Shifting global power

From: Emmanuel Dennis

Global Power Shift is scaling up the climate movement in an unprecedented way — it is sparking climate action all over the world.

After our massive gathering in Istanbul last year to train young leaders in grassroots and climate activism, thousands of youth have joined regional events, organised mobilisations and launched campaigns to fight the climate crisis in country after country — Australia, Ukraine, Canada, Vietnam, France, Kenya, Philippines, Brazil, Egypt, China and India are just some of them. And we’re not done yet — more Power Shifts are planned for the coming months! Check this awesome timeline to see what the teams are up to.

From national summits to months of action, these teams are building innovative, bold climate activism in their regions. They are exposing fossil fuel corporations and pressuring their leaders to take serious action. They are promoting and implementing clean, renewable energy, reaching and engaging frontline communities, and highlighting climate impacts. They’re working with well established partners and articulating effective, coordinated campaigns to tackle climate change. But most of all — they’re taking climate leadership and shifting the power!

There’s still a lot to do and we’re certainly going to see many powerful, inspiring campaigns sparking across the planet. But we are so excited about how Global Power Shift is moving so far that we wanted to share the news with you. Can you share the infographic with your friends too?

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