Heterosexuals, lgbt community and the battle over interpretation of the law and terminology

I have a suggestion that I think if the the glbt community took, would save us a great deal of unnecessary agony in this period when this community have had their lifestyle recognized by the US government, and different faiths are trying to figure out how to deal with this new situation.

I want to suggest that the lgbt community embrace their new status by identifying their lifestyle with new words that do not encroach on heterosexuals established lifestyle terminologies.

For instance, we have grown used to the word “marriage” being used to mean a union between a heterosexual man and heterosexual woman. This word has become a bone of contention when the lgbt community also insist on their union being referred to as a “marriage”.
I do not want to be judgmental about the lgbt lifestyle. Just like I believe pope Francis said, “who am I to judge?”. But for the sake of peace, I want to suggest that a union between  gay couples be called “gmarriage”, between lesbians be “lmarriage”, between bi-sexuals be “bmarriage” and between transsexuals be “tmarriage”. So a marriage licence (heterosexual) would be lmarriage licence (lesbians), gmarriage licence (gays), bmarriage license (bi-sexual), tmarriage license (transgender).
And while at it, other words that heterosexuals consider their domain could also be modified to avoid unnecessary friction. So let love (heterosexual)  be llove (lesbians), glove (gays), blove (bi-sexual), and tlove (transgender) respectively. Sex (heterosexual) to be lsex (lesbians), gsex (gays), bsex (bi-sexual) , and tsex (transgender). Husband (heterosexual) to be lhusband (lesbian), ghusband (gays), bhusband (bi-sexual), thusband (transsexual). And so on……….
 Your comments?
Odundo jaKarateng’

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