Writes Leo Odera Omolo In Kisumu CITY.

MEMBERS of the Kisumu County Assembly carried a heated debate earlier this week about the upsurge insecurity in the region.

They were debating on the report compiled and tabled by a special committee on security. The report mapped out ten security hotspots within the county.

The ten areas described as the most dangerous hotspot where the insecurity is so rampant. These areas included Sondu, Kondele, Aqasi, Ahero, Manyatta, Nyalenda,,Pandpieri,Otonglo,Milimani, KACHO junction, KIbuye and the Central Business district {CBD] and suggested that close Circuit television cameras be installed as well as street lights.

The report revealed that rape and sexual attacks are also rampant within Kisumu County,However, the report fell short of mentioning the rampant unemployment which is the major contributing factor to the state of insecurity in the region and how it could be solved.

The MCAs report also failed to mention the filthiness with which Kisumu is currently grappling with. In many part of the lakeside city refuse collection is something of the past. Heaps of waste papers and refuse littered all over the city centre in some places giving out stinking while discharging bad.odour.

The report failed to mention that ever since the County government took over the administration of Kisumu City from the former Municipal Council, the refuse collection, regular outbursts of sewerage lines, some of them at times passes through the residential estates are so common.

At the main bus terminal stinking refuse are littered everywhere.

As for security, there are several places within the City centre which have since been classified by the residents as no go areas

Despite the thorough checks at the three major gates leading into, the Tusky Mall, These checks are only good in preventing terrorists m but not the bands of pick-pockets and muggers targeting those leaving the Mall through the Tuk Tuk gate. one gate which is close to the Simba Club and overlooking the main Kondele road has become the most dangerous spot. Bands of youths masquerading as touts for the Tuk uk taxis, which are parked outside that particular gate and the motorbikes boda boda taxis parked at this particular gate fleeces the pockets of customers leaving the facility.

Those MCAs who contributed on the report of th county’s special Committee also raised the issue of the alarming increases in the incident of cattle rustling along the Kisumu Nandi County and Kisumu Kericho County. The Kisumu MCAs would arrange for the joint meeting to harmonize relations with the neighboring Counties and workout the modalities on how to stamp out the menace f cattle rustling in the region. with their Nandi and Kericho counterparts.

During the debate on the security report, Nyalenda Ward representative James Were said his ward ought to have been included in the report because thiis in areas where nine people have been stabbed and wounded within the last one week. Were further alleged that some of the village elders in his ward are colluding with criminal elements. These elders are the same people who are known to be alerting the thugs about the impending raids by the police giving them room to escape police dragnet

Another MCA cited the traffic snarl on Kondele road during busy hours as something which is contributing to day .

Another MCA attributed the insecurity in Muhoroni sub-County as caused by the landless squatters and pleaded with the County government to ensure there are no landless people anywhere in the region.

The report further revealed the rampant cases of rape and sexual attacks. She urgent the MCAs to ensure that the Sexual offence Act is reinforced to the letter within the county in order to reduce the menace.

Ape cases in the recent past have gone bringing to question the effectiveness of the gender k report desk at kisumu police Station ad at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Hospital.

The report did not mention anything to do with the alleged existence in Kisumu if a hit squad, the gun men who have recenttly imposed dawn to dusk curfew on Kisumu City residents. The gun totting hit squad gangs is frequenting bar and restaurants and all popular eating houses. They are involved in carjacking and even in some cases have shot the motorists to death. Stolen motor vehicles are hardly recovered, and nearly all the public joins in the town have had a visit by the gun totting hit squad.


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