Help repair Gaza’s Ark after the sabotage

From: Gaza’s Ark

When our marine engineer first sent us the list of repairs needed for Gaza’s Ark as a result of the sabotage* of April 29, we were shocked at how long it was. The amount of extra work to be done is huge. In addition, the price of materials is now much higher than it was before Egypt closed the border with Gaza and destroyed the tunnels. Fiberglass, for example, is now four times the price.

Not once, however, have we heard the boat builders complain. Palestinians have the most extraordinary ability to endure. Their steadfastness in the face of adversity and their ability to start over every time their homes, their orchards, or their boats are destroyed is amazing.

Repairs start by removing damaged wood

We now need to assist the boat builders to repair the damage so they can carry on from where they were before the sabotage. We are asking you to help us with this. Repairs are estimated at $30,000. If you want to support a specific repair item, here is the list. Or you can donate to the general funds.

Estimated costs of repairs:
Clean and cut and remove all damaged parts: $1,200
Add hull ribs, transverses and longitudinals: $4,500
Replace two damaged bulkheads: $3,600
Repair damage to the main cabin: $800
Grind and remove part of fiberglass and anti-fouling from hull: $350
Apply fiberglass and paint: $8,800
Replace cable conduits and fix new ones, including replacing some cables: $2,400
Remove and replace plumbing parts as well as some valves, pipes, outlets and intakes: $2,800
Take out fuel, fresh water & sewage tanks for cleaning, change gaskets where needed: $1,100
Take main engine to workshop to clean, change filters and gaskets: $1,200
Replace engine base and fix back in place: $250
Fix new exhaust pipe at the engine part: $280
Remove the clutch, clean, replace flange and fix back in place: $400
Add steel reinforcements inside the hull: $2,200
Check shaft, replace if damaged: TBD

Total: $29,880

Thank you for your continuing support
Gaza’s Ark steering committee

* See

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