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Now that President Uhuru Kenyatta has nominated Major-General Philip Wachira Kameru to head the National Intelligence Service (NIS), it answers the question many Kenyans have been asking the president was going to replace Michael Gichngi with another Kikuyu.

Uhuru is not to blame for tribalism and nepotism in Kenya. Immediately Mzee Jomo Kenyatta became president his administration started favouring the Kikuyu people. This favoritism manifested itself in greater government expenditures for social infrastructure in Kikuyu areas, corruption benefits to fellow tribesmen, privileged access to government and parastatal jobs.

Under the Mzee Jomo Kenyatta government, it was common to have many under qualified staff from the Kikuyu community placed in positions of higher authority than the qualified ones from other tribes. This led to the final falling out with government as the vice president Oginga (a Luo), was eventually pushed out of government and detained.

Former president Mwai Kibaki followed the same. He removed Boinett as head of Kenya’s National, replacing him with Michael Gichangi. The aim of Kibaki was to bring in someone from his tribe was to enable him stay in power and he could do anything to achieve his mission.

This is exactly why Arap Moi appointed his Kalenjin man, Boinett. NIS have been link by Cord to rigging alongside the electoral commission. If this is true then Uhuru had no any option but to appoint his tribesman. Pressure is already building up on 2017 presidential election. It suggests another closely contested election.

James Kanyotu for example, oversaw a smooth transition from President Kenyatta to President Moi in 1978. He also reportedly oversaw President Moi’s Succession Strategy during the 1992 General Election after helping crush political dissenters in the 13 years he served as spy chief in the Moi administration. Moi retained him because he stayed awake during 1982 coup.

They also work as cover ups. This was one of Kanyotu’s responsibilities during Kenyatta and Moi. During Moi he helped to cover up the body of rally driver Stephen Mbaraka Karanja who was killed and his body dumped in a forest in Eldoret. The case was never was never produced in court.

He also helped to cover up most Commissions of Enquiry into political assassinations in Kenya. Kanyotu was replaced by Wilson Boinett, who served as the first Director of the then National Security Intelligence Service. Gichangi took over from Boinett. Now Major-General Philip Wachira Kameru

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