can we represent God. No man can. Eve tried she failed to be like God. To represent God we must first know and rule out what ideology, belief and behavior is not consistent with the claim. The problem is today individuals, group are organizing into churches using claims. We have people who throw bombs, commit homicide and suicide claiming to represent God. We have individuals with history of abuse, tribalism, racism, not respecting rights of their clients and staff all grouping to claim and organized into religious institution. Vast majority of people do not research to verify history. The fact is clear individual or group with litany of abuse, racism and tribalism should not be seeking power to claim and represent God because they will abuse the power if giving.

    What does it mean to represent God. First, you must have a sound biblical theology of God what he is and what he is not. People do not have time for this kind of research. What thought and behavior best represent God? The fact the teaching of God, the identity and dominion of man is not a central theological concept. If people are not clear about God how can they understand man created in the image and likeness of God and use that knowledge to rule out what thought and behavior is consistent with the image and likeness of God. Because we have failed to study about God, the identity of man as the image of God to rule out thoughts and behavior not consistent with claims to represent God, negative behavior and abuse continues. How do you relate to another in the image and likeness of God with dominion? The concept of the image of man and his dominion has been abandoned and replace with racism, tribalism and abuse. The whole issue of the pension in this story falls under dominion. God gave man dominion over what he created. But we have individuals or groups who have claimed to represent God but does not recognized the fact that every man is in the image and likeness of God with dominion. So, when individuals or group with historical problem rejecting the image and likeness of all individuals and dominion of all gain power to organize into a religious group or religion they will not respect the rights and dominion of others. This is why what people need the most now is to study their identity and dominion to prevent future abuse. Read my book “21st Century Foundation and Principles of Socioeconomic Development and Social Entrepreneurship” by Dr. Richard Corker-Caulker. Is available on the internet. Lot of identity crisis, loss of dominion and abuse is in the world. We can minimized abuse by creating the awareness of our identity and dominion in Genesis 1:28. Don’t expect people to have interest in educating you about your true identity and dominion. Once they do they continue to loose power over you and will not like that.

  41. John Omwansa

    We have learnt that the architect of the rot in Baraton is on Pastor Walemba who after overseeing the destruction in Baraton is now in a more influential position. People like Mambo who was demoted due to the rot were just small fish. The real ‘mbuta’ is Pastor Walemba who is wrecking more havoc in Baraton and other SDA institutions.

  42. John Omwansa

    True, the destruction of Baraton is still on. Acclaimed academicians are now being replaced by psedo-academicians who cannot get jobs in their countries.

    An administrator who has no skills in managing university business was brought from a country which is a net importer of administrative skills to terrorize hard working administrative staff.

    Foreignors, led by Walemba are leading the onslought in Baraton.

  43. Nicholas

    Hope the family eventually got its right. Mambo should be informed that He is signing Contract with problems. And he is soon facing that.

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