From: Charles Banda

By John Kathumba

I read an Editorial two days ago here on Malawian Watchdog where the Editorial Team was calling for the firing of National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) top spy Nicolas Dausi accusing him of incompetency. I criticized them and accused them of being jealousy of Dausi but now, I agree with them that Dausi is a total embarrassment to the Malawi nation as he has indeed literally failed to successfully lead (NIB) to discharge its duties in complementing the efforts of the Malawi Police to tighten security in the country.

Here is my argument, the total collapse of security in this country, where thieves even dared to launch a robbery at Malawi Vice President’s resident in Blantyre, has forced President Peter Mutharika to secretly declare a state of emergency where Soldiers from the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) are conducting what they have dubbed as Operation Mchotsa Mbava, raiding our cities, Market centers, drinking joints, holding people hostage, and in the process bundling some of them into police Custody.

For starters, it is not the duty of the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) to be meddling in the internal Affairs for this job, according to the Constitution of Malawi, is required to be done by the Malawi Police.

According to our Constitution, MDF’s job is to protect the territorial integrity of our country and NOT getting involved in the Police’s job.

Now, If you are of the view that Muntharika has not secretly declared a State of Emergency, then, what is this we are witnessing where Soldiers from MDF are harassing, beating, arresting people from drinking joints and our markets in the name of Operation Mchotsa-Mbava? Is Mutharika trying to tell us that the Malawi Police has failed to do its constitutional job?

I personally was at Chilinde in Lilongwe yesterday—they found me in a pub when I was having hard drinks after a hard day—they accused all of us who were in the pub as thieves, some escaped out of fear but some of us failed. We were rounded up and bundled into their Vehicle for Police Custody. If it was not for my friend who went to the Police Station in Kawale to pay K5, 000 for my release, I would have spent a night in that stinking Police Cell.

The unfortunate part of it was that they simply collected the money and have me released without any documentation whatsoever, Is this not day light robbery by our security organs?

If you ask me, I will tell you that I am blaming Nicolas Dausi for my harassment. What kind of intelligence is this where you arrest citizens found in drinking joints, markets e.t.c. How do you tell this person is a thief?

I have a strong opinion that Mutharika has indeed lost confidence in Dausi’s headed NIB and in a desperate attempt, he just ordered the Army to launch an Assault and Harassment on the citizens of this country. This should not be accepted by ALL civilized people.

NATIONAL INTELLEGENCE BUREAUE is an important security organ in the country. For starters, It is top level intelligence that led to the killing of top terrorist Osama Bin Laden by the US. It is top level intelligence that helps countries to be safe.

You don’t just pick every jim and jack to head such an important department. The end result is what we are witnessing today, where fire is the order of the day in our Markets, National Ware-Houses including armed robberies in our banks and other places not forgetting robbery in high protected areas like the Vice President’s resident.

For the good of this country, President Mutharika must FIRE Nicolas Dausi. Achoke, Achoke, Achoke!

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