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The Homa-BY County Senate representative Gerald Otieno Kjanwa’g might not find it easy to chair the newly created County Development Board. The County MCAS hinted last week that they would not be comfortable to allow the Senator to chair the board which was recently created by law. They have termed its creation as illegal and unconstitutional and vowed not to allow Kajwang’ to step into their Assembly under any circumstances

The newly created boards allow the Senators to be the chairmen the County Development BOARDS. Already similar reaction has been witnessed in Kisumuy County where the rowdy youths this week prevented Senator ANyang’ Nyongo’ and a group of MPS from the region from launching the board meeting. In KISUMU.

The contentious issues came Iinto the Assembly hall last week during heated debate initiated by the Kakelo / Kokwanyo ward. Omuga Oriango said the new law was a ploy by the Central government to kill the devolution . The MCAs vowed not to chair any board meeting and vowed they would boycott such a meeting not to allow their Senator

The MCA alleged that Sen ator Kajwang’ has never stepped into the County Assembly ever since he was voted in.

Kajwang’, a close confidant of the ODM leader Raila Odinga, has recently came under severest criticism as one of the party’s leader close friends whose activities are considered to be so detrimental to the party’s unity.A group of MPs and other party leaders from Western Province issued a statement earlier this week citing him and other Luo MPS – – Raila elder brother Dr Oburu Oginga, Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo, Mohamed Junet of Suna East as among other who Raila to should sideline because they are fond of branding leaders from other regions who are supporting the part as Jubilee moles.

A groip of party officials from all the eight parliamentary constituencies that makes Homa-Bay CountY and announced that they had ousted Otieno Kajwang’; and his entire executive of the branch in County branch where he had been the chairman for a couple of years. They accused the senator for having failed to c all the party meeting to iron out a certain pressing problem.

Raila, however, insisted that Kajwang’ ousting was not in line with the party’s regulations.

In Homa-Bay politics, Kajwang’ is known to be allied to the governor Cyprian Orieno Awiti, But the governor who was in attendance did not utter any word in defense of his political friend, MCAS declared that they would not allow him to chair any board meeting in their assembly, Governor Awiti was present I the meeting, but did not utter any word in defense of his political friend.

Meanwhile, there is an un confirmed report that Awiti and the MPs have resolved to bury their hatchet and agreed to work together for the sake of development.

The agreement came in the wake of claims that the working relationship between AWITI with the seven MPs representing eight constituencies had gone Sour, except for his relationship with the Suba MP John Mbadi. The relations between the governor and Karachuonyo MP worsened after the MP made some announcement that he would contest the governor’s seat comes the 2017 instead of defending his seat.

Rege seemed to have been provoked by Awiti’s remarks during the funeral of the former AREA mp DR. paul Adhu Awiti at his Kanjira Karachyuonyo MP Dr.Paul Adhu Awiti governor Awiti was quoted as having said that Rege had represented the area for two of five years terms and that all the previous MPS for the area have served for two five years terms only .


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