Expanding Africa’s Digital Frontier:

From: NAI Forum
by Aparajita Goyal


Agricultural transformation is a priority for Africa. Harnessing the rapid growth of digital technologies holds hope for transformative agricultural development.

We are now witnessing steady growth in rigorous and quantitative evidence from around the globe on the impact of ICT innovations on people’s lives.

This evidence is still limited to certain countries and contexts. Whether these effects are going to be a general trend or translate forward into larger aggregate gains still remains to be seen.

ICT is no panacea; it needs to be backed by complementary investments in rural roads, electricity, literacy etc. IT policy and the broader regulatory environment have to be discussed jointly.

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<a href=”http://naiforum.org/2014/10/expanding-africas-digital-frontier/”>http://naiforum.org/2014/10/expanding-africas-digital-frontier/</a>

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