Re: Research – Rural water supply & CBOs in Kenya
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Date:  Sun, 11 May 2008 19:50:55 -0700 (PDT)
From:  Andy
Subject:  Research – Rural water supply & CBOs in Kenya

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Good evening Andy
  I feel happy for you  bringing out this topic on water management in developing world including Kenya
  Water Services Board, mostly issue licenses to Water Resources Users Association WRUA hence they have very little in daily running of the system.
  We all have Water Tribunal Boards that sits to intervene in water disputes matters that will arises in designated water catchment areas,
  Water Trust Fund .the funds for now actually are so little that they may not have major impact as it put as 2% of annul allocations and as you are aware there is much duplications of word that little impact is ever felt.

  Currently there is management wrangles at Water services Board Hqs hence NGO -Nothing Going On of late
  just for your information drilling water in some parts of this country is very expensive
  You may well drill water how ever the salt concentration level will be so high that even if you seep u immediately dehydrate.

  we are still to attain good positioning machines that can accurately determine the quantityof water in a place.
  Before giving you more stories ,just know if you drill water anyhow you may end up drying some water points in certain areas hence disputes may arise.
  I will advocate for Rainwater harvesting technologies in arid regions and educate communities on need of water recycling
  using figures is good idea

  Take for example If one person uses on average 100 litres of water in a day then we need to calculate how many people in eastern or dry areas amount will be?

  Then we can identify the deficit after summing up rivers,piped and pans outputs

  then the deficit is what is supposed to be drilled or harvested but we never follow this simple path.
  There is need to look at where we bath from can we have the used water recycled?

  washing cloths, utensils let them be done at a place where water can be re-collected treated etc
  am out
  Gibson Nabuteya amenya

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Date:  Mon, 12 May 2008 10:48:18 -0700 (PDT)
From:  amenya gibson
Subject:  Re: Research – Rural water supply & CBOs in Kenya

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