Ethiopia: Genocide of Luo in Ethiopia

Dear Netters,

I would like to respond, however briefly, to the above current topic in the Forum. Please be informed that Luo Heritage Foundation (LHF) was aware of this tragedy as early as two years ago, from the outset of this diabolical campaign; the ulterior motive being to dispossess the Anuak/Anywaa people of their very fertile ancestral land.

LHF immediately alerted some leaders in the Great Lakes Region, as a human rights issue, regarding what seems to be a concerted campaign of ethnic cleansing in the region with striking similarities to what the world has witnessed and perhaps still ongoing in Rwanda, Burundi, Eastern DRC, North/North Eastern Uganda and the Chollo (Shilluk) people of South Sudan. We were assured that our concern would be raised at the highest level with the Addis-Abba regime. If as it seems clear now, the genocide is still on-going then it is becoming more and more difficult for the Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s regime to convince anyone that it is not responsible for this odious crime against humanity.

I would like to suggest that it may be worth your while to occasionally visit our website (, even though it is not yet fully operational. There is some basic information in the website about Luo people and Luo societies/organisations all over the continent and the world. Occasionally the website is updated with news and notices from the wide-Luo world.

LHF is a cultural charitable organisation, limited by guarantee, and incorporated in the UK, in 2007.

We regret to say that our official launch has been inevitably delayed due to lack of funds. We are still hopeful however that we shall soon be able to raise the necessary funds to enable us to do just that, from a prestigious academic platform such as the University of London (SOARS). Hopefully the publicity will enable us to solicit funds more easily than hitherto. Already a number of Professors, Academicians, writers and scholars from Africa, North America and the UK have indicated their eagerness to present their papers on this august occasion.

One member of our board is from Gambella (Anuakland). I will request him to forward to this forum, for the benefit of our readers, whatever he has in his archive, about the people of Anuak, their way of life, the history of the conflict, etc. Netters can also help themselves by googling ‘Anuak of Ethiopia’, for more readily available information.

I am copying this posting to other Luo groups (including Anuak groups in North America) and Luo websites around the world in the hope that they will bring this gross violation of human rights to the attention of all the powers that be, including the UN and other human rights groups around the world.

I greet you all.

Vincent Oola
Chairman, LHF

4 thoughts on “Ethiopia: Genocide of Luo in Ethiopia

  1. jr alila

    Mr. Oola,
    You have come to the right place. You are as Luo as the Kenyan Luo; The Anuak’s sorgum is the best in the world.
    Write often here. “In od wadu” (You are in your kinsman’s house). Correct me, but your ancestors were the children of one Ochwodho (a man from the mud).
    You are welcome. Your pain is my pain.

  2. Isaack Ondu Otieno


    If you look carefully the Luo community as a whole is being discrimited example in Kenya,Sudan,Uganda and Ethopia why this to the Luo community.

    Justice should prevail.

    Thank you

  3. Odhiambo Ogunde

    The Luo along side other communities that were subdivided artificially in unviable immaginery borders of kenya,uganda,sudan,ethiopia etc should be at the fore front in working towards the unification of the entire region in one strong and great FEDERAL PEPUBLIC OF EAST AFRICA,then the troubles of ethnic cleansing,discrimination,manipulation,exploitation and all the evils that be will automatically disappear.

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