Reports Leo Odera Omolo

Information emerging from Arusha says the East African Business Council has elected Felix Mosha, a Tanzanian, as its new Executive Chairman for 2014/2015.

Mosha now succeeds Virnal Shah a Kenyan who had served the umbrella of private sector organization since May 2013.

Mosha, who is an Economist, will be tasked with ensuring that non-tariff barriers are eliminated as they are main uniting factor to the growth of the private sector and are slowing down the integration process.

The region also needs to speed up the integration process for the benefit of its citizens.

Mosha has outlined key privileges that he will focus on during his tenure.

They include free movement of persons across the region, movement of services, ensuring food security across the region, elimination of NTBs, free and speedy acquisition of work permits, domestic taxes, harmonisation, improving EABC viability and mobility enhancement.

Other Board members elected were Vice Chairperson Nyumbere of Burundi, Olive Kigunga of Uganda and Denis Kabera of Rwanda.

A report released by the EAC Secretariat that cover he past 55 NTRS were resolved from 36 that were resolved in 2012.

The World Bank doing business 2013 report highlighted NTBS as one of the key challenges the region faced with. Inadequate infrastructure, particularly roads, railways and energy, have also hindered the process.

Established in 1992, the EABC is the apex body of business associations of the private sector and corporates from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda. It also aims to protect the environment conducive to business and growth.

Meanwhile other new items came out of Arusha based secretariat of the EAC syas that a push to remove unnecessary trade barriers and develop key infrastructure progrests has driven trade between East African countries to new heights.

New data by the United nations (EAC) ensurer that between 2000 and 2012.


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