From: Charles Banda

The Newly Controversial Elected Government of Democratic Progressive Party under the Leadership of Peter Muthalika is continuing harassing former Malawi Head Of State Dr. Joyce Banda.

The Former Head Of State Dr Joyce Banda has until to date not been given Her Constitutional Presidential Benefit and Previledges Act rights.

Dr Joyce Banda under the Act is supposed to be given A Fully Furnished House, Cars, Security and Salary but it has been noted with sadness that none of the Said Previledges have been given or been fulfilled. The public are wondering as whether this DPP Government has the welfare of The Former Head Of State taking into account of what President Peter Muthalika said during his inaugural Speech recently in Blantyre.

In another Sudden event, The DPP Government met Public Affairs Committee where some over zealous DPP members suggested that DPP is ready to arrest Dr Joyce Banda for flimsy charges so as just to harass Her, but PAC has strongly warned DPP never and never to harass Dr Joyce Banda as many Malawians are still very angry with the way Elections were held in the country.

Public Affairs Committee is a Powerful Civil Society Organisation and when they say something about the Country issues they mean business, on the day they reminded DPP as to how Dr Joyce Banda treated them when their Leader Bingu died, She borrowed Fuels all over Africa to assist Bingu Family, Her Government gave State Funeral to the late and Her Government also accepted 90 days Mourning Period which was regarded as a good gesture.

The Public is asking the DPP Government to fulfill the Constitutional Previledges to the Former President Dr Joyce Banda and should stop harassing her.

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