From: Adede Owalla

source; Adede Owalla ( RE_DEFINING LUO HISTORY)

Luos have a complex migration history that cannot be blindly linked to the upper Eastern Africa. The reality is that Bar_el_gazel region of southern Sudan was just one of the several stop_overs that luos got in quest to trace and re_trace their direction. The present Palestine was in around 800 BC Known as the land of the black, presumably because it was populated by black people. Fosil analysis reveals that these ancient inhabitants were more of nilotic than any group. Luos are believed to be part of the group. Migration started as long as human history can be told.

A good number of the original luos, travelled to Africa, westwards toward the present day Nigeria and Ghana. These groups got assimilated by more bigger communities that they met on migration routes and luoism in them faded away. Mark that by around 16 BC, the luo community formed part of a language group known as TIHEAK , which existed as unified group until around 20AD When interclan violence tore them apart. Simon The siren who helped Jesus carry the cross was a member of a splinter community of the TIHEAK…………..

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