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Wanachungwa wenzetu

Kwa jina la baba (Raila), na mama (Ida) na mwana (Fidel), namusalimia. This is the Chungwa trinity but kaswari. Is true all this noise is over Raila succession and that some knucklheads wants Fidel to succeed his father? Hao vichwa vya ni sawa sawa kweli? Fidel yule yule kichwa maji with an arrest warrant in my state Maryland? Tafadharini wacheni kio kichwa maji ipumzike. Rao is okay but his son is a big no no. Afadhali we take Maurice Oduor as Raila’s successor or even Jagem instead. It is a question taking the better devil.

Now read all this will see why Warsama got it last time. Mwaura (why the hell did Khaguli call Mwaura yule mzungu Mkikuyu? Shame on Khaguli for calling Mwaura mzungu wa Central).

Mwaura is on your side, yani team Kajuang/Raila used him to disrupt the elections in order to stop Ababu from taking over from Nyongo.

So Khaguli, Mwaura ni wenu wacha huu ujinga na matusi. Jaribuni matusi tuonane kama wanaume.


The Kenyan DAILY POST Editor’s Choice 03:21

Many people are wondering what happened at Kasarani. I gathered the following information from Be Ombima – the ODM youth leader.

1.) On Wednesday, Raila met a team of ODM at Oginga Odinga House in upper hill. The youth comprised of Luo youth from Kibra and eastlands to plan the chaos in Kasarani. The key linkman was George Aladwa the former mayor of Nairobi. This prompted Ababu to go to the media and announce that some people were planning to cause chaos.

2.) On Thursday evening, Raila met Ababu team and assured them that the elections will be free and fair. He told them that adequate security will be provided and no one will be allowed in unless he/she is a genuine delegate. At the meeting, Raila questioned Ababu team why they thought that Rosa Obuyu was the best they could get from Nyanza. This implied that Ababu team have given Luo Nyanza a pheripheral role in the party.

3.) On Thursday night, Raila accompanied by Aladwa and Ndolo secretly met the youth who had been accommodated in Kamukunji. The youth were to provide security and cause chaos if things did not go Raila’s way.

4.) A team at Orange house doctored the delegate list on Thursday night. The targeted regions were Central, Rift Valley, Eastern and North Eastern. These are places where ODM has minimal support and one would not easily notice the changes.

5.) On Friday morning the doctored list was used to clear delegates into hall with some delegates protesting that their names had been omitted. One notable delegate was Mpuri Aburi the MP from Meru. This explains why the process was very slow and the meeting had to start late in the day.

6.) When the Raila team realised that their preferred mode of elections – acclamation was rejected, they quickly re-grouped and started planning for the onslaught. They planned to have Mwaura (who was a member of Ababu team) raise the issue of missing registers to trigger the chaos. Mwaura was chosen because he is a Kikuyu and they could later blame him for the chaos and link it to Jubilee.

7.) Raila accompanied by Oparanya and Kajwang left the hall and immediately thereafter the chaos started. The chaos were triggered by the same youth who had been hired to provide security. Aladwa was seen given instructions to the team using signals.

8.) Apparently, Raila team sensing defeat used violence so that they can postpone the elections and buy time to deal with the Ababu group.

9.) After the incident, Raila cleverly convened a press conference for damage control purposes. The unsuspecting Ababu was brought into the press conference to fix him and to make it look like ODM is united despite the incident. However, Ababu was shocked when he was made to speak before Agnes Zani clearly showing Raila’s preference. Ababu again was shocked to learn that ODM will have a governing council meeting on monday to declare the way forward among other things. This has prompted Ababu team to organise a meeting today at Serena hotel to discuss the way forward.

10.) Raila team is planning to target Ababu team and brand it as jubilee moles out to divide the party. They would then organise makeshift elections to elect officials who are Raila’s puppets.

1 March 2014 03:12
Source .. Ombima

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