Reports Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu City

Reports appearing in heal media stating that there is discontent among sugar cane farmers over high cost of cane production in Kenya despite the country’s commitment to lift COMESA safeguard by March next year.

Cane farmers are taling myriads of production which are slowly driving farmers out of cane growing moving to other cash crops with letter return.

High cost of cane farm inputs, exploitation by millers , expensive credit and poor execution of regulations governing business in the sugar industry have seen farmers paint give in the production of sugar sub sector of the economy this year.

Nearly all the millers in the sugar cane growing areas have drastically reduced the price of van materials (cane) which had hit Konsoro two years age. The millers are charging huge transport fees.

On top of all the production, train cane farmers, corruption is also rampant in relation to cane harvesting programes rolled out by millers. Delayed payment and indication of deductions

Two new medium size white sugar processing factories were in southern Nyanza region Owal Wachara in Ndhiwa district, the other one in Trans-Mara, Narok county

At the commence business, the two mils when paying the farmers very competitive price of Ksh. 5,000 per metric from. In fact the seller industries in Ndhiwa was paying Ksh. 5,000 and not charging the farmer for transport credit. It has since reduced this to 3,800 per tonne and extra enhanced on the cost of transportation.

The Maasai farmers violently, protected against the unilateral increase in transport charge. They blocked the roads leading to the factory, forcing the operation to an halt at the Trans Mara suffer factory, said the same loader.

Similar problem has risen in industry mills, which is located at Wachara near Oria Narket on the border of Ndhiwa and Levivi Districts . Two mills, one located in places less than 5km from the area to base sony sugar company mills.

However, sony sugar has maintained its prices as rain comes at 480/- @ tonne plus transport lorry fees.

These are allegations and complaints that the Manager charged with the responsibility of harvesting in the Sukari Industries. as one solution of managing, demanded bribes from the poor farmers before carrying out harvesting cane from the farmers field.

This stop and move behind the scenes should he expose and investigated. It is even very sad at this time stage for it to occur.

The ailing Muhoroni Sugar Company has turned out to be a field for trading receivers at the expense of turning the factory around and selling it to strategic indicator with cane farmers getting 51 per cent.

Records and background of those being traded in may be shocking. How were they arrived at during this era of openness and transparency? Could one of the RECEIVERS have been involved in the run down of Mumias Out Powers Company where money COULD have been SWINDLED in purchase of very exorbitant and inflated priced cane transport trailers? Could one of Board which ensured that a situation that was meant to last only 4 month lasted forever on that the low rolled continue to the Milked?

If Milking has been enough can’t he call for a break so that the cow can be attended to by some health expert to ensure its health does not lead to total collapse and death instead of going for any “miller” who has no basic understanding of the cow’s health requirement?

Is it that those who tested other during the last elections must now eat?

Farmers are helpless.


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