Malawi will benefit a lot with the People’s Party Government in place , Dr Joyce Banda

From: Charles Banda

My fellow Malawians

Today I feel happy and optimistic to say that our beloved country will benefit a lot with the People’s Party Government in place, given the fact that the past where we all have come from hasn’t been as good as we had wished particularly on issues of human rights and freedom of expression. But now under my leadership everyone is experiencing the true meaning of democracy, freedom of expression, respect and a sense of belonging.

Under my leadership, I have made it possible for people to enjoy their freedom and democracy without statutory interference as previous leaders did. This is because I have so much respect for the fundamental ideologies to promote democracy and human rights in our nation.

Besides this, I know very well that we all want a Government that is of the people; respects the people; and serves the people. We want a Government that guarantees the freedom, dignity, and pride of every Malawian.

This is the reason why I urge you all my friends to vote for my leadership and the Peoples Party MPs and Councillors in your area, these people are my messengers who will be now and then directed by myself to make sure they promote, peace unity, equity and developments in your urban /rural areas and villages

And by voting for the People’s Party you are actually saying to yourselves and every Malawian that this nation will not be going back to the past of political intimidation, suppression of press freedom and no more going to the past of gender discrimination, tribalism and segregation of others.

Your vote is a guarantee that, first and foremost as a Malawian citizen, whether old or young, where male or female and regardless of wherever you come from, you will be treated with respect and dignity. This is your country and People’s Party will put you in charge of your nation.

Vote for People’s Party and I thank you for your support and prayers.

Good morning and have a blessed day.

Dr Joyce Banda
President of the Republic of Malawi

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